K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Sill Heated Pet Bed Fleece 14" x 24" 6W

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Sill Heated Pet Bed

We incorporated advanced engineering for strength and ease of assembly, with an attractive oval design. Its dual thermostat heating unit is buried deep within super soft orthopedic foam and is removable for year round comfort. The heater is pre-set to keep the sleeping surface 12° to 15° above ambient air temperature and warms to your kitties natural body temperature when they lie on it. No tools are necessary for installation when using the provided Velcro fasteners. We also include screws for a more permanent attachment. One year limited warranty.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • ASIN: B00061RHO0
  • UPC: 655199030958

Ultimate Cat Perch – No Hanging Wires & Stronger for Increased Reliability (holds 80 pounds)

Ultimate Cat Perch – No Hanging Wires &

No wires for cats to get tangled in. Attractive acrylic rods versus hanging wires. Uses giant 3.25" PATENTED suction cups. Holds more weight (80 pounds) which means increased stay on reliability. Only perch using more expensive thick walled tubing which means the frame will not bend with weight over time. Same sitting area as other premium perches yet consumes smaller portion of the window. No wires to trip on or get in the way. No suction cups and wires in the viewing area. More expensive transparent suction cups. - Made in the USA.

  • Brand: Ultimate Cat Perch
  • ASIN: B0774YW4S7
  • UPC: 863913000419

Oster Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed, 50 Pounds

Oster Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed, 50

Give your cat a front-row view of nature, weather, people, and more without taking up valuable floor space with the Oster Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed. Featuring industrial-strength suction cups that hold up to 50 pounds, this window-mounted cat bed installs in seconds to glass windows or doors. This elevated pet bed is perfect for cats that like to bask in the warm sun or active cats that desire a high vantage point. Great for multiple cat households, this cat bed helps reduce separation anxiety and keep messy hair off your furniture. It features a reinforced high-grade plastic frame that offers reliable, long-lasting use and a durable Oxford-style polyester cover that is built to withstand scratching. The cover is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

  • Color: as the pictures
  • Brand: Oster
  • ASIN: B005AUM8U0
  • UPC: 786471045572

Kitty Cot Original World's BEST Cat Perch (Large)

Kitty Cot Original World's BEST Cat Perch

Original Kitty Cot (Large) - measures 25-1/2″ wide (from outside to outside of suction cups) x 14″ deep. The Kitty Cot is a great design that's sure to thrill your Kitty Cat. Unlike most cat beds and cat perches, Kitty Cots attach to glass windows using PATENTED Giant Suction Cups, made in the USA. They really are amazing! Each suction cup is rated to hold 12 pounds therefore we can safely say it will hold up to 25 lbs. of Kittycat(s). Kitty Cots come in 3 sizes to fit various size window widths and preferences, Small, Medium and Large. Large Kitty Cots measure 25-1/2″ wide (from outside to outside of suction cups) x 14″ deep. Medium Kitty Cots measure 22-1/2″ wide (from outside to outside of suction cups) x 14″ deep. Small Kitty Cots measure 19-1/2″ wide (from outside to outside of suction cups) x 14″ deep. The Kitty Cot frame is made of strong and durable plastic pipe. The hammock is made of tough weather-resistant fabric, an "easy clean" comfy material that your cats will love. Quickly take the Kitty Cot down for easy cleaning. The Kitty Cot can go on a glass window or even mirror anywhere in your house and at any height. Kitty Cots work indoors and outdoors. Our design is so simple and easy that anyone can put it up and best of all, you need no tools to instal...

  • Color: Multi-colored or Black
  • Brand: Kitty Cot
  • UPC: 804551145834

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Kitty Sill Gray 12" x 23"

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Kitty Sill

The patent pending K&H Kitty Sill - EZ Window Mount is the easiest, strongest, most versatile window sleeper on the market. We’ve incorporated 2 push' n 'turn suction cups and 2 giant push cups for the ultimate in strength. These things suck! Really! Each suction cup holds in excess of 100 lbs. yet is still easily removable for cleaning. Exclusive design allows for window blinds, curtains and shades to operate normally! Cover easily removes for washing. One year limited warranty.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • UPC: 655199090914

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill (Unheated) Fleece 14" x 24"

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill (Unheated) Fleece 14"

Kitty Sill is the sturdiest window perch on the market. It has advanced engineering for strength, ease of assembly, and for an asthetically pleasing oval design. Includes two methods of attachment to the window sill: Velcro for easy removal from the window sill, and screws for a more permanent attachment. Supports over 40 lbs. Many indoor cats love the soft and comfortable feel of this kitty sill.

