Bach: Die Kunst Der Fuge (The Art of the Fugue)

Bach: Die Kunst Der Fuge (The Art of

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Bach: The Art of Fugue / Die Kunst Der Fuge

Bach: The Art of Fugue / Die Kunst

Everything about The Art of Fugue is controversial. Did Bach finish it or not? If not, should a completion be attempted, or should the finale fugue be left in its unfinished state? What order should the various pieces be played in? Where they intended to be listened to at all? And if "yes," what instrument would Bach have preferred? The answers to all of these questions are: "We don't know, and it really doesn't matter." Supremely practical musician that he was, Bach never wrote a note that he didn't intend to be heard, and if he didn't specify an instrument, that's because the music works just like the fugues themselves--backwards, forwards, upside-down and sideways. Marie-Claire Alain is one of the great Bach players of her age, and this performance is in every way worthy of her. --David Hurwitz

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Bach: Die Kunst Der Fuge (The Art of the Fugue)

Bach: Die Kunst Der Fuge (The Art of

1949 recording.

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Bach: Die Kunst der Fuge

Bach: Die Kunst der

Bach's last - and unfinished - great work takes us into a world of unsurpassed beauty and refinement. Although no specific instrumentation is indicated in the manuscript, The Art of Fugue was probably meant for the harpsichord, as is convincingly demonstrated by this splendid interpretation by Davitt Moroney. Originally release in 1992, Moroney plays a harpsichord by John Phillips modeled after after Ruckers, Blanchet and Taskin.

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J.S. Bach: Die Kunst Der Fuge

J.S. Bach: Die Kunst Der

Japanese SHM-CD pressing. Universal. 2018.

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Bach: Die Kunst der Fuge (2CD)

Bach: Die Kunst der Fuge

Marie-Claire Alain organ on the Great Organ by Alfred Kern (1975) of the Église Saint-Martin, Masevaux (Haut-Rhin) STEREO · RECORDED IN 1992 Bach’s fascination with the possibilities of counterpoint is the very essence of Die Kunst der Fuge, which the great French organist Marie-Claire Alain (1926-2013) performed at Alsace’s Masevaux Organ Festival in 1992. Famously and enigmatically, Bach never completed the work, and Alain respects this by breaking off the final fugue. ”Let us not forget that Bach was human too,” she wrote. “The brilliant architect and accomplished philosopher speaks and acts as a man both vulnerable and humble in the face of destiny that pursues its inexorable course.”

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Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier (Das Wohltemperierte Clavier) / The Art of the Fugue (Die Kunst der Fuge) / Musical Offering (Musikalisches Opfer)

Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier (Das Wohltemperierte Clavier) / The

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Bach: Die Kunst der Fuge

Bach: Die Kunst der

Hans-Eberhard Dentler, a graduate medical physician but also an outstanding cellist and pupil of the renowned Pierre Fournier and founder of a Bach Society in Italy, has occupied himself with this opus over the course of many years. Because he finally wanted to realize Bach's score in a manner true to its spirit and sound, he found a concept for his ensemble ''L'Arte della Fuga'' that unifies its more profound scholarly background with practical musical and artistic aspects. The puzzle of this work can only be solved when one grasps its rootedness in the sphere of Pythagorean musical thinking. Dentler's edition, scored for violin, viola, violoncello, double bass and bassoon in an utterly well thought-out arrangement of movements will soon be published by Schott Verlag in Mainz.

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Kunst Der Fuge

Kunst Der

2008 studio release from the legendary Slovenian industrial band. Kunst Der Fuge is the Laibachian interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach's work the Art of Fugue (Die Kunst der Fuge). The majority of the material was created in 2006 and premiered the same year live at Bach fest in Leipzig. This groundbreaking album sounds unlike anything in today's Electro-Industrial world. As Bach did not specify instruments for the composition, Laibach used solely computers and sequencers to achieve the end result. Dallas Records.

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Bach: Art of Fugue

Bach: Art of

Pierre-Laurent Aimard's debut on Deutsche Grammophon is the first recording of the mystical The Art of Fugue by a world-renowned pianist in 25 years. As a pre-eminent performer of modern music, Aimard brings a unique and exciting approach to his first ever Bach recording also serving as his first recording of Baroque repertoire. Given his links to many of the great contemporary composers, the high-profile Aimard is certain to generate much interest in the musical press with his first Bach recording. Aimard will perform The Art of Fugue in many musical venues around the world, in cities including New York, Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Tokyo.

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