3pk 1/4" in x 60 yd Blue Painters Tape Medium High Tack Sticky Paper Masking Tape Edging Small Projects Fine Trim Detailing Multi Surface Clean Release 21 Day Easy Removal No Residue 6MM .25 inch

3pk 1/4" in x 60 yd Blue Painters

Premium grade Blue Painters Tape featuring a medium high tack adhesive. Textured and semi-rough surface and will adhere to most smooth surfaces. Remove clean up to 21 days, your surface should be damage free and clear of residue. UV resistant for some outdoor applications with 1-2 weeks removal time. Perfect for adding stripes to white boards, architect work, or other artwork, and creating designs in your painting projects! Scrapbookers, artists, architects will love this. Use in school classroom, office, kitchen, or college work. THIS IS NOT AUTOMOTIVE VINYL TAPE: This is textured paper painters tape for spraying LATEX or paints which do not react with paper. MAY BLEED if you use soggy rollers, spraying thick coats, or having too wet of brush. MAY NOT PLAY WELL with certain types of oils or lacquers so do a small test before committing to project! Please NOTE: Surfaces must be absolutely 100% clean, dry, dust, dirt, debris, sand, grit, moisture, humidity, and oil free before application! While the surface of this tape can somewhat resist moisture, adhesive definitely cannot. ALL tape adhesive is pressure and heat sensitive. Must press firmly into place with your fingers and apply at room temperature to secure the adhesive. The dryer, warmer, and more clean your installation is, ...

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: BlackCore
  • ASIN: B01MCWH4E4
  • UPC: 700424796663
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