Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne: 1812-1813

Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne:

In June 1812, Napoleon’s 680,000 strong Grande Armée crossed the Neman River and invaded Russia.When the remnants of Napoleon's army returned over the Berezina River in November, only 27,000 effective soldiers remained.Adrien Bourgogne’s Memoirs is one of the most vivid and moving accounts of this dramatic turning point in the Napoleonic Wars.Bourgogne had been in the Napoleonic Army since the campaign of 1806 in Poland. He had taken part in the Battle of Essling, and had fought in Germany, Austria, Spain and Portugal. But none of this could prepare him for the campaign of 1812.The memoir begins with the long travel from Portugal to Moscow where the French were able to defeat the Russian armies in small battles and take the city. But this victory soon became a nightmare as supplies ran short and winter descended onto the Grande Armée. Without being able strike a decisive blow against the Russians, Napoleon was forced to retreat across the barren, snow-covered lands of western Russia.Bourgogne’s account of this agonising journey back towards France truly captures the horrific experience of the troops.As their rearguard was constantly harassed by Cossacks, the French stumbled across the landscape. Some died from hunger, others from merely sleeping on the ground and freezing...

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Burgundy Map Set - Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune (2 maps) (Pinpoint the greatest wines of Burgundy)

Burgundy Map Set - Cote de Nuits and

These two maps, size 59.06 X 22.83 inches, are drawn to a scale of 1: 20,000 and contained in a protective tube. They are a perfect reference guide for any Burgundy lover in addition to beautiful works of art. Thanks to rigorous precision, colour-coding for wines and appellations, and clearly delineated boundaries of named plots, these maps combine perfect readability with an elegant visual presentation. They are both decorative and authoritative. With the aid of these maps, the user can move among the vineyards along the very same paths that the vignerons take when working on their vines. "Vineyard maps of such precision and such beautiful detail simply haven't existed until now." Hugh Johnson

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eDealMax 6 Grand Bourgogne poignée en Bois Noir plat Bristle peinture murale Peinture Pinceau

eDealMax 6 Grand Bourgogne poignée en Bois Noir

6' brosse de peinture à l'huile largeur, les caractéristiques manche en bois bordeaux, faux noir tête de la brosse à poils, virole en aluminium ton argent. Facile poignée, matériaux de haute qualité, excellent outil pour mur magasin de bureau à domicile, le plafond, l'utilisation de meubles de peinture. Convient pour tout type de peinture, teinture et vernis, pour appliquer les peintures à l'huile, époxy, colle, résine, décapant de peinture, etc.

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Un grand Bourgogne oublié : Coffret en 2 volumes : Tome 1 : Un grand Bourgogne oublié ; Tome 2 : Quand viennent les cicadelles...

Un grand Bourgogne oublié : Coffret en 2

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Un Grand Bourgogne Oublié: Un grand Bourgogne oublié - Tome 2 (French Edition)

Un Grand Bourgogne Oublié: Un grand Bourgogne oublié

Donner naissance à un vin exceptionnel est une affaire de famille.Dans le Mâconnais, les trois frères Jaffres luttent pour maintenir à flot le domaine créé par leur père. Mais un énième coup dur va toucher la production : descicadelles ont parasité les vignes. Un arrêté préfectoral oblige les frères à détruire un tiers des parcelles ! Un tiers du domaine, trois frères, l’équation est simple : un frère doit partir. N’arrivant pas à se mettre d’accord, c’est à leur mère que revient le douloureux choix de décider lequel de ses fils doit quitter l’exploitation. Le coeur brisé, elle met un nom dans une enveloppe…

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Les Grandes Nuits De La Bourgogne: La Tres Illustre Et Tres Noble Confrerie Des Chevaliers Du Tastevin (International Series)

Les Grandes Nuits De La Bourgogne: La Tres

Les Grandes Nuits De La Bourgogne: La Tres Illustre Et Tres Noble Confrerie Des Chevaliers Du Tastevin (International Series). London TWB 91142 International Series.


Un Grand Office De Vêpres Au Xviie Siècle

Un Grand Office De Vêpres Au Xviie

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Platinum"#3776 Century/Bourgogne"(Nib : Soft Fine)

Platinum"#3776 Century/Bourgogne"(Nib : Soft

Do you want to taste Romanée-conti ? "#3776 CENTURY Bourgogne" is the one in the world of fountain pen. Smart design, exquisite writing balance and smooth ink flow - exactly match Grands Cru ! As for the main subject, "what is color of ideal red ?" This is start point for pursuing red color of "#3776 CENTURY". This profound and transparent ruby color is one of the answer. This will mature over year. But please note that fountain pen is not matured in case not be used. Please not to preserve in wine cellar. What is #3776 ? "#3776 CENTURY" is born for writing Japanese beautiful but comfortable to write letters all of the world. This pen is made from tremendous amounts of information - collection of over 1,000 fountain pens. The crystal is "#3776 CENTURY". "3776"is height of Mt.Fuji. The heart of "#3776" is to pursue the highest quality of Japanese fountain pen. Slip & Seal mechanism This pen adopt screw type cap. This can protect "pumping phenomenon" (When you open the cap, the ink is scattered), but it hasn't been enough to seal. If you don't use more than 3 months, ink has dried out - ink is caked inside nib. If the damage is severe, it is needed to repair or replace. But this mechanism is able to seal cap perfectly. If you don't use 1 year, you can write smoothly....

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A Year in Burgundy

A Year in

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