RinseWorks - Aquaus 360 Patented Hand Held Bidet Sprayer - NSF cUPC Certified for Legal Installation - 2 Backflows - Dual Pressure Controls - StayFlex Hose - 3 to 11 Inch Spray reach - 3 Year Warranty

RinseWorks - Aquaus 360 Patented Hand Held Bidet

Ultimate Bathroom AccessoryIntroducing the New & Improved, Patent Pending Aquaus 360°, the World's First Hand Held Bidet (handheld bidet) with thumb pressure controls on both sides of the sprayer. Dual thumb controls make the Aquaus 360° the most user-friendly and comfortable to hold and maneuver Hand Held Bidet / Shattaf ever made. Perfect Design!!! New ergonomic design, combined with the perfect size spray pattern and dual adjustable thumb pressure controls allow you to easily rinse your front and back bottom areas quickly and neatly.

  • Brand: RinseWorks
  • ASIN: B01CF51ZJ2
  • UPC: 851450004168

Premium Stainless Steel Bathroom Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer - Shattaf Sprayer Best Used for Personal Hygiene and Potty Toilet Spray - Perfect Bottom Cleaner Spray & Shower Attachment, by Aqua Nexis

Premium Stainless Steel Bathroom Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer

Discover a new level of cleanliness and comfort with the revolutionary bidet toilet and diaper sprayer by Aqua Nexis. With a self-controlled ComfortFlow pressure nozzle, a no-rust, no-tangle design and the best VIP customer service on the market it's no wonder customers say Aqua Nexis is #1 for Quality.

  • Brand: Aqua Nexis
  • ASIN: B01A9A9MUO
  • UPC: 728422965348

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Toilet Sprayer (Brushed Nickel)

Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, Cloth Diaper Sprayer,

✅Marked down from $40 OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!  We are the highest rated diaper sprayer on Amazon!✅ LOOK NO FURTHER! Our kit includes our highly rated bidet hose. We listened to your feedback and updated our hose. Our NEW hose not only has an inner EPDM tube but is nylon braided. This is the strongest hose on the market✅BEST WATER PRESSURE CONTROL: Our sprayer is capable of having a very strong jet spray as well as gentle rinse to fit your needs. Clean those dirty diapers easily✅NEED THE DIAPERS, TUB, SINK OR PET CLEANED? Our bidet sprayer can be used as cloth diaper washer, for potty training, for deep cleaning large items, shattaf, bathroom and pet cleaner✅ POSTPARTUM HYGIENE? using a bidet ensures a cleanliness level that is sanitary & soothing. ✅ COMPONENTS? Everything you need is included in our set (t-adaptor, sprayer head, hose, sprayer holder, holder hook, screws, anchors & plumbers tape)✅ INSTALLATION TIME? All parts can be hand tightened. No plumber needed.✅ MOUNT OPTIONS? Our kit is versatile with 2 mount options - either attach the sprayer to the wall or the toilet - on either left or right side ✅ 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE : Our sprayer kit is backed by our manufacturer LIFE TIME WARRANTY; We are based in USA; If you have any questions or need r...

  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Brand: Purrfectzone
  • ASIN: B076G9M9JG
  • UPC: 652827818056

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle - Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white)

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle

Features: High Quality Metal-Ceramic Core Valves. Steel Braided Hose. Innovative Hygienic Nozzle Guard Gate. Self-Cleaning Nozzle Function - Available with Neo 120, Neo 180 and Neo 320. Standard white body and chrome-plated controls. Sleek, curved shape fits most two-piece toilets. Do It Yourself Installation. Adjustable fitting plates for secure attachment. All standard plumbing size accessories included.

