2.5mm Venetian Round Box Chain Necklace Pure Stainless Steel, 16''Long Custom

2.5mm Venetian Round Box Chain Necklace Pure Stainless

  • Brand: dwi_ann
  • ASIN: B07TJ3V9DY
  • UPC: 804073962896

VMAXTANKS MR107-85 12V 85AH Marine AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery ideal for boats and 30lb-55lb thrust Minn Kota, Newport Vessels, Cobra, Sevylor and other trolling motors. BCI Group 24

VMAXTANKS MR107-85 12V 85AH Marine AGM SLA Deep

The heart of the VMAX is the unique physical and chemical structure of its plates. The special treatment and manufacturing process they undergo gains them unique reliability, strength and high performance far exceeding those of other Pb-Ca plates used in similar looking products. Using our specially designed Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) between the VMAX plates, adds to it many physical and electrical advantages that make it superior to the Wet Lead Acid Batteries. This also maximizes the VMAX resistance to shocks and vibrations. Since the electrolyte is totally absorbed by the AGM, the VMAX is classified as "non-spillable and non-hazardous". A tough Tank seals and protects the tightly packed plates delivering the VMAX in a 100% maintenance-free package. Though VMAX Tanks are best known for their long life span, their capability to recover after repeated deep discharges is what makes them the favorite choice for any application. est 7-10 HOURS RUNNING TIME WITH 50-60% DEPTH OF DISCHARGE ON 40-55LB MOTORS. (CHECK OUR FULL LINE OF VMAX MARINE BATTERIES FOR LARGER TROLLING MOTORS OR LONGER RUNNING TIMES) The VMAX MR107 Group 24 Marine AGM battery will fit inside any group 24 battery box, including the Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center.

  • Brand: VMAXTANKS
  • ASIN: B0042QD2PS
  • UPC: 804879255338
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