Bigelow Tea Toasted Coconut Almond Bark 18Count (Pack of 6) Caffeinated Individual Black Tea Bags, for Hot Tea or Iced Tea, Drink Plain or Sweetened with Honey or Sugar

Bigelow Tea Toasted Coconut Almond Bark 18Count (Pack

A creamy, rich indulgence without the calories. Too good to be true? We've created this masterful blend of delicious coconut and almond flavors that achieves just that: a decadent tea without the guilt. So go ahead and treat yourself!

  • Brand: Bigelow Tea

The Republic of Tea HiCAF Toasted Coconut Black Tea, High Caffeine Gourmet Herbal Blend (50 Tea Bags)

The Republic of Tea HiCAF Toasted Coconut Black

The Republic Of Tea's Hicaf Toasted Coconut Black Tea Is The Perfect Way To Start Your Day. Pure Caffeine Is Isolated From Premium Tea Leaves And Combined With Green Tea Extract To Create A Decadent Brew That Packs More Caffeine Than Coffee. Featuring Ingredients From Germany, The Smooth Flavors And Caffeine Content Make This A Healthy Alternative To Energizing Your Day. Achieve A Calm Alertness With The Tea's L-Theanine, A Natural Component That Has Been Known To Reduce Stress. To Make Hicaf Tea, Simply Heat Fresh Water To A Boil, Pour Over Tea, And Steep For 3-5 Minutes.

  • Brand: The Republic of Tea
  • UPC: 742676408253

SerendipiTea Burroughs' Brew, Black Tea & Coconut, Caffeinated, 4-Ounce Box

SerendipiTea Burroughs' Brew, Black Tea & Coconut, Caffeinated,

SerendipiTea Burroughs' Brew, Organic Black Tea & Coconut. Tea cleans our body, restores our sense of well-being and balance, lifting us up in mental clarity and physical joy. It delivers its promise of health in a cup of leaves and hot water...

  • Brand: SerendipiTea
  • ASIN: B00117O2M8
  • UPC: 615256050206

Steaz - Lightly Sweetened Iced Green Tea With Coconut Water - 12 Can(s)

Steaz - Lightly Sweetened Iced Green Tea With

Steaz- Lightly Sweetened Iced Green Tea With Coconut Water- 12 x 16 oz. (473 ml) Cans Steaz Lightly Sweetened Iced Green Tea With Coconut Water is a fair-trade, certified organic green tea from Kenya blended with pure, organic coconut water from Sri Lanka. Refreshing green tea with a subtle coconut flavor  Lightly sweetened with organic fair-trade cane sugar Contains 120mg antioxidan

  • Color: N/a
  • Brand: Steaz
  • ASIN: B00Q2DNI1W
  • UPC: 856820161328

HTeaO Iced Tea (Coconut Black, 16 CT)

HTeaO Iced Tea (Coconut Black, 16

Coconut flavor infused black tea has a bold, tropical flavor that will take you away to the tropics and get you the caffeine and hydration you need on a hot day! With a normal level of caffeine this refreshing blend has that warm toasted taste that coconut brings to everything. Like a hint of dessert in your cup, but 100% calorie and guilt free. HTeaO has been proudly serving Texans with delicious, ice cold, all natural iced-teas from our family-owned drive-through and walk in stores for the past 9 years. Our stores grow every year and our customers can't get enough! To ensure you stay hydrated and can enjoy Texas Tea at home, we now offer our most popular flavors in large sachets crafted for ½ gallon brewing of iced tea in your home. HTeaO is committed to excellence in the quality of our products; each blend with its own unique flavor, natural characteristic and rich flavors. Drink and enjoy!

  • Brand: HTEAO
  • ASIN: B07CTG9Q4J
  • UPC: 603051351833

Paromi Tea Organic Coconut Almond Black Tea, 15 Pyramid Tea Bags - Non-GMO

Paromi Tea Organic Coconut Almond Black Tea, 15

Hand-picked organic black tea from the Jamguri tea estate in Assam, India provides a strong base for this savory blend. Almonds deliver a distinctive nutty flavor while slices of coconut add a subtle layer of complexity to this aromatic elixir. 

