Frost King HD7 Premium Unbreakable Air Deflector, 2 Piece

Frost King HD7 Premium Unbreakable Air Deflector, 2

Air deflector, unbreakable, adjustable. Adjust from 10" to 14". Heavy duty, magnetic hold, and unbreakable plastic.

  • Brand: Frost King
  • UPC: 798304361087

Air Diverter 2'x1' #4873

Air Diverter 2'x1'

White Air Vent Deflector 24"x12". This 24"x12" air deflector is specially-designed to divert hot or cold blowing air from ceiling HVAC air conditioning registers away from the areas you want to protect. It is easy to install and fits standard-sized 2'x2' HVAC diffusers, vents, and registers. This air vent diverter redirects airflow without inhibiting or restricting the flow of air from your ceiling HVAC diffusers. As such, they should never be used in pairs to block an entire diffuser. This air vent deflector is made of durable 0.080 gauge polystyrene so it is built to last. It is white in color so it will blend seamlessly with most ceilings and HVAC air diffusers. Its dimensions measure 23-3/4" wide x 11-3/4" long x 2-1/2" high. At, we offer a full array of air vent deflectors suitable for a wide array of installations and applications. Shop our expansive inventory of air vent deflectors and air vent diverters below and save on all of your ceiling repair needs. NOTE: Air Diverters are intended to be used one at a time. Do not block the entire diffuser by using two side by side. NOTE: Building Engineers, this item redirects airflow and does not inhibit or restrict the flow from HVAC diffusers.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Air Diverter
  • ASIN: B005UHL9W6

EarthMinded DIY Rain Barrel Diverter Kit, 2 Pack - Water Barrel / Rain Barrel Adapter Kit, Includes Spigot and Downspout Diverter For 2 x 3 and 3 x 4 Inch Downspouts - RBK-0001 / F-RN025

EarthMinded DIY Rain Barrel Diverter Kit, 2 Pack

EarthMinded DIY Rain Barrel Diverter and Parts Kit (for 2 x 3 inch and 3 x 4 inch regular downspouts) is a state-of-the-art water collection system that allows you to convert any barrel or container into a rain barrel in minutes. A rain barrel can be located at any downspout around the home, garage or out-building to catch and store rainwater that can be used to water flowers, plants, lawns and landscaping, as well as for other outdoor chores. Rain barrels are an effective and environmentally friendly approach to water conservation and allow you to save water while reducing your water bill. Rain water does not contain chemical additives commonly found in tap water, making for healthier plants and soil. The patented FlexiFit diverter installs easily by drilling a single hole into any standard 2" x 3" or 3" x 4" rectangular downspout. The diverter sends rainwater directly into the barrel. Once the barrel is full, the diverter will automatically pass excess water through the downspout. The kit includes a spigot designed for filling watering cans and a connection for a soaker hose. The FlexiFit diverter helps prevent mosquitoes, pests and algae-causing sunlight from entering the barrel. The FlexiFit diverter offers advantages over conventional top fill rain barrels that commonly over...

  • Brand: EarthMinded
  • ASIN: B013J573AW

Deflecto Adjustable Wall Air Deflector, 10" x 16" (51)

Deflecto Adjustable Wall Air Deflector, 10" x 16"

Made for central forced air heating and air conditioning, this adjustable wall air deflector designed by Deflecto saves energy and redirects air for additional comfort. The product is constructed with clear polycarbonate material including attached magnets which firmly hold the deflector in place. With a cover that extends and adjusts from 10 inches to 16 inches, it allows more options for your convenience. Comes in a modern clear and white combo color that is trendy and appealing to the eye. This Deflecto product is ideal for those who wish to experience the comfort of circulated air flow in their living space.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Deflect-O
  • ASIN: B00009W3G8
  • UPC: 079916000510

2 Pack Silicone Steam Release Diverter Compatible with Instant Pot Accessories 3/5/6/8 Quart -For Insta Pot Pressure Cooker Duo/Duo Plus/Smart/Ultra Models by Vnray

2 Pack Silicone Steam Release Diverter Compatible with

Why choose Vnray? Safe, Durable, Beautiful Design & Premium Quality. We are professional to provide the highest quality food grade silicone products. Why do we need this item? Just for comfortable and happy cooking. No need to place a dish towel over your Instant pot to keep the hot steam off the cabinets again. Just use our handy gadgets-the steam diverter to release steam and protect your cabinets. Let's have a comfortable & happy cooking. How it works: ★1. Before cooking, put the diverter on Instant Pot steam release valve. ★2. Turn steam release handle to sealing position, then start cooking. ★3. When the cooking is done, just pinch the hang hole position of the diverter and turn the steam release valve to the venting position. ★4. The diverter will redirect hot steam to other direction instead of your cabinet until the float valve drops down. ★5. After using, clean with soapy water and air dry for use next time. And dishwasher safe. CAUTION: 1.This steam diverter is compatible with Instant pot electric pressure cooker. If you want to use it on other brands, please check your knob size or send email to consult us before your purchase. 2.Do not place face, hand or unprotected skin in front of steam during venting, which may cause scalds. And keep some distance fr...

