Equate - Heartburn Relief - Acid Reducer, Cimetidine 200 mg, 60 Tablets (Compare to Tagamet HB 200), Pack of 2

Equate - Heartburn Relief - Acid Reducer, Cimetidine

  • Brand: Equate

Matys All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief 60 Capsules Eases Heartburn & Reflux

Matys All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief 60 Capsules

Live life with a little spice. Maty's All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief works with your body to quickly relieve indigestion and heartburn. A modern spin on a homemade remedy from simpler times, it's the relief you've been burning for. A natural alternative that’s safe enough to take every day. Drug-free, no side effects, no drug interactions, and no worries! Maty's makes natural and organic whole food health alternatives for the entire family. Our focus on healthy, whole food ingredients means that with our soothing remedies, you won't worry about side effects, drug interactions, or taking too much. Maty’s creates drug-free alternatives for babies, children, and adults. All of Maty’s products are either all natural or organic, and are made with ingredients that you can pronounce. You can give them to your family and be confident that you know what is in them. Maty's product line includes organic and all natural cough syrups, all natural vapor rub, all natural baby chest rub and baby ointment, and all natural acid indigestion relief remedies.

  • Brand: Matys
  • UPC: 899874002339

Nexium 24HR (42 Count, ClearMinis) All-Day, All-Night Protection from Frequent Heartburn Medicine with Esomeprazole Magnesium 20mg Acid Reducer, 38% Smaller Capsule

Nexium 24HR (42 Count, ClearMinis) All-Day, All-Night Protection

Do you frequently suffer from heartburn — the burning sensation you feel rising up through your chest & spreading toward your neck or throat, the sour and bitter taste in your mouth, the difficulty in swallowing? Frequent heartburn (caused by acid reflux) is a painful interruption to your day & can cause sleepless nights. With just one pill a day, Nexium 24HR stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection from frequent heartburn.(4) The active ingredient in Nexium 24HR is esomeprazole 20mg, which is a part of a group of medications called proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs. PPIs stop heartburn at the source by turning off many of the pumps that produce acid. Imagine 24HRs without heartburn. Imagine waking up refreshed, enjoying pizza anytime, or not worrying about what to eat during a dinner party. Take Nexium 24HR once a day in the morning, & use as directed to treat frequent heartburn. Nexium 24HR pills may take one to four days for full effect. Available in capsules, tablets, or ClearMinis, Nexium 24HR is the brand doctors and pharmacists use most for their own frequent heartburn.(1) And with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save, you can enjoy routine deliveries of Nexium 24HR, and keep your medicine cabinet stocked (6).(1) Among PCPs and Pharmacists who use a branded OTC...

  • Color: 42 Count
  • Brand: Nexium
  • ASIN: B06XBJNV36
  • UPC: 305732452425

Purge! Uric Acid Cleanse & Joint Support - Ready to Eat & Drink What You Want? - Active Mobility, Strong Flexibility, Healthy Inflammation - Tart Cherry & Celery Seed - 60 Vegetarian Soft Capsules

Purge! Uric Acid Cleanse & Joint Support -

"Beyond grateful to have them" "Changed my life" "Something that finally works" "Highly recommended!" PROBLEM SOLVED! PURGE! HEALTHY URIC ACID SUPPORT by Eu Natural is the real solution to move freely with comfort, the natural way. The powerful blend of natural vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts can help support a healthy whole-body inflammation response while boosting your overall health and well-being. #1 VOTED! Clinically-researched ingredients like Celery Seed and Tart Cherry Extract provide you the best cleansing power to naturally promote joint health, providing you with the best power to maintain comfort, flexibility, and mobility. VITAMIN ANGELS 1-FOR-1 MATCH! When you buy vitamins from Eu Natural, you aren't just helping yourself, you are also helping a child in need. Your purchase equals one year of life-saving vitamins to children under five, new mothers, and pregnant women who are at risk for malnutrition. EMPOWERING YOUR HEALTH! Eu Natural is cleanest and purest nutrition brand using zero fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients. Strict FDA Standards by cGMP Certified Laboratory. Always gluten, wheat, and dairy free, and never tested on animals.You risk absolutely nothing. Our products are backed by our unconditional 90-day 100% money back guarantee so you can...

