Meinl 14" Hihat (Hi Hat) Cymbal Pair - Classics Custom Dark - Made in Germany, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (CC14DAH)

Meinl 14" Hihat (Hi Hat) Cymbal Pair -

Classics Custom cymbals from MEINL are designed to cut above the roar of guitars, doing most of the work for you so you don't have to play as hard to be heard. MEINL utilizes a B10 bronze alloy to make these cymbals pack a loud and bright punch with rich musical tones. The Classics Custom 14-inch dark hi-hat features a unique twist on the traditional design of these cymbals. A special finishing process leaves these hi-hats with more complex, dark and warm overtones along with the classic cutting "chick" sound. Not only does this model combine a bright attack with a smooth, earthy "slosh" when played open , the finish adds rich texture and a stunning look. Classics Custom cymbals are recommended for most styles of music, including Metal, Rock, Pop, Fusion, and Studio.

  • Color: 14" Dark Hihats
  • Brand: Meinl Cymbals
  • ASIN: B00LJP7CB0
  • UPC: 840553014129

Sabian HHX 14 Inch Fusion Hats

Sabian HHX 14 Inch Fusion

HHX 14" Fusion Hats

  • Brand: Sabian
  • ASIN: B003B3O3HY
  • UPC: 622537061646

Zildjian K 16" Light Hi Hat Cymbals Pair

Zildjian K 16" Light Hi Hat Cymbals

The new 16" K Light HiHats offer the same dark, light blend of overtones associated with the classic 14" K Light Hats but now with more volume and a lot more wash.

  • Brand: Avedis Zildjian Company
  • ASIN: B001R2O6HS
  • UPC: 642388299661

Sabian AA 14 Inch Fusion Hats

Sabian AA 14 Inch Fusion

Extremely clean, crisp and cutting response is powered by heavy, air-vented bottom.

  • Brand: Sabian
  • ASIN: B0002E27GY
  • UPC: 622537214509

Ufip Cymbals Bionic Series, Hi-Hat Cymbals, 14 Inch (BI-14HH)

Ufip Cymbals Bionic Series, Hi-Hat Cymbals, 14 Inch

The BIONIC has evolved into an even more main features exciting and musical range with a new twist on the original Bionic concept, making this series even more contemporary and totally up to date. A truly stunning playing experience for the rock and metal drummer that requires a real musical cymbal. These cymbals are faster and more dynamic, but still retain the power and cut of the original Bionic Classics. The Bionic sets a new standard, simply awesome! Hammered especially deep and wide, then polished to a lustrous golden finish, giving the cymbal added warmth, richness and tonality, the new Bionic Series offers great control and versatility in any musical environment.

  • Brand: Ufip Cymbals
  • UPC: 812382020206

Meinl Cymbals SF14MH Soundcaster Fusion 14-Inch Medium Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair (VIDEO)

Meinl Cymbals SF14MH Soundcaster Fusion 14-Inch Medium Hi-Hat

The SOUNDCASTER FUSION MEDIUM HIHAT has a smooth and voluminous open sound with a defined chick that gives a wide and warm dynamic spectrum.The SOUNDCASTER FUSION cymbals combine two different finishes in one cymbal. Unlathed, brilliant finish and closed lathing finish. This outstanding finish and the laser-engraved logos results in a stunning and distinctive look. The cymbals have the outstanding sound characteristics of the Soundcaster Custom range, yet the close lathing at the edge gives the Soundcaster Fusion cymbals more wash and a shorter sustain.