  • Color: Blue/White
  • Brand: LUXE Bidet
  • UPC: 895063002784

Brondell Hand Held Bidet Sprayer for Toilet CleanSpa Advanced Bidet Attachment with Precision Pressure Control Jet Spray - Ergonomic Handheld Bidet for Toilet - Toilet Water Sprayer and Hose Set

Brondell Hand Held Bidet Sprayer for Toilet CleanSpa

For over 14 years Brondell has been making bidets and healthy home products using the highest-quality materials available. Brondell is focused on delivering a healthy home experience in every room of your house, with products that feature a unique blend of the latest technology and modern design, with eco-friendly packaging. Purchasing a bidet product or home appliance can be a confusing and complicated process, especially with so many brands and features to choose from. Invest in a quality product and you will end up not only saving money, but time and frustration as well. Compare the CleanSpa Advanced list of features to any similar product, and you'll see that it delivers the most and best features for the lowest price. A precision sprayer designed for personal comfort Unlike traditional bidet sprayers that can be awkward to operate, this ergonomic sprayer's unique curved design forms an ideal angle for targeted cleaning. Wash with comfort and ease The CleanSpa Advanced is perfectly angled for a bidet wash and fits comfortably in the user's hand. The thumb control provides easy, precise adjustability: simply rotate the control forward or backward to smoothly increase or decrease water pressure. A durable internal brass valve regulates and maintains the pressure, making the Cle...

  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: Brondell
  • ASIN: B077PMM9NC
  • UPC: 819911012992

SmarterFresh Hand Held Bidet Sprayer, Premium Stainless Steel Diaper Sprayer Shattaf - Complete Bidet Set for Toilet, Hand Bidet Sprayer for Beday Toilet

SmarterFresh Hand Held Bidet Sprayer, Premium Stainless Steel

The SmarterFresh Hand Held Bidet offers a drastic improvement in how one cleans up and gets fresh after using the bathroom. Four quality components tried and tested to bring added comfort to your bathroom as well as luxury to your bathroom hardware appeal. Personal hygiene products at its finest. The personal bidet toilet attachment is a low-cost way to achieve freshness like never before with a simple addition to your existing plumbing to create a stylish toilet bidet combo! No plumber or handyman necessary. This bathroom bidet has everything you'll need for a complete 10 minute toilet with bidet installation to create a useful bidet toilet for years to come. This Bidet Sprayer set can also act as a cloth diaper sprayer, shattaf, muslim shower or toilet sprayer for rinsing and cleaning. Handicapped, elderly, seniors, adults, and disabled also find advantages of this system for recovery, assistance, and special care. The SmarterFresh Handheld Bidet for toilet has an adjustable spray trigger that allows for a low gentle soft spray bidet or high jet spray bidet for varying purposes and personal tastes. All components come with a 1 Year Warranty. Many people refer to this bidet toilet attachment as a beday, bidget, biday, bedet, badae, bedais, bade, bede, bidett, bidette, boude, bud...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: SmarterFresh
  • ASIN: B0108GMCWY
  • UPC: 735204870035

Stainless Steel Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit By Easy Giggles - Handheld Shattaf Bidet Spray For Toilet With Brushed Nickel Finish And Complete Accessories - Cleans Baby Cloth Diapers Easily With Water

Stainless Steel Cloth Diaper Sprayer Kit By Easy

It's not easy to shop on Amazon. There are so many options out there, and every one of them look similar to the others. It's worth noting that despite their similar appearance, there are many subtle yet important differences between each sprayer set on Amazon and we shall point out the key stand out features of ours here. Our sprayer is made from 304 stainless steel, which is a very high grade of stainless steel type. The brushed nickle finish gives the sprayer a great look which adds a touch of class to any bathroom. The exterior of the hose is also made from stainless steel, with an EPDM inner tubing (more durable than PVC inner tubings which some other sets use), and nylon braided for additional durability (most other sets do not have this additional layer). The T-valve adapter is made from brass for added strength, and even the hanger and mount piece is made from stainless steel with brushed nickle finish as well. All these make the entire set durable, sturdy, and looking pretty on your toilet. Of course it works great too! At the highest water setting, you will be getting a high pressure water spray. Or you can adjust the water pressure (using the T-valve adapter) so that it's perfect for cloth diaper cleaning or as a handheld bidet. All the above make this a fantastic purch...