  • Brand: Eu Natural
  • ASIN: B076B5GK7T
  • UPC: 716894245297

Tart Cherry Concentrate - Made from Organic Cherries; Non-GMO & Gluten Free; Packed with Antioxidants and Flavonoids - 60 Liquid Softgels

Tart Cherry Concentrate - Made from Organic Cherries;

Tart Cherry Benefits Red Tart Cherries are rich in Phytonutrients, and at least 17 Antioxidants, including Anthocyanins, Flavones, Amino Acids, Natural Melatonin, Vitamin E and C, and Fiber, which support healthy joint function. Antioxidant Support The secret of this powerhouse antioxidant is in the pigments that give tart cherries their rich red / black hues called anthocyanins. Consuming foods rich in anthocyanins is like unleashing inside your body an entire army of agents that are adept at neutralizing harmful oxidants in the body. Sports Research Tart Cherry Capsules Provide all the Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice But Without the Sugar, Carbohydrates and Calories*. Quality Guarantee This product was made exclusively for Sports Research in an cGMP Certified Facility. None of Sports Research's Vitamins or Supplements are ever bought pre-bottled or in bulk and each batch is 3rd party independently tested for quality. Non-GMO and Free of Gluten, Soy, Artificial Ingredietns or Fillers.Add to Cart Now - It's Guaranteed!

  • Brand: Sports Research
  • ASIN: B00TP54IFO
  • UPC: 023249010111

Life Extension Esophageal Guardian (Berry Flavor) 60 Chewable Tablets

Life Extension Esophageal Guardian (Berry Flavor) 60 Chewable

Esophageal Guardian with Berry Flavor provides a unique approach to protect the delicate lining of your esophagus from harsh stomach acids. Less than a minute after you chew and swallow two berry-flavored tablets, this novel formula creates a temporary foam barrier above your stomach contents. Clinical studies show that this barrier provides maximum support for vulnerable esophageal tissues. For hours of relief from gastric distress, try Esophageal Guardian with Berry Flavor! Nearly 60% of adult Americans suffer some form of gastroesophageal upset — and find little relief in commercial remedies. Esophageal Guardian with Berry Flavor creates a raft-forming alginate to protect your esophageal tissue from harsh stomach acids. Esophageal Guardian’s ingredients begin to provide relief in less than one minute … but lasts up to 4 hours! Esophageal Guardian creates a protective, temporary foam barrier or raft between the stomach and the esophagus. But how? When alginic acid and potassium bicarbonate come into contact with gastric acids, alginic acid forms a gel ..and potassium bicarbonate produces bubbles, which are then trapped in that gel. This creates a layer of floating foam above the contents of the stomach! Simultaneously, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate react with ...

  • Color: ...
  • Brand: Life Extension
  • UPC: 737870173762

Culturelle Kids Chewables Daily Probiotic Formula, One Per Day Dietary Supplement, Contains 100% Naturally Sourced Lactobacillus GG -The Most Clinically Studied Probiotic†, 30 Count(Package may vary)

Culturelle Kids Chewables Daily Probiotic Formula, One Per

Culturelle Probiotics Products Designed to promote ongoing digestive support as well as everyday wellness for every member of the family. All products in our line-up feature Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG), the #1 clinically studied probiotic strain.†† Explore Our Wide Range of Probiotic Products Digestive Health Culturelle Digestive Health probiotic products are formulated to help restore the natural balance of good bacteria in the intestines to help your digestive system work better and keep you feeling your best.* Balancing your Gut Microbiome can start today. Pro-Well Be proactive with smart choices today to support your health tomorrow. Taking a Culturelle probiotic for everyday wellness helps promote your daily health and wellness routine.* Kids When your kids have occasional tummy troubles or when you just want to help keep them healthy, reach for the children's probiotic brand most recommended by Pediatricians.††† Our line-up of safe probiotic supplements can help keep your little ones feeling their best.* Baby Your baby’s first two years are critical in building a strong foundation for a lifetime of good health. With safe and gentle products designed to work naturally with your baby’s body, Culturelle Baby products are formulated to help promote your ba...