  • Color: white
  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • ASIN: B000795XJC
  • UPC: 086007846933

PawHut 77" x 38" x 69" Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure Catio Cage with Ramp and Covered House

PawHut 77" x 38" x 69" Large Wooden

Pawhut's catio is built on a sturdy wood frame that has been sealed with a pet-friendly, non-toxic sealant, and fully enclosed with a durable wire mesh allowing your pet to be outside, without wandering freely. A large multi-tiered main house gives your pet an indoor sanctuary and includes a paned window, sliding door, a hinged door, and an access ramp. The flat roof has been covered with asphalt to help with weather protection and keep your pet shaded from the sun and protected from the rain. A large latched front door makes access to this outdoor cat enclosure catio simple and easy. This outside cat enclosure is perfect for single or multiple pets and can house cats, dogs, raccoons, squirrels, foxes, or other small to medium petsFeatures:- Fully enclosed wooden cat house, a great addition to your patio and backyard - Large run allows multiple cats to play in at the same time - Multi-tier main house with doors and windows for easy access and better airflow - Shelf space for cat bed, litter box or extra storage - Made with solid fir construction and sealed with non-toxic materials - Roof is covered with asphalt for enhanced weather protection - 2 doors are equipped for easy in or out and with latches to ensure safetySpecifications:- Color: Natural Wood - Material: Fir Wood, Wire ...

  • Brand: PawHut
  • ASIN: B078LMQWR5
  • UPC: 842525115803

LAZY PET Deluxe Cat Window Perch Assorted Colors

LAZY PET Deluxe Cat Window Perch Assorted

  • Color: Whites & Tans
  • Brand: Lazy Pet
  • ASIN: B000634JP8
  • UPC: 043993050034

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill Tan 27" x 11"

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty

Instantly turn any window into a kitty entertainment center! The ingenious EZ Mount Window Bed attaches to virtually any window in seconds utilizing our proven suction cup mounting system. Completely open at the top, this half pod design gives cats easy access to climb in and out of. We've included a soft, warm, cushy K&H Manufacturing Amazin' Kitty Pad for hours of snoozing and watching over the household. One year limited warranty.

  • Color: Tan
  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • ASIN: B01ECC9XT0
  • UPC: 655199091911

FURRY BUDDY Cat Window Perch with Removable Plush Mat and Big Suction Cups, Holds up to 60lbs for Bigger or Multiple Cats, Food Grade Placemat Mesh Cover

FURRY BUDDY Cat Window Perch with Removable Plush

PLEASE NOTE: When installing, DO NOT thrust the tubes with violence into the elbow tubes and-shape tubes because this may break them. Cats deserve a warm sunbath and a good view of the outside world. TheFurry Buddy window cat perch outstands from other competing designs for so many reasons. It's constructed from 1 inch strong plastic tubes with food grade and breathable placemat mesh bed cover that's free of any chemical smells. The cables connecting the frame with the upper suction cups are made of SS304 stainless steel and we cover all the metal part with soft rubber so your kitty can always be protected from any potential injuries. Each cat perch also comes with ultra soft plush mat and you can easily knot it up onto the plastic frame by the 8 strings at the 4 corners. So this cat perch is perfect for all seasons and easy to clean. The four 3.5 inch big suction cups are specially engineered to hold up to 60lbs weight and they offer much greater reliability and life than other designs. WARNINGS: The nature of suction cups in general is that they occasionally disengage from the glass surfaces. The best thing you can do is to periodically check and make sure that the suction cups are well secure on the glass. Please replace them with the spare ones if they have extensive wear. We...

  • Color: Sage
  • Brand: FURRY BUDDY
  • ASIN: B078XRKPH5

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse Gray/Black 19" x 23" x 9.5" Kitty Sill

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse Gray/Black 19"

The patent pending EZ mount penthouse will be a cat’s most favorite hangout. Secure built-in ledge makes getting into the penthouse a breeze. Open mesh windows give pets a great View of the outdoors. Comes with a removable plush microfleece pad plus the top of the penthouse is lined with microfleece for comfortable resting. Can accommodate multiple cats with the extra strong suction cups provided. Removable cover for easy machine wash care. The EZ mount penthouse can be removed and stored easily with its collapsible design and is hands down luxury built for the most pampered cat. One year limited warranty.

