CarGuys Super Cleaner - Effective All Purpose Cleaner - Best for Leather Vinyl Carpet Upholstery Plastic Rubber and Much More! - 18 oz Kit

CarGuys Super Cleaner - Effective All Purpose Cleaner

- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Car Guys Super Cleaner -QUESTION: Is this only for automobile cleaning?ANSWER: No! This is for cars, boats, and even your home! Clean furniture such as your sofa or carpet, outdoor accessories like a spa cover or sunbrella. Excellent boating cleaner for a vinyl seat or mildew! There are a variety of applications, the list would be too long!QUESTION: Does this require me to rinse away with water after?ANSWER: No! Typical all-purpose cleaners contain harsh chemical detergents that need to be rinsed off with water to prevent damage. CarGuys Super Cleaner is a newly formulated water-based polymer formula. It's safe, non toxic and does not need to be rinsed with water.QUESTION: Does this contain UV protectant shine?ANSWER: No, it's strictly a cleaner. No residue or gloss is left behind, just leaves a new and super clean finish. If you want, you can apply CarGuys UV Guard or Fabric Guard for the ultimate in UV protection.QUESTION: I'm still not sure, can this really replace all my cleaners?ANSWER: Yes! This will replace about 80% of your cleaning products if not more. Use to clean every type of surface EXCEPT for glass and delicate instrument panel screens like your cluster or navigation. Here's another list of some things you can clean:- Carpet, Uphols...

  • Brand: CarGuys
  • ASIN: B071XB18BF
  • UPC: 762952133600

Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner - Tough on Brake Dust, Gentle On Wheels - Changes Color As It Works (1 Gallon)

Adam's Deep Wheel Cleaner - Tough on Brake

Adam's NEW Wheel Cleaner is the ultimate way to remove stubborn brake dust and metallic contamination from your wheels, brakes, rims, etc. The new, thicker formula clings to wheel surfaces and allows the european derived formula to melt away the stubborn brake dust commonly left behind by many of today's high-performance braking systems. The color changing formula lets you know its working, turning to a deep purple as it activates and does the hard work for you. Best of all Adam's Wheel Cleaner is safe for most wheel finishes. So whether you have factory clear coated wheels, aluminum, alloy or paint this highly effective cleaning solution will remove the stubborn brake dust, but won't harm your wheels. Saturate the wheel with Adam's Wheel Cleaner and allow the color changing formula to activate. With active cleaning agents and advanced surfactants the formula is perfect for cleaning away the worst, most baked on brake dust commonly found in the barrel of your wheels. Simply spray on, allow the cleaner to activate, and then agitate using one of Adam's Turbo Sticks or Wheel Woolie Wheel Cleaning tools (sold separately). Pair this product with Adam's Tire Shine and Rubber & Tire Cleaner and you wheels will be show ready. NOTE: Adam's Wheel Cleaner, as with any wheel cleaner, should ...

  • Brand: Adam's Polishes
  • ASIN: B006MYCH1I

A Day in Carondolet

A Day in

  • ASIN: B07LF46L7T

TriNova Scratch Swirl Remover - Best Abrasive Compound car Paint Restoration. Kit Includes Buffer pad Removal Polish in a Complete System. Ultimate Solution Clear Coat Care. 12oz

TriNova Scratch Swirl Remover - Best Abrasive Compound

A premium scratch and swirl remover for restoring your paint's surface from light blemishes. Use with an orbital polisher or by hand with included foam pad.

  • Brand: TriNova
  • ASIN: B074G2MRLL
  • UPC: 073905333207

CarGuys Liquid Wax - The Ultimate Car Wax Shine with Polymer Paint Sealant Protection! - 8 oz Kit

CarGuys Liquid Wax - The Ultimate Car Wax

- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Car Guys Liquid Wax -QUESTION: Is this a Carnauba Car Wax, Polish, Compound or Sealant?ANSWER: This product is a full synthetic polymer sealant. It's developed to give the deep buttery and beautiful shine of a carnauba paste wax, but provides the durable and long lasting protection of a paint sealant. Replaces all of those products because this will be the only product you need to apply!QUESTION: Can I use this on my boat?ANSWER: Yes! Use on all types of vehicles including your motorcycle, RV, boat and even your airplane if you have one!QUESTION: Is this only for paint?ANSWER: No! This can be used to seal your paint, glass and rims! Safe on all types of clear-bra or decals and excellent product to replace your wheel wax! We even had a customer use it to finish his tool boxes, shower doors, stainless steel appliances, chrome sink fixtures and many other items! The only thing we recommend to avoid is plastic and rubber trim.QUESTION: Does this give UV protection?ANSWER: Yes! Provides long lasting and excellent UV protection to go along with its slick hydrophobic barrier.QUESTION: What color does this work best on?ANSWER: Stop falling for marketing B$! You don't need special supplies like a black wax or a special white wax for your vehicle! Cars and ...

