2 Gauge 2 AWG 10 Feet Red + 10 Feet Black Welding Battery Pure Copper Flexible Cable + 10pcs of 3/8" Tinned Copper Cable Lug Terminal Connectors + 3 Feet Black Heat Shrink Tubing

2 Gauge 2 AWG 10 Feet Red +

SEE PHOTO GALLERY FOR TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. WindyNation's Power Flex Welding and Battery Cable is a highly flexible pure copper electrical cable that is ideal for welding applications, car audio and battery installations, RV battery and inverter wiring, golf cart battery wiring, solar and inverter wiring, battery bank wiring, and other applications that require a heavy duty, highly flexible electrical cable. This product listing also includes 10pcs of appropriately sized tinned copper cable lugs with a 3/8" stud and 3 feet of appropriately sized black heat shrink tubing (Example: If you purchase 1/0 cable then you will receive cable lugs and heat shrink tubing that will fit the 1/0 cable). This product listing is ideal for customers that are using the cable on installations that require cable lugs and heat shrink tubing. The three items are bundled together in one product listing at a tremendous discount!

  • Color: 10 ft black +10 ft red
  • Brand: WindyNation
  • ASIN: B01M35SPAU

Energizer 1-Gauge 800A Permanent Installation kit Jumper Battery Cables with Quick Connect Plug 30 Ft Booster Jump Start ENB-130-30' Allows You to Boost a Battery from Behind a Vehicle!

Energizer 1-Gauge 800A Permanent Installation kit Jumper Battery

Energizer professional series heavy duty for all vehicle types plus full size trucks, vans and SUVs. Red/black PVC-coated insulated clamps for easy identification. Tangle-free cables remains flexible even at -40°C. Heavy duty copper clad aluminum 1 Gauge, 30 Ft, 800 AMP with Quick Connect. All weather use.

  • Brand: Energizer
  • ASIN: B01GU4O3GG
  • UPC: 841915002525

Battery Relocation Kit, 2 AWG Cable, Top Post 20 FT RED/ 5 FT BLACK

Battery Relocation Kit, 2 AWG Cable, Top Post


  • Brand: Paka Tools
  • UPC: 691037325688

InstallGear 1/0 Gauge 25ft Black and 25ft Red Power/Ground Wire True Spec and Soft Touch Cable

InstallGear 1/0 Gauge 25ft Black and 25ft Red

From design, engineering and construction, InstallGear power/ground wire is built not only to look good but to maximize the performance of any audio system. Easily connect your battery to your system's amplifier with this high quality CCA wire. Product Features: • 25ft of red 1/0-gauge cable • 25ft of black 1/0-gauge cable • Soft jacket for maximum flexibility • True gauge spec • Stranded bundles • High quality stranded CCA wire (Copper Coated Aluminum)

  • Color: Red + Black
  • Brand: InstallGear
  • UPC: 753968370820

Painless 40100 Battery Cable Kit

Painless 40100 Battery Cable

If you're looking for superior quality, engineering and craftsmanship, Painless is your only sensible choice. Painless has remained the leader in automotive wiring and electrical products for 28 years through engineering and innovation, not corner cutting and imitation. At Painless, all of the harnesses are designed by real engineers using the latest in diagnostic equipment and AutoCAD to ensure consistency in manufacturing and an accurate and easy installation.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Painless
  • UPC: 749823401006

WindyNation 1/0 Gauge AWG (10 Feet Black + 10 Feet Red) Power Inverter Battery Cable Wire Kit for DC to AC Inverters RV, Car, Solar, Marine, Off-Grid

WindyNation 1/0 Gauge AWG (10 Feet Black +

WindyNation's inverter cable kit comes with all the cable you need to connect your inverter to the battery bank. The battery cables are manufactured using WindyNation's Power-Flex Welding cable, which is a highly flexible industrial grade pure copper cable. A total of 8 cable lugs (4pcs 5/16" and 4pcs 3/8") are included so that you can attach the correct cable lug mounting stud size that matches your inverter and battery terminals. Also included is a 8 foot piece of 10 AWG grounding cable with ring terminal connectors. This can be used to ground the inverter, if necessary for your application.

  • Color: 10 ft Black +10 ft Red
  • Brand: WindyNation
  • ASIN: B01MR2RSL9

Spartan Power 2 Foot 1/0 AWG 0 Gauge Battery Cable Set - Made in America, Many Wire Lengths to Choose from (2 Foot 3/8" Ring Terminals)

Spartan Power 2 Foot 1/0 AWG 0 Gauge

Use the battery cables that people RELY on every day! Spartan Power 1/0 2 Foot Battery Cable Sets come professionally pre-assembled with 5/16" or 3/8" ring terminals and are perfect for connecting up to a 3500 watt power inverter to a battery bank! You can also use Spartan Power battery cables for RV & vehicle wiring applications, grounding cables, golf cart wiring, and many other applications where pure copper is recommended. These cable sets come with Adhesive Lined Irradiated Polyolefin (PO) heat shrink, which is exceptionally resistant to water, fungus, and UV light. These quality cable sets are guaranteed by both Inverters R Us & Spartan Power to provide you with reliable current. Cable Features:Made in the USAPolyvinyl-chloride (PVC) insulation90°C MTW - UL & CSA 105°CVoltage rating: 600 voltsVW-1 & moisture resistantROHS CompliantUL 1232/1284/1338/10269 ApprovedHeat Shrink Features:Shrink ratio: Approximately 3 to 1 at +90°C Operational temp. range: -55°C to +135°C Dielectric strength: 500 V/mil (197 kV/cm) Volume resistivity: 1014 ohm-cm Tensile strength: 1500 psi (141 kg/cm2) Specifications: AMS-DTL-23053/5, CL 1 and CL 3; UL 224, VW-1; CSA 198, OFT

  • Color: 3/8" Ring Terminals
  • Brand: Spartan Power
  • ASIN: B06XD28RQV
  • UPC: 852877007244

Fastronix Military Spec Battery Terminal Top Post Kit

Fastronix Military Spec Battery Terminal Top Post

Everything you need for a professional military spec battery terminal conversion. Great for multiple battery installations in race cars, off-road vehicles and RV's and anywhere battery performance is critical. Kit Includes both positive and negative specific Fastronix mil spec top post connectors, (4) 2 gauge 3/8" copper lugs, (4) 3/4"x 1-1/2" adhesive lined heat shrink for superior cable sealing and protection and a pair of Fastronix mil spec battery terminal covers to prevent accidental shorting and give your install a professional look. (Battery Cable Not Included). Note: Heat shrink requires use of a butane torch or heat gun in order to activate the adhesive lining and seal the connection. NOTE: Copper lugs that are included are for 2 gauge wire only, 2/0 gauge wire is a larger diameter and requires a different lug. 2 gauge copper lugs and heat shrink are not made in the USA.

  • Brand: Fastronix Solutions
  • ASIN: B00X36RILW
  • UPC: 638037089332

OrionMotorTech 2-4 Gauge 175A Battery Cable Quick Connect/ Disconnect Plug Kit Recovery Winch Trailer, 12-36V DC

OrionMotorTech 2-4 Gauge 175A Battery Cable Quick Connect/

Description: 1. This connector kit allows for quick and convenient connect/disconnect of power from a winch or from another electrical device such as a remote battery charger, trailer, etc. 2. The bottom of the device features a fitted rubber boot to protect against dust, moisture and corrosion. 3. It's very easy to use and install. Insert the wires into the terminal pins, then solder or crimp them. 4. Connector ends are identical, so either end is suitable for connection to the power or load side. 5. Although all the components can withstand high voltages, this connector is designed for low-voltage (12-36 volts DC). 6. Direct-current use (high-voltage connectors usually have a socket and plug arrangement, so the socket, or power end, can be fully enclosed). The terminal pins accept wire from 2 to 4 gauge. Package Includes: 1 Pair of Connectors: 2 connector ends, 4 terminal pins and 2 rubber boot caps Specifications: Model: SC175 Connector Size: 3-1/8 x 2-1/8 x 1 inches Connected Set Size: 5-1/4 x 2-1/8 x 1 inches Operating Temperature Range:-4°F-221°F / -20°C-105°C Medium Withstanding Voltage: 2200 DC Vibration Resistance: Excellent Impact Resistance: High Connect/Disconnect Cycles: 10,000 Times

  • Brand: OrionMotorTech
  • ASIN: B015CKKU6G
  • UPC: 640674584064

Audiopipe 1000 Watt 4 Gauge Heavy Duty AC Power Inverter Cable Installation Kit Universal

Audiopipe 1000 Watt 4 Gauge Heavy Duty AC

10 feet of #4 Black Ground Cable 10 feet of #4 Red Power Cable 8 feet of #8 Black Chassis Cable 4 - 4 Gauge Ring Terminal (2 Red, 2 Black) 2 - 8 Gauge Ring Terminal (2 Black) Everything you need to connect your Cobra power inverter to the battery. Suitable for all models from 1000 watts through 2500 watts. Please note that the 2000 watt and 2500 watt models will require two of these kits.

  • Brand: Best Connections
  • ASIN: B01J4305NK
  • UPC: 798033868185
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