Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine

Treatment of Infertility with Chinese

The second edition of this popular text systematically addresses all aspects of treatment of infertility using Chinese medicine. Clinically focused and with a new easy-to-navigate design, the book begins by covering all the essential fundamentals you will need to understand and treat infertility, before going on to look at what Chinese medicine offers in the way of treatment for functional infertility in men and women, gynecological disorders which contribute to infertility and relevant lifestyle factors. Jane Lyttleton importantly devotes a large part of the book to discussing ways in which Chinese medicine and Western medicine might work together to overcome infertility, and details the increased experience over the past decade in working with IVF patients and their specialists. Leaps forward have also been made in the understanding of conditions such as Polycystic ovarian syndrome and immune infertility.  New Features ·      Greatly expanded section on the place of Chinese medicine and IVF in treatment of infertility ·      New information on Polycystic ovarian disease and immune infertility and how Chinese medicine approaches their treatment ·      Updated and balanced advice on pre-conception care ·      Clinically focused, with easy-to-navigate...

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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health: Bridging the Gap Between Western and Eastern Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine for Women's Health:

Educates readers about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ( acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine), and how women's health problems are effectively treated holistically versus the typical Western, compartmentalized approach. Acquire a basic understanding of TCM - what it is and how it works - as well as its benefits, risks and potential for treatment. Potential benefits of using TCM decrease the discouragement and futility felt by many women who cope with chronic health problems like menstrual irregularities, infertility, insomnia, pregnancy related issues and menopause. Women do not usually consider TCM as a treatment alternative until after receiving failed Western treatment. TCM can be a primary part of health care. Information and knowledge about TCm is lacking. TCM can help many women overcome and resolve health concerns. TCM's potential for early detection, strengthening of the immune system, reversal of symptoms and prevention of disease unfortunately remains unnoticed. * Broadens understanding of how TCM and western medicine differ in diagnosis and treatment. A holistic versus compartmentalized approach. * Explains how acupuncture systems work in easy-to-understand language. * Outlines gynecological, reproductive, and menopausal disorders more naturally and completely....

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Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable 2nd Edition)

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable 2nd

The new portable edition of Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable 2nd Ed.), the companion volume to Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica, is designed to provide students and practitioners with the same comprehensive and authoritative content that they ve always relied on, but in a lightweight and more flexible format. Included are over 800 medicinal formulas drawn from both classical and modern sources. Each of the 340-plus principal formulas includes a discussion of its therapeutic actions and indications, analysis of the functions and interactions of the ingredients, method of preparation, and a list of modifications to customize the formula in the clinic. Over 460 variations and associated formulas offer additional options for the practitioner. The commentary to each formula is extensive. This section deepens the reader s understanding of a formula s genealogy, presents an overview of controversies regarding composition, usage, and other issues, describes the extension of a formula s application to a wider range of disorders, and provides key clinical pointers to facilitate use of the formula in the modern clinic. The section on comparisons helps the practitioner focus on the distinguishing characteristics of each formula by contrasting it with other form...

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Demystified Chinese Herbal Medicine

Demystified Chinese Herbal

There are a lot of Chinese herbal books available in the market. However, most of them are fit to be as reference books instead of textbooks for TCM school students. As we know, most TCM students in the US are part-time and they need to concentrate on the most useful and succinct information in order to grasp knowledge more efficiency. This book is basically the result of six years of teaching materials to Chinese herbal medicine students.

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Integration of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine: Theory and Practice by Masakazu Ikeda (2010) Paperback

Integration of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine: Theory and

Following decades of study and years of requests and ardent pleas, Masakazu Ikeda wrote the Integration of Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy: Theory and Practice in order to help practitioners determine the proper treatment protocol for each. Once the herbal therapy treatment protocol is known, the acupuncture protocol is determined. If the acupuncture treatment protocol is known, the herbal therapy treatment is likewise already determined. This book brings the knowledge of a lifetime of intense study of classical acupuncture texts and classical herbal medicine texts so the theories of each can be understood and used together for the most effective treatment. This important text was translated into English just recently. Masakazu Ikeda has been practicing, studying, and teaching traditional Oriental medicine for over forty-five years. His determination to understand classical acupuncture texts has set him apart and created a demand for his lectures and books. He graduated from Meiji Oriental Medical Institute in 1968. He has spent his life devoted to the practice of acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal medicine. As an instructor and the president of the academic department of the Society of Traditional Japanese Medicine he has become a prolific writer with 26 published books includi...