  • Brand: CarGuys
  • ASIN: B01E4MC066
  • UPC: 762952133358

Adam's Interior Detailer 16oz - Clean and Dress Interior Surfaces in One Easy Step - Odor Neutralizers Kill Unwanted Odors - Anti-Static Formulation Adds UV Protection to Your Entire Interior

Adam's Interior Detailer 16oz - Clean and Dress

Detailing is more than just shiny paint and clean wheels. Obsessing over the perfectly cleaned interior is just as much a part of the process as any other aspect of taking pride in your ride. Adam's Interior Detailer is the interior quick detailer needed to keep your dash, door panels, leather seats, steering wheels, and every little area around them looking like new! Adam's Total Interior Detailer is your one step solution for a clean, dressed, and factory looking interior. With Special UV blocking agents, odor neutralizers, and anti-static additives this all-in-one interior car cleaner and dressing is the ultimate solution for moderate to light cleaning on all your interior surfaces including dash, door panels, car seats, leather, vinyl, plastic, and similar surfaces. Formulated with advanced polymers the finish left behind by Adam's Total Interior Detailer is perfectly matte, never greasy, glossy, or shiny. Simply spray the clean scented formula onto the panels to be treated, or to avoid overspray directly onto a high quality microfiber towel like the Adam's Edgeless Utility Towel, and wipe until the surface appears dry and even. It couldn't be easier to clean, protect, and maintain your interior! Do you hate when dust builds up on your dash and door panels quickly? So many in...

  • Brand: Adam's Polishes
  • ASIN: B006MYFB9S
  • UPC: 794504019506

Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Upgraded Kit (Essential Interior Kit)

Adam's Essentials Complete Car Detailing Upgraded Kit (Essential

The perfect kit to clean your carpet, leather or vinyl interior and follow up with our most effective interior detailer to protect your interior from sun and common wear.

  • Brand: Adam's Polishes

Adam's Iron Remover - Dissolves Iron Particles Embedded into Paint Surfaces - Changes Color to Purple as it Works (16 oz)

Adam's Iron Remover - Dissolves Iron Particles Embedded

Adam's Iron Remover is a deep-clean formula that specifically targets and safely removes iron and metallic particles on your vehicle's painted surfaces. Easily eliminate those annoying little orange brake dust dots that show up on silver, white, and other light-colored vehicles! Adam's Polishes Iron Remover introduces the similar iron-activated technology found in Adam's Wheel Cleaner, but it has been reformulated to get to work fast on your paint to remove bonded contaminants embedded into the paint. This formula is slightly thinner in consistency as well, allowing for a better misting pattern to cover large surface areas on paint. To start, give your vehicle a rinse before grabbing your 16oz bottle of Iron Remover - by doing this, you're ensuring that the chemical isn't wasting any time going after surface dirt or debris. The more consistent the coverage of the sprayers, the more effective the product will be, so to get the most out of the paint cleansing process, pour some Iron Remover into our pressurized IK Multi-Use Sprayer. After about 4-5 minutes, the paint will start to "bleed" purple - this is a good thing, showing that the chemical is hard at work removing any embedded contamination that may not be removed as easily with a clay bar or clay mitt. Thoroughly rinse all ch...

  • Brand: Adam's Polishes
  • ASIN: B07C39H9YX
  • UPC: 859403007228

One Breath: Freediving, Death, and the Quest to Shatter Human Limits

One Breath: Freediving, Death, and the Quest to

One Breath is a gripping and powerful exploration of the strange and fascinating sport of freediving, and of the tragic, untimely death of America’s greatest freediver Competitive freediving—a sport built on diving as deep as possible on a single breath—tests the limits of human ability in the most hostile environment on earth. The unique and eclectic breed of individuals who freedive at the highest level regularly dive hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface, reaching such depths that their organs compress, light disappears, and one mistake could kill them.Even among freedivers, few have ever gone as deep as Nicholas Mevoli. A handsome young American with an unmatched talent for the sport, Nick was among freediving’s brightest stars. He was also an extraordinary individual, one who rebelled against the vapid and commoditized society around him by relentlessly questing for something more meaningful and authentic, whatever the risks. So when Nick Mevoli arrived at Vertical Blue in 2013, the world’s premier freediving competition, he was widely expected to challenge records and continue his meteoric rise to stardom. Instead, before the end of that fateful competition Nick Mevoli had died, a victim of the sport that had made him a star, and the very future of free di...