  • Brand: Paromi
  • ASIN: B00N17CHQ4
  • UPC: 890452001034

Stash Tea Coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong Tea 100 Count Tea Bags in Foil (packaging may vary) Individual Black Tea Bags for Use in Teapots Mugs or Cups, Brew Hot Tea or Iced Tea, Fair Trade Certified

Stash Tea Coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong Tea 100

  • Brand: Stash Tea
  • ASIN: B003D4MXFK

Lana's The Little House Snowflake Tea, Black Tea with Coconut & Almond Flakes, Loose Leaf Tea - 4 ounces

Lana's The Little House Snowflake Tea, Black Tea

The Story: On June 21, 2003, Lana opened her beloved handcrafted English cottage and garden, on 21 acres in the woods, for personaliezed tours to local and international guests. On November 22, 2003 Lana expanded the tour to include elegant Afternoon Tea in The Little House dining room. We offer over 70 blends of the highest quality world class tea. We focus on the art of great tea and the proper prepartion of great tea. We ship our tea blends to tea lovers around the world. Enjoy!

  • Brand: Lana's The Little House
  • ASIN: B000OIWY8Y

Tealyra - Pu-erh Coconut Cacao - Loose Leaf Tea Blend - Pu rh - Diet and Slimming Tea - Best Weight Loss Tea - Caffeine Bold - All Natural Ingredients - 110g (4-ounce)

Tealyra - Pu-erh Coconut Cacao - Loose Leaf

Dark chocolate pu'erh with flecks of coconut shavings sprinkled throughout! Earthy pu'erh, rich dark cacao nibs and creamy coconut, a luxuriously deep pu'erh blend! Dried coconut and coconut flavor in general makes an excellent partner for deep, dark, earthy pu'erh- and the cocoa, though mild, just adds a wonderful light sweetness to this otherwise dark blend. Pu'erh tea is aged and fermented, making is pro-biotic and an amazing aid for weight loss, the health of your immune system, and has been prized in China for centuries. Here is our take on a light, smooth and creamy version of pu'erh! This rubust brew can withstand multiple infusions! by

  • Brand: Tealyra
  • ASIN: B01CPI7NT0

Golden Moon Tea - Coconut Pouchong Tea - Loose Leaf - Non GMO - 1.3oz Tin - 16 Servings

Golden Moon Tea - Coconut Pouchong Tea -

DescriptionDo you know what's better than sitting on a beach in Tahiti, popping a straw in a fresh coconut, and wasting the day away? Well, nothing actually. But with our Coconut Pouchong, you get that same fresh coconut taste. Not the artificial tasting Piña Colada mix found at your favorite beach bar. This tea combines the taste of real, buttery, and silky coconut with a light Pouching tea base. And, while it won't quite get you to Tahiti, it's the closest thing to it. Tasting Notes It's the unusually long, elegant leaves of this South Pacific delicacy that give the tea its light, slightly floral, and calming taste. As for that hint of tropical sweetness? We've got the nectar of young coconuts to thank. Sourcing Our Pouchong is grown in the Fujian Province, just outside of the Wuyi Mountains. The farm is located on sunbaked land that is mostly mountainous and is traditionally described to be "Eight parts mountain, one part water, and one part farmland." That's how we get a tea leaf with smooth floral notes, a light body, and a sweet finish. Coconut Pouchong uses only real extract. In order to extract the coconut naturally, we start with real coconuts and roast, shred, and steep them for over one week. We then strain the coconut pieces leaving only pure coconut extract that i...

  • Brand: GOLDEN MOON
  • ASIN: B007W0DW3S
  • UPC: 798980005800

Stash Tea Exotic Tea Six Flavor Assortment, 18 Count Tea Bags in Foil (Pack of 6) Individual Black & Green Tea Bags for Use in Teapots Mugs or Cups, Brew Hot Tea or Iced Tea (Packaging May Vary)

Stash Tea Exotic Tea Six Flavor Assortment, 18

Savor the flavor of six of Stash's most popular exotic teas. White Peach Wuyi Oolong: A remarkable oolong tea with ripe, juicy, all-natural white peach flavor. Chocolate Mint Wuyi Oolong: Subtle hints of chocolate and mint complement this enticing Oolong tea. Coconut Mango Wuyi Oolong: Rich mango and fresh, sweet coconut flavors in this Oolong tea bring to mind a day at the beach. Chai White: White tea with cinnamon, whole cloves, cardamom, ginger root and cassia. Strawberry Pomegranate Red: This blend uses soothing rooibos, known as red tea and is sweet and tart at the same time. Double Spice Chai: More spice than our Chai Spice, and coriander and whole cardamom for an even more flavorful drink.