  • Color: Red Grey
  • Brand: VNRAY
  • ASIN: B07HK2BP9N
  • UPC: 713289949976

AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo for The Best of Both Worlds-Enjoy Luxurious Rain Showerhead and 6-Setting Hand Held Shower Separately or Together - Chrome Finish - 3328

AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure 3-Way Rainfall Combo

AquaDance 30-Setting 3-Way Rainfall Shower Combo offers the Ultimate Shower Experience! You will love your new 3-Way Rain Shower System! Both showerheads have SIX FULL SPRAY SETTINGS. Patented 3-Way Diverter makes it easy to use each shower head separately or both together. Click-Lever Dial makes it easy to change from one setting to another while RUB-CLEAN JETS make cleaning your shower head easy! Water Saving Pause Mode is great for saving water in RVs and boats. Your order will arrive in an easy-to-open premium recyclable box that protects your product during shipping. No hard to open plastic casings, plain brown boxes or cheap poly bags! Each box contains Extra-Large 7-Inch Chrome Face Rainfall Shower Head, oversized 4-Inch Chrome Face Handshower, Super-Flexible Stainless Steel Shower Hose, Patented 3-Way Diverter with Angle-Adjustable Bracket, Free Washers and Teflon Tape. Easy-to-follow Instructions make the installation process effortless! AquaDance 3-Way Rainfall Shower Combo comes with hassle-free, easy to register LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY! Contact us via Amazon or call our Customer Service and we will be happy to help you! Product Information Use shower heads separately or both together for your choice of 30-Settings (12 Full and 18 Combined Water Settings) Extra-Lar...

  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: AquaDance
  • ASIN: B01H2DG1YG
  • UPC: 786696033286

YOO.MEE Pets Shower Attachment, Quick Connect on Tub Spout w/Front Diverter, Ideal for Bathing Child, Washing Pets and Cleaning Tub

YOO.MEE Pets Shower Attachment, Quick Connect on Tub

FAQ -1: Question: Is this "YOO.MEE Tub Shower Sprayer" a Permanent installation or just Temporary when I need it?Answer: For this YOO.MEE Tub Shower Sprayer, it is TEMPORARY installation when you need to attach it on your current Tub Faucet for bathing child, washing pets, cleaning tub... It is much easier to install or remove per your need.FAQ-2:Question: Is that enclosed "Copper On/Off Valve" should be PERMANENT installed? Answer: Yes, it is important and necessary to install this Brass On/Off Valve between Shower head and Shower Arm (SEE PICTURE 5), it is copper brass material, keep the Valve at "OFF" position when you are Planning to use this Tub Shower Spray on Tub Faucet, and turn the Valve at "ON" position to keep your normal showering by Shower Head.FAQ-3:Question: Should I must install this "Flow Diverter" when I need to use "YOO.MEE Tub Shower"? What will happen if I don't install this On/Off Valve? Answer: Yes, you should. Rotate Valve to be "OFF" position when you are using this YOO.MEE Tub Shower Spray. This Flow Valve in "OFF" will guarantee there is NO Water Flow Back from your top Shower Heads when YOO.MEE Tub Shower Sprayer used on your Tub Faucet.FAQ-4:Question: Will this work with an Square Tub Spout? We do have a diverter, but the spout is square style?Answer:...

  • Brand: YOO.MEE
  • ASIN: B071F9JLQ8
  • UPC: 602045185850

Morvat Garden Hose Connector Tap Splitter (4-Way), Hose Manifold, Heavy Duty Brass, Water Hose Splitter, Outlet Splitter, Includes Extra 8 Rubber Washers

Morvat Garden Hose Connector Tap Splitter (4-Way), Hose

WHEN UNMATCHED DURABILITY MEETS SUPERIOR FUNCTIONALITY Built to Last If quality is at the top of your priority list when shopping for a hose y-connector, then you'll love Morvat's brass tap splitter! Just like the old school hose splitters that never seemed to wear out, we've made ours using high-grade brass to ensure durability like nothing else on the market. Whatever the season, whatever the water pressure, this brass hose connector gives you dependable performance while significantly reducing the risk of rust or failure. Experience a faucet splitter you'll never need to change. All about Convenience The key to a reliable garden hose connector is the little design details. And we've paid great ttention to these, creating brass fittings that won't disappoint. The connector features ball valves that ensure a watertight seal after shutoff. The high quality threading effectively keeps leaks at bay. And the levers are perfectly sized to make operating them a breeze even by the elderly. Instantly create two tap outlets without compromising on functionality. Here's why you'll love this hose connector: - Made using high-grade brass to prevent rust and breakage. - Ball valves allow for easily adjustable flow and pressure. - Designed to easily accommodate standard hoses. -...

  • Brand: Morvat
  • ASIN: B072PS48NS
  • UPC: 705911300415

Offset Downspout Diverter for Rain Barrels (2X3, LOW GLOSS WHITE)

Offset Downspout Diverter for Rain Barrels (2X3, LOW

This product allows you to place your rain barrel off to the left or right when landscaping material or shrubbery is in front of the downspout.

  • Brand:
  • UPC: 643664853423

RKX 1.8T 2.7T Precision machined Turbo Splitter Valve for VW & Audi BOV diverter Valve Boost bypass MK4 B6 B5 GTI

RKX 1.8T 2.7T Precision machined Turbo Splitter Valve

Don't judge a valve by its looks! While it may look similar to other valves on the market the RKX valve features precision machined parts for the ultimate in reliability and boost holding power. Valve is fully adjustable by turning the top to set the spring preload Compatibility VW / Audi 1.8t 1998 - 2005 Audi 2.7t 2000- 2005 (2 valves required)

  • Brand: RKX
  • UPC: 747565370468
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