  • ASIN: 0553447483

Nuvo Lighting 60/4906 Adams One Light Wall Lantern/Arm Down 100 Watt A19 Max. Frosted Glass Textured Black Outdoor Fixture

Nuvo Lighting 60/4906 Adams One Light Wall Lantern/Arm

Nuvo Lighting is uniquely, poised to become one of the industry’s leaders. With the sales and distribution resources of Satco products and the continued offering of finely conceived, well crafted products that deliver style, value and quality – Nuvo is a name that will become synonymous with lighting.

  • Color: Textured Black
  • Brand: Nuvo Lighting
  • ASIN: B008RAH8QO
  • UPC: 045923649066

Adam's Premium Clay Bar Mitt - Medium Grade Clay Material - Easy Car Detailing Clay Bar Alternative Quickly Removes Bonded Contamination to Your Paint, Glass, Wheels and More

Adam's Premium Clay Bar Mitt - Medium Grade

Adam's new Clay Mitt is a quick way to remove bonded contamination from your paint when you are planning to do a full detail afterward. This clay mitt is a medium grade clay material that is slightly more aggressive than our Visco Clay Bar. It will effectively remove contamination such as paint over spray, industrial fallout, rail dust, exhaust and catalytic converter particles, and so on; however it could potentially leave light micro-marring to the surface that would then be corrected when polishing the vehicle. Adam's Clay Mitt is ideal if you are planning on doing a full machine polish of the vehicle afterward. Using our Detail Spray as a lubricant for the clay is still the preferred method for contamination removal. Adam's Detail Spray provides a slick surface for the mitt to glide smooth with minimal damage or marring to the clear coat. This clay mitt can be used on paint, glass, wheels, and chrome. This clay technology can be cleaned with water and reused multiple times for multiple vehicles. The larger surface area of the mitt compared to our Visco Clay Bar allows for faster use, and the mitt design ensures that you will not accidentally drop the mitt onto the ground during use, which can occur with a clay bar. If you're doing frequent paint corrections on multiple vehicl...

  • Brand: Adam's Polishes
  • ASIN: B079Y8R62J
  • UPC: 859403007259

Adam (Seven Sons Book 1)

Adam (Seven Sons Book

Tiffani Simpson has a nice orderly life, and she loves it. She gives her all to her work every day. When she loses her job and accepts a position working for the McClain Boys’ Ranch, things change, but she can accept small changes. What she can’t accept is the most handsome man she’s ever met as her boss. She doesn’t believe in dating someone she works with, so it’s hard to know what to do about him.Adam McClain, following his father’s advice, hires Tiffani Simpson as the ranch’s new fundraising coordinator. As an empath, he has a difficult time being too close to people, but there’s something about Tiffani that draws him toward her. When he finds himself in a situation where he feels he has to choose between her and the work he’s always known he was born to do, he gets confused. Can he make it work to be with Tiffani and take care of his boys? Or will he choose to spend the rest of his life alone?

  • ASIN: B0773Z6S5T

Mechanic Creeper Car Shop Creepers - Garage Automotive Accessories Best for Auto Floor Low Profile 40" Crawler Roller Mechanics Tools & Equipment Foldable Scooter Board Flat Mat Stool Chair Seat Cart

Mechanic Creeper Car Shop Creepers - Garage Automotive

With the Mechanic Bed with Wheels Rolling Creeper from OxGord, performing auto repairs on your car, truck, van, and SUV has never been easier. This mechanic creeper features a durable metal frame with comfortable sponge padded and 6 rotating wheels. Traversing your work-space has never been easier, and the rolling mechanic board short height (4 inches) allows for easy access to the undercarriage of your vehicle. Once you've finished your repairs its super easy just folding up the mechanic creepers work cart for easy portable storage.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: OxGord
  • ASIN: B07FL26T52
  • UPC: 840345119193

From the Sky Maze of Anguish to the Swamp of Sorrow

From the Sky Maze of Anguish to the

  • ASIN: B07361ZV6C

STACY ADAMS Men's Dickinson Cap Toe Oxford, Cognac, 10.5 M US

STACY ADAMS Men's Dickinson Cap Toe Oxford, Cognac,

Cap toe oxford

  • Color: Cognac
  • Brand: STACY ADAMS
  • ASIN: B01BLC0AN2
  • UPC: 717501746558
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