Halo: The Complete Video Collection

Halo: The Complete Video

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The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys

The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred

Psychedelics for spiritual, therapeutic, and problem-solving use • Presents practices for safe and successful psychedelic voyages, including the benefits of having a guide and how to be a guide • Reviews the value of psychedelics for healing and self-discovery as well as how LSD has facilitated scientific and technical problem-solving • Reveals how microdosing (ultra-low doses) improve cognitive functioning, emotional balance, and physical stamina • This year 600,000 people in the U.S. alone will try LSD for the the first time, joining the 23 million who have already experimented with this substance Called “America’s wisest and most respected authority on psychedelics and their use,” James Fadiman has been involved with psychedelic research since the 1960s. In this guide to the immediate and long-term effects of psychedelic use for spiritual (high dose), therapeutic (moderate dose), and problem-solving (low dose and microdose) purposes, Fadiman outlines best practices for safe, sacred entheogenic voyages learned through his more than 40 years of experience--from the benefits of having a sensitive guide during a session (and how to be one) to the importance of the setting and pre-session intention. Fadiman reviews the newest as well as the neglected research in...

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The Liar


Frustrated, lonely 17-year-old Nofar has spent an uneventful summer serving ice-cream to indifferent customers. She extends her break moping about her drab life, unwittingly irritating the bitter ex-reality TV star Avishai Milner, who is waiting to be served. When Nofar corrects his language after he complains about his wait, he insults and humiliates her. Deeply offended, Nofar rushes out to the backyard, and Avishai - who is still waiting for his change - chases after her. "Leave me alone!" she cries with all of her accumulated rage and hurt. Her screams quickly draw a crowd to the scene, and to her surprise everyone is convinced that Avishai trued to sexually assault her.Now, for the first time in her life, Nofar finds herself the centre of attention. She is lavished with support from the community and the media, who rally round her as the victim of a scandalous attempted assault. Nofar, giddy with newfound power and acceptance, finds that lies slip easily from her tongue, trapping her in a moral dilemma with devastating consequences.

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The Art of Leaving: A Memoir

The Art of Leaving: A

An intimate memoir in essays by an award-winning Israeli writer who travels the world, from New York to India, searching for love, belonging, and an escape from grief following the death of her father when she was a young girl This searching collection opens with the death of Ayelet Tsabari’s father when she was just nine years old. His passing left her feeling rootless, devastated, and driven to question her complex identity as an Israeli of Yemeni descent in a country that suppressed and devalued her ancestors’ traditions. In The Art of Leaving, Tsabari tells her story, from her early love of writing and words, to her rebellion during her mandatory service in the Israeli army. She travels from Israel to New York, Canada, Thailand, and India, falling in and out of love with countries, men and women, drugs and alcohol, running away from responsibilities and refusing to settle in one place. She recounts her first marriage, her struggle to define herself as a writer in a new language, her decision to become a mother, and finally her rediscovery and embrace of her family history—a history marked by generations of headstrong women who struggled to choose between their hearts and their homes. Eventually, she realizes that she must reconcile the memories of her father and the sad...

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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

Halo 4: Forward Unto

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The Last Knights [DVD + Digital]

The Last Knights [DVD +

Academy Award(R) Nominee Clive Owen delivers an electrifying performance as a fallen warrior who rises against a corrupt and sadistic ruler to avenge his dishonored master (Academy Award(R) winner Morgan Freeman) in this epic, sword-clashing adventure of loyalty, honor, and vengeance.

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Gatton Premium New Flip Flop Comforter Queen Size | Style Collection Comforter-311012482

Gatton Premium New Flip Flop Comforter Queen Size

Gatton Premium New Gatton Premium New Flip Flop Comforter Queen Size | Style Collection Comforter-311012482

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DAREDEVIL Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock Animated New Season 11 x 17 Poster Lithograph

DAREDEVIL Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock Animated New

This 11 x 17 poster is brand new, never used, never displayed and in mint condition. It has no holes, tears, rips, bends or any other defect! In stock and ready to ship! Professionally printed and ready for any private collection or perhaps, a signing? Perfect for framing!

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Understanding Your Baby: A Week-By-Week Development & Activity Guide For Playing With Your Baby From Birth to 12 Months

Understanding Your Baby: A Week-By-Week Development & Activity

If you've ever wished for a step-by-step guide to supporting your baby's development... Distilled, research-based developmental information paired with simple activities to play with your baby on a week-by-week basis, guiding you and your baby through the first year of life. There's no such thing as a "how-to-parent" guide - but this book comes close... a rare gem that helps parents feel informed. Learn how to "think outside the box" when it comes to play - without any of the "mommy judgment" or guilt that often comes along with books (or discussions) on parenting infants. Whether you work full-time or whether home is your work, the information and activities in "Understanding Your Baby" break down developmental concepts and offer simple, quick play activities to help parents and caregivers feel that they're "winning" at parenthood! "Put yourself in Marinovich's hands and you can relax, knowing that you are building a natural, meaningful way of being with your baby." --Tracy Cutchlow, author of Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science In this age of parenting, we feel enormous pressure (both societal and self-imposed) to “get it right” when it comes to raising young children, and each of us has felt, at one point or another, that we’re “doing it wrong....

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The Best Place on Earth: Stories

The Best Place on Earth:

Reminiscent of the early work of Jhumpa Lahiri, Ayelet Tsabari’s award-winning debut collection of stories is global in scope yet intimate in feel, beautifully written, and emotionally powerful. From Israel to India to Canada, Tsabari’s indelible characters grapple with love, violence, faith, the slipperiness of identity, and the challenges of balancing old traditions with modern times. These eleven spellbinding stories often focus on Israel’s Mizrahi Jews, featuring mothers and children, soldiers and bohemians, lovers and best friends, all searching for their place in the world. In “Tikkun,” a man crosses paths with his free-spirited ex-girlfriend—now a married Orthodox Jew—and minutes later barely escapes tragedy. In “Brit Milah,” a mother travels from Israel to visit her daughter in Canada and is stunned by her grandson’s upbringing. A young medic in the Israeli army bends the rules to potentially dangerous consequence in “Casualties.” After her mom passes away, a teenage girl comes to live with her aunt outside Tel Aviv and has her first experience with unrequited love in “Say It Again, Say Something Else.” And in the moving title story, two estranged sisters—one whose marriage is ending, the other whose relationship is just beginning—try to r...

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