Relax Home Life 7.5 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux, 1.5 Inch Memory Foam Top with Bamboo Cover, 25" W x 26" L x 7.5" H, White

Relax Home Life 7.5 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow

Your search for the PERFECT FOAM WEDGE Bamboo Pillow is OVER! A BETTER NIGHTS SLEEP GUARANTEED! There are some items that every house should have and one of them is our flagship foam bed wedge pillow! This useful foam pillow is topped with luxurious memory foam and encased in a cool, hypoallergenic bamboo cover. Here are what customers have to say about how our product has helped them: "I have not had heartburn since using it. Works great for me!" "Just great, my husband doesn't snore anymore!!" "Great product. Helped to relieve my lower back pain" "Perfect! Just what I needed for rotator cuff surgery." "Most comfortable wedge I have used. " "It's the perfect base for the pillows I use. I sleep better now." "Very comfortable. I got one for me because my daughter got one and she recommended it." "Purchased this for my mother who has breathing issues lying down. She loves it!" Also be sure to check out all the other Amazon product reviews left by customers. If you can't get comfy in bed to read, sleep or watch TV, our bed wedge pillow is the solution you've been searching for. So versatile. The beauty of our bed wedge pillow is in its versatility. You can use it to: * Prop yourself up into a comfy sitting position while watching TV or reading a good book. * Elevate yourself slightl...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Relax Home Life
  • UPC: 773822135884

7.5" Wedge Pillow For Acid Reflux - Dr. Recommended Height, Luxurious 2" Memory Foam Pillow Wedge For Sleeping, GERD, Post Surgery, Heartburn, and Snoring - Washable Bamboo Cover (25"W x 26"L x 7.5"H)

7.5" Wedge Pillow For Acid Reflux - Dr.

How many childhood memories do you have where you are lying in bed? Now imagine if these moments were interrupted with back pain, acid reflux, or even allergies. Maybe you are kept up at night because you just cannot seem to get comfortable enough to get a good night’s rest. Does this sound familiar? If it does, we are here to help! We’ve been compiling research and feedback from customers like you to try and create the perfect pillow, and we feel we have accomplished just that! The reason? We are the FIRST company on the market to have a sleeping wedge pillow with a 2 inch memory foam topper. Other pillows contain only 1”, but our new innovative design allows for even more luxurious comfort than our competitors. The foam contours to your back and neck shape, molding to your body so you can achieve the best sleep of your life without giving up the comfort factor. Suffer from heartburn, allergies, poor circulation, snoring, back or neck pain, or migraines? Let us help you! The elevated pillow places your chest and head above the rest of your body, allowing for better air circulation and improved breathing. When used with our removable, machine-washable bamboo cover, you will not only breathe better but also stay cool throughout the night. You will wake up feeling refreshed...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Silverback Wedge Pillow
  • UPC: 782069319193

Bed Wedge Pillow Gel Memory Foam Top - Cooling Elevated Support Cushion for Lower Back Pain, Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Allergies, Snoring - Ultra Soft Breathable Cover (10 inch Wedge) by VivaLife

Bed Wedge Pillow Gel Memory Foam Top -

The 10" cooling bed wedge pillow is the 1st sleep enhancement cushion of its kind. With its DR recommended incline and ultra comfortable cooling gel memory foam, this bed wedge cushion will help relieve pain and discomfort during sleep or rest while keeping you at the perfect temperature. If you have back pain, acid reflux, or terrible sleeping patterns VivaLife Bed Wedge Cushion can help relieve unwanted back and neck pain by improving your shoulder, spine alignment and overall sleeping posture. With the 30° elevated angle and VivaLife Memory Soft technology, the bed wedge cushion helps relieve Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Gerd, Digestion issues, Post Nasal Drip, Sciatica, Snoring, Hiatal Hernia, Allergies, Coughing Respiratory Difficulty and pregnancy. The VivaLife bed support pillow is engineered to help assist you with your breathing by keeping your upper body elevated for properly inhaling alignment, blood circulation and overall healthy sleeping. The bed wedge cushion is equipped with VivaLife Cooling technology gel memory foam top keeping your temperature cool and comfortable while you sleep. We're confident you'll love our Bed Wedge Cushion! However, if you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase--NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We have the be...

  • Brand: Vivalife

Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow - USA Made with Memory Foam Overlay and Removable Microfiber Cover"Big" by Medslant. (31x28x7) Recommended Size for GERD and Other Sleep Issues.

Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow - USA Made with

✅You spend a third of your life with your head on a pillow - quality matters! ✅Rated "2-Thumbs Up" by Dr. Mike Roizen of YOU! The Owner's Manual, the Medslant Wedge Pillow is the perfect solution to your acid reflux symptoms and the exact recommended height for drug-free acid reflux and other sleep issues. ✅Made in the USA Made to the highest standards our pillows are overlayed with the latest hypo-allergenic ISOFresh memory foam technology to ensure you get the comfort you deserve plus long lasting support, freedom from sagging and odor free manufacturing - all from a brand name you can trust. ✅Long Lasting Medslant pillows last an average of 5-7 years so you'll know you won't need to replace this pillow every year due to sagging or crumbling. ✅Cover Included The included zippered soft microfiber cover has double stitching at the seams and our unique full field diamond stitching. This means the cover is washable, resistant to staining and holds its shape longer than regular fabrics. Extra covers available. Allergen cover available separately. * ISOFresh is a unique odor neutralizing system that ensures your foam pillow remains fresh and odor free for years to come. Comes hygienically wrapped in plastic and rolled for convenient shipping and delivery. ✅Or...

  • Brand: MedSlant
  • ASIN: B00E3X5K6Y
  • UPC: 094922457523

Bed Wedge, FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow 1.5 Inches Memory Foam 2 Year Warranty, Acid Reflux Pillow With Removable Cover Dr Recommended For Snoring And Gerd

Bed Wedge, FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow 1.5 Inches

Do you toss and turn at night trying to fall asleep or keep waking up in the middle of the night? If your sleep is hindered because of breathing issues, snoring, acid reflux, or neck and back pain, you need to rest your head upon the FitPlus Premium Bed Wedge Pillow the next time you go to sleep. Conforming to the body's natural curves, this pillow boasts 1.5 inches of memory foam on top of a premium-grade polyurethane foam base. Memory foam known for its therapeutic qualities and comfortable support quickly molds to the contours of your shoulders, neck and head to furnish you with a restful sleep experience. Supporting and elevating your upper body, the ergonomically shaped pillow promotes a better sleep position and improves your posture. In doing so, it can help relieve neck and back pains, as well as prevent orthopedic health issues with your spine, neck and shoulders. The angled and elevated position of your head when using this pillow will make breathing much easier, aiding in allergies, snoring and other breathing issues. This comfortable, gradual slope helps to keep reflux down and airways open, allowing you to sleep soundly at night. Position the wedge upright while watching TV or reading, or slide it to the end of the bed so you can elevate your legs and feet. Whatever ...


Xtreme Comforts 7" Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow, Hypoallergenic Breathable, Washable Bamboo Cover, Elevated Support Cushion, Acid Reflux, Lower Back Pain, Heartburn, Snoring, Allergies

Xtreme Comforts 7" Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow,

Finally, The Most Breathable & Effective Wedge Bed Pillow Is Now Available! Wait No More! Fed up with poor sleeping performances? Suffering from stomach acid reflux? Looking for a comfortable yet made to last bed wedge cushion? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading! Why not go for the best of the best when picking your sleeping wedge pillows? Sleep on one of our memory foam triangle pillows today and experience the difference for yourself! Alleviate Back Pains, Support Your Head & Promote Better Sleeping Conditions With An Xtreme Comforts Wedge Pillow! One of the greatest things about this back pillow, besides its dense memory foam construction and breathable channels, is its multipurpose nature! It is designed for all those suffering from acid reflux, having problems breathing at night or even struggling with poor blood circulation. Alleviate neck and leg pains, reduce snoring and coughing while napping! Ease symptoms of heartburn, allergies, insomnia, migraines. Feel good and confident about yourself again! Here's Why This Is The Last Wedge Bed Pillow You Will Ever Need: Premium quality breathable memory foam sleeping pillow. Zipper closure and machine washable cover. For reading, maternity, snoring, surfing, watching TV and rest...

  • Color: 1pkw
  • Brand: Xtreme Comforts
  • ASIN: B01MG4GZX0
  • UPC: 600209789449

MedCline Acid Reflux Relief Bed Wedge and Body Pillow System | Medical Grade and Clinically Proven Acid Reflux and GERD Relief, Size: Large