  • Color: Culturelle Kids Chewables Daily Probiotic Formula, One Per Day Dietary Supplement, Contains 100% Naturally Sourced Lactobacillus Gg -the Most Clinically Studied Probiotic, 30 Count(package May Vary)
  • Brand: Culturelle
  • ASIN: B007G7JP2O
  • UPC: 049100400150

Basic Care Lansoprazole Delayed-Release Capsules 15 mg, Acid Reducer, 42 Count

Basic Care Lansoprazole Delayed-Release Capsules 15 mg, Acid

Basic Care Lansoprazole Delayed-Release Capsules 15 mg, Acid Reducer, 42 Count

  • Brand: Basic Care
  • ASIN: B074F297S7
  • UPC: 370030114207

Blood Sugar Support Supplement - 20 Herbs & Multivitamin for Blood Sugar Control with Alpha Lipoic Acid & Cinnamon - 120 Pills - Arazo Nutrition

Blood Sugar Support Supplement - 20 Herbs &

Arazo Nutrition Blood Sugar Support Supplement - 120 Herbal Pills - 120 Day Supply ►►►► Click the "ADD TO CART" button at the top of the page to place your order now! ow!

  • Brand: Arazo Nutrition
  • ASIN: B01HB511LI
  • UPC: 743541728056

LES Labs Cortisol Health, Natural Supplement for Adrenal Support, Stress Relief & Balanced Cortisol Response, 60 Capsules

LES Labs Cortisol Health, Natural Supplement for Adrenal

Cortisol Health is a natural dietary supplement taken daily to reduce stress and promote relaxation by supporting adrenal function and healthy cortisol levels.  Consider taking alongside LES Labs Insulin Health.* Phosphatidylserine Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that has been studied for its ability to control cortisol response to acute stress.*Ashwagandha Root Extract  Ashwagandha is a powerful herbal extract taken for its adaptogenic properties.  It can help reduce stress and improve mood.*Magnesium  Magnesium is an essential mineral and important to stress response. Approximately half of the US population is deficient in magnesium.*Magnolia Bark Extract Magnolia bark extract contains compounds that can help reduce stress and cortisol levels.*DosageTake one (1) capsule before sleep or as directed by a physician. May be increased to two (2) capsules during periods of elevated stress.Safety WarningKeep out of reach of children. Those undergoing treatment for a medical condition should consult a physician before taking this supplement.LES Labs Does It DifferentlyWe source only the highest-quality natural ingredients from around the world. All of our supplements are manufactured in the USA in cGMP facilities - most of them locally here in California. While many sup...

  • Brand: LES Labs
  • ASIN: B00S1XUS1Y
  • UPC: 091037958044

Prelief Acid Reducer Caplets 60 Count Dietary Supplement to reduce up to 95% of the acid in High-Acid Food and Beverages

Prelief Acid Reducer Caplets 60 Count Dietary Supplement

FOR ACID SENSITIVE INDIVIDUALS: Prelief (calcium glycerophosphate) was developed by the makers of Beano and Lactaid, and has a 20 year history of helping acid sensitive people eat the foods they love. ENJOY COFFEE, WINE, PIZZA and TOMATO SAUCE AGAIN: These foods are highly acidic and may trigger discomfort. Prelief can be taken as often as you think you will need it. Whenever you start to eat an acidic food that might make you feel uncomfortable, just take Prelief. You can take it as often as you like, morning, noon or night. You may find you need or more or less depending on the amount of food and your food sensitivity. PRELIEF IS DRUG FREE Prelief is not a drug and is a good source of calcium. Prelief adds calcium while reducing the acid in foods.

