Innovited 55W AC HID Xenon Conversion Kit All Bulb Sizes and Colors with Digital Slim Ballast - H11 H9 H8-6000K - 2 Year Warranty

Innovited 55W AC HID Xenon Conversion Kit All

The Innovited 55W Slim HID KITInnovited Xenon Hid Conversion kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your vehicle.Easy to Use Plug-and Play with QuickSnap connectors. Can be installed on any compatible vehicle (some cars may require professional installation).Innovited 55W HID Ballast Xenon Features 1. This ballast is universal fit, meaning it will fit in any car or motorcycle.2. Extremely low profile design, slim, it's just really slim! Our customer can fit this ballast in any car or motorcycle.3. Our ballast is also waterproof sealed, Dustproof, Shockproof so it will work in any weather conditions. This will create a protective environment for your ballast and ensuring the long term usage of your ballast.Available Color By Innovited3000K: Golden Yellow4300K: OEM Yellow5000K: Pure White6000K: Diamond White8000K: White Tint Blue10000K: Light Blue12000K:Blue30000K: Deep BluePinkPurpleGreenOur Promise To Our Customers1. No Matter what, we will fulfill our customer's satisfaction, we guarantee it.2. It's important to contact us if there is any problem, please don't just leave a negative feedback. That really hurts! Ouch!3. Your order will ship out on the same day or next bussiness that you complete your purchase.

  • Color: 6000K
  • Brand: Innovited
  • ASIN: B07CMKT2F4
  • UPC: 763891826042

HELLA 010032801 700FF Series 12V/55W Halogen Driving Lamp Kit (Fun Cubed)

HELLA 010032801 700FF Series 12V/55W Halogen Driving Lamp

HELLA auxiliary lamps are legendary for their ruggedness and dependability. Every one of our lamps must pass a series of endurance tests before we will brand it "HELLA". HELLA's 500FF Series lamps have always been a top-seller. These lamps have everything it takes to be HELLA - world-class quality, brilliant performance, and off-road durability, all with great affordability. You get an impact-resistant reinforced ABS housing, bonded water-tight lens, and an aluminum vapor-coated reflector. The HELLA 500FF Series lamps are at home either on or off the road on cars, trucks, SUV's or any other vehicle that requires high performance, rugged lighting. Their light weight and easy one-stud mounting make installation quick and simple so that you can spend less time mounting and more time driving. All of these things combine to make the HELLA 500FF Series the obvious choice for anyone wanting a rugged, easy to install high-performance driving lamp at a competitive price. To add even more value to the 500FF Series lamps, HELLA also offers accessories for such as protective grilles, white stone shields, and new Color Shieldz protective laminates. Color Shieldz come in Smoke, Yellow, Blue, or Clear and are sold in pairs. Color Shieldz give you much more versatility and value by allowing you ...

  • Color: clear
  • Brand: HELLA
  • ASIN: B0010VO8PQ
  • UPC: 760687085195

XtremeVision AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit with Premium Slim Ballast - H11 6000K - Light Blue - 2 Year Warranty

XtremeVision AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit with

  • Color: 6000K - Light Blue
  • Brand: XtremeVision
  • ASIN: B010W6N7NI

2pcs 12V HID Xenon AC Car Ballast 55W HID Xenon Bulbs Lamp For Auto Headlights For H1/3/4/7/8/9/10/11 9005 9006

2pcs 12V HID Xenon AC Car Ballast 55W

This AC ballast have more function compare with the DC ballast√1 . Operating Voltage Wide voltage range to work properly. In the 16-32V DC voltage, the ballast also can work.√2.Protecting function (1). Overpressure ProtectionIn order to prevent the burning of the bulb when the voltage is too high and allow owners to detect vehicle failure. When the power supply DC voltage exceeds 32V, Ballast would stop working automatically, and the output power of not more than 40W,to protect ballast and HID bulb to from damage. (2).Low-voltage protectionIn order to prevent the bulb will run out of car battery power, causing the car can not start normally, when the power supply DC voltage is lower than 8V, the ballast automatically stop working to avoid damage.(3).Protection of unloadingWhen the ballast is not connected bulb, in the no-load state, the ballast automatically stop working, to avoid high-voltage injury to the staff. (4).Short-circuit protectionWhen the ballast occur an accident, in a short circuit state, the ballast automatically stop working, to avoid damage. (5). Reverse connection protectionWhen the ballast in the installation, the operator error so that the positive and negative input power supply is reversed, the ballast automatically stop working to ensure that the balla...

