MindWare - Animal Trivia Challenge Game

MindWare - Animal Trivia Challenge

Players build their animal knowledge through three types of stimulating challenge cards. Each card represents a different color and corresponds to the spaces on the board. Know It cards have multiple choice and true or false questions, Name It cards require players to identify the animal in the picture shown, and Rank It cards challenge players to put a list of animals in order based on criteria like size, speed and strength. Each correct answer earns a survival token, which are worth various point values. Players keep in secret how many points they have accumulated until the end of the game! Like all MindWare products, this game teaches a multitude of beneficial skills. Our Animal Trivia Challenge Game strengthens social interaction, logic, zoology, math, deductive reasoning, critical reasoning, problem solving, and more. Our Animal Trivia Challenge Game is fantastic for individuals and groups alike. Either play by yourself and expand your knowledge or compete with friends and family!

  • Brand: MindWare
  • UPC: 793631125401

Facts for Kids: 1,000 Amazing, Strange, and Funny Facts and Trivia about Animals, Nature, Space, Science, Insects, Dinosaurs, and more!

Facts for Kids: 1,000 Amazing, Strange, and Funny

Exciting and information-packed, Facts for Kids explodes with 1,000 interesting and funny facts on entertaining topics that kids love. Loaded with fun and knowledge this book is the perfect gift for any young adventure seeker. Studies show kids who read more books do better in school. Get them interested in science, nature, math, engineering, space, dinosaurs, technology, and more! Order now.

  • ASIN: 1980380872

MasterPieces Animal Planet Explorer Opoly Jr. Board Game

MasterPieces Animal Planet Explorer Opoly Jr. Board

Style:Animal Planet Explorer Get ready for a wild animal adventure! travel all over the world discovering friendly dolphins, fierce tigers, curious foxes, and more... all in their native habitats. As you collect animals, learn amazing facts about each one on the back of the card. Just make sure you don’t miss the bus or get lost along the way. Explore the wonderful world of animals with animal Planet Explorer opoly Junior!

  • Brand: MasterPieces
  • UPC: 705988416514

BrainBox for Kids - Nature Card Game

BrainBox for Kids - Nature Card

BrainBox for Kids is a fast and fun memory game that does not require any pens, pencils, paper, playing board or even a table! BrainBox Nature features fascinating facts about the natural world and the creatures who inhabit it. The Brain Box Game is beautifully-illustrated, well researched and pure fun. Players will have 10 seconds to study a card before being asked a question from the back, chosen by the roll of the die. If the question is answered correctly the player keeps the card, if not, the card must be returned to the box. The player with the most cards after 10 minutes wins the game. This fabulous game is about observation and memory, not learned facts, so you never know who's going to win. About 10 minutes of game play is the norm, but playing for 5 minutes is great fun also. BrainBox is educational and is perfect for families and groups of friends to play, wherever they are. The game comes in a sturdy cool magnetic cube box, and it's ready to play without any set-up time needed. For 1 or more players ages 8+.

  • Brand: Brain Box
  • ASIN: B00CG40ZCQ
  • UPC: 794764017878

Animal Trivia


  • Brand: Wes Corp & Associates

Late for the Sky Wild Animalopoly

Late for the Sky Wild

  • Brand: Late for the Sky
  • ASIN: B00004TXM4
  • UPC: 086669700000

iplay Amazing Animal Trivia Game

iplay Amazing Animal Trivia

Trivia takes on a wild new twist.

  • Brand: i play.
  • UPC: 033170532323

National Geographic Kids Animal Records: The Biggest, Fastest, Weirdest, Tiniest, Slowest, and Deadliest Creatures on the Planet

National Geographic Kids Animal Records: The Biggest, Fastest,

Lively and information-packed, this book is bursting with mind-blowing animal records. The fastest, the biggest, the most poisonous--it's all here for kids to discover. It's a visual feast of colorful photographs surrounded by swirling, expanding, and climbing bits of information in a high-energy design -- as dynamic as the animal world it celebrates.

  • Brand: National Geographic Books
  • ASIN: 1426318731

Amazing Animal Trivia

Amazing Animal

If you know why pigs like wallowing in mud or how far a kangaroo can hop, you'll love the Amazing Animal Trivia Game. Weird and fascinating animal facts fuel the fun in this quiz game that teaches kids while they play. Answer correctly and earn the chance to locate animals hiding on the game board. Developed by the Wildlife Conservation Society, game includes 10 purple animal cards, 10 green animal cards, 10 orange animal cards, 6 playing figures, 200 animal question cards, 1 die and game board. For 2 to 6 players. Ages 6 years and up. Imported.

  • ASIN: B00005BHUQ
  • UPC: 020373200296

Jack Hanna's Wild But True: Amazing Animal Facts You Won't Believe!

Jack Hanna's Wild But True: Amazing Animal Facts

In Jack Hanna's Wild But True, young readers will find more than 500 amazing animal facts and anecdotes plus hundreds of eye-popping full color photos. They'll learn about animal friends, endangered species, surprising animal traits, and the unbelievable creatures that populate our world. For example, did you know that:- Snails have four noses?- Frogs push food down their throats with their eyes?- Flamingos are born grey, but their diet turns them pink?- The scientific name for a gorilla is Gorilla gorilla?- A group of ferrets is called a "business?"- Octopuses have eight tentacles, nine brains and three hearts?!?!You'll learn these facts and hundreds more in Jack Hanna's Wild But True!

  • ASIN: 1942556241
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