Tool Aid 19000 Wire Stripper

Tool Aid 19000 Wire

This wire stripper automatically adjusts to wire size. It cuts and strips solid or stranded 12-22 gauge wire. Handles single or multiple conductor wire. Easy to use - yields clean, nick-free results every time. It is not designed to strip Teflon or similar insulations.

  • Brand: Tool Aid
  • ASIN: B0002STTS4
  • UPC: 638570190007

Weld-Aid - Lube-Matic® Liquid Wa Lube-Matic 5 Oz007040 - Sold as 1 Each

Weld-Aid - Lube-Matic® Liquid Wa Lube-Matic 5 Oz007040

Helps feed all mild steel, fabricated, and core wires. Cuts rust and reduces wire drag by 60%. Use to re-lube black pads. Great for longer distance feed (over 10′ / 3M). Available in 4 ounce container. Increases tip & liner life Removes Dirt Cuts Rust Decreases downtime due to jamming **Kleener pads sold separately.

  • Brand: Weld Aid
  • UPC: 712231769648

The Mermaids Singing

The Mermaids

  • ASIN: B003ZXP0FE

KitchenAid K45WW Wire Whip for Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

KitchenAid K45WW Wire Whip for Tilt-Head Stand

The 6-wire whip quickly incorporates air into ingredients for fluffy whipped cream, perfect boiled frostings and cakes with whipped egg whites. Fits models K45SS, KSM75, KSM95, KSM150PS, KSM152PS and KSM155GB.

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: KitchenAid
  • ASIN: B000SIA84W
  • UPC: 050946000640

Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper – Extended, Large Wooden Handle and Stainless Steel Bristles – No Scratch Cleaning for Any Grill: Char Broil & Ceramic – BBQ-Aid

Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper – Extended, Large

The BBQ-Aid grill brush combines the classic grill brush design and heavy duty materials. The stand out feature of our barbecue brush is the sturdy, light brown wooden handle, which looks awesome connecting to the stainless steel core and brush head... Don't settle for cheap grill brushes which take forever don't effectively clean your grill, while also looking cheap and dirty. The scraper easily removes hard to clean muck and the grill brush takes care of the rest. Multiple uses: Char broil grill brush Texas Grill Brush Porcelain Grill Brush Grill cleaning brush Grill scraping. Once you have added this premium quality barbecue tool to your collection you can be sure you won't need a replacement anytime soon. Click the Add to Cart button at the top to get your BBQ-Aid Grill Brush today!

  • Brand: BBQ-Aid
  • ASIN: B0144H18IC
  • UPC: 753807979597

Weld-Aid Lube-Matic Lube Pad, Black (Pack of 6)

Weld-Aid Lube-Matic Lube Pad, Black (Pack of

Black lube pads are pre-treated with Lube Matic liquid. Lubrication allows smooth feeding of wires with poor cast, helix, rust and long feed liners.

  • Brand: Weld Aid
  • ASIN: B008RA58UC
  • UPC: 731592706017

Emergency Survival Kit 24 in 1, Survival Gear Tool Kit SOS Survival Tool Emergency Blanket Tactical Pen Flashlight Pliers Wire Saw for Wilderness Camping Hiking First Aid Survival Kit for Earthquake

Emergency Survival Kit 24 in 1, Survival Gear

Unexpected emergency situations always come suddenly and sometimes mess things up. The CHAREADA Upgraded Emergency Survival Kit was fully organized with different kinds of survival tools and medical supplies. ➤ Multi-function Pliers The 10 in 1 stainless folding pliers fit for survival, unexpected accidents and outdoor repair ➤ Folding Knife The heavy duty knife was used for cutting foods or sharpen wood, etc ➤ Tactical Defense Pen The tungsten steel pen is for writing, self-defense or breaking window, etc ➤ Tactical Flashlight 3 modes flashlight (high / low / strobe) to bring brightness and send SOS signal ➤ Wire Saw 2pcs, the metal wire saw is for cutting wood, plastic, bone and soft metal, fit for camping ➤ Whistle The double tubes whistle provides up to 120 decibels, which is able to be heard at long distance ➤ Fire Starter To start fire for cooking or warm yourself, 5000-12000 times to flint fire ➤ Saber Card 11-in-1 survival tool works as Can Opener, Bottle Cap Opener, Screwdriver, Knife Edge, Saw Blade, Ruler, etc ➤ Compass For easy navigation & orienteering, which will help you find the way ➤ Thermal Blanket To retain body heat or work as extra layer while in cold weather, or you can pitch the tent in rainy day ➤ Carabiner Attach to the backpack, ha...