  • Color: Stainless
  • Brand: Easy Giggles
  • ASIN: B07121VL4D
  • UPC: 726679764837

SonTiy Hand Held Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer Bathroom Jet Spray Bidet Attachment Chrome-Solid Brass-3 Years Warranty-Adjustable Pressure Control

SonTiy Hand Held Bidet Sprayer for Toilet, Baby

  • Color: 19010-CN
  • Brand: SonTiy
  • ASIN: B07M99NP75

JP Bathroom Master's Full Pressure & Leakproof Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer Kit | Hand Held Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet | Easy to Install Bathroom Diaper Sprayer with Adjustable Pressure Control

JP Bathroom Master's Full Pressure & Leakproof Handheld

The Mom-Approved Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set Is Finally Here! Why waste your money on costly toilet paper? Need a reliable, practical and SAFE bidet sprayer that will help you feel refreshed and clean? Want a comfortable and adjustable bidet sprayer faucet that will promote proper bathroom hygiene and can be easily used by children and seniors too? Introducing The Ultimate Easy Install Leakproof Bidet Toilet Sprayer & Cloth Diaper Attachment Set By JP Bathroom Master! Now you can effortlessly clean your sensitive area and cloth diapers after every visit to the bathroom with our hygienic, anti-bacterial and easy-to-use bidet hose! With children, our bidet sprayer will help establish the proper bathroom hygiene rules and teach your child about the importance of protecting his/her sensitive area! Why Choose Our Bidet & Diaper Sprayer Set? MADE TO LAST - unlike those flimsy bidet sprayers, our bidet sprayer hose set is leakproof, durable, rust-proof, lightweight and extremely easy to use. TOOL-FREE & FUSS-FREE INSTALLATION - you don't have to be an expert plumber in order to install our bidet sprayer attachment kit. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions. SAVE YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY - why use expensive toilet paper when you can easily cleanse yourself and your ...

  • Color: Chrome
  • UPC: 798304430608

Abedoe Hand Held Bidet Toilet Sprayer Kit Bathroom Cloth Diaper Washer Portable Shower Sprayer Stainless Steel Spray for Personal Hygiene

Abedoe Hand Held Bidet Toilet Sprayer Kit Bathroom

How to install your bidet toilet sprayer? Answer: Please refer following installation step. 1. Turn off water feed 2. Disconnect toilet hose from flush tank 3. Connect T-adapter to flush tank 4. Connect toilet hose to T-adapter 5. Connect other end of shower hose to sprayer 6. Turn water feed back on 7. Screw wall bracket to wall or screw bracket to hook then mount on the tank Note: 1. When installing this unit be sure that the water supply valve by your toilet is fully turned off and that there is no flow/leak of water before removing any plumbing components from your toilet. Failure to do so could result in flooding and water damage. 2. Strongly recommend that keep the valve closed if you do not use the sprayer. Failure to turn off after each use may cause flooding and water damage. Specification: Type: Bidet Sprayer KitMaterial: Sprayer: 304 stainless steelHose: Stainless steel, chromeplate brass headValve: Chromeplate brassColor: SilverPressure: 20-80psiSprayer Head Connector Diameter: 20mm / 0. 8"Sprayer Size: 12. 5*6. 6*2. 5cm / 4. 9*2. 6*1" (L*W*H)Net Weight: 0. 68kg / 24ozHave many other usage mode for Bidet Sprayer Kit: - Cloth diaper cleaning, feminine hygiene, toilet cleaning, as a bidet sprayer- Cleaning potty seat bowlDon't get stuck with a cheaper, leaking diaper sp...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: ABEDOE
  • ASIN: B074W7XLVM
  • UPC: 601285949864

Achiotely Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer, Stainless Steel Bathroom Bidet Sprayer Set, Baby Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Wall or Toilet Mount

Achiotely Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer, Stainless Steel Bathroom

More and more people pay attention to health, and everyone's personal hygiene starts with the bathroom. Start improving your healthy life with a small handheld bidet sprayer. What can handheld bidet sprayer bring you? Ensure good daily hygiene. Women are clean during menstruation. Hemorrhoids patients are easy to use and reduce infection. Friendly to children and old people. Why is the use of handheld bidet sprayer always advocated? Handheld bidet sprayer not only brings convenience and health, but also protects the environment. Using bidet sprayer can reduce the use of toilet paper. Environmental protection is sometimes as simple as that. Easy to operate Gently press the handle, you can flexibly control the water pressure, you can control the water pressure according to your preferences, to achieve the cleaning effect of different environments. Strong T-Valve In view of the serious water leakage of bidet sprayer T-type valve on the market, we have improved the material, adopted a solid brass material, rust and corrosion resistance, and added waterproof washer, which greatly reduced the occurrence of water leakage.