  • Color: Gray/Black
  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • UPC: 655199095209

Deluxe Pet Cat Window Seat Perch

Deluxe Pet Cat Window Seat

The Deluxe Window Cat Perch from Pawslife provides a comfortable and large surface for your cat to rest while enjoying the view or laying in the sun. Keeps cat off your precious furniture. Secures easily to your windowsill.

  • ASIN: B00XK1SEL8
  • UPC: 763366697542

QBLEEV Bird Water Feeder Dishes Birdcage Coop Cups Parrot Food Bowls Hanging Pet Animal Stainless Steel Bowl Feeding Perches Play Stand with Clamp

QBLEEV Bird Water Feeder Dishes Birdcage Coop Cups

QBLEEV Bird Feeder Dishes Finder Birdcage Feeder Parrot Food Water Bowls Coop Cups Color: Silver. Dimensions: 2.36"in diameter Height: 2.17" Size: L If you are feeding birds,then you must need this one.The bird cup with a clip is easy for birds to eat or drink.  It is made of stainless steel and ensure its high intensity quality! This type of cup is including two cups,so it can place food and drink at the same time! Easy for birds to eat or drink. Stainless steel makes it durable and long life. Cups with a clip is more firmer. Can be fixed on the stand holder or bird cage. Two Cups is included in one can be respective to place food and drink!br>Quantity: 1 pc of double bird cup only. Note: 1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid. 2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Notice: wash and air dry/wipe dry before first use

  • Color: water and food cups
  • Brand: QBLEEV
  • ASIN: B077VNYC54
  • UPC: 612289249805

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Perch Heated Bird PerchLarge Gray 2" x 14.5" 9W

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Perch Heated Bird PerchLarge Gray

Caged birds require a warm, stable habitat . . . Thermo-Perch is the answer! The Thermo-Perch provides a gentle source of warmth that circulates through the bird's feet. Unlike heat lamps that can get too hot, dry out feathers, and cause sleeping disorders due to constant light, the Thermo-Perch provides safe, therapeutic warmth only when your bird needs it! Every Exotic Bird Should Have a Thermo-Perch! The Thermo-Perch solves the problem of providing consistent warmth for exotic birds in their cages, protecting them from the hazards and discomfort of air conditioning and cold drafts. Cold is a major contributor to health problems for exotic birds, and the first step that veterinarians turn to is providing warmth. Exotic birds have a body temperature that ranges between 104 - 106 degrees. The Thermo-Perch is thermostatically controlled to help them safely regulate their body temperature. This allows the bird to pick the spot that provides the warmth it needs. This safe, consistent source of warmth stabilizes the bird's environment and contributes to the bird's overall health and helps reduce avian stress. Made of scratch and bite resistant nontoxic plastic, the Thermo-Perch attaches easily to wire cages. The cord is protected with steel wire and is positioned away from the cage. ...

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • ASIN: B000795ZEK
  • UPC: 897786524406

VetriScience Laboratories - Vetri DMG Liquid, Immune Support for Cats and Dogs, 30 Servings

VetriScience Laboratories - Vetri DMG Liquid, Immune Support

DMG (Dimethylglycine) is produced naturally in both humans and animals. It can boost the immune response in immune compromised animals. DMG is used to support proper immune response, cardiovascular and skin health. DMG can support your dog, bird or cat's immune system so that the animal has greater protection and stays healthier. For athletic dogs (i.e., greyhounds, border colliers, hunting dogs, and other active working dogs), DMG reduces lactic acid buildup so muscles take less time to recuperate. DMG helps the body use nutrients more efficiently at the cellular level, and better utilizes oxygen at the cellular level to support respiratory function. Directions: As a dietary supplement for cats and dogs: Up to 25 lbs: 0.5 ml daily, 26-50 lbs: 1.0 ml daily, 51-90 lbs: 1.5 ml daily, 91 lbs and over: 2.0 ml daily. Administer orally. Give suggested daily level twice per day for two weeks, then once per day. For best results, divide daily amount between AM and PM. Birds: one drop by mouth per 100 grams of body weight.

  • Brand: VetriScience Laboratories
  • ASIN: B00008DFDO
  • UPC: 026664159038
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