MedCline Acid Reflux Relief Bed Wedge and Body

Why MedCline? MedCline Reflux Relief Bed Wedge and Body Pillow System is clinically proven to provide relief from the many distressing symptoms of acid reflux disease and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). With three size options available, the Bed Wedge and Body Pillow System provides much-needed acid reflux relief to people of all heights and body-types. Our Mission: Provide much needed relief for those suffering from nocturnal acid reflux and heartburn to get quality, restorative sleep leading to a higher health-related quality of life. Founded in 2011 by retired physician Carl Melcher, M.D., a well respected doctor in the San Diego area, former UCSD medical professor - and life-long sufferer from chroic acid reflux or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). How MedCline Works: Set-Up: Place the Bed Wedge on top of your mattress. Climb In. Slide your arm into the patented arm-pocket, which is designed to take pressure off your downside arm and shoulder, as well as keep you fromsliding down. Get comfortable. Many customers find instant comfort with MedCline, where others take a little bit more time to adjust to the new position. With our 100 night guarantee, take your time to find what's most comfortable for you Discover Relief. Sleep reflux-free and rest assured know...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: MedCline
  • UPC: 854992005280

Bed Wedge Pillow - Adjustable Folding Memory Foam Incline Cushion System for Legs and Back Support Pillow - Acid Reflux Pillows for Sleeping, Anti Snoring, Heartburn, Reading - Machine Washable

Bed Wedge Pillow - Adjustable Folding Memory Foam

Rest easier with the bed wedge by All Sett Health. The gently sloping bed wedge can be used under the head, back or legs to provide additional support and exceptional comfort. The adjustable wedge allows you to choose the right amount of incline to support your body type. The firm memory foam wedge also includes a soft, machine washable cover. Improve Your Quality of Sleep: Great for relieving tension in the neck and back, the bed wedge is versatile designed for comfortable support. The gradual slope allows your head to be elevated to reduce pressure on the neck without straining. Multi-positional, the bed wedge can also be used under the legs for additional support, elevating the feet and ankles. Alternate uses: -Post surgery pillow -Sit up pillow for bed -Sex pillow -Arm Pillow -Anti Snoring Pillows for sleeping Removable Washable Cover: Easily removable, the zippered cover is made with a soft, breathable polyester material. The beige bed wedge cover is machine washable. What's Included: Hypoallergenic cover around the foam Bed wedge Zippered polyester cover

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: AllSett Health

Bed Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux-Adjustable Height Sleeping Wedge Memory Foam Pillow Therapeutic Pillow with Zippered Cover,Designed for Back & Neck Pain, Better Breathing & Circulation, Acid Reflux

Bed Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux-Adjustable Height Sleeping

Sleeping upright has never been so comfy! Just because you can't lie flat doesn't mean you can't get a good night's sleep. This pillow supports you from your hips to your head, gently hugging your shape, so you settle in easily. It's firm enough to hold you up, and the layer of memory foam means it won't feel like you're propped up on plywood! Move around at night? Don't worry - this pillow is wide enough to handle it. Product Features:✔Premium high-density memory foam won't wear down or lose shape✔Cooling Channels let air circulate, so you stay sweat-free all night✔Bottom support foam layer keeps you upright and stable✔Top memory foam layer lets you snuggle in and get comfy✔Phthalate, latex, lead & BPA free, CE Certified✔Helps with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, surgery discomfort, acid reflux, postnasal drip, snoring, pregnancy discomfort and more! 100% HAPPINESS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We love and trust our Bed Wedge Pillow, and we know you will too. That's why we're happy to let you try it out, risk-free, for 30 days. Don't love it? Send it back - no questions asked.Ready for an easier night's rest? Add Lavisun Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow to your shopping cart now!

  • Color: Wedge Pillow
  • UPC: 797550118940

Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top - Ideal for Comfortable and Restful Sleeping - Alleviates Neck and Back Pain, Acid Reflux, Snoring, Heartburn, Allergies - Versatile - Removable, Washable Cover

Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top -

EBUNG BED WEDGE PILLOW Tired of tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep due to your aching back and plagued by clogged sinuses? Worry no more! EBUNG wedge pillow is specially designed to provide you with a comforting support, so that you can sleep peacefully

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Ebung
  • UPC: 796856326318

InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow (25" x 24" x 12") - 2" Memory Foam Top Layer with Firm Base Foam and a High Quality Removable Cover - Helps Provide Relief from Acid Reflux, Snoring, Post Surgery

InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow (25" x 24"

