Mobile-Soft-Water Premier 8,000 gr RV Water Softener - Lead Free Brass GH Fittings - Portable - Manual Regenerate for RV, Cabins, Tiny Homes with Pictured Accessories

Mobile-Soft-Water Premier 8,000 gr RV Water Softener -

MSW0618-M-8S-W-2 manually regenerated softener, having 8,000 grains of capacity conditioner. The softener is capable of treating up to 3 gallons per minute of supply water with a 10 grain Total Hardness load to 0 soft condition on a continuous base up to 800 gallons of conditioned water. We are supplying all new equipment and components with a one-year limited warranty on materials. The system is complete. Equipment description and related shipping information is as follows: A.A 6" diameter FRP pressure vessel designed for 150 psig operating pressure, B.The premium tank head is a three-piece molded PVC assembly with a 2.5" removable cap where salt is added during the regeneration process. C.In the cap is a resin screen provided to retain the softener resin when the softener is laying on its side during shipping. D.The draw tube is a 0.75" OD distributor tube with resin screen thereby allowing normal flows with a slightly lower pressure drop, E.The inlet connection is a female 0.75" lead free brass, rated for NSF 61 garden hose connection F.The outlet is a 0.75" lead brass free, NSF 61 rated male NPT piping connection, G. A 304SS caring handle, H. 0.25 cubic feet of C-108 cation resin 8% cross link styrene softening resin, I.4 feet Camco 0.5 in. I.D. TastePURE 4 ft. Drinking Water...

  • Brand: Mobile-Soft-Water
  • ASIN: B078JX8RDN
  • UPC: 712131998766
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