  • Brand: Stash Tea
  • ASIN: B005Q8BL9A
  • UPC: 077652778151

The Republic of Tea, Coconut Cocoa Herb Tea, 36-Count

The Republic of Tea, Coconut Cocoa Herb Tea,

The Republic of Tea's Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Herb Tea is a dessert treat that will leave you coming back for more - but without the guilt! Flavors of coconut, chocolate and caramel malted barley are blended with dates, roasted chicory and a cocoa-carob blend to create a delightful tea that is good for your soul and your body. Each serving comes in just under 5 calories, making this chocolate coconut tea a dream come true for dieters needing a sweet fix or looking for a coffee substitute. To make this dessert tea, simply heat filtered water to a boil, pour over tea, and steep for 5-7 minutes.

  • Brand: The Republic of Tea
  • ASIN: B003SO58Y8
  • UPC: 742676400240

Magic Hour - Organic Coconut Chai - A Delicious And Bold Take On Chai- Pure Loose Leaf - Fair Trade - Complex, Fragrant and Sublime - Gypsy Tea Classic 6 oz (80 cups) Black Tea Pu-erh 100% Natural

Magic Hour - Organic Coconut Chai - A

From master tea blender and founder of Zhena's Gypsy Tea, Zhena Muzyka, comes the rebirth of her original tea blendsRich And Flavorful Coconut Chai Tea - Organically Grown at Biodynamic tea estates.When you first taste this intoxicatingly fragrant and aromatic tea, you can imagine yourself in the estates of Sri Lanka's hill country, to the mountains of China and lush lowlands of India. As the complex and robust flavors dance across your palate, you'll be transported to those verdant peaks, where the finest tea in the world grows at 4000 feet above sea level.Creating a tea with this much character is a painstaking process. We've selected the finest biodynamically-grown Ceylon black teas from ethical and sustainable plantations and blended them with Organic Pu-erh, Assam, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Cloves, Essential oil of Cinnamon and Natural Coconut Flavor. The result is tasty and robust without a trace of bitterness. Appreciating its magic is the best part of waking up. Sustainable, Certified Organic and Completely Free From Pesticides, Toxins or Chemical AdditivesBiodynamic agriculture goes beyond organic standards. It's a holistic practice that ensures the health and sustainability of the land. This level of soil cultivation isn't just good for the envir...

  • Brand: Infinite Possibiliteas by Zhena
  • ASIN: B07MW7TXX4
  • UPC: 860000799607

Harney & Sons Fine Teas Chocolate Mint - 50 ct Sachets

Harney & Sons Fine Teas Chocolate Mint -

A lovely after dinner tea, Chocolate Mint is a black tea with chocolate flavoring and peppermint leaves. Great when you crave something sweet without the sugar. You will swear you are drinking your favorite candy. Harney & Sons Fine teas is proud to offer loose teas in stunning silken sachets. The perfect marriage of loose tea quality and teabag convenience, these sachets meet the demands of even the most discriminating tea drinker. About Harney & Sons It started more than 30 years ago, when American tea was a poor commodity drunk only as teabags. John Harnev?s hobby of blending teas blossomed from pastime to passion, and Harney & Sons Teas was born. John?s goal was simple: to offer the finrse teas at an everyday price, making tea an everyday luxury. Today John Harney and his sons Michael and Paul search the tea gardens of the world to bring their customers the cream of the crop. Their delicious blends ? and commitment to the quality and consistency - have made Harney & Sons a top name in tea providers. Beyond home use, Harney & Sons Teas are available in many of the finest restaurants, hotels and gourmet shops across the country. Ranging front robust First Flush Darjeeling to delicate Mutan White, Harney & Sons? more than 200 varieties of tea are designed to suit our...

  • Brand: Harney & Sons
  • ASIN: B000XHXXA4
  • UPC: 798527307831

Harney & Sons SoHo Chocolate Coconut Tea - 20 Count Sachet Tin

Harney & Sons SoHo Chocolate Coconut Tea -

You'll fall in love with the taste of the newest tea from the Master Tea Blenders at Harney & Sons - SoHo Chocolate & Coconut. This flavored black tea contains chocolate, coconut and vanilla flavors blended with the finest black tea and amaranth petals for a perfect sweet and nutty taste. Each collectible tin contains 20 Tea Sachets.

  • Brand: Harney & Sons
  • ASIN: B00745DOK2
  • UPC: 636046306006
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