Designed with your utmost comfort in mind with the latest technology, this U.S.-patented foam wedge pillow is specifically designed for people who need to sleep in an elevated position because of acid reflux, problem breathing, snoring, poor circulation, COPD, and back or neck problems. The InteVision Foam Wedge Pillow is made from high-quality materials with a 2-INCH memory foam layer on top of a highly resilient base foam, which enables the wedge pillow to have the desired cushion while still providing gentle support to elevate the upper body or legs, or to use as a trunk stabilizer for side-lying position. Built-in channels have been added to enhance air circulation, keeping the memory foam clean and responsive. This product is also great for those who are advised by a health professional to sleep in an elevated position after surgery while recovering. We offer additional pillowcases (sold separately on Amazon) for our Foam Wedge Bed Pillow. Made from 400 thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton, the optional replacement pillow cases are designed for comfort and longevity. This foam wedge pillow measures 25" x 24" x 12" and includes the trademark InteVision branding on the packaging. As an added benefit, many customers have pointed out that the pillow can be used as an effective to...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: InteVision
  • UPC: 885128731209

Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top - Ideal for Comfortable - Restful Sleeping - Alleviates Neck and Back Pain, Acid Reflux, Snoring, Heartburn, Allergies - Versatile - Washable Cover, 7.5 inches

Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top -

EBUNG BED WEDGE PILLOW Tired of tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep due to your aching back and plagued by clogged sinuses? Worry no more! EBUNG wedge pillow is specially designed to provide you with a comforting support, so that you can sleep peacefully

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Ebung
  • ASIN: B07M9LQ6T1
  • UPC: 796856326264

LUXELIFT Support Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow | Multipurpose adjustable 12 inch or 8 inch height | Stay-Cool Gel-Infused Memory Foam, Back & Leg Pillow | Back Pain, Injury, Reflux, GERD, Sinus & Snoring

LUXELIFT Support Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow | Multipurpose

INNOVATIVE – PATENT PENDING, RELIEF PROMOTING DESIGN Gel-Infused, Support Therapy Memory Foam Large Wedge Pillow, Promotes Ideal Comfort & Adjustable Elevation for: Lower, upper and centralized back pain Restless leg syndrome (RLS) Orthopedic treatment Acid reflux & GERD Sciatica challenges Surgery recovery Pregnancy aches Sinus congestion Physical therapy Sports injuries Shoulder pain Varicose veins Hiatal hernia Knee pain Neck pain Snoring Leg pain HOT FLASHES? WARM SPOTS? SWEAT SOAKED PILLOW? We combined AirFlow Technology, then wrapped each pillow in a removable, washable, 100% hypoallergenic and natural quilted bamboo pillow cover, that naturally wicks away sweat, so you stay cool, dry and comfortable, no matter how long you decide to lounge around in bed. INSPECTED, TESTED & PROVEN Because we care about your long-term health and wellbeing, we continuously monitor every step, ensuring everything from our premium grade materials, to our manufacturing processes EXCEEDS standards for comfort, longevity, performance, and customer happiness. 5 YEAR WARRANTY – 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Ask yourself how much 5 years of superior comfort and relief means to you and you’ll quickly see why customers choose Zenesse Health Products over more expensive alternatives. We guarant...

  • Color: Ivory
  • Brand: Zenesse Health

Real 12 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow for Sleeping and Acid Reflux -Firm Memory Foam and a Removable Cover- Post Surgery, Leg Elevation, Gerd, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Reading, Back Pain

Real 12 Inch Bed Wedge Pillow for Sleeping

Bed Wedge Pillow for Sleeping and Acid Reflux -Firm Memory Foam and a Removable Cover- Post Surgery, Elevated Legs, Gerd, Snoring, Reading, Back Pain and as a Pregnancy Body Positioner Wedge Pillow. Can create a 30 to 45 degrees flat angle

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Splendoress

BalanceFrom Wedge Foam Wedge Bed Support Pillow with Memory Foam Top & Removable Cover (25" x 24" x 7")

BalanceFrom Wedge Foam Wedge Bed Support Pillow with

Overview: The wedge pillow has a triangular shape with a tapered incline that helps the person using the pillow remain in a semi-upright position during sleep. When the wedge pillow is placed in the traditional manner, the incline is perfect for sleeping. The bed wedge can also be used under your legs which can relieve pressure on your lower back. BalanceFrom bed wedge pillows are covered by removable, breathable and washable covers. Not only does it help it maintain a comfortable temperature, it's also easily removable and machine washable. Dimensions: 26" x 25" x 12" or 25" x 24" x 7" with 1" memory foam top layer. Supportive foam wedge pillow keeps its shape and won't flatten out or wear over time. It provides a healthy, more comfortable night's sleep. : All genuine BalanceFrom products come with a 2-year and 100% BalanceFrom Satisfaction to make your purchase worry free. Simply contact us or your vendor if you have any questions. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. AT A GLANCE: -Large -Removable cover -Memory foam top layer -2-year

  • Color: White
  • Brand: BalanceFrom
  • ASIN: B07H7CNCD9
  • UPC: 810963030750
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