  • Brand: CHAREADA
  • UPC: 725732885656

Special Supplies Button Hook (Universal) Wire Loop Pull Through | Shirt, Dress, Collar | Non-Slip, Ribbed Grip for Seniors, Arthritis Sufferers | Wide Gripper, Puller Dressing Aid (Black)

Special Supplies Button Hook (Universal) Wire Loop Pull

Avoid struggling with small buttons on your shirt, dress, or clothing by pulling them through easily and smoothly with a Special Supplies Button Hook. If you struggle with buttoning your shirts, skirts, or clothing, especially if you're a senior with arthritis or low dexterity, it can be a big blow to your confidence. That's why we want to make it easier with a wide grip Special Supplies Button Hook that easily slides beneath small and large buttons to help pull them through clothing with minimal effort. Designed with a snag-free hook that easily slips over your buttons, the portable, compact shape lets you use it at home, in the bathroom, or even while traveling for business to save you time and effort. Great for people of all ages who may struggle with small buttons, get one today and make getting ready a whole lot easier. Product Details: Button Hook Snag-Free Wire Cushioned, Non-Slip Grip Supports Small, Medium, and Large Buttons Lightweight and Portable Satisfaction Guaranteed Make it easier to secure buttons on shirts, blouses, skirts, or dresses with an easy-pull button hook from Special Supplies by clicking 'Add to Cart' above now.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Special Supplies
  • UPC: 859756007036

Ram-Pro Helping Hand Magnifier Glass Stand with Flexible Neck LED Flashlight & Alligator Clips – 3x Magnifying Lens, Perfect for Soldering, Crafting & Inspecting Micro Objects (Batteries Included)

Ram-Pro Helping Hand Magnifier Glass Stand with Flexible

About the Ram-Pro Helping Hand Soldering Station with 3x Magnification Lens & Alligator Clips Ever needed a third/spare helping hand while soldering electrical wires & chips or when working/building miniatures and models, well here is our ultimate solution. Our Solution: The Ram-Pro 3x Illuminated Third Hand Helper Workstation on Stand with Adjustable Arm LED Light! Features: - Wide 3x Magnification Lens That Magnifies and enlarges the tiniest micro objects, Mounted on an adjustable Joint. (Magnifier greatly reduces the need for extra visual aid) - 1 Powerful White LED Bulb provides great Brightness and shines on your objects even in the darkest rooms. (3 Required AG13 Batteries for the flashlight is included). - 2 Super-Tough Alligator Clamps on both ends of the tool holds tightly and firmly anything you clip on. - Heavy duty cast iron base prevents the tool from tipping and shaking while working. Totally Flexible: Large Magnifying Lens, Flashlight, Alligator Clips, and Joints can all be Rotated 360° Degrees. Important Prior to Using the Flashlight: Remove the Non-Conductive Protective Cardboard Barrier found between the Battery and Battery Terminal. Tip: Shine the Flashlight through the Magnifying Glass onto the object and you'll get much more brightness. Perfect Solder Work H...

