1301 Bemis Air Purifier Filters (Aftermarket)

1301 Bemis Air Purifier Filters

Bemis�1/2reg; maximum efficiency absorption replacement filter, fits Bemis�1/2reg; M.E.G.A. air purifier model 129-900. The Bemis�1/2reg; M.E.G.A. system filters pet odors, tobacco odors, cooking odors, and contaminants household gaseous odors such as aerosol sprays, paint fumes, and adhesive fumes that emit VOC pollutants. For optimum performance, replace filter every 6 to 9 months. This is an aftermarket filter.

  • Brand: Bemis
  • ASIN: B00IYUXH76
  • UPC: 886566134881

Bemis Air Care Filter 1053

Bemis Air Care Filter

Bemis 1053 air care filter replacement. Original Bemis filters.

  • Brand: Bemis
  • UPC: 073088062604

Bemis Replacement Pre-filter

Bemis Replacement

The Bemis 1102 Pre-Filter, 2 per package fits models 200001

  • Brand: Bemis
  • ASIN: B001B0W0ZQ
  • UPC: 073088081865

Bemis Replacement Pre-filter

Bemis Replacement

Bemis�1/2��1/2reg; 1104 pre-filter that fits model 127 001, 300 series TT, and 388000. It extends the life of the HEPA filter and removes odors.

  • Brand: Bemis
  • ASIN: B004QOKD1M
  • UPC: 073088098887

Bemis Air Purifier Carbon Pre-Filters (Aftermarket)

Bemis Air Purifier Carbon Pre-Filters

14ALL Bemis® Cut-to-Fit Carbon Pre-Filter Fits all Bemis® True HEPA air purification systems that require a pre-filter Large 15-3/4" x 48" cut-to-fit activated carbon sheet! Removes large particles and reduces common household odors such as cooking odors tobacco smoke odors pet odors musty odors etc. Makes 1 to 4 pre-filters depending on model For optimum performance replace filter every 2 to 3 months AirFilters.com Are you worried about the quality of your air purifier? Add an extra touch of filtration with this pre-filter. Designed to fit all Bemis® HEPA air purifiers that require a pre-filter this pre-filter uses activated carbon to remove large airborne particles like dust mold dander and pollen. It also traps tiny odor particles keeping your room fresh against unpleasant odors. It comes in a large sheet that can be cut to fit your model and depending on your model it can make 1 to 4 pre-filters a feature that saves you on replacement costs. This is a great deal so order today and get fast 24 hour shipping!

  • Brand: Bemis®
  • ASIN: B0195V297Q
  • UPC: 886566121270
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