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Town Ball: The Glory Days of Minnesota Amateur Baseball

Town Ball: The Glory Days of Minnesota Amateur

Fondly remembered and celebrated throughout Minnesota, old-fashioned town team baseball was the glue that held a community together and generated a great sense of pride and passion among its residents. A love of baseball—and, of course, the desire to whomp the neighboring town’s team—spurred on players and fans alike. The game was intense and personal, connecting people from all walks of life at every hard-fought game.Featuring individual stories of success and defeat, hundreds of photographs, and scores and statistics, Armand Peterson and Tom Tomashek chronicle the unfolding of a fascinating period of Minnesota baseball history—a span of sixteen years beginning in 1945 and the euphoric postwar days to 1960, the year before the Washington Senators became the Minnesota Twins. During this time Minnesota experienced a magical era of amateur ball, setting records in town participation and attendance that have not been matched since.Along with the anecdotes, Town Ball offers an in-depth study of the era and examines the social and economic factors that contributed to the postwar boom and subsequent decline. It tells the stories of some of the more successful teams, such as Albert Lea, with five consecutive Class AA championships, and Warroad, a team with ten consecutive appear...

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Death at the Ballpark: A Comprehensive Study of Game-Related Fatalities of Players, Other Personnel and Spectators in Amateur and Professional Baseball, 1862-2007

Death at the Ballpark: A Comprehensive Study of

Despite whizzing fastballs and screaming line drives, baseball today is not especially dangerous. But over the game's history, hundreds of players, coaches, and spectators have died at the ballpark. This ground-breaking study covers nearly 150 years of game-related fatalities. Providing the known details for each death, the authors also identify contributing factors and discuss changes to playing rules, protective equipment, crowd control, stadium structure, and the grounds themselves. Chapter topics include pitched- and batted-ball fatalities, weather and field condition accidents, structural failures, violence or risky behavior fatalities, and deaths from natural causes.

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The Coach's Secret: What every amateur baseball coach needs to know...that no one told you

The Coach's Secret: What every amateur baseball coach

This is not your typical coaching book. Without drills and practice plans, this book will expose and help you avoid many of the mistakes and bad habits that are common to amateur baseball coaches today. -Habits that destroy player passion, create a negative atmosphere, and stand in the way of success. Most coaching books show you how to teach the game and win the game from a team perspective. This book will show you how to teach, encourage, and motivate your players individually so that they not only learn to love the game and improve as players on the field, but also develop habits that will help them grow into better people off the field. Drawing from 20 years as a successful amateur baseball coach, author Daryl Mosley breaks down many of the common habits of today's coaches that actually prevent young players from reaching their potential. You will learn to rethink your priorities as a baseball coach, how to inspire and see improvement from even your least skilled players, and why NOT focusing on winning actually helps you win more often. Regardless if you're a Little League, junior high or high school coach or parent, "The Coach's Secret" can reshape your entire approach to coaching baseball, build a team chemistry unlike anything you've ever experienced, and make winners out...

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Rip-It Vision Pro Away Softball Batting Helmet (Away Black, Extra Large)

Rip-It Vision Pro Away Softball Batting Helmet (Away

The first helmet designed exclusively for softball, the Vision Pro meets the needs of all softball players. With our revolutionary dual-density foam, this helmet boasts superior protection and comfort in an ultra-lightweight package. As its name implies, the Vision Pro provides you with an uninhibited field of vision. And with its Peace of Mind Policy, it truly is the best softball helmet on the market. The RIP-IT Vision Pro features Blackout Technology, which is like eye-black for your equipment, only better. This helps eliminate glare from the sun and will help you see the ball like never before. Additionally, the batter’s guard offers unobstructed peripheral vision. Together, the Vision Pro offers better visibility than any other fastpitch helmet. Engineered with dual density foam, this helmet exceeds NOSCAE Standards while offering a comfortable, secure fit even while running. The Vision Pro also comes with moisture-management wrapped pads, which wick away sweat, as well as 21 strategically placed air vents. The result? A helmet that you won’t even realize you’re wearing. At RIP-IT, we understand that team sports are an integral part of confidence building and help provide girls with the skills they need to be successful. We make quality products that honor this commitm...

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Lots More Fun That Way: Amateur Baseball in North Dakota

Lots More Fun That Way: Amateur Baseball in

Despite being mostly rural and having a small population, at one time nearly every small town in North Dakota fielded an amateur baseball team. The annual state tournament, held every August in Jamestown, was one of the largest of its kind anywhere in the country. Lots More Fun That Way: The First Thirty Years of Amateur Baseball in North Dakota, is the story of the story of the growth of the state's amateur baseball organization after its formation after World War II up until the 1960s when the availability of other recreational opportunities resulted in a decline in participation. It is also the story of the men who played, many of whom are still living, and their memories of this period in North Dakota history.

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Beckett Baseball Card Price Guide 2018

Beckett Baseball Card Price Guide

The latest edition of the world's most trusted baseball card price guide. For over three decades, Beckett has provided this comprehensive source for checklists and prices of virtually all major manufacturer baseball card sets. Thousands of new items are included in this new edition, which covers cards produced from 1887 to the present!

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Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame Awards Banquet Program St Louis 1987

Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame Awards Banquet Program

5 1/2 x 8 3/8", 16-page program. Dimensions given, if any, are approximate. Condition as shown. Defects not visible in scan[s] are described. Item is complete as issued unless otherwise stated. NO facsimiles, copies, reprints or reproductions unless specifically stated in description above. Pictures show actual item, never a stock image.

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RIP-IT Defense Ponytail Strap, Pink

RIP-IT Defense Ponytail Strap,

The RIP-IT Defense Ponytail Strap is both ultra-flexible and adjustable. The universal size is made to fit almost any head in the Rip It Defenders Face Guard. You can rely on the ponytail strap for optimum comfort even if you change masks or hair styles. When you’re on the field and killing the game, you don’t have time to worry about your hair. This strap is designed specifically so you can loop your ponytail through the back. This keeps your hair out of your face and off your mind. This ponytail strap is specifically designed as a replacement for the Rip It Defenders Face Guard. It fits any size of the Rip It face guard and provide a like-new fit that is secure and comfortable for playing. At RIP-IT, we understand that team sports are an integral part of confidence building and help provide girls with the skills they need to be successful. We make quality products that honor this commitment. That’s why each Defense Pro is backed with a $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy, which will help cover your medical costs in the (seriously unlikely) event of a dental or nose injury from a softball striking the fielder’s mask. Package includes (1) RIP-IT Defense Ponytail Strap Replacement. To register for the Defense Pro $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy, see RIP-IT’s website within 30 days o...

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The Rules Abide: The Thinking Fan's Guide to Baseball Rules (With History, Humor and a Few Big Words)

The Rules Abide: The Thinking Fan's Guide to

Every baseball player, coach and fan should know the rules of their beloved game, but there’s just one problem, the rule book is an intolerable read that often raises as many questions as it answers. As a student of the game, and more recently an official, Jim set out to reconstruct the rules of baseball and explain the theory behind them in a logical and fun way, as the game unfolds around the diamond; illustrated with history, game situations and personal observations. If that makes you think “I get it, baseball for dum-dums”, you couldn’t be more wrong. An ode to the national pastime, that armchair enthusiasts will enjoy, it will also educate and entertain the many players, coaches, parents and officials involved in the serious, and sometimes not-so-serious, business of baseball in America. From little league to the pros, the game remains the same. Baseball endures, and the rules abide!

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