Bookcases, Cabinets & Built-Ins

Bookcases, Cabinets &

It's a universal need―more storage. Whether you're housing books and DVDs, kitchen items, sports gear for the kids, or even the very tools you use to create woodworking projects like these, a little extra storage goes a long way. Following the success of the best-selling Shelves, Cabinets & Bookcases (The Taunton Press), this all-new collection of 25 how-to articles from recent issues of Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking magazines will inspire carpenters, woodworkers, and DIY-ers of all skill levels to create practical yet beautiful units for keeping life straight. Sturdy and attractive is the theme that runs through each project, including a multitude of bookcases, entertainment center built-ins, mudroom clutter busters, and custom kitchen cabinets. Expert advice from America's most accomplished craftsmen will lead the way for designing and building the cabinets, built-ins, and bookcases readers will love.

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Illustrated Cabinetmaking: How to Design and Construct Furniture That Works (Fox Chapel Publishing) Over 1300 Drawings & Diagrams for Drawers, Tables, Beds, Bookcases, Cabinets, Joints & Subassemblies

Illustrated Cabinetmaking: How to Design and Construct Furniture

Design and construct furniture that works with the help of the most complete visual guide ever published! It's all here: Ideas and Inspiration. A visual source of information ranging from furniture styles and dimensions to joinery. The essence of more than 100 classic furniture pieces is captured in highly detailed, exploded drawings. Standards. Take the guesswork out of designing kitchen cabinets, dining tables, desks, bookcases, and chests by applying the time-honored dimension and ergonomic standards shown here. Options and Alternatives. With more than 150 joints and subassemblies at your fingertips, you'll be able to easily alter appearance or construction of any project. Construction Solutions. More than 1,300 drawings take you inside the furniture and show you classic solutions to age-old problems, such as hanging a drawer, attaching a tabletop, and pegging a mortise. Plans. If you don't have the time or inclination to design your own furniture, sources to locate the plans for most of the furniture pieces are included. Illustrated Cabinetmaking is the most complete visual guide to furniture construction ever published. It includes hundreds of clearly-labeled drawings and exploded diagrams that explain everything there is to know about joints, subassemblies and furniture d...

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Bob Lang's The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker, Revised Edition: Shop Drawings and Professional Methods for Designing and Constructing Every Kind of Kitchen and Built-In Cabinet (Fox Chapel Publishing)

Bob Lang's The Complete Kitchen Cabinetmaker, Revised Edition:

This practical handbook takes the mystery out of designing and making built-in cabinets! Take the confusion out of cabinetmaking by learning how to: Measure a room and design cabinetry Develop working shop drawings and cutting lists Work with solid wood, veneered plywood, MDF, and plastic laminates Build traditional face-frame cabinets and Euro-style frameless cabinets Cut and join the basic box for any project Construct wall-hung cabinets, units with lighting, and floor-to-ceiling styles Make doors, drawer faces, drawer boxes, and countertops Kitchens are the ultimate DIY woodworking project, offering the best return on investment! Demonstrating how woodworkers can approach the complex job of designing and making built-in cabinets for kitchens, family rooms, and home offices, this technical handbook provides meticulously detailed shop drawings, clear instructions, and hundreds of professional tips for saving time, materials, unnecessary aggravation, and money. Bob Lang offers practical, hands-on, how-to information and guidance for building traditional face-frame cabinets as well as constructing contemporary frameless Euro-style cabinets. You'll learn how to measure rooms and design fitting cabinetry that considers both function and aesthetics, how to develop working shop draw...

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Great Book of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture, Revised & Expanded Second Edition: Authentic and Fully Detailed Plans for 61 Classic Pieces (Fox Chapel Publishing) Complete Full-Perspective Views

Great Book of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture,

Build furniture in the legendary Craftsman style!61 classic furniture pieces with complete working shop drawingsFull perspective views, elevations, sections, details, & cutting lists, plus additional inlay designs and hardware drawingsOriginal Stickley furniture pieces were measured to create these detailed plans not available from any other sourceIntermediate woodworkers can use these plans to build authentic replicas of valuable period pieces at low costThis big book provides complete working shop drawings for 61 classic furniture pieces. The author, a master cabinetmaker, measured original Craftsman antiques to create these detailed plans.With full perspective views, elevations, sections, details, and cutting lists for each project, this revised collection gives today's woodworkers the heart of the Craftsman aesthetic, along with all the information needed for workshop success.For more than 30 years, professional woodworker and author Robert W. Lang has been the go-to source for complete working shop drawings of Arts & Crafts furniture pieces designed by Gustav Stickley and his associates early in the twentieth century. Lang, an expert furniture and cabinet maker and executive editor of Popular Woodworking, measured original Craftsman antiques to create detailed plans and publ...

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Building Cabinets, Bookcases & Shelves: 29 Step-by-Step Projects to Beautify Your Home

Building Cabinets, Bookcases & Shelves: 29 Step-by-Step Projects

A Place for Everything. . . Whether you need storage for books, dvds, games or clothes, you'll find attractive, custom options in this book. Open shelving? An enclosed cabinet? A classic bookcase? They're all here. Building Bookcases, Cabinets and Shelves offers 29 storage solutions in a variety of styles and sizes with both open and enclosed storage. Each project includes cutting lists, step-by-step instructions and tips and advice from professional woodworkers who have made each piece. Best of all, you can build them just as they are, or customize further to make each piece uniquely yours.

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The Joint Book: The Complete Guide to Wood Joinery

The Joint Book: The Complete Guide to Wood

The Joint Book features illustrated instructions for over 70 joints—providing easy-to-follow step-by-step directions for creating edge and scarf joints, lapped and housed joints, mortise and tenon joints, miters and bevels, dovetails, dowels and biscuits, and detailed descriptions of fasteners, hardware, and knockdown joints. This book is the perfect companion for any woodworker interested in improving their joint-making skills. This hardcover book with internal spiral binding is 6.5" × 8", the perfect size for carpenters and woodworkers to keep near their workbench or toolbox for quick access.The design of this book allows it to lay open flat for easy and frequent reference. The interior photographs, illustrations, and diagrams make the learning process simple and fun for beginners, while advanced readers will gain insight from the book's useful tips. Within, you'll find:Step-by-step illustrated instructions for making all the basic joints in every joint family—mortise and tenon, dovetails, miters, and more—and their variations.Both hand tool methods and power tool techniques, plus a variety of easy-to-build jigs.How the nature of wood and its properties affect joinery, glue, and furniture design.The Joint Book is the ultimate workshop reference, providing woodworkers wit...

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How to Make Workbenches & Shop Storage Solutions: 28 Projects to Make Your Workshop More Efficient from the Experts at American Woodworker (Fox Chapel Publishing) Torsion Boxes, Outfeed Tables, & More

How to Make Workbenches & Shop Storage Solutions:

Whether you're putting together a woodworking shop for the first time or you want to organize your existing one, this compendium has all the workbench and storage solutions you need!28 favorite projects from the pages of American Woodworker magazine, each designed to make your workshop more efficientStep-by-step instructions for a variety of benches, toolboxes, shelving, and cabinetsGet organized, get rid of clutter, and get the most from your tools and workshop so you can work smarter, not harderAchieve the efficient workshop and woodworking results that you've always dreamed ofHow to Make Workbenches & Shop Storage Solutions contains everything you wanted to know about building a workbench, making outfeed tables for shop machines, making work tables and assembly tables, and storage cabinets for tools, materials, and supplies. With step-by-step projects for a variety of benches, toolboxes, shelving, and cabinets, you can finally stop searching for your tools and start using them!How to Make Workbenches & Shop Storage Solutions is all about getting rid of clutter, getting organized, and getting the most from your tools and workshop. You'll learn how to build a long-lasting, dream workbench and an amazing wall-and-slat system that will make any hyper-organized person proud. Other ...

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Fine Woodworking's Kumiko Cabinet-on-Stand Plan (Fine Woodworking Project Plans)

Fine Woodworking's Kumiko Cabinet-on-Stand Plan (Fine Woodworking Project

Joinery takes center stage in this cabinet-on-stand. The base and case are made with contrasting woods, but the straight grain of the riftsawn stock unifies the two. A pair of rails on each side of the case make for a strong, light-looking base. A wide upper apron paired with a narrow lower rail accomplishes the same objective. The base is joined with through-mortise-and-tenons, lightened with tapers and curves. Latticework on the front door dresses up the dovetailed cabinet on top. Skill levelIntermediate DIMENSIONS:9-3/4 in. deep x 15-5.8 in. wide x 54 in. tall WHAT'S INCLUDED:extensive full-size and sale drawingscomplete cutliststep-by-step companion articleBonus article: Master Class on making kumiko

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Great Book of Woodworking Tips: Over 650 Ingenious Workshop Tips, Techniques, and Secrets from the Experts at American Woodworker (Fox Chapel Publishing) Shop-Tested and Photo-Illustrated

Great Book of Woodworking Tips: Over 650 Ingenious

Keep the Great Book of Woodworking Tips close by your workbench for a ready source of inspired, shop-tested advice for woodworking success on any project! This ultimate collection of tips includes how to: Rout perfectly fitting edge joints every time Sharpen every kind of blade and bit, including carbide router bits Move, store, and saw 4x8 sheets all by yourself Make drawer slides that really glide and never wear out Joint and plane to thickness without maddening snipe Clamp and glue awkward miters and curved parts Flatten warped wood-it's easier than you think! This is the essential DIY reference, packed with reader-written woodworking tips and techniques from American Woodworker magazine, the premier publication for woodworkers. This comprehensive guide offers more than 650 ingenious solutions to common woodworking problems. Supplemented with clear workshop photography, each insightful pointer has been workplace-tested by the editors. Whether you are an accomplished woodworker or just beginning to set up your workshop, you'll find quick answers to all of your most challenging questions: Sharpen your woodworking skills for drilling, sawing, routing, clamping, gluing, joinery, finishing, and much more Avoid common pitfalls and solve everyday problems with materials, tools, te...

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Building Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple

Building Kitchen Cabinets Made

Cabinets come in many styles and finishes, but the one thing they have in common is how much they can influence the overall appearance of a kitchen. A run of new cabinets can completely transform a space -- and add significantly to the value of a home. It's no wonder they can cost so much. But now they don't have to.Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple demystifies kitchen cabinet construction and makes it possible for the dedicated do-it-yourselfer to build new cabinets for a fraction of the cost of buying them. This multi-media approach -- DVD and illustrated book guide -- visually and completely instruct woodworkers throughout the process of building sturdy face-frame cabinets with frame-and-panel doors. It's all in here -- from drawing out a plan and constructing the cabinet boxes to finishing and installation.

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Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You Need to Know to Design, Build, and Create

Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You Need to

This complete, all-in-one, easy-to-follow resource, from the reliable experts at Fine Woodworking magazine covers everything you need to know about woodworking--from carving to building to finishes-- reformatted to fit snuggly into any home library.Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How is the essential go-to book for every woodworking project under the sun, from building kitchen cabinets to refinishing a deck. The book is organized by topics such as Types of Wood, Building a Workshop, Working and Finishing Wood, Design and Styles, and Small and Large Projects. Each section is further broken down into chapters that cover specific skills, projects, and crafts for both the beginner and the advanced woodworker--Choosing Plywood, Cutting Dovetails, Building a Look-Inside Birdhouse, Relief Carving, Constructing a Classic Bed, Handheld Power Tools, Building a Cherry Chest of Drawers, Milling Lumber Four-Square, Fashioning a Shaker- Style Clock, and much more. Chapters feature step-by-step instructions, and an appendix of essential resources for supplies, tools, and materials is also included. The text, sourced from Fine Woodworking's vast cache of projects and woodworking advice is trusted, tried, and true.Other titles in the Know-How Series, include:Survival Wisdom & Know-How (978-1-57912-753-...

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Shelves and Cabinets: Projects and Plans, Building Techniques, Storage and Display

Shelves and Cabinets: Projects and Plans, Building Techniques,

Explains how to design and install a wide variety of shelving, cabinets, and built-ins to suit one's personal tastes and requirements, offering step-by-step instructions for the complete installation process, tips on creating shelves and other storage units, advice on installing ready-made units, and more for the kitchen, library, entertainment center, bathroom, utility room, and other locations throughout the house. Original.

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Woodworking: Woodworking for beginners, DIY Project Plans, Woodworking book (Beginners Guide 1)

Woodworking: Woodworking for beginners, DIY Project Plans, Woodworking

GET THE AUDIOBOOK  HERE: you ever wanted to get into woodworking but didn't know where to start or know what size shop you will need? Maybe you like the idea of woodworking as a way to turn a profit, occupy down time, or just to learn a new skill. Or perhaps you found a field that you are interested but you don't know what tools you need to buy?Well, you've come to the right place! There are a lot of websites, DIY instructions, and blogs out there that will show you the easy way or 'hack' of how to build furniture, but a true woodworker takes skill, knowledge, and practice to create works of art that will last generations. Don't fall for the 'quick' and 'simple' gimmicks. Instead, take the time to learn how to do things the right way. Start with this amazingly comprehensive book that will lead you through several different fields of woodworking. Then learn about the necessary and important tools per field. You will then get an idea of what tools you will need to invest in and you will learn what sort of shop you will need. Some fields require lots of room or even multiple rooms and some only need a desk top and a plug in. Some fields require many tools and some only require a few. You can combine your wallet, space, and interests to find the right...

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Fine Woodworking's Krenov Inspired Display Cabinet Plan

Fine Woodworking's Krenov Inspired Display Cabinet

The cabinet-on-stand form popularized by James Krenov uses familiar construction methods such as mortise-and-tenon joints, dowels, and bridle joints. What makes it special are all the lessons and details Jim Budlong adds, learned in years teaching side-by-side with the master. For example, he starts with the doors and then builds the case to fit them. The doors are joined with attractive, simple bridle joints, and divided glass panels help make them special. The carcase is joined with dowels, which makes it easy to dry-fit to ensure a perfect fit with the doors. The legs are shaped on the bandsaw and refined with hand tools. SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate FINISHED SIZE: 11 5/8 in. deep by 22 1/4 in. wide by 60 13/16 in. tall PRINTED PLAN INCLUDES: Companion How-to Article  Detailed cutlist  Extensive, full-size and scale drawings

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Fine Woodworking's Hanging Tool Cabinet Plan (Fine Woodworking Project Plans)

Fine Woodworking's Hanging Tool Cabinet Plan (Fine Woodworking

Enhance your shop with this classic cabinet. With loads of storage for all your hand-tool needs, this space-saving tool cabinet is as handsome as it is versatile. The case and door box joinery feature through-dovetails that are left slightly proud as a prominent design element. Custom interior provides a place of every tool you own. Inside the case, a vertical handplane till and a gallery accommodate your favorite planes, making them easily accessible. SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate DIMENSIONS: 13-7/8 in. deep by 28 in. wide by 42 in. tall WHAT'S INCLUDED:extensive full-size and scale drawingsdetailed cutliststep-by-step companion article

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