1 X Wooden Triangle I.Q. Test Solitaire Peg Game by Unknown

1 X Wooden Triangle I.Q. Test Solitaire Peg

If you have ever sat down and eaten in a pancake house you will know this game all too well. The Tricky Wooden Triangle is a solitaire peg game that you jump your own pieces, like a game of checkers until you can no longer make a move. Since you can always move the position of where there is no peg there are thousands of different solutions to this simple yet complex game. The tricky wooden triangle game is very easy to play but only the most witty individuals will master it. Nobody will ever get it right on the first try!This game will always be different depending on which slot you decide to leave blank, from there you will find your self immersed and quite possibly even frustrated with this novel game. though this game is for one player, you can keep score vs. another opponent or even go 1 on 1 with for a race for the best solving time. This is a simple and inexpensive game that ensures you hours of enjoyment and competitive fun. makes a great "Grab Bag" give away or party favor for schools, birthday parties and more.

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B002EXJCZ0
  • UPC: 696735667146

Channel Craft Classic Challenging Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle Original IQ Tester Deluxe Edition

Channel Craft Classic Challenging Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle Original

Rules of the Game Start with one empty hole Jump pegs to remove pegs from the board Try to leave only one peg Product Specs Measures 6.5" x 5" x 2" Comes with wooden base, pegs and plastic cup Made in U.S.A.

  • Brand: Venture Manufacturing
  • ASIN: B001XM3DGM
  • UPC: 891739000313

Vktech 7 Sets IQ Test Mind Game Toys Brain Teaser Metal Wire Puzzles Magic Trick Toy

Vktech 7 Sets IQ Test Mind Game Toys

Brand new and high quality. Come with 7 sets different puzzle rings with different level of difficulty. Metal brain teaser condenses with traditional Chinese culture and they are quite interesting. Good for creative thinking and improve both your IQ & EQ. You soive the problem by yourself, then you will get achievement, but we still attach a diagram to satisfied with some people You will not joy and stimulate within you read the secret. Wehope you have ability to solve the secret. includes 1x 7 Sets IQ Brain Teaser Toy

  • Brand: Vktech
  • UPC: 700358178672

The Amazing Smart Cube [IQ Tester] 3x3 Magic Speed Cube - Anti Stress for Anti-anxiety Adults Kids - Best High Speed Puzzle Toy Turns Quicker and More Precisely

The Amazing Smart Cube [IQ Tester] 3x3 Magic

Why play the timeless puzzle game ever since 1974, when a young Hungarian professor created an 'impossible' iq cube, the magic cube has been one of the most acclaimed puzzle games in the world. It measure and builds intelligence. The 3x3 cube can be solved in endless ways, and there are multiple benefits in learning how to solve it. Improves cognitive skills and concentration builds your iq level and improves hand-eye coordination keeps the brain sharp during old age excellent iq cube our 3x3 magic cube features an ABS plastic construct that is non-toxic and safe for use by everyone. Unlike traditional cubes, this product does not contain stickers that peel off after some time. This cube turns smooth and has a tension able design that makes it super easy to use. On top of that, our extra focus on elegance makes it an aesthetically appealing accessory that looks great in any space within your home, car or office.

  • Brand: Puzgic
  • ASIN: B06XW75KZW
  • UPC: 768390997767

Metal Wire Puzzle Set by ArtCreativity with a $15 Gift Card Challenge | 12 Unique Individually Packed Hanayama Puzzles | Fun Brain Teaser IQ Game for Kids and Adults | Great Educational Toy

Metal Wire Puzzle Set by ArtCreativity with a

A FUN MENTAL WORKOUT WITH A REWARDING TWIST Brain Teasing Fun Looking for a nice puzzle to keep your smart kiddo engaged and challenged? This wire puzzle set does just that and more! Every kit comes with 12 puzzles, each with its own unique entanglement. The metal puzzles are great for kids, teens, and even adults. Make things interesting by bringing your friends in on the fun and seeing who can work through the most puzzles the fastest. And we've made solving the puzzles a rewarding affair by giving you a chance to walk away with a $15 gift card! Think you have the spatial reasoning skills to pay the bills? Post a video of you solving the puzzles on Twitter and the gift card is yours. Great Educational Tool Hone your kid's problem solving skills, curb anxiety in high energy kids, and improve spatial reasoning with every twist of the metallic puzzle pieces. The beauty of this wire puzzle set is its ability to cut across all age brackets. It's great for providing tactile feedback to little kids, sharpen logical thinking skills in big kids and teens, and make a great stress-reliever and time-killer for adults of all ages. Here are more reasons to love the wire puzzle set: - Comes with 12 unique puzzles for great variety. - Made using sturdy metal that doesn't bend out o...

  • Brand: Gamie
  • ASIN: B079Y866RW
  • UPC: 600153774607

HDE 6 Piece Puzzle Set - Brain Teaser Game IQ Test Mini Wire Magic Trick Toy

HDE 6 Piece Puzzle Set - Brain Teaser

Stimulate your brain with a puzzle! These twisty Wire Puzzles will challenge your spatial reasoning abilities and help you enjoy your coffee break. Puzzles make great cubicle toys and gifts for both young & old. The six pieces vary in difficulty, but don't be fooled: they're harder than they look!

