ANUO TARP Thick Tarpaulin Waterproof Sunshade Wear-Resistant Tear-Proof Truck Canopy Lawn (Color : Green, Size : 26.4x33ft/8x10m)

ANUO TARP Thick Tarpaulin Waterproof Sunshade Wear-Resistant Tear-Proof

▬ ANUO's Tarpaulin has a combination of greenhouse film and sunshade film. It has the function of preventing rain and sunshade. It effectively replaces a layer of mating film, it keeps your precious possessions protected from water and the sun.Weight: about 520g/18.34 ounces per square meterProduct thickness: about 0.49mm / 0.018 inchesSpacing: the distance between the holes is about 1m / 3.28 feetHole diameter is about 17mm / 0.06ftSend: 2x3/6.6x9.9 or above including 2x3/6.6x9.9 to send the ropePrecautions:1. This product is industrial products, slightly PVC glue, not recommended for home use.2. PVC tarpaulin should avoid dragging on rough ground during use, and should avoid impacting and tearing with sharp metal or sharp mouth; if the tarpaulin is damaged during use, clean the damaged area first, then use alcohol. Wipe--after evenly coating the cloth head and the damaged area with special tarpaulin glue and special tape, and stick it firmly. In addition, please pay attention to the weather conditions. When the wind is too strong, please pay attention to the reinforcement of the tarpaulin and press the heavy objects such as stones.3. The rainproof cloth is a non-breathable product. After the rain stops, the rain cloth should be picked up in time. The temperature difference ...

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: ANUO
  • ASIN: B0817SHX52
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