TAIFU AC Adapter for LG Electronics Cinema 3D Widescreen 18.5" 21" 24" 25" 29" 34" Ultrawide Full HD IPS LED Gaming Monitor LED-lit LCD Monitor Switching Power Supply Cord Charger, LG FLATRON M2080D

TAIFU AC Adapter for LG Electronics Cinema 3D

Specification Input Volt Range: 100-240V / Output:65W MAX Compatibility: LG 24MA31D 24MA31D-PU 24" 26MA31D LED LCD HDTV FLATRON M2080D M2080D-PN M275WV M275WV-PN M2780D-PU M2780DPU M2780DM M2780D-PZ LED 20-inch DTV R510 LGR51 R510-G.ABM1A9 R510-G.APS1A9 Notebook XNote S210 12.1 WXGA R490 R560 R570 R590 R560-L APA8DA9 R560-L AFC3BA9 SADP-65KB A 29LN4510 29" HD LED LCD HDTV A410-GE10K Laptop Notebook R560-L.ARC3BA9 LP156WH1TLA1 24MA32D 24MA32D-PU 24" HD LED LCD Television TV Electronics 29EA73 29EA73-P 29EB73 29EB73-P LED Monitor DA-65G19 Type Laptop APD Switching M2280D M2280D-PU M2280D-PN M2280D-PZ HDTV LED LCD XNote R460 R480 R480-L L.A24WK Notebook M2080D M2280D LED LCD Monitor M2380D M2380D-PU M2380D-PN M2380D-PZ LED Monitor EB2742V-BN LED-Lit Monitor Samsung BN44-00838A A5919_FSM UN32J5003 UN32J5003AF UE32J5200A UE55J6150 UE32J4000 UE32J5000 UE32J5005 UE32J4500A UE55J6175 UE50J6175 UN32J5003AFXZA LED HDTV TVE1942S, E1942S-BN, E1942TC-BN, E2040T-PN, E2042S, E2042T, E2242S, E2242T, E2242T-BN, E2242V, E2342V, E2342V-BN, EB2242T, EB2242T-BN, EB2342T, IPS224T, IPS224T-PN, IPS224V, IPS224V-PN, LCAP21, LCAP26-A, LCAP26-B, LCAP26-E, LCAP26-I, LCAP36-A, LCAP36-I, LCAP36-U, LCAP42, PSAB-L202B, PSAB-L202C, PSAB-L202D, PSAB-L203A IPS234T, IPS234V, IPS237L, IPS237L-...

  • Brand: TAIFU
  • ASIN: B01DDIS1T2
  • UPC: 744947446377

EUG HD 1080P Multimedia LCD Projectors Home Theater Cinema Outdoor Movies, Dual HDMI USB VGA AV Ypbpr Audio, 3600 Lumen 200" Widescreen Video Projectors for Football Gaming Laptop PC Smartphone

EUG HD 1080P Multimedia LCD Projectors Home Theater

Why so many customer choose this EUG-X88+ home theater projector: •Best image quality for large-screen viewing •Quiet fan for less background noise •HDMI ports for easy hookup to your home theater High Picture Quality: -1280*800 native resolution and 3600 Lumen, achieving good projection effect and high color fidelity image -Professional decoding drive chip- a carved pixel and vivid pictures Outstanding Color Rendition -High contrast of 4800: 1 helps realize richer color performanc -Unique ACC image enhancement technique,project more colorful,gorgeous image. The Home Theater Projector Offering Big-Screen Fun for the Whole Family -Image Size:50''-200'', Throw distance:3.9-18ft -Image Aspect Ratio:16:9/4:3 -Built in two high magnetic speakers,with high quality acoustics For the projector, the bulb is the heart -Up to 50,000 hours of service life, meaning that unexpected outages caused by lamp defects are a thing of the past -The cost of replacing the bulb is very expensive, our projector will keep you from trouble Details: Light source: 170W LED Lamp 5.8" TFT LCD Display Max. Resolution:1920x1200 ±15° vertical keystone adjustable & lens focus mechanism Refresh Rate: 60Hz Power Supply:AC 100- 240V/50 - 60Hz Power Consumption:

  • Color: 3600 Lumen Multimedia Projector
  • Brand: EUG
  • UPC: 747742400803

T-Power ( 19v ) Ac Dc Adapter For LG Electronics Cinema 3D Widescreen 18.5" 21" 24" 25" 29" 34" Ultrawide Full HD IPS LED Gaming Monitor LED-lit LCD Monitor Switching Power Supply Cord Charger

