Active Aqua AACH25HP Hydroponic Water Chiller Cooling System, 1/4 HP, Rated BTU per hour: 3,010, User-Friendly

Active Aqua AACH25HP Hydroponic Water Chiller Cooling System,

Active Aqua chillers are environmentally friendly (they use R134a refrigerant) and are ideal for keeping the nutrient solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature. Each unit has a user-friendly temperature system that allows you to control your desired temperature range as needed, and all models now have a boost function that accelerates the chilling process for quicker establishment of desired nutrient solution temperature. Features: Large refrigeration capacity (recommended volume: 10‒40 gal / 50‒150 L)Anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator for both fresh and salt water Rate of flow: 1/10 HP (132‒396 GPH 500‒1500 L/H)Rated BTU per hour: 1,020Recommended pumps: AAPW160 OR AAPW250 OR AAPW400¾" and 1" fittings includedUnit dimensions: 17"L x 10"W x 15"HFor cooling capability, please refer to performance chart found in the product information tab

  • Color: 1/4 HP
  • Brand: Active AQUA
  • ASIN: B07BHHP71C
  • UPC: 638104022972

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Chiller, 1/10 HP

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Chiller, 1/10

Ideal for keeping hydroponic solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature. Microcomputer control system and LCD display, very user-friendly. Large refrigeration capacity (recommended 13-40 gal, 50-150 L). Freon free, environmentally friendly (uses R134a) Temperature memory system. Capable of chilling approximately 40 by 15 degrees F, and 13 gal by 30 degrees F (in 20 hrs)

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Hydrofarm
  • ASIN: B0048IVBT4
  • UPC: 638104000468

Express Water Residential Undersink Water Chiller Cooling System for Water Filters/Reverse Osmosis RO Systems

Express Water Residential Undersink Water Chiller Cooling System

Get the most out of your water with an Adjustable Power Water Chiller System. The Adjustable Chiller is fully compatible with feed water between 20 and 50 psi. Have water cooled to your preferred temperature with an adjustable Power Chiller. Uses a built in cooling fan to get your water colder than standard water coolers. With a fast flow 2.5 liters an hour production plus a .31 gallon built in reserve tank you can always count on fresh cold water. This chiller comes ready for setup and includes ¼" quick connect fittings designed for the threaded ¼" ports on top of the system. We also include 10ft of white quick connect compatible tubing. All materials are 100% food grade and FDA approved. The chiller uses a 110v (standard) power outlet. The motor and fan will run when the chiller is actively cooling. The noise is comparable to a desktop computer. The system is complete with a one year warranty and free lifetime customer support. Chill your water with power to get the most out of your water. Choose the Power Chiller that does it all: The Express Water Adjustable Power Water Chiller System PC2000 is the best in water delivery.

  • Color: Black, Grey
  • Brand: Express Water
  • ASIN: B07193LTCF
  • UPC: 600291846440

EcoPlus 728709 Chiller, 1.5 HP

EcoPlus 728709 Chiller, 1.5

Suitable for use with reservoirs, hydroponic systems & aquariums. Features a commercial-grade titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance. High-quality Japanese compressor is extremely efficient and reliable. Heavy-duty galvanized steel housing with a durable powder coated finish. Digital LCD display allows for easy operation. Remote temperature controller with a 30 ft cord allows user to monitor & adjust chiller settings, when the unit is installed in a remote location. Auto restart and temperature memory in the event of a power failure. Uses R410A refrigerant. Comes with 2 fittings to allow chiller to be plumbed with 1 inch hard PVC pipe or 1 inch flexible tubing.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: EcoPlus
  • ASIN: B007ZU7BRI
  • UPC: 870883000912

Chiller Daddy Water Chiller For Home or Office - 304 Stainless Steel "Inside & Out"

Chiller Daddy Water Chiller For Home or Office

FREE SHIPPING UPS TO 48 STATES - Chiller Daddy is a high output, heavy duty under sink drinking water chiller for home or office. Great for use with a Reverse Osmosis RO System or under sink drinking water filter system. Easy to install. Whisper quiet 3-way noise suppression system. SUS304 Stainless Steel inside and out. Even the nuts, bolts, screws, washers, cabinet and drain cap are stainless steel. Premium quality in every detail. Chiller Daddy makes perfectly chilled water for big thirsts. Adjustable Water Thermostat 42F - 54F - Factory Preset For Normal Use - Perfectly Refreshing Drinking Water Temperature Range Hygenic Stainless Steel Cold Water Tank, Drain Cap & In/Out Tubes - 100% Stainless Steel Waterway males it the best choice for the high purity of reverse osmosis water Attractive Appliance Grade 304 Stainless Steel "NO-RUST" Exterior Cabinet Long Life, Hermetically Sealed, High Efficiency Compressor Auto Overload Protection - Thermally Protected Motor-Compressor Fast 1.32 GPH Flow Rate - Quick Recovery Dual Evaporator Grid For Silent and Efficient Convection Water Chilling. Conforms to UL Standard 399. Certified to CSA Standard C22.2 #s 60335-2-24 & 60335-1Easy to Install on RO Reverse Osmosis and Filtered Drinking Water Systems. Enough cold water to give you brain f...