  • Brand: Meinl Cymbals
  • UPC: 840553006933

Turkish Cymbals Jazz Series 14-inch Fusion Hi-Hat Cymbal FS-H14

Turkish Cymbals Jazz Series 14-inch Fusion Hi-Hat Cymbal

Under this unique, raw finish you will find a lot of sensitivity and musicality. A beautiful "chick" when closed. Lathed and heavily hand hammered cymbals. The last manufacturing step is acid washing of the top and bottom surface.... -Turkish Cymbals -Hand Cast, Hand Hammered, Hand Lathed. Peculiar hiss-tone that is high, sharp & piercing. Excellent for short, punctuated accents with an exotic atmosphere. For centuries, cymbals have been made in artisan workshops in Istanbul, Turkey, the acknowleged home of quality cymbal making. Cymbal alloys (most notably B20 alloys) have secret recipes passed through generations and each Turkish Cymbal is hand cast, rolled whilst hot, hammered by skilled artisans and tested to give the unique sound the Turkish Cymbals have, before being finished on a lathe. Only by hand making can the cymbal be worthy of a top-flight drummer. Each cymbal has its own individual overtones and "DNA", whilst being broadly similar to its brothers. Your sound is unique with Turkish Cymbals. Probably the finest cymbals on the planet.

  • Brand: Turkish Cymbals
  • ASIN: B075F8GMX5

Kasza Cymbals Light Top/Medium Bottom Fusion Hi-hat Cymbals 14 in.

Kasza Cymbals Light Top/Medium Bottom Fusion Hi-hat Cymbals

Light Top/Medium Bottom Fusion Hi-hat Cymbals 14 in. The F Series from Kasza Cymbals features fully hand-hammered cymbals in the ancient tradition of cymbal making. Made from pure B20 cast bronze (80% copper 20% tin), all Kasza cymbals are handpicked for sound quality and workmanship. Every Kasza cymbal is a unique instrument and a true piece of art no two are alike.

  • Brand: Kasza Cymbals
  • ASIN: B00P57T4QE
  • UPC: 753283400509

Meinl Cymbals MS14FMH 14-Inch M-Series Fusion Medium Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair (VIDEO)

Meinl Cymbals MS14FMH 14-Inch M-Series Fusion Medium Hi-Hat

M-Series cymbals are made in Germany from B20 bronze alloy featuring high-tech computerized manufacturing standards. These cymbals have a traditional look and feel, but with a modern sound and distinct clarity. They have been developed for the needs of literally all styles of music and are therefore the perfect all around professional cymbal series. Quick response with an outstanding sensitive crispy chick. Open hihat sounds kind of trashy with a crunchy feeling.

  • Brand: Meinl Cymbals
  • ASIN: B00716CUKY
  • UPC: 840553011753

New Ludwig LC170 Accent Fusion Complete 5 Piece Drum Set Kit with Hardware & Cymbals (Black)

New Ludwig LC170 Accent Fusion Complete 5 Piece

The Ludwig LC170 Accent Fuse 5 Piece Complete Drum Set is a brand new, all-inclusive drum set designed for the beginning to intermediate level drummer. This drum set provides everything you need to start playing, right out of the box! The Accent Fuse features 9-ply, 8mm wood shells, which provide rich low-end and smooth mids. The drum set features 13" hi-hats, 16" crash/ride cymbal, 16 x 20" bass drum, 8 x 12" and 8 x 10" mounted toms, a 14 x 14" floor tom, and a 5 x 14" wood snare. This pop configuration is scaled-down slightly for tighter tone and easier access for younger players. The Accent series upgrades include micro classic lugs and Ludwig 200 series hardware. The geared, locking, and double-braced hardware includes a bass pedal, snare stand, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, and drum throne. The LC170 gives you famous Ludwig quality at an affordable price. A complete drum set (assembly required), the Ludwig LC170 Accent Fuse Drum Kit includes all shells, hardware, cymbals, and throne. Assembly required. Everything you need to get started on the road to superstardom is here! Get yours now!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Ludwig

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals Jazz Series ML-HH14 Mehmet Legend Hi-Hat 14-Inch Cymbal

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals Jazz Series ML-HH14 Mehmet Legend