T-Power ( 19v ) Ac Dc Adapter For

T-Power Made with the Highest Quality / input : 19V 3.42A ( compatible : 1.3A , 1.7A , 2.1A ,2.53A , 3.42A ) 32W ~ 40W ~ 48W ~ 65W // 24" LG Electronics 24M37A 24M37D 24M37H 24M37HQ 24M37H-B 24M37D-B 24M37A-B Part Number : DA-48F19 , LCAP35 , PA-1650-64 , PSAB-L101A , PA-1650-68 , PSAB-L206A , ADP-1650-65 , ADP-1650-68 , ADP-65JH AB , DA-65G19 , EAY62850301 , ADS-40SG-19-3 19032G , 19025G , EAY62549203 , EAY62549304 , EADP-40LB B , LCAP16B-A , LCAP21B , LCAP25B , PSAB-L204B , PSAB-L205C , SHA1010L , 23EA73LM , 24LN4510 , 24MA32D , 24MA32D-PU , 27EA73LM , 27EA73LM-P Compatibility: E1940T , E1948S , E2242C , E2249 , W1934S , W1943S , W1947C , E1942S , E2042T , E2042S , E2242T , E2242S , E2342T , E2442T , E2251S , E2251T , E2251T-BN , E2251VQ , E2251VR , E2281TR , E2281VR , E2281VR-BN , E2290V , E2290V-SN , E2351T , E2351T-BN , E2351VQ , E2351VR , E2351VR-BN , E2381VR , IPS226V , IPS226V-PN , IPS236V D40 D43 , D2342P-PN , D2343P , D2343P-BN , D2743P , D2770P-PN , DM2352D , DM2752D , E2211PU , E2242T , E2342T , E2411PU-BN , E2442T , E2442V , E2711PY , E2742V , IPS206T-PN , IPS224V , IPS224V-PN , IPS225P-BN , IPS225V-BN , IPS226V-PN , IPS231P , IPS231P-BN , IPS234V , IPS234V-PN , IPS235P , iPS235P-BN , IPS235V-BN , IPS235V-BN , IPS236V-PN , IPS237L , IPS237L-BN , IPS237W , IPS277L , I...

  • Brand: T POWER
  • UPC: 700220507166

[UL Listed] TFDirect Ac Dc Adapter For LG Electronics Cinema 3D Widescreen 18.5" 21" 24" 25" 29" 34" Ultrawide Full HD IPS LED Gaming Monitor LED-lit LCD Monitor Replacement Power Supply Cord Charger

[UL Listed] TFDirect Ac Dc Adapter For LG

AC Adapter Description* Overheating Protection with Smart Chip* Overload Protection with High Quality Wires* Anti-Interference Feature with better Isolation Materials* High quality, rubberized texture extra long AC/DC Cord UL Number:E482580 Specifications:INPUT:100-240V 50-60HzOutput:19V 2.53~3.42A (compatible:1.3A ,1.7A ,2.1A ,2.53A ,3.42A) 32W~40W~48W~65WReplace Part Numbers:DA-48F19,LCAP35,PA-1650-64,PSAB-L101A,PA-1650-68,PSAB-L206A,ADP-1650-65,ADP-1650-68,ADP-65JH AB,DA-65G19,EAY62850301,ADS-40SG-19-3 19032G,19025G,EAY62549203, EAY62549304,EADP-40LB B,LCAP16B-A,LCAP21B,LCAP25B,PSAB-L204B,PSAB-L205C,SHA1010L,23EA73LM,24LN4510,24MA32D,24MA32D-PU,27EA73LM,27EA73LM-PCompatibility:E1940T,E1948S,E2242C,E2249,W1934S,W1943S,W1947C,E1942S,E2042T,E2042S,E2242T ,E2242S ,E2342T ,E2442T ,E2251S ,E2251T ,E2251T-BN ,E2251VQ ,E2251VR ,E2281TR ,E2281VR ,E2281VR-BN ,E2290V ,E2290V-SN ,E2351T ,E2351T-BN ,E2351VQ ,E2351VR ,E2351VR-BN ,E2381VR , IPS226V ,IPS226V-PN ,IPS236V D40 D43,D2342P-PN ,D2343P ,D2343P-BN ,D2743P ,D2770P-PN ,DM2352D ,DM2752D ,E2211PU ,E2242T ,E2342T ,E2411PU-BN ,E2442T ,E2442V ,E2711PY ,E2742V ,IPS206T-PN ,IPS224V ,IPS224V-PN ,IPS225P-BN ,IPS225V-BN ,IPS226V-PN ,IPS231P ,IPS231P-BN ,IPS234V ,IPS234V-PN ,IPS235P ,iPS235P-BN ,IPS235V-BN , IPS235V-BN ,IPS236V-PN ,IPS237L,IPS237...

  • Brand: TFDirect
  • ASIN: B075YQ84RD
  • UPC: 709445202870

ViewSonic VA2249S 22" IPS 1080p LED Monitor DVI, VGA

ViewSonic VA2249S 22" IPS 1080p LED Monitor DVI,

  • Brand: ViewSonic
  • UPC: 766907723717

AOC F22 21.5-Inch LCD Monitor

AOC F22 21.5-Inch LCD

View brilliant images and sharp text in HD with the 22-inch AOC F22!This 22-inch AOC F22 Widescreen LCD Monitor supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and also has an amazing 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. This F22 monitor features a VGA connector so you can hook it up to your PC!It comes in a glossy piano black color with hidden keys underneath the bezel. You can keep this monitor on the stand or make room by mounting it on the wall via the 3-inch by 3-inch hole configuration.Order your 22-inch AOC F22 Widescreen LCD Monitor today!By Law, California shipments of this product are subject to a $8.00 Electronic Waste Recycling Fee22-inch AOC F22 1080p Widescreen LCD Monitor Stand 15-pin VGA Cable DVI Cable Power Cord User ManualNotes: P/N: F22 UPC: 6 85417 02548 0 Product Requirements: Available power outlet Available 15-pin VGA connector or DVI connector Disclosure: LCD displays may have cosmetic imperfections that appear as small bright or dark spots. This is common to all LCD displays used in products by all vendors and is not specific to any vendor or brand. Below are the acceptable amounts of "dot defects" for LCD displays that we sell: 20-Inch to 24-Inch: Total Defects: 8 Bright or Dark Dots (random): 4 Bright or Dark Dots (2 adjacent): 2 Bright or Dark Dots (3 adjacent): 0 M...

  • Brand: AOC
  • ASIN: B002TOL3JW
  • UPC: 685417025480
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