FrictionLabs Gorilla Grip Chunky Texture The New Standard in Chalk for Rock Climbing, Crossfit and Powerlifting, 5 oz./142 g

FrictionLabs Gorilla Grip Chunky Texture The New Standard

Designed to help you consistently climb at your limit, FrictionLabs chalk is for climbers, by climbers. Never chalk up mid-crux again. The highest purity magnesium carbonate makes a single application far more efficient, giving you the extra edge to focus on the task at hand. Not on your hands. Responsibly made in the USA and stripped of all unnecessary fillers, FrictionLabs chalk gives you unrivaled moisture absorption and skin health. Our chalk differs from traditional alternatives because the materials are treated, refined and precisely texturized at a lab in Denver, Colorado. This is not the same old white-labeled chalk from China and Taiwan climbers are used to. Chalk matters and we've helped thousands of climbers finally find a chalk they truly love and can rely on time after time. Whether you’re a brand new climber or a seasoned pro, you crave the moment where your grip does more than you thought it could. That split second is nirvana. We help you find that feeling so you can chalk up less, perform at your best and keep your hands healthy and strong. Climb your impossible.

  • Color: Chalk White
  • Brand: FrictionLabs
  • ASIN: B012UGZGA0
  • UPC: 864730000163

FrictionLabs Magic Refillable Chalk Sock | Climbing and Gymnastics Chalk Ball | The New Standard in Chalk

FrictionLabs Magic Refillable Chalk Sock | Climbing and

At FrictionLabs, we deliver The New Standard in Chalk for athletes. Designed to help you consistently perform at your limit, this is not the same old generic chalk ball from China that you're used to. Athletes demand a lot from themselves and they expect their gear to live up to that standard. We responsibly refine our chalk in Denver, Colorado, wiping out fillers and artificial drying agents like Silica to deliver better performance. Our chalk was designed for the extreme demands of rock climbers and has since become the choice product of National Champions and beginners in any sport that demands confident grip. #chalkmatters, and our goal is to help athletes finally find a chalk they can rely on to keep their hands drier and healthier, longer. QUALITY - Generic chalk just doesn't get the job done. It's full of junk from foreign factories with poor quality control. FrictionLabs delivers The New Standard in Chalk, and thankfully more and more athletes of all experience levels are making the change every day. Featured in Popular Mechanics, The Wall Street Journal, Men's Fitness, Rock & Ice Magazine, and Climbing Magazine. PERFORMANCE - Like a car that gets better MPGs, our high purity Magnesium Carbonate makes a single application go further, giving you the extra edge to focus o...

  • Color: Chalk White
  • Brand: FrictionLabs
  • ASIN: B018WG3ND4
  • UPC: 868314000181

Rep 16 kg Kettlebell for Strength and Conditioning

Rep 16 kg Kettlebell for Strength and

The Rep Fitness Advantage FAST SHIPPING! We ship all 16kg and lower kettlebells same or next day with FREE 2-3 PRIORITY SHIPPING - no need for Amazon prime!! A REAL Business - We're a fitness equipment company based in Colorado with a retail store and provide all product support in-house. No wholesale companies or 1-800 numbers to deal with! 90 day warranty - Covers any issue with regard to performance of the kettlebell. Rep Kettlebells - Premium Quality at Affordable Prices Rep kettlebells are designed to be the best value in kettlebells without sacrificing quality. Here's what makes our kettlebells awesome: Smooth Handles-- Each kettlebell is hand-inspected before leaving the factory, and again prior to shipment to ensure no rough handles. Flat Bottoms-- Our kettlebells have a machined flat bottom to make it easy to do renegade rows, kettlebell push ups, and other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom. Matte Powder-Coated Finish-- Our powder coating is durable and doesn't chip away like those other guys with the shiny enamel finish! Matte powder coat has a texture that gives you better grip and won't slip in your hand like a glossy finish. Also, the glossy enamal finish chips after a short time causing cuts on your hands. Markings in Both LBS and KGS-- The...

  • Color: SizeH- 16kg / 35 lbs
  • Brand: REP FITNESS
  • ASIN: B00NLS0L0M
  • UPC: 785339850112

Monkey Movement Liquid Hand Chalk: No Mess Liquid Grip Dry Hands for Rock Climbing, Gamers, Billiards, Weightlifting, Crossfit, Pole Fitness, Gymnastics, Sweaty Hands

Monkey Movement Liquid Hand Chalk: No Mess Liquid

TRACTION FOR ACTION Dry hands and super grip for mountains, gyms, or wherever you are. Our specially formulated, sweat-resistant liquid workout and lifting chalk works for any sport or activity that demands a strong grip and dry hands. Apply just as one would lotion and get moving. Convenient alternative to messy weightlifting chalk blocks or balls. Even gyms that ban traditional chalk won't mind (or even notice!) when you use Monkey Movement Liquid Hand Chalk, and it's antibacterial, so it will keep your hands germ-free in all those sweaty gyms and CrossFit boxes. Improve your grip with liquid lifting chalk for any activity: rockclimbing, golf, gymnastics, CrossFit, weightlifting, kettlebells, track and field, bowling, Olympic-style weight lifting and powerlifting, softball or baseball, tennis, racquet ball, badminton, basketball, football, acrobatics, calisthenics, TRX, pole dancing, bowling, obstacle courses, and anything else you want to tackle. Our Chalk Magnesium Carbonate formula is antibacterial, all natural, clean, non-toxic, pigment free, safe for both children and adults, and is not tested on animals. The Monkey Movement Mission: to provide high-quality tools for restoring primal movement patterns, strength, and mobility. We are a US-based, family-run company,...

  • Color: pure white
  • Brand: Monkey Movement
  • ASIN: B07D63CRPR
  • UPC: 689354459674

METOLIUS 15 oz. Super Chalk One Color One Size

METOLIUS 15 oz. Super Chalk One Color One

The #1 selling brand of climbing chalk in America.

  • Color: 15 OZ
  • Brand: Metolius
  • ASIN: B004HXBNZ2
  • UPC: 602150461634
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