Auto Magic Banana Magic Cream Wax 73 - Automotive Polish and Sealant - 1 gal

Auto Magic Banana Magic Cream Wax 73 -

Banana Magic Polish is a final step cream wax designed to add a high gloss and rich luster to new or used vehicles.

  • Brand: Auto Magic
  • ASIN: B00NX1VF4S
  • UPC: 031802150730

Auto Auto Magic Banana Magic Cream Wax - Automotive Polish and Sealant 16oz

Auto Auto Magic Banana Magic Cream Wax -

  • Brand: Auto Magic
  • UPC: 031802130732

Best Supreme 1 Gallon Banana Wax

Best Supreme 1 Gallon Banana

Is fast and easy one-step cream wax cleans, polishes and protects in one operation. Gently removes fine scratches, buffer marks and light oxidation. Natural oils restore gloss and enhance depth. Imported waxes and copolymers offer long term, high gloss protection. Safe for all paint finishes with a pleasant banana scent. Professional use only. Never wax directly under sunlight. Shake product well. Apply by hand with an applicator. Allow to haze and dry. Wipe with soft and clean cloth or buff to shine with equipment.

  • Brand: Best Supreme

Lib Tech Banana Magic FP Snowboard Mens Sz 154cm

Lib Tech Banana Magic FP Snowboard Mens Sz

Mike Olson's daily driver. Art by Quiver Quigg. A special light and lively FP construction combined with Mike's secret formula of "enhanced" Banana Tech and a deep carving side cut make this one an absolutely magical ride. Incredible edge grip and carving on ice and hardpack, dreamy float in powder, effortless jibbing, amazing fast flat base glide and smooth stability at speed... Fantasy realized! FP - Firepower ConstructionLighter - Environmentally Nicer - SmoothestCore: 50% Aspen, 40% Paulownia, 10% BasaltGlass: Tri-Ax with (+/-) 45 deg. Basalt Web/BasaltTop: Eco Sublimated Bio Beans TopBase: Eco Sublimated TNT (Fast&Low Maintenance)Tip/Tail: Lightweight Spin SlimBirch Internal SidewallsUHMW Sintered SidewallsUHMW Tip/Tail Impact DeflectionC2 - Perfect All Terrain ContourPerfection - Control/Precision/FloatCamber/Rocker/CamberEffortless Edge Hold - Magne-TractionSerrated Steak Knife TechnologyHandcrafted Near Canada in the USAMervin Made USA - Zerp Hazardous WasteArt by Quincy QuiggFlex: Medium/Firm

  • Color: no color
  • Brand: Lib Tech
  • ASIN: B07DQ6W11K
  • UPC: 841049044941

Tri-Flow TF0021060 Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle- 6 oz

Tri-Flow TF0021060 Superior Lubricant Drip Bottle- 6

Light viscosity lube that allows for deep penetration into hard to reach moving parts.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Tri- Flow
  • ASIN: B003L9K9HQ
  • UPC: 652710557628

Adam's Tire Shine 16oz - Achieve A Premium, Lustrous, Dark, Long Lasting Shine - Apply with A Spray to Our Pro Tire Hex Applicator for A Non-Greasy, No Sling Formulation Dressing

Adam's Tire Shine 16oz - Achieve A Premium,

Adam's Tire Shine is intended to offer a lustrous deep shine on tires. This product was designed specifically for our customers that prefer a deep, rich shine or a wet tire look. We have tested for months to produce a product that will outlast our VRT and provide more shine. Adam's non-sling Tire Shine formula is not greasy and will not run when properly applied on tires. Our new Tire Shine works great on tires with large tread blocks because it is sprayed onto the surface during application. What Will It Look Like? You can achieve two finishes with our tire shine: Apply our Tire Shine to a clean, dry tire and dress with an applicator for a deep, dark finish. Or, spray the tire liberally and let the product fully dry without using an applicator to achieve the ultra high gloss look. Note: you may want to go over the tire once with an applicator to catch any of the product that may be pooling in the tread blocks or grooves after the majority of it has dried. How Does It Work? First, make sure the tire is cleaned with our Tire & Rubber Cleaner. Then simply spray the outer tread blocks with a light mist of our new Tire Shine on a dry tire. Follow this step by grabbing a VRT Block or Pro Tire Hex Grip Applicator and spraying directly into the applicator. Use the applicator to apply ...