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Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture

Xie's Veterinary

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine has been used to treat animals in China for thousands of years. Until now, the majority of the literature on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine has been written in Chinese. Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture serves as a comprehensive and accessible reference on the basic principles, techniques and clinical application of veterinary acupuncture. Written by a world renowned authority on veterinary acupuncture and a panel of experts, the book incorporates a traditional Chinese approach to veterinary acupuncture, including ancient and newly developed acupuncture techniques for both small and large animals. With the growing interest in veterinary acupuncture worldwide, this ground-breaking and authoritative text is a timely resource for practitioners and students alike.

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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine: Fundamental Principles 2nd Edition [Hardcover]

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine: Fundamental Principles 2nd Edition

This edition is an updated and expanded version of its first edition published in 2002, which has been the required textbook of many veterinary acupuncture training programs in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. The main goal for this edition was to address our students' and readers' needs by making complicated TCVM concepts easier to understand. To do this, we reorganized and rewrote the material, and print the book in full color to make it more user-friendly. We added images, clinical cases and self-tests to help our readers learn better. 207 tables and 331 images and diagrams clarify the fundamental principles in TCVM. Clinical cases provide practice opportunities for readers to apply their knowledge to situations like those in practice. Self-test questions help the readers review the most important concepts in the chapters. Chapters 1. Yin and Yang 2. Five Element Theory 3. Jing, Qi, Shen, Blood and Body Fluid 4. Zang-Fu Physiology 5. Jing-Luo: the Meridians 6. Etiology and Pathology 7. Diagnostic Methods 8. Primary Diagnostic Systems: Eight Principles and Zang-fu Patterns 9. Diagnostic System for Channels and Lameness 10. Other Diagnostic Systems: Qi-Blood-Body Fluid, Six Channels, Four Stages, and San Jiao Patterns 11. Prevention and Treatment Strategies Appendix A: C...

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The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Text

The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive

This highly successful textbook covers the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and discusses in detail the use of acupuncture points and the principles of treatment. The material is based on rigorous reference to ancient and modern Chinese texts, and explains the application of theory in the context of Western clinical practice. The new edition features new and updated material plus an accompanying website containing over 650 self-testing questions in a variety of formats.  "For the student or practitioner of Chinese medicine this is a definitive text book." Reviewed by Jim Young on behalf of, Aug 201525th Anniversary edition of the Western world’s best-selling book on Chinese medicine! Logical, sequential organization builds from basic theoretical concepts, through functions of individual organs, diagnosis, pathology, pattern recognition & disease categories, and the appropriate use of acupuncture points Clearly explains the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine to Western medical audiences Based on a unique and invaluable combination of extensive clinical experience in the West, current Chinese Medicine textbooks and ancient sources, in particular, the ‘Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine’ (Nei Jing) and the ‘Cla...

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The Practice of Chinese Medicine: The Treatment of Diseases with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

The Practice of Chinese Medicine: The Treatment of

The 2nd edition of The Practice of Chinese Medicine: The Treatment of Diseases with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs describes the application of traditional Chinese medical theory to the diagnosis and treatment of 48 diseases, conditions and disorders. In addition to the existing 34 covered in the first edition, 14 new conditions and symptoms have been added, and these include common, chronic, and acute conditions which clinicians may see in their practice. Each chapter contains aetiology and pathology; differential diagnosis according to TCM; selection of treatments with acupuncture and herbs, with explanation of choices; case studies for illustration; summary of Western differential diagnosis; and discussion of prognosis and prevention. This book brings the enormous wealth of the author's experience, and his insights in applying TCM medicine to a Western context, to the support of all clinicians whatever their own range of experiences.

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Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs

Four Paws, Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese

Welcome to the world of traditional Chinese medicine—for cats and dogs! For the growing number of animal lovers seeking an alternative to Western medicine, this thoughtful and comprehensive approach to home animal care is a virtual godsend. FOUR PAWS, FIVE DIRECTIONS includes descriptions of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments, with special emphasis placed on clear, uncomplicated approaches to acupressure and diet that you can do at home. And just wait till you see the photographs! These vivid color portraits accurately chart the meridians and acupressure points of thirty-two gorgeous, furry models. Pet owners and students of veterinary medicine alike will appreciate this unique and upbeat guide to interacting more holistically with our beloved feline and canine friends.