  • Brand: Ram-Pro
  • UPC: 815518024222

Wire in the Blood vol 2 Still She Cries

Wire in the Blood vol 2 Still She

  • ASIN: B000FOV56O

PetSafe Boundary Wire Spool, 150 Feet, RFA-394

PetSafe Boundary Wire Spool, 150 Feet,

PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier has a wire option to create a custom shaped barrier using up to 150 feet of wire (sold separately)

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: PetSafe
  • UPC: 729849120600

The Doctor's Brace Emergency Kit, First Aid Essentials for Braces

The Doctor's Brace Emergency Kit, First Aid Essentials

Brace Emergency Kit - First Aid Essentials For Patients With Braces - Provides instant pain relief - Safe and easy to use - includes complete instructions - Recommended by orthodontists - Includes dental mirror and all necessary tools Your child comes to you and says something broke and a wire is poking. It's after hours and you get a hold of your orthodontist over the phone. The orthodontist suggests that you clip the wire with small wire cutters nearest to the bracket that is secure. These kinds of orthodontic emergencies happen all the time. During the course of treatment with braces, there is a high chance that a bracket is going to break. When that happens, sometimes a wire starts to poke the cheeks or lips and is uncomfortable. The Braces Emergency Kit is ideal for situations like this. The kit comes complete with everything you need, including a brace wire cutter, orthodontic wax, wire locater, dental mouth mirror, a plastic wire pusher, and a complete set of detailed instructions on how to use the kit properly and safely. Once you clip the wire with the wire cutters in this kit, the patient is comfortable, and you can both relax and schedule an appointment later for professional repair.

  • Brand: The Doctor's
  • UPC: 638183662670

Tool Aid 19100 Wire Stripper for Recessed Areas

Tool Aid 19100 Wire Stripper for Recessed

The narrow profile can easily access limited and hard to reach areas. It features include: Built-in wire cutter, Adjustable strip length gage, it automatically adjusts to wire size and strips 22-12 AWG single or multiple stranded conductor wire. This wire stripper is lightweight and easy to use.

  • Brand: Tool Aid
  • ASIN: B003Y3UGKE
  • UPC: 638570191004

KitchenAid KN211WW 11-Wire Whip for 5 and 6 Quart Lift Stand Mixer

KitchenAid KN211WW 11-Wire Whip for 5 and 6

This stainless steel whip's 11-wire design ensures that you'll get maximum volume in less time, for lighter, fluffier whipped cream, egg whites and cake batters. It fits Professional 5 Plus Series models (starting with KV) and all 6-quart mixer models (starting with KP, KB, KD and KT)

  • Color: None
  • Brand: KitchenAid
  • ASIN: B000PJ6XGQ
  • UPC: 883049002224

Osti (Copper) OSTI-822-US Cheese slicer Handheld Double wire stainless steel cutter for thin and thick slices, suitable for semi-hard and semi-soft block cheese Danish design, one unit 23.25cm/9.3IN

Osti (Copper) OSTI-822-US Cheese slicer Handheld Double wire

In love with cheese? Add a Danish Classic to your kitchen and your cheese board: The Osti double-stringed cheese slicer was invented by Danish Osti in 1963. Coveted for its classic simplicity, the Osti cheese slicers have since become a household icon for cheese aficionados throughout the world. The all-stainless steel Osti 832 lets you cut both thick and thin slices (5/32"+5/64") in one. Made from sturdy stainless steel with an elegant, brushed handle in copper finish, the Osti 832 adds contemporary Danish design to your kitchen and your dining table. Handle a broad variety of semi-hard and semi-soft cheese with ease, including Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Provolone, Swiss Cheese, Gouda, Muenster and many more - and give that extra dash of Danish Design to your cheese board. The built-in cheese fork elegantly lets you lift and place the freshly cut cheese slices. The Osti 832 goes directly in the dishwasher, and is suitable for both kids and grown-ups, letting the whole family enjoy cheese the way it's meant to: At Osti we know that freshly sliced cheese just tastes better. Whether for cherishing your cheese board, prepping your picnic, going upscale on your get-together or simply enjoying cheese, you will not go wrong with the Osti 832.

  • Color: Copper
  • Brand: Osti
  • ASIN: B06XRXX4L7
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