Fender Champion 100 Guitar Amplifier with 2 x 12" Speakers - Bundle With Performance Series 10' Instrument Cable, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Fender Champion 100 Guitar Amplifier with 2 x

Simple to use and versatile enough for any style of guitar playing, there's a Champion amp that's right for you whether you're looking for your first practice amp or affordable stage gear. The 100-watt, dual-channel Champion 100 features two 12" Special Design speakers, with great amp voices and effects that make it easy to dial up just the right sound - from jazz to country, blues to metal and more.

  • Brand: Fender
  • UPC: 840014192311

Fender Champion 100 - 100-Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Champion 100 - 100-Watt Electric Guitar

Fender, a leader in instrument manufacturing, started designing, manufacturing and evolving musical instruments in 1946. Since, Fender amplifiers have and continue to be an integral part of modern music. Easy to use and versatile enough for any style of guitar playing, the 100-watt Champion 100 is an ideal choice as a powerful 2x12” practice amp and affordable stage amp. Straightforward controls, cool effects and versatile amp voicing’s’ make it easy to dial in just the right sounds for rock, blues, metal, country, jazz and more. Unlock additional possibilities with Fender’s optional 2-Button footswitch part # 0071359000. (not included) Fender’s 5 Year Transferable Warranty included with purchase.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Fender
  • UPC: 885978320646

Samson 6" Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker 4 Workout, Yoga, Spin, Fitness

Samson 6" Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker 4 Workout,

Samson's Expedition XP106wDE Rechargeable Portable PA is a completely wireless lightweight speaker system that satisfies the sound reinforcement needs for classrooms, conferences, tour groups, parties and more. Weighing just 16 pounds with 100 watts of power, the XP106wDE also includes a headset USB digital wireless system, Bluetooth connectivity and 20-hour internal rechargeable battery.   Features: SAMSON XP106WDE 6" Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Powered PA DJ Speaker+Headset  All-in-one portable PA system that weighs only 16lbInternal rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of continuous useBluetooth connectivity to connect wireless music sourcesIncludes XPD1 Headset USB Digital Wireless System with beltpack transmitter and headset microphone (100' operating range)2-way speaker enclosure with 6" woofer1" high frequency driverClass D amplifier produces 100 watts of power4-channel mixerXLR-1/4" combo input for microphones and other line level devices1/4" input for guitars and other line level devices1/8" stereo Aux input for stereo line level devices (MP3 players, keyboards, etc.)Line output to cascade multiple systems togetherMusic/Speech switch for optimizing output EQ for speech or music playbackUSB Wireless portBattery level LED indicatorIntegrated carry handle1 3/8" spe...

  • Brand: Samson Motorcycle
  • ASIN: B06XD1MJ58
  • UPC: 613815960096

Marshall MG102CFX MG Series 100-Watt 2x12-Inch Guitar Combo Amp

Marshall MG102CFX MG Series 100-Watt 2x12-Inch Guitar Combo

All MG4 Carbon Series solid-state amps are innovative, highly functional and produce great tone combining years of experience in analogue amplification with cutting edge digital technology. These amps are ideal for the beginner and gigging pro alike. The carbon series offers modern looks and new features which set these amps apart from copycat brands. The MG102CFX offers 100 watts in a 2x12 combo with 4 programmable channels, effects, MP3 input and two-way footswitch included.

  • Brand: Marshall
  • ASIN: B005ODB7EG
  • UPC: 888365260921

Blackstar Series One 100 100-Watt Two-Channel Guitar Amp Head

Blackstar Series One 100 100-Watt Two-Channel Guitar Amp

The S1-100 sets new standards for clean and crunch tones. Two channels and four foot switchable modes deliver spectacular clean tones, plus the amazing Super Crunch offers the biggest, crunchiest tones ever heard. The three-band EQ is augmented by the Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), which works with the EQ to provide infinite new tone-shaping control. The Master section provides Master Volume, Resonance, and Presence controls. Dynamic Power Reduction (DPR) reduces the power up to 90% with no loss in tone - excellent for studio and small venue gigs. Professional touches include a Series Effects Loop, Emulated Speaker output, and MIDI switching.

  • Brand: Blackstar
  • UPC: 845644000241

Marshall AS100D Acoustic Series 100-Watt 2x8-Inch Guitar Combo Amp

Marshall AS100D Acoustic Series 100-Watt 2x8-Inch Guitar Combo

Marshall Acoustic Soloist amps are rich in user-friendly features and tone, the best selling Acoustic Soloist amps prove there's more to Marshall than the legendary overdrive for which the brand is world renowned. The AS100D stereo 2x8 combo boasts 50 watts per side, 4 channels, and digital effects.

  • Color: Assorted Colors
  • Brand: Marshall Amps
  • ASIN: B0035GUAN8
  • UPC: 008474925102

Ampeg MICRO-CL Micro-CL Bass Amp Stack - 100-Watt Head with 2 x 10 Cabinet

Ampeg MICRO-CL Micro-CL Bass Amp Stack - 100-Watt

Let's face it. You are the type would happily crank up a full Ampeg SVT stack in your living room. Heck, who needs neighbors anyway? And noise violations are really just a badge of honor, right? For the rest of us, there is the Ampeg Micro-CL Stack, delivering 100 watts of pure Ampeg tone. It's perfect for those just getting into Ampeg or for the seasoned bassist looking to practice in far flung locations like the master bathroom. The Micro-CL Stack features a tough, 2x10" cab and tools like a stereo input and output for silent practice, effects loop and direct out for recording. It's everything you want in a full stack, micro-sized to fit perfectly into your life.

  • Color: MultiColored
  • Brand: Ampeg
  • ASIN: B007N9XPN0
  • UPC: 663961035285

Egnater VENGEANCE 120-Watt Two Channel Tube Head, 4 x 6L6 Power Tube, 6 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes

Egnater VENGEANCE 120-Watt Two Channel Tube Head, 4

The Vengeance is a versatile 120 watt, 2 channel high-gain amp driven by four premium 6L6 power tubes and six hand-selected 12AX7 pre-amp tubes. Channel 1 takes you from lush, organic clean to heavy crunchy rhythm while channel 2 produces serious classic rock overdrive to extreme modern metal. Personalize your tone with the responsive EQ and Tight, Bright and MID voicing switches on each channel. The reverb on each channel has an innovative “spillover” design, allowing natural decay when switching channels. The foot-switchable secondary master volume pushes solos to the edge - and beyond. A balanced speaker-emulated output connects directly to the board live and is ideal for studio use. Standard 1/4” jacks for external control of the switching functions provide increased flexibility. A 6-button footswitch which connects via a standard XLR cable is included.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Egnater
  • ASIN: B00629G980
  • UPC: 763815126005

Marshall JCM900 4100 100W 2-Channel Tube Head

Marshall JCM900 4100 100W 2-Channel Tube

Rock out like a pro with the Marshall JCM900 4100 all-tube guitar amplifier head! You'll be ready to lay huge guitar sounds down at any gig with 100 tube-fired watts at your command. The JCM900 features two channels that share a 4-band EQ. Channel A goes from sparkly clean to fat and nasty chunk. Channel B goes from dirty to over-the-top molten distortion with tons of sustain and saturation. From weeding gigs to massive metal clubs, the Marshall JCM900 guitar amp head has the tones and firepower you need to rock the show!

  • Brand: Marshall
  • ASIN: B00C109B1G
  • UPC: 685450382854

Peavey 03608820 ValveKing II 100W Guitar Amplifier

Peavey 03608820 ValveKing II 100W Guitar

AlveKing offers other high-end features like 3-way variable power switch, so you can tailor your output to your performance situation without compromising tone. With triple 12AX7s, two independent foot-switchable channels each with their own EQ, and the Vari-Class variable Class A/AB simulation control, the next generation VAlveKing delivers massive amounts of completely customizable all-tube power. The next generation VAlveKing line includes the new extremely portable VAlveKing Micro Head, plus the beefed-up VAlveKing Head, VAlveKing Combo 20, and VAlveKing Combo 50, each delivering its own array of pro features and boutique tones.

  • Brand: Peavey
  • UPC: 014367619294
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