  • Color: Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Chiller Daddy
  • ASIN: B01LZ989XK
  • UPC: 850901003767

EcoPlus Chiller, 1/4 HP

EcoPlus Chiller, 1/4

he EcoPlus Chillers are suitable for use in reservoirs, hydroponic systems & fresh or saltwater aquariums. Each chiller provides a high performance titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance. High quality made compressor is extremely efficient and reliable. The micro computer with digital LCD display allows for easy operation.

  • Brand: EcoPlus
  • ASIN: B001JL5SSS
  • UPC: 870883008369

Mophorn Water Chiller 9L Capacity Industrial Water Chiller CW-3000DG Thermolysis Type Industrial Water Cooling Chiller for 60W 80W Laser Engraving Machine(CW-3000DG)

Mophorn Water Chiller 9L Capacity Industrial Water Chiller

Industrial Water Cooling Chiller for CO2 Laser Tube Engraver Cutting Cutter CW3000 DG Introduction : The CW-3000DG Chiller is popular for cooling CNC and Laser machines.It is designed for cooling the one CO2 glass laser tube under 60W/80W of the laser engraving and cutting machine. Technical Datas Voltage:220V Frequency: 50Hz Current: 0.45A Radiating capacity: 50W/℃ Tank capacity: 9L Max .Lift:10M Max.Flow: 10L/Min Protection: Flow alarm Inlet and outlet: External Dia.10mm brass connector Way of Circulation:Water pump forces circulation Cooling:Radiator that forces the wind cooling Install steps: 1.Open the package to check if the machine is intact and all the necessary accessories are completed 2.Open the mouth screw on the top of machine, add cooling water (Please don't power the machine without water) 3.According to system conditions, connect the water isnlet and outlet pipe well. 4.Connect the power cable, turn the power switch (Note: Don't let the water overflow) 5.Check the radiator water level again (Keep the distance between water level and mouth is 80-150mm) Features: Specific disconnection alarm securing protection Enclosed water tanks, water used for a long time With completed water flow and over high temperature alarm functions High cost performance, low fail...

  • Color: CW-3000DG
  • Brand: Mophorn
  • ASIN: B01M64SBZC
  • UPC: 712166593813

JBJ Aquarium Arctica Titanium Chiller, 1/10 HP

JBJ Aquarium Arctica Titanium Chiller, 1/10

Aquarium arctica titanium chiller; smart memory chip restores to last set temperature after power failure; digital LED temperature controller can easily be read day or night; quick installation with hose.

  • Brand: JBJ
  • ASIN: B001EM1E8U
  • UPC: 885238010751

Aqua Logic Cyclone Chiller 1/4 HP CY-3 with Temperature Controller

Aqua Logic Cyclone Chiller 1/4 HP CY-3 with

Aqua Logic Cyclone Water Chiller 1/4 horsepower with Drop-In Titanium Coil 115 volts and uses 5.4 amps 3,080 BTU removal capacity Flow rate of 8 GPM minimum past coil. Unit comes with 5 feet flexible refrigeration line. INCLUDES singe stage temperature controller. Uses ozone friendly refrigerant (134A). Dimensions 15 inch x 12 inch x 11 inch (LxWxH). Coil diameter is 3 inches in diameter. Coil length is 9 inches long. * 5 ft Flexible Refrigeration Line * No Plumbing Required * Fresh or Saltwater Use * Compact Design * Quiet Operation * Black ABS Cover * Remote Electronic Temperature Controller * Ozone Friendly Refrigerant (134A) Aqua Logics Cyclone water chiller revolutionized the industry in 1992 with the introduction of the first helical drop in TITANIUM coil. Installs in any tank in just minutes! Drop the coil in a sump or directly in the tank and turn it on, it is that easy! Known for their quality craftsmanship and exceptional performance they quickly became the industry standard for the drop in style chiller that all other brands have tried to achieve. TITANIUM is the only heat exchanger material proven to be 100% fish and coral safe in saltwater systems. The Cyclone is built with an over sized helical titanium coil to maximize Btu transfer efficiency. With proper circu...