  • Brand: HDE
  • ASIN: B009975QR2
  • UPC: 837654147009

Willking Master Skewb Puzzle Magic Cube Twisty Toy Gift Irregular Brain Tester Black

Willking Master Skewb Puzzle Magic Cube Twisty Toy

The Willking Master Skewb cube features double rows of angled side pieces (like a 4 layer skewb) that rotate through the corners of the cube instead of the center, this creates a fun puzzle experience very different than a typical cube.We are professional puzzle cube sellers. We have all kinds of puzzle cube. If you did not find in our store,Please tell us.We will try our best to meet your needs.We concentrates on providing good quality products, thoughtfulness shopping experience and satisfied after sales services. We enjoy in MAKING YOUR LIFE FULL OF HAPPINESS! Speed cube are always awesome for both kids and adults. They are not expensive but great benefit for intelligent and hand-on skill.What's more, you can challenge yourself, your family or your friends to fix them faster and faster with lots of funs.Use original non-poisonous ABS material,hard wearing solid pvc stickers that will not peel off or fade easily. Pass all kinds of authoritative certifications, very Environmental and friendly!The cube is pre-lubricated and adjusted before dispatching from the manufacturer. There may be a little lubricant on the cube, please wipe it up and be assured that it's harmless to people.If the cube doesn't fit your style, just tighter or looser the cube with screwdriver, find the most c...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: willking
  • ASIN: B01MR489YX
  • UPC: 611536355788

D-FantiX YJ Guanlong Speed Cube 3x3 Smooth Magic Cube Puzzles 56 mm Black

D-FantiX YJ Guanlong Speed Cube 3x3 Smooth Magic

D-FantiX Yj Guanlong 3x3 cube- It's also known as one high cost performance cube on the market Corner cutting is pretty decent for this cube. Out of box, it is fast and offers smooth turning. Tension adjustable .Difficult to pop, good control of the cube. It seldom pops or locks up. If you are cube fan and like collecting puzzles cube, then don't miss it. Enjoy your good time with your family and friends. About Tensioning Tensioning is where you change the force of the springs so that the cube is looser or tighter. This is a very personal thing and you will need to play with the tensions on your cube until you get the one you feel most comfortable with. When you first get your 3x3 Speed Cube it will be set up to our preference, which may not be yours. Luckily it is extremely easy to tension the puzzle cube Underneath each of the middle tiles is a screw head. To tighten the tension on your cube screw it clockwise and to loosen turn it anticlockwise. Specifications Color: Black Level: 3x3x3 Size:56x56x56mm Weight: About 100g Packing: Original Box What's In The Box? 1x D-FantiX YJ Guanlong Speed Cube 3x3 Black

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: D-FantiX
  • ASIN: B00R1NANC4
  • UPC: 797864952759

Dreampark 2x2x2 Speed Cube Carbon Fiber Sticker Smooth Magic Cube Puzzles

Dreampark 2x2x2 Speed Cube Carbon Fiber Sticker Smooth

#Choose Dreampark, your reliable supplier! # #100% Money Back Guarantee!# Dreampark aims at providing optimum structure cubes for professional players and beginners. Amazing corner cutting, higher stability and optimized structure of anti-POP are the core and pursuit of Dreampark products. Environmental material Using the original ABS material: non-poisonous material, the color will never fade. Ultimate Gift No one falls out of love with the Speed Cube. They are always awesome for both kids and adults, you can take them anywhere. add something for your kids to do in the car or on the airplane? Have an elderly family member who's sharp as a tack and needs something to do? Need a stress reliever before the big business meeting? Speed cube to the rescue! Specifications Material: ABS plastic Color: Black Level: 2x2x2 Size: 49x49x49mm Weight:About 72g Attention Some cubes may have a little lubricant above for lubricating, please wipe it up and be assured that it's harmless to people.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Dreampark
  • ASIN: B01KXFKE84
  • UPC: 787639486473

Baztoy Wooden Building Blocks Toy - Wood Alphabets Bricks Early Education Numbers, Animal, Fruit Learning Toys in Six Sides Shown- Baby Brain Tester Toy Set Random Alphabet 15Pcs (1.2”)

Baztoy Wooden Building Blocks Toy - Wood Alphabets

Would you not like to give your baby the best toys available in the market which are not only fun to play with but contribute to the overall development of your baby? Are you looking for a toy that will keep your baby entertained and occupied for hours and especially one that doesn't pose any risk to your baby's health and life? Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many incredible features and benefits: - ABC wooden block letters - small enough to be easily handled by baby - Made up of lightweight and superior Quality wood and non-toxic colors - Set of 15 Colorful blocks to let your baby stack, build and knock it down - always proves to be an incredible entertainer - Keeps your baby engaged for hours - makes it easy for you to finish your routine work - Helps in development of cognitive, problem solving and motoring skills of the baby - Requires your toddler to concentrate to make a tower - easy way to get your baby trained to focus from the childhood itself - Creates strong impressions of alphabets in the mind - makes the learning process quicker when the right time comes MAKE IT PERFECT GIFT Don't get frustrated while searching the right toy gift for you lovely child or grandchild, get her this high quality Alphabet Blocks as a...

  • Brand: Baztoy
  • ASIN: B01N29W2EE
  • UPC: 190149149651
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