  • Brand: PRELIEF
  • ASIN: B01529OU72
  • UPC: 764442663383

Tart Cherry Extract 200 Veggie Caps | 3000 mg Strength | Potent 10:1 Extract | Over 6-Month Supply | Non-GMO, Vegan & All-Natural | Extra Strength Uric Acid Cleanse for Healthy Joints | Made in USA

Tart Cherry Extract 200 Veggie Caps | 3000

Zazzee Naturals Tart Cherry Extract provides 3000 mg strength per capsule and contains 200 capsules per bottle -- the best value available! Some of the many benefits of Zazzee Naturals Tart Cherry Extract include: Contains 3000 mg strength per capsuleContains 200 capsules per bottleDerived from a potent, powerful 10:1 extractAn amazing value (be sure to compare against actual dosages and quantities in competitor products)100% vegan, non-GMO, and allergen-free The combination of 3000 mg strength per capsule, a powerful 10:1 extract, and 200 capsules per bottle make our Tart Cherry Extract an incredible value!Joint Comfort, Pain Relief, and Better Sleep Our Tart Cherry Extract is a powerful, potent Uric Acid Cleanser that helps relieve stiff joints. Tart Cherry has been shown in dozens of studies to reduce inflammation. Additionally, Tart Cherry is loaded with natural melatonin and proanthocyanidins that help to support healthy sleep cycles. Relax, feel less pain, and drift off into a peaceful sleep with Tart Cherry Extract! Natural, Vegan, and Non-GMO All ingredients, including the capsule, are 100% vegan. Our Tart Cherry Extract does not contain any sweeteners, artificial flavors, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, or tree nut ingredients. Enjoy the amazing benefits ...

  • Brand: Zazzee
  • UPC: 702511105099

Saw Palmetto Supplement for Prostate Health - Supports Those with Frequent Urination - Supports DHT Blocker & Hair Loss Prevention - Gluten Free; Non-GMO, 100 Capsules

Saw Palmetto Supplement for Prostate Health - Supports

SAW PALMETTO EXTRA STRENGTH - THE MOST POPULAR FORMULA AVAILABLE Experience the Extra Strength benefits of our potent 500mg Saw Palmetto complex that contains BOTH pure extract and powder, which ensures maximum potency and health benefits. Our superior prostate health formula is designed to naturally end trips to the bathroom, support your prostate health, block DHT to prevent hair loss, promote effective urinary tract, increase sex drive and balance hormones. You will not find any artificial ingredients or preservative in our saw palmetto capsules, only the most potent all-natural, non-GMO ingredients available. So the next time you take out your Havasu Nutrition Saw Palmetto bottle, know that it is only the highest quality ingredients you are fueling your body with. ✓ End Trips To The Bathroom ✓ Prostate Support ✓ Prevent Hair Loss OUR CUSTOMER COMMITMENT - Our primary goal at Havasu Nutrition is to provide the highest quality supplements using clinically proven vitamins, minerals, and herbs at a price that works for you. You don't have to compromise the quality when it comes to your health! We are here to walk with you on your health journey and are so confident that you will be satisfied with our products we offer a 100% money back guarantee, no strings attached. Saw ...

  • Color: A.m.
  • Brand: Havasu Nutrition
  • UPC: 092617102000

PACK OF 6 - Equate Acid Reducer Heartburn Relief Cimetidine Tablets, 200 mg, 60 Ct

PACK OF 6 - Equate Acid Reducer Heartburn

Get the relief you need with these 200 mg Equate Heartburn Relief Tablets. They work as an H2 blocker and histamine receptor antagonist. These Equate Cimetidine Tablets partially inhibit production of acid in the stomach by inhibiting the substance that stimulates its secretion. They relieve heartburn associated with indigestion and prevent meal-induced discomfort. These acid reducer tablets generally halt symptoms for a longer period of time than antacids, but take time to work initially. Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.

  • Brand: Equate
  • UPC: 654163988257

Zantac 75 Acid Reducer Tablets-80 ct

Zantac 75 Acid Reducer Tablets-80

One tablet relieves heartburn in as little as 30 minutes and lasts up to 12 hours

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Zantac
  • ASIN: B0000SW8FC
  • UPC: 681421030076
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