WAYNE RUP160 1/6 HP Oil Free Submersible Multi-Purpose Water Pump

WAYNE RUP160 1/6 HP Oil Free Submersible Multi-Purpose

  • Color: port
  • Brand: Wayne
  • ASIN: B0009X8O2E
  • UPC: 040066207357

Hydro Innovations 904493 Ice Box, 8-Inch

Hydro Innovations 904493 Ice Box,

Finally, a safe, very efficient way to water-cool your entire grow room! It consists of a high-quality heat-exchanger with molded plastic housing that is designed to install over a 6" or 8" air-cooled reflector duct flange. Air from your indoor garden is either pushed or pulled through the reflectors with an inline fan and then passed over the Ice Box heat exchanger. Cold water is circulated through the heat exchanger, cooling the air before it exits right back into the indoor garden area. The longer the tubing the higher the pump. But don't use too high of a pump, due to the fact that it may not allow adequate time for the water to chill. If humidity is an issue in your room, you may want to put the reservoir outside the room. 1/4 HP minimum chiller size is recommended per 1000 watts. 600-900 gph pump needed depending on the length and size of the tubing. Approximately 250 cfm of airflow is needed to properly cool the fixture. Several units can be daisy chained together using one fan, only 250 cfm is needed though all fixtures. For maximum efficiency we recommend one Ice Box per reflector. Allows you to keep a sealed room and helps keep pest and pathogens out of the room. The CO2 stays in the room instead of exhausting out. By running the water approximately 20 degrees colder th...

  • Brand: Hydro Innovations
  • ASIN: B003AZD15S
  • UPC: 705105010816

Simer 2305-04 Geyser II 1/4 HP Submersible Utility Pump

Simer 2305-04 Geyser II 1/4 HP Submersible Utility

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Simer
  • ASIN: B0009XB7M8
  • UPC: 017561515041

North Slope Chillers - NSC0250-FROST 1/4 Ton/HP Light-Duty Portable Industrial Glycol Chiller, 1.5 Gallon Reservoir Capacity, 3.5 GPM Max

North Slope Chillers - NSC0250-FROST 1/4 Ton/HP Light-Duty

We are North Slope Chillers–an industrial chiller manufacturer with a knack for keeping things cool. Our premium fluid chillers are proudly made in the United States and will optimize your operations when the heat is too high. Providing companies with easy and efficient cooling systems makes us feel pretty cool. Temperature control can be a major dilemma for companies who need to protect critical materials and/or equipment from getting too hot. If possible, industrial cooling and process cooling systems should not interrupt the existing system, but rather blend into the layout and system that already exists. North Slope’s portable industrial chillers aim to leave a minimal footprint while always maintaining your ideal level of cool. Effective and reliable cooling is our expertise. This light-duty Industrial portable chiller system is a fantastic entry-level unit if you are ready to test the waters with chilling. Ideal for single container/application chilling, Frost pumps 13 liters per minute at 18 psi. Frost’s fluid temperature range is 45°F – 85°F, and allowing for a 10°F differential, it will cool contents down to 55°F with ease. Our Frost chiller model is a light-duty industrial chiller that is ideal for non-critical applications. If you are looking for a small ch...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: North Slope Chillers
  • ASIN: B076QJ43G6
  • UPC: 814491016422

EcoPlus 1/4 HP Chiller

EcoPlus 1/4 HP

  • ASIN: B078Y494LQ

Across International C20-7 Ai C20 Capacity Compact Recirculating Chiller, 110V, Stainless Steel

Across International C20-7 Ai C20 Capacity Compact Recirculating

Pail C20 Series recirculating chillers are the true thermostatic control laboratory Chiller, this closed laboratory Chiller is ideal for applications such as cooling rotary evaporators, analytical instrumentation, laser etching, ICP, vacuum systems, plasma etching and jacketed reactors. This system can also be used as a replacement to Tap water cooling in laboratory applications. Featuring C20 are compressor-based recirculating chillers that offer outstanding performance and high reliability as well as quiet operation and ease-of-use. Powerful force/suction pump provides constant flow rates, while microprocessor PID controller gives you the ideal solution when you need precise temperature control or cooling below ambient temperature. Important! -20°c ultimate temperatures are tested under empty load condition (no rotary evaporators or jacketed reactors attached).

  • Brand: Across International
  • ASIN: B078H7WRL8
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