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The Canine Good Citizen program was created by the American Kennel Club to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. Written by the respected dog experts at the American Kennel Club (the very same organization that designed the test), Citizen Canine will help dog owner easily maneuver through the program’s 10-step curriculum, stressing responsible pet ownership and basic good manners for dogs. With the valuable information found in this helpful guide, your dog will pass the Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors and qualify for a certificate of

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The Perfect Companion - Understanding, Training and Bonding with Your Dog!: 2017 Extended Edition (Positive Dog Training) (Volume 1)

The Perfect Companion - Understanding, Training and Bonding

The Perfect Companion, Understanding, Training and Bonding with your Dog! Written by professional dog trainer and canine behaviourist Karen Davison, is essential reading for all new puppy owners and a valuable source of information for those of us who want to get the best out of our relationship with man's best friend. This publication is much more than a training manual; it explores the inner workings of the dog's mind to give you a real understanding of how and why positive reinforcement gains the best and most reliable results. From a detailed puppy socialisation program to environmental enrichment and suggested activities and games that will build confidence, give your dog a happy fulfilled life and strengthen the bond between you, laying the foundation for a strong and rewarding relationship. You will find detailed step by step instructions on how to teach basic commands using various different positive training techniques, so that you can choose the method that best suits you and your dog. It encourages you to consider your dog's natural behaviour and to channel their instincts into positive activities and reveals why stimulating your dog's mind has many behavioural and physical benefits, possibly contributing to longevity. Some common behavioural issues are covered in ...

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Training the Best Dog Ever: A 5-Week Program Using the Power of Positive Reinforcement

Training the Best Dog Ever: A 5-Week Program

Training the Best Dog Ever, originally published in hardcover as The Love That Dog Training Program, is a book based on love and kindness. It features a program of positive reinforcement and no-fail techniques that author Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz used to train the White House dog, Bo Obama, and each of Senator Ted Kennedy’s dogs, among countless others.Training the Best Dog Ever relies on trust and treats, not choke collars; on bonding, not leash-yanking or reprimanding. The five-week training program takes only 10 to 20 minutes of practice a day and works both for puppies and for adult dogs that need to be trained out of bad habits. Illustrated with step-by-step photographs, the book covers hand-feeding; crate and potty training; and basic cues—sit, stay, come here—as well as more complex goals, such as bite inhibition and water safety. It shows how to avoid or correct typical behavior problems, including jumping, barking, and leash-pulling. Plus: how to make your dog comfortable in the world—a dog that knows how to behave in a vet’s office, is at ease around strangers, and more. In other words, the best dog ever.

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K9 Behavior Basics: A Manual for Proven Success in Operational Service Dog Training (K9 Professional Training Series)

K9 Behavior Basics: A Manual for Proven Success

Understand dog behavior to work with, not against, your K9’s instincts. Learn how to: Recognize and interpret your K9’s expressions, gestures and signals. Use operant conditioning to efficiently and humanely train K9s. Plan and execute effective K9 training programs for search and detection, patrol, remote guided camera, attack, and more. The art and science of training police, military and other service dogs continue to evolve as we learn more about dog behavior. In this revised edition of K9 Behavior Basics, expert dog trainers Dr. Resi Gerritsen, Ruud Haak and Simon Prins share the essentials every trainer needs to know about these advances in K9 training. You’ll learn how to successfully implement or improve your dogs’ training programs using operant conditioning. The authors outline key concepts in dog behavior and communication and provide practical approaches to operant conditioning. They share proven techniques and solid advice from their more than thirty years of specialized K9 experience. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro staying up-to-date, K9 Behavior Basics has something for you.

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The Cautious Canine-How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears

The Cautious Canine-How to Help Dogs Conquer Their

Many fear-based problems can be overcome by learning how to apply desensitization and counter conditioning. Whether fear of strangers, vacuums or objects, by identifying triggers and creating a step-by-step plan you will improve the quality of your dog's life-and yours.

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101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to

101 Dog Tricks is an international bestseller in 18 languages with over a half-million copies sold worldwide! This beautifully designed book features step-by-step instructions with easy-to-follow color photos of each step. Each trick is rated with a difficulty rating and prerequisites to get you started quickly. Tips and troubleshooting boxes cover common problems, while Build on it! ideas suggest more complicated tricks that build on each new skill.Tricks range from simple ones like Sit, Shake Hands, Fetch, and Roll Over, to extraordinary ones like Tidy Up Your Toys into the Toybox and Get a Soda from the Fridge. Organized by theme, it's easy to find the next trick to work on with your dog. Just a few of the themes to choose from:Chores, such as Newspaper Delivery and Get Your LeashFunny tricks, such as Doggy Push-ups and Play the PianoDancing, such as Moonwalk and Chorus Line KicksLove, such as Kisses and Wave Goodbye Trick training will help you bond with your dog and integrate him or her into your family. Tricks also help keep your dog mentally and physically healthy and establish paths of communication between you. Many tricks build skills used in dog sports, dog dancing, and dog therapy work. 101 Dog Tricks will inspire you to do more with your dog! Millions of peopl...

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The Rally Course Book: AKC Novice Through Master

The Rally Course Book: AKC Novice Through

Publisher's Note: This printing is no longer wire bound. Readers have had good luck using local copy and printing business and had the book wire bound inexpensively.This 2017 Update includes all new AKC Rally course designs for AKC Rally Novice through Master classes plus explanations of all the new signs and exercises. Exhibitors, instructors and judges will all find it invaluable for practice, teaching, designing courses or judging. AKC Rally signs are pictured and clearly explained. In addition, the author gives exhibitors some great tips and explains the scoring, rules and rule changes. You are invited to copy and use these courses in your practice sessions, training programs, or class judging. AKC RALLY – TEACHING, DESIGNING AND JUDGING AKC RALLY COURSES -AKC Rally signs explained. -AKC Rally signs updated for 2017. -New Rally course diagrams and designs to copy for your own use. -Learn how to design Rally courses. -AKC Rally rules and regulations for each level. Janice Dearth has judged thousands of handler/dog teams in AKC Rally venues over the past 15 years. She is an AKC Rally judge, all classes; ASCA Rally and Obedience Judge, all classes; AKC Novice Obedience Judge; AKC Non-Regular Obedience Class Judge, NADOI Certified Honorary Life Member, and Pikes Peak Obedience ...

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Sporting Dog and Retriever Training: The Wildrose Way: Raising a Gentleman's Gundog for Home and Field

Sporting Dog and Retriever Training: The Wildrose Way:

A comprehensive guide to transforming your dog into a valuable wing-shooting companion in the field and at home. Created by Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels, the Wildrose Way is a unique, low-force, positive training method that is field-proven for upland and waterfowl gundogs. The training prepares dogs for versatility—any game, any terrain, any destination—and makes them desirable companions for any situation. Now, for the first time, Stewart’s methods are compiled in one indispensable reference book, fully illustrated with photographs and diagrams. Containing chapters on establishing essential behaviors, the core skills of the hunting retriever, and waterdog finishing work, as well as sidebars on such topics as breed selection and effective canine leadership, this step-by-step book is designed specifically for wing-shooters who want to transform their pup into a gentleman’s gundog.

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How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood

From the bestselling author and star of National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer, the only resