Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies - Bully Bull Extreme Elk Call,Green,21.5 in long by 3.5 in diamater

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies - Bully

The Bull Bull "Extreme"grunt tube is designed for use with diaphragm calls. With a new, larger diameter mouth-opening and tapered venturi design, the Bully Bull "Extreme" creates consistant airflow with ideal back pressure for easier to obtain octave changes.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Rocky Mountain Radar
  • ASIN: B00HY4M8XM
  • UPC: 181018000814

Rocky Mountain Wapiti Whacker Bugle Tube - Camo

Rocky Mountain Wapiti Whacker Bugle Tube -

The Wapiti Whacker will create all the sounds, even the high pitch screaming challenge, location and display calls of a bull elk. With all of these innovative ideas all wrapped up in one unit, you can now expect the accuracy, realism and ease of use in this Bugle Tube. The most realistic sounding elk grunt tube ever! The Wapiti Whacker utilizes the V.E.T.T. Calling System placed in the mouth end opening to help create better backpressure, aiding in easier to obtain note changes. The dimensions of the inner hole size helps to create deeper, raspier base sounding chuckles, growls and grunts, along with the larger chamber to create the accuracy and realism of your elk calling. V.E.T.T. Mouthpiece enlargment ring is included for optional 1 1/4" mouthpiece opening The rubber coated end for eliminating plastic vibration sounds Includes camo cover and lanyard The V.E.T.T. system contains a spring tuned to the precise dimensions that is located in the front section of the call. The spring helps create more volume, stabilizes the higher notes, maintains higher pitches and takes less air pressure to operate while blowing into it

  • Brand: Rocky Mountain Radar
  • UPC: 181018000760

Bugling Bull Bully Bull Grunt Tube

Bugling Bull Bully Bull Grunt

The "Bully Bull" Bugle Tube is custom made to give the diaphragm mouth caller a greater edge over that call wise bull elk. This chamber tube will aid in amplifying all sounds bull elk make- bull bugles, squeals, chuckles, growls to grunts - with the most realistic sound ever produced on a bugle tube. The mouth end opening is specially designed to build back pressure, making diaphragm mouth calling easier and more realistic. The chamber tube has a vibration dampener "Tube Tamer" included, to help add more realism to the sounds, creating the correct sounds elk like to hear. Featuring the new Tone Selector. Twist the selector to desired mark, S.M.L., to achieve the bull sound you want- small bull, medium satellite bull or large herd bull sound. The selector will create true back pressure making it easier to obtain note and octave changes.

  • ASIN: B0090SK22Y
  • UPC: 181018000326

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies - Raging Bull Palate Plate Diaphragm Elk Call

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies - Raging

Single lite Latex. Dome shaped Palate Plate. Our most popular call gives you the versatility of making all cow/calf & bull sounds. Unlike other diaphragms, the Palate Plate call is placed forward in your mouth, right behind your upper teeth. This keeps you from gagging and also gives you more control on the latex. Just relax and use your tongue pressure for your note changes. Start off with less tongue pressure for lower notes. As you want higher notes, increase tongue pressure and air flow. The latex is stopped by the Palate Plate so you can't go any higher than the right note. On other diaphragms, if you apply too much pressure, or not enough, you lose the note you're wanting to achieve. The Palate Plate makes the latex longer lasting and easier to blow. The tone of the call is also more realistic.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Rocky Mountain Radar
  • ASIN: B0090SJYQ4
  • UPC: 181018000012

Primos Hunting PS904 The Original Can Sidekick

Primos Hunting PS904 The Original Can

No more stretching on latex unless you want to!! Features a first-of-its-kind mouthpiece that enables you to produce bugles and cow calls quickly and easily with very little air pressure. Includes: "Terminator" Elk call with cap and extra Reed compartment. Two blue "Terminator" Elk reeds that "Snap-On" To the perfect position. "Terminator" Grunt Hose With Camouflage cover and lanyard.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Primos Hunting
  • ASIN: B000KK95SS
  • UPC: 010135009045

Thunder Bugle ~ Elk Hunting Call Bugling + 2 Reeds NEW

Thunder Bugle ~ Elk Hunting Call Bugling +

The revolutionary Thunder Bugle is one of the best external elk calls ever made. The thin replaceable RT-Reeds snap into the mouthpiece in seconds. With four different types of RT-Reeds you can produce a variety of sounds quickly. Simply blow a breath of air through the call and apply top lip, bottom lip, or even tongue pressure and you will be producing tones so easily. With a little practice you will be sounding like the real thing in no time. The Thunder Bugle comes with two RT-Reeds, a camo cover, and a cap to protect the reed.

  • Brand: Berry Game Calls

4-Pk. of Bugling Bull Elk Herd Calls

4-Pk. of Bugling Bull Elk Herd

The "Palate Plate" calls (Model #100 & 101) feature a plate that sits up against the roof of your mouth, giving the call better control and tone, while preventing over blowing. The "Tone Top" calls (model #103a and 106) feature a unique chambered tone top that is correctly designed to create sounds accurately with ease and realism. Bugling Bull Game Call diaphragms are designed to be placed further forward in your mouth, behind your upper front teeth, this helps prevent gagging and give you easier control of the latex.

  • Brand: Rocky's Mountain
  • ASIN: B0090SK09E
  • UPC: 181018000036

Bugling Bull The Temptress Cow Call, Multi

Bugling Bull The Temptress Cow Call,

NEW! Be one of the first to purchase the Temptress the cow call that helped win the 2011 RMEF elk calling contest. Designed by Rockie Jacobsen, this signature series cow call was used by the winners of the Professional, Men's & Women's Division at the 2011 RMEF Elk Calling Championships. "Temptress" utilizes the innovative "Tone Cap". The most realistic cow call ever for no-stick response every time. To use, simply place your top lip over the reed, positioning your lip against the "Tone Cap". Softly blow air over the reed to obtain sweet cow/calf mews. Firmer lip pressure creates higher pitches, while less lip pressure results in deeper pitches. The squeezable end cap , as well as the holes in the "Tone Cap", can be used to change the tone, pitch, and volume of the call.

  • Color: multi
  • Brand: Rocky Mountain Radar
  • ASIN: B0090SK440
  • UPC: 181018000852

Carlton's Calls by Hunters Specialties Mac Daddy Elk Call with Infinity

Carlton's Calls by Hunters Specialties Mac Daddy Elk

Includes mouthpiece with removable baffle, small removable grunt tube and includes lanyard. Mouthpiece includes Infinity latex the easiest call to use and makes the most authentic bugles and nasal cow calls. Anyone can use from beginners to seasoned Elk hunters. Baffle tones down volume for close in calling. With advantage max-1 HD camo cover and Instructional DVD.

  • Brand: Carlton's Calls
  • ASIN: B003NGPGE8
  • UPC: 021291701759

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies - Elk Call Replacement Reeds

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls & Supplies - Elk

Two to a package. Fits the following models: 114 Select A Bull Calling System, 116 Pack A Bull Calling System, 125 Conquerer Mouthpiece

  • Brand: Rocky Mountain Radar
  • ASIN: B0090SK0KI
  • UPC: 181018000135
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