  • Brand: DEW
  • ASIN: B01M06HP0G
  • UPC: 190497371421

OPT7 Bolt AC 55w Hi-Power H11 (H8, H9) HID Kit - Relay Bundle - All Bulb Sizes and Colors - 2 Yr Warranty [5000K Bright White Xenon Light]

OPT7 Bolt AC 55w Hi-Power H11 (H8, H9)

The OPT7 HID BOLT AC 55w Lighting Kit Look On The Bright Side!The OPT7 HID lighting kit comes with everything you need to make the ultimate upgrade in HID lighting technology. With the Z-Arc xenon HID bulb, your lights shine brighter than the rest, keeping you safe with the greatest on-road visibility while also providing you with a custom vibrant look that will make you stand out! 5x brighter, uses 35% less power, and lasts 2-3x longer than halogen without fading! Insulated wiring prevents overheating and early burnouts Available in all standard OEM bulb sizes Currently available in a wide variety of brilliant colors! For the brightest light select 5000K Bright White or 6000K Lighting Blue. About the BOLT 55w Series line of HID KitsThe BOLT AC 55w HID Power Ballast is the premium line of the OPT7 HID kit family. What separates the Bolt series from the standard HID ballast is the use of self-learning AC Digital Technology that allows for brighter light output per watt and a 50% longer lifespan than typical DC HID kits. THE BRIGHTEST: 20-30% brighter light (3900 Lumens) than the standard Bolt Series ballast THE SMARTEST: AC Digital Logic technology keeps your lights clear and prevents flickering by adapting to the voltage of your vehicle. THE TOUGHEST: 100% Weatherproof Stainle...

  • Color: 5000K Diamond White
  • Brand: OPT7
  • ASIN: B00CC2ZU4K

Safego H8 H9 H11 HID Kit 55W 8000K HID Bulbs Lamps with 2 Slim Alloy HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Ballast Lights For Car AC12V55W-1070-H8911-8K

Safego H8 H9 H11 HID Kit 55W 8000K

HID produces supreme light output providing drivers with greater visibility, therefore promotes increased comfort and safer night time driving condition HID also consumes 35% less power and generates less heat during operation HID headlamp provides longer service life than halogen bulbs. With no filament to vibrate and fatigue Use for 12V(9-16V) car, auto, motorcycle, Motor and other Vehicle Not suitable for 24V (16-32V) truck, bus, big vehicle, tractor, trailer, offroad, 4X4 and etc. As It is 9V-16V Features£º 1.Alloy Casing with sealant protects for HID Ballast, release the heat faster, better heat dissipation than Other plastic housing ballast 2.HID Bulbs with Lumen Flux 3200¡À200LM, up to 3x brighter light then halogen bulbs, improve visibility 3.Each components went through 6 separate stages of rigorous production and testing 4.0.2% failure rate, compared to 5-10% failure rate of other HID Conversion kits currently out on the market, the reliability is comparable to that of OEM HIDs 5.Color temperature output tolerance of +/- 100K Kit Specifications: Wattage: 55W¡À3 Watts Ballast Housing: Alloy Material Ignition voltage: 24kV Peak Max, 18kV Peak Min Luminous flux: up to 3200lm¡À 200 LM Service Life: up to 3500hrs Input Voltage: 9V-16V Normal Voltage: 12V Lamp Fre...

  • Color: 8000K Cold White/Light Blue/Iceberg Blue
  • Brand: SAFEGO
  • ASIN: B01828A4NY
  • UPC: 703327574390

OPT7 Blitz 55w 9006 HID Kit 5x Brighter - 4x Longer Life - All Bulb Colors and Sizes - 2 Yr Warranty [8000K Ice Blue Xenon Light]