  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Brand: Achiotely
  • UPC: 820913021547

SmarterFresh Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Premium Stainless Steel Diaper Sprayer for Toilet - Diaper Washer Hand Held Bidet Sprayer for Cloth Diapers

SmarterFresh Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Premium Stainless Steel Diaper

Introducing the SmarterFresh Brass Diaper Sprayer for cloth diaper washing that includes a Stainless Steel Adjustable Pressure Diaper Sprayer Head, Brass Shut Off T Valve Adapter, Metal Sprayer Hose, and High Quality Hook Holder or Wall Mount to securely attach your Diaper Sprayer to your toilet or wall. Time to say goodbye to the dunk & swish and hello to clean diapers in a moments time. The Diaper Sprayer by SmarterFresh is a environmental friendly and economical way to remove residue & bowel movements from dirty diapers without struggle. The SmarterFresh components are stylish & attractive and can be installed with a simple addition to your plumbing to create an easy environment to handle your baby's diapers. No plumber or handyman necessary with a quick 10 minute diaper sprayer installation. This bathroom sprayer has everything you'll need for multiple children & hundreds of soiled diapers. It can also double as a hand held bidet sprayer, potty seat cleaner, toilet sprayer for cleaning, or tub/shower sprayer cleaner. Don't want the sprayer attached to the toilet? Try installing as a deep sink sprayer in the laundry room. The Stainless Steel Diaper Sprayer offers a low gentle soft adjustable spray to avoid splattering or a forceful jet spray to clear away the messiness from th...

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: SmarterFresh
  • ASIN: B014V793E6
  • UPC: 735204870462

Bidet Toilet Sprayer BMK Bathroom Cloth Washer Shower Sprayer Handheld Stainless Steel Shattaf Toilet Attachment

Bidet Toilet Sprayer BMK Bathroom Cloth Washer Shower

24 Months Warranty

  • Color: Silver
  • UPC: 712424109398

Joyway Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set-Handheld Bidet Sprayer Kit-Bathroom Hand Shower for Self Cleaning

Joyway Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set-Handheld Bidet Sprayer Kit-Bathroom

This Joyway bidet spray for toilet is the best choice for your daily personal hygiene, it comes with all components for standard installation such as bidet sprayer head,3 way tee adaptor, stainless steel hose,bracket,hook etc. We even provide tape,screw,washer etc small parts for you. You have no need to purchase any other parts from local hardware store.Meanwhile,it's so easy to install this bidet toilet sprayer combo, no plumber needed, you can finish installation within a few minutes, only need simple tools such as wrench or screwdriver etc. Our upgraded design can guarantee leak proof, both ceramic and brass disc cartridge constructed T adapter makes this handheld bidet spray set more durable and solider,ajustable water flow function brings you comfortable self cleaning experience. Solid and top premium material with precise surface plating process is obviously better than conventional bidet brand.100% quality guarantee policy and 100% money back!Installation Tips:1) Be sure to connect the cone nut end of the hose to the hand shower head and hex nut end to the T valve.2) Don't connect too tight or loose. 3) Use washer attached in the packaged box, the bigger for tank and water supply connection, the smaller (normally already in the hose end) for bidet hose and bidet sprayer h...

  • Brand: JOYWAY
  • ASIN: B0716PFM1W

Interior Solutions Toilet Bidet Handheld Sprayer Cloth Diaper Shattaf Stainless Steel Brushed S6001BN

Interior Solutions Toilet Bidet Handheld Sprayer Cloth Diaper

IMPORTANT: MUST be used with shut-off valve. MUST CUT OFF water supply when hose is not in usedSPECIFICATIONSSprayer Material :304 stainless steelFinish:brushed nickelPackage IncludesSprayer x1 pcs Buy from Interior SolutionsStainless steel construction with brush nickel 30-days return guarantee

  • Brand: Interior Solutions
  • UPC: 750810285530
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