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An Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels: Acupuncture, Alchemy, and Herbal Medicine

An Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels: Acupuncture,

Li Shi-Zhen s Exposition on the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (Qi jing ba mai kao) is among the most remarkable texts in the Chinese medical literature. Bringing together writings on acupuncture, herbal medicine, and internal cultivation (nei dan), it argues that aspiring adepts and physicians alike must understand the full scope of the extraordinary vessels if they hope to achieve their respective goals. Although the Exposition is a cornerstone of the extraordinary vessel literature, it is rarely, if ever, considered on its own terms. Li s approach to extraordinary vessel acupuncture and herbal medicine reflects a perspective that differs considerably from the strategies familiar to most modern readers. His work on the extraordinary vessels is every bit as innovative in its own milieu as his other seminal writings, Pulse Studies of the Lakeside [Recluse] (Bin-Hu mai xue) and Comprehensive Outline of the Materia Medica (Ben cao gang mu), are in theirs. This volume is the first translation of the Exposition published in English, and it is among the most comprehensive discussions of the text available in any language. It is divided into five parts. Part I provides an introductory overview of the main themes running throughout the text: theory, acupuncture, herbal medicine, internal...

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Shen: Psycho-Emotional Aspects of Chinese Medicine

Shen: Psycho-Emotional Aspects of Chinese

SHEN: PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL ASPECTS OF CHINESE MEDICINE fully explains how the emotional, mental, and physical elements of Chinese Medicine in illness are an extremely effective therapy in dealing with cases where the alterations of the shen are both obvious and subtle. The book focuses on the psycho-spiritual aspects of patient's conditions and is purposely constructed to facilitate practitioners' formulations of diagnosis and treatment. It reflects throughout on the patient-practitioner relationship, resources, and various characteristics, inherent problems and qualities of acupuncture.Offers clinical guidelines for treating people with psycho-emotional symptoms.Includes researched material and clinical applications concerning emotions and movement.Describes the causes and progression of psycho-emotional symptoms in terms of etiological and pathological mechanisms, specific symptoms, and classical syndromes.Features in-depth description of 29 clinical case studies with discussion on points, ongoing treatment, and problematic situations.

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Traditional Japanese Acupuncture: Fundamentals of Meridian Therapy (English, Chinese and Japanese Edition)

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture: Fundamentals of Meridian Therapy (English,

The authors, who are among Japan's foremost teachers and clinicians, have compiled a work that provides a broad, accurate, and detailed foundation for students learning acupuncture or for clinicians who wish to improve their clinical results. This is an important and pivotal contribution to the acculturation of classical acupuncture in the West.

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A Manual of Acupuncture

A Manual of

Once in a great while an extraordinary book is published that sets an entirely new standard in its field. A Manual of Acupuncture, published by Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications, is just such a book. Painstakingly researched over many years by Peter Deadman, editor-in-chief of The Journal of Chinese Medicine, and colleagues Mazin Al-Khafaji and Kevin Baker, this book has become the primary reference in the West for the study of acupuncture points and channels. With the subtle use of color to illustrate the acupuncture points and anatomical features, the new second edition of A Manual of Acupuncture is even more attractive and user-friendly than the first. Introductory chapters describe and illustrate the channels and collaterals, the various categories of points, and methods of selection, location, and needling. Ensuing chapters present each of the points of the 14 channels as well as the extra (miscellaneous) points, identified by their English and pinyin names, and Chinese characters. Each point is located in accordance with the most exacting anatomical standards to be found in any Western textbook. For each point there is a dedicated drawing, followed by regional body drawings. The quality of the 500 drawings is far superior to those in any other TCM text. There are als...

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Chinese Acupuncture Herbal Poster Laminated 24 x 36 inches

Chinese Acupuncture Herbal Poster Laminated 24 x 36

"Chinese Medical Herbs" poster: Laminated, 24" x 36" Flexible plastic lamination, Herbs are listed according to the pinyin system of Chinese romanization. Items not represented to scale. At a full 2 feet by 3 feet in size, and with almost 400 full-color pictures of Chinese Medical Herbs, the poster is a necessity for any student or practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The herbs are listed by their Pinyin names & also include their common English names.

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