Smaller cup, special thin lathing and legendary Turkish cymbal making process. Mehmet Legend cymbals were specially designed for jazz styles with the contribution of jazz drummers. Rich, Warm and Natural Sound. ABOUT ISTANBUL MEHMET - Mehmet Tamdeger learned his art from Mikhail Zilcan, the grandson of Kerope Zilcan, after whom the Zilcan K series is named. In the 1950s, he worked in the K. Zilcan factory in Istanbul. At the age of nine Mehmet Tamdeğer started to work for Mikhail Zilcan. Mikhail Zilcan and Kirkor Kucukyan taught him every aspect of this ancient Turkish art, based on a history that stems back to the early 17th century. The Istanbul brand name was adopted by a cymbal works established by two cymbal smiths, Mehmet Tamdeger and Agop Tomurcuk. At that time, they had over three decades of cymbal making experience. Mehmet and Agop named their company after the city that has been home to the epitome of high quality cymbals for many, many years: Istanbul. These cymbals were first exported to the U.S. in 1984, first under the name "Zildjiler", and soon afterwards as "Istanbul". Both craftsmen signed each cymbal and many of these cymbals are now collectors' items. After Agop Tomurcuk's unexpected death in July 1996, Mehmet decided to continue the production of cymbals unde...

  • Brand: Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals
  • ASIN: B00JYFA0U2

Tiger CYM7-BR Hi-Hats Pair - Ideal Replacement for Starter Drum Kits, 14 Inch

Tiger CYM7-BR Hi-Hats Pair - Ideal Replacement for

Carefully designed from fine brass, the Tiger 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals are a great sounding student level pair of cymbals, ideal as an upgrade from basic hi-hats that come with starter drum kit sets.Used throughout contemporary popular music, Hi-Hats consist of two cymbals that are mounted on a specialist stand, one on top of the other, and clashed together using a pedal on the stand. A narrow metal shaft or rod runs through both cymbals into a hollow tube, connecting to the pedal.When struck closed or played with the pedal, the hi-hat gives a short, crisp, muted percussive sound. Adjusting the gap between the cymbals can alter the sound of the open hi-hat from a shimmering, sustained tone to something similar to a ride cymbal. When struck with a drumstick, the cymbals make either a short, snappy sound or a longer sustaining sandy sound depending on the position of the pedal.The Tiger 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals are a popular choice with beginners looking to accomplish themselves behind the drum kit, and students on a budget.

  • Brand: Tiger

Pearl RS525SCC31 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Jet Black

Pearl RS525SCC31 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Jet

Pearl Roadshow drums are built with 9 ply 7mm Poplar shells and 1.2mm triple flanged hoops.  Comes with heads and double braced hardware.  Includes 16" crash-ride cymbal, 14" hybrid hi hats, maple drumsticks, and professional stick bag,

  • Color: Jet Black
  • Brand: Pearl
  • ASIN: B00NJVS5H2
  • UPC: 633816532443

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Black

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece

There are lots of reasons this drum set has been the BEST SELLER for years! The Gammon Battle Series is the perfect entry level drum set at the lowest price ever for a complete, adult/full size drum set complete with all cymbals, stands, hardware, stool heads and sticks! This Brand New FULL-SIZE Drum Set has everything you need to start playing right away: Look at these AMAZING features: 22"x14" 12 Lug Bass Drum - 5 1/2" x 14 Wood Snare drum - 12"x10" and 13"x10 Mounted Toms Adjustable Tilt Memory Locks - 16"x16" Floor tom - 2-12" Hi-Hat Cymbals 1-14" Crash/Ride Cymbal - Snare Stand - Hi-Hat Stand Cymbal Stand - Chain Driven Bass drum pedal - Drummer's Throne Included!!! - Pair drum sticks - Drummers Key - HIGH GLOSS BLACK Finish Why Pay More? This set has it all! We also include a free drum instruction DVD to help you get started! About Gammon Percussion: Gammon is the music industry leader in quality, award-winning affordable drums and percussion.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Gammon Percussion
  • ASIN: B002RGPQJ0
  • UPC: 094922486912

SoundOff by Evans Full Box Set, Fusion

SoundOff by Evans Full Box Set,

Soundoff drum mutes allow players to practice on their normal drum sets in relative silence while preserving realistic feel and rebound characteristics. The fusion box set includes mute sizes to fit 10-12-14 Inch toms, a 14 Inch snare, a cymbal mute, a 20 Inches ride mute, a 14 Inches hi-hat mute and the size adjustable soundoff bass mute.

  • Brand: Evans
  • ASIN: B001644KNW
  • UPC: 019954954543
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