  • Brand: Adam's Polishes
  • ASIN: B0099SU928

Griot's Garage 10956 Interior Cleaner 22oz

Griot's Garage 10956 Interior Cleaner

Interior cleaner has no dyes or other chemicals that could alter the color of the surface you are cleaning. Will not remove dyes, fade or spot. Oil, dirt and countless other products lift right up with minimum fuss. This interior cleaner works at removing stains from your carpets, floor mats, seats, fabrics, headliner, door panels, dash and leather. It won't alter factory-dyed leather but may alter after-market-dyed leather and so test a small area first. Just spray it on and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Perfect around the house. Cleans floors, walls, cloth and just about every surface.

  • Color: clear
  • Brand: Griot's Garage
  • ASIN: B00F4PB8IY
  • UPC: 874596006315

Chemical Guys WAC_101_16 InstaWax + Liquid Carnauba Shine and Protection Spray (16 oz)

Chemical Guys WAC_101_16 InstaWax + Liquid Carnauba Shine

InstaWax+ Liquid Carnauba Shine and Protection Spray is the perfect solution to keeping your car, truck, or motorcycle looking amazing while providing outstanding protection against the elements. InstaWax+ advanced spray wax formula will change the way you wax your car forever. Traditional waxes usually require a time consuming application that is often very tedious and messy. InstaWax+ makes detailing your vehicle faster and easier than ever. The 100 percent carnauba-based spray wax applies in minutes to any color vehicle protecting the surface from harmful airborne pollution, contamination and water spots. InstaWax+ has advanced UV protection engineered into the wax to protect your vehicle's finish from the harmful effects of the sun. The superb performing InstaWax+ applies to the surface with zero dust to bring a deep, rich luster to any color paint.

  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • ASIN: B008025186
  • UPC: 816276012247

All American Car Care Products Cherry Wet Wax - Premium Soft Paste Polymer Sealant & Carnauba Wax (1 Gallon)

All American Car Care Products Cherry Wet Wax

CHERRY WET WAX Is a Thick Liquid Creme Wax Containing a unique Blend of waxes & Silicones that Delivers Long lasting protection and a Brilliant Wet Shine Coating. Easy on & off Application. Will Leave no residue and is Detergent Resistant. Leaves Surface Smooth, has a Fresh Cherry Scent. HAND APPLICATION: Apply Small amount to surface in one area. Using firm pressure spread evently in a circular motion and let dry to haze.Wipe of residue with a clean polishing cloth Turning cloth Frequently. MACHINE APPLICATION" Apply small amount to surface or buffing pad. Machine buff to desired finish. Wipe off residue with a clean polishing cloth turning cloth frequently.

  • Brand: All American
  • ASIN: B00IK4B8UO
  • UPC: 634041382599

All American Car Care Products Banana Wax - Premium Synthetic Long Lasting Automotive Wax (1 Gallon)

All American Car Care Products Banana Wax -

We at All American Car Care Products - take pride in Manufacturing products that are safer for You and our environment and still keeping the high quality that you all have come accustomed to. We are committed to producing Eco-friendly products by using safer practices and ingredients. at the same time we have maximized the efficiency and minimized the hazard of our product line What does it mean to be "Green" Green Chemistry: also known a sustainable chemistry, is a chemical philosophy encouraging the design of products and processes that reduces and/or eliminates the use of hazardous substances. We have put together the following to give you the consumer what "GREEN" is in our line of business: The Principles cover such concept as -The design of processes to maximize the amount of raw material that ends up in the product: -The use of safe, environment-benign substances, including solvents, whenever possible; -The design of energy efficient processes; -The best from of waste disposal; not to create it in the first place.

  • Brand: All American
  • ASIN: B00IK4A3BO
  • UPC: 634041382582
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