OPT7 Blitz 55w 9006 HID Kit 5x Brighter

OPT7 55w: At The Intersection of Innovation and Illumination HID Turbocharged! Blast away the night with the upgraded Blitz 55w HID 5x more light than halogen, improved weather protection, and a price that can't be beat The Blitz 55w HID Ballasts 40% brighter than traditional HID ballasts Fires over 357% more light down road thanks to the Blitz ASIC 3700 HID chipset. With that much light, you'll never miss the "freeway exit on the right" again Rated and tested to last over 4,000 brilliant hours. Long enough for you and for the next owner of your car The Z-ArcTM Xenon HID Bulbs UV-cut quartz Z-ArcTM bulb with forced-induction xenon gas and an airtight seal to eliminate leakage Color PERFECTED: Carefully calibrated to within a .001 range to ensure a perfect color light, every time you start up GUARANTEED TO FIT: Injection molded from the same template specs used by Osram-Sylvania, the world's leading supplier of OEM automobile halogen bulbs Simple DIY Install Replace OEM bulbs with Z-ArcTM HID xenon bulbs Plug bulbs in to Blitz Bullet ballast Plug ballast into the same power cord that the original bulb was plugged into Comes with everything you need and more Two (2) Z-Arc Bulbs Two (2) Blitz Bullet Ballasts One (1) Manual FREE 2 Year Warranty Provided by OPT7 Lighting

  • Color: 8000K Ice Blue
  • Brand: OPT7
  • ASIN: B018A1XN0Y

Aukee 55w HID Xenon Conversion Kit with Super Canbus Digital Ballast No Error H8 H9 H11 5000K White

Aukee 55w HID Xenon Conversion Kit with Super

Ballast Specifications • Start Current: 8A • Working Current: 4.2A • Output Power: 55W • Input Voltage: 9-16V • Operating Temperature: -30~85 • Storage Temperature: -40~105 Aukee HID Bulb Specification: 1) Bulb Model: All Bulbs Models 2) Color temperature: 4300k ( warm white),5000k(white),6000k(cold white),8000k(crystal blue),10000k(deep blue) 3) Luminous flux: 4300lm 4) High brightness: Three times luminous flux as that of halogen tungsten lamp 5) Long lifetime: 5, 0000hrs 6) Low power consumption 7) Replacement HID xenon bulbs for car HID xenon conversion kits 8) 55W output power 9) 100% compatible with original halogen system Package Including ☞2 * Aukee Ballasts ☞2 * Aukee Xenon Bulbs ☞English Instruction ☞all Installation Accessories KINDLY NOTE: Because Dodge Ram and Ford F150 have complex canbus system, even most headlight of HID or LED with canbus function can't 100% be compatible with these two cars, ours neither. So please don't place order if your car model is above two model.

  • Color: 5000K
  • Brand: Aukee
  • ASIN: B01MTJX2Z4

Alla Lighting CSP Vision LED H11 Headlight Bulb 8000lm Xtreme Super Bright H8 H9 H11 LED Headlight Bulb Xenon H8 H9 H11 6000K ~ 6500K White All-In -One Headlamp Conversion Kits Bulbs (Set of 2)

Alla Lighting CSP Vision LED H11 Headlight Bulb

Alla Lighting Best Value Newest Version Latest Design CSP H8 H9 H11 LED Headlight bulbs Conversion Kits-Perfect Replacement the Halogen bulbAlla Lighting pursues to offer the best valuable guaranteed led light bulbs for the customers, this led headlight adopts the original reflection light output with authentic CSP chips,aluminum material & cooper heat sink for much better heat dissipation to achieve longer lifespan & much further lighting distance.Here is CSP H8 H9 H11 LED Headlight specificationAuthentic high power CSP chips:6 pieces high quality and high illumination of CSP chips.Fantastic heat sink design: The whole aluminum material & cooper heat sink part makes the bulb much better heat dissipation to achieve much longer lifespan up to 30000h.High illumination light: Each bulb light output will be up to the maximum 4000 lumens in perfect condition (usually about 3500 lumens per bulb),total 8000 lumens per bulb. Easy installation: For most vehicles, just Plug-N-Play, car installation manual included.yet for some European vehicles or newest version, your vehicles may require to install the load resistor or decoder to avoid the error coder or blinking-off issues. This happens due to led bulbs draw much less current than stock lamp.True 6500K Cool White Lighting: Crystal clear ...

  • Brand: Alla Lighting

Optilux H71020051 Model 1300 Round 12V/55W Halogen Driving Lamp Kit

Optilux H71020051 Model 1300 Round 12V/55W Halogen Driving

Optilux Model 1300 Driving Lamps feature a clear round lens in a stylish die-cast black metal housing. These lamps are SAE compliant and each kit contains two lamps, two 12V/55W H3 Halogen bulbs, heavy-duty mounting brackets, illuminated switch, and a deluxe wiring harness.

  • Brand: HELLA
  • ASIN: B0002MA3OY
  • UPC: 760687881858
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