Hasbro Gaming Perfection Game

Hasbro Gaming Perfection

Ready, set, go! Be the quickest to fit all 25 shapes into their matching holes in the tray. But watch the timer! If it runs out…pop goes the Perfection game! The player who matches all 25 shapes in the shortest time wins. While kids are having a blast playing the Perfection game, they can also practice valuable skills including focus, hand-eye coordination, and shape recognition. Play without the timer so that it's easier for younger players. And, when they're all done playing, easily store the pieces inside the game unit.MENSA for Kids is a trademark of MENSA used with permission in exchange for compensation.Hasbro Gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Hasbro Gaming
  • ASIN: B01NALEP04
  • UPC: 630509498796

TimeShock Game-Retro Timed Fun Board Game, Game Unit with Timer and Pop-up Tray - Game Measures 9" x 5" x 2"

TimeShock Game-Retro Timed Fun Board Game, Game Unit

A frantic wind-up game of beat-the-clock! Try to insert all of the shaped pieces into the correct slots before the timer runs out. When your time is up, the pieces pop out from the slots and you must start all over again. Track your success with your tokens on the score pad. Storage drawer holds pieces when not in use. Up to 5 players. No batteries required. Measures 9" x 5" x 2". Instructions included.

  • Brand: Bits and Pieces
  • ASIN: B00LD2FZ0O
  • UPC: 787551621303

Beat The Clock - 1979 - Episode 02

Beat The Clock - 1979 - Episode

  • ASIN: B076MNF4RN

Tiger Tribe Beat The Clock Stopwatch Set

Tiger Tribe Beat The Clock Stopwatch

Direct from Australia is Tiger Tribe, a wide range of award-winning compact and portable art, craft and activity sets for imaginative kids. Little hands. Big minds. Kids learn best through play and Tiger Tribe helps open an unlimited world of possibilities for inquisitive, growing minds as they entertain, educate and amaze. Thoughtfully designed with high value, engaging content, these products help a child unplug while stimulating their imaginations through absorbing creative adventures. Kids are bursting with energy and a desire to create, explore and express themselves. Illustrated in a charming style, these products will enchant and enthrall while fostering a captivating world of creativity. Designed with today's child in mind, all Tiger Tribe products are cleverly self-contained and perfectly portable. All are easily transported in a bag, back pack or carry-on. Everything is together and nothing gets lost. These are the perfect entertainment companions for road trips, car rides, restaurants and quiet-time play. They're never bored, always engaged and innately brilliant. Tiger Tribe. Imaginative journeys. Tiger Tribe products are brought to you exclusively by Schilling toys, the award-winning world leader in traditional toys and classic fun.

  • Brand: Tiger Tribe

Ultra Dash


Set out the targets to design your course, press the button on the tagger to choose your game, and then race to match the color of the flashes with the targets! there are three modes of play: beat the clock, target tally and relay race! it's a different game each time you play! for 1 or more players in teams, ages 6 and up.

  • Color: Limited edition
  • Brand: PlayMonster
  • ASIN: B06XX79W45
  • UPC: 093514070157

The Great Perfection

The Great


Poof Slinky Cadaco Beat The Buzzer Shot Clock

Poof Slinky Cadaco Beat The Buzzer Shot

Experience the realism of college and pro basketball with the Beat the Buzzer Shot Clock. Your dream buzzer-beating shots are now a reality as the super bright LED clock counts down to zero and the horn sounds. Equipped with arena like effects including organ music and crowd cheers basketball in your backyard will never be the same.

  • Brand: Poof Slinky
  • UPC: 696736078767

Perfection® (EA)


Fit shapes fast and beat the blast with the Perfection game! Kids only have so much time to get all of their pieces in the tray before the time is up. The first to match them all wins, but watch out for the pop when the timer stops! If a player doesn't finish before the timer goes off -- the pieces pop out! The player who matches all 9 shapes in the shortest time wins! Includes 9 fun puzzle pieces: dinosaur, flower, duck, fish, heart, cloud, turtle, moon, and the sun. The small, compact size makes this a great game for preschoolers ages 4 and up to play in the car or on the go. Hasbro Gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Hasbro
  • UPC: 653569868255

HedBanz Game, Family Guessing Game - Edition may vary

HedBanz Game, Family Guessing Game - Edition may

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Spin Master Games
  • ASIN: B003AIM52A
  • UPC: 000284800440

Funtime Gifts PL7750 Fun time, Blue, Pack of 1

Funtime Gifts PL7750 Fun time, Blue, Pack of

This frantic Beat-the-Clock retro puzzle game has players racing to fit all of the puzzle pieces into the correct hole, before the timer runs out, throwing them (the puzzle pieces, not the players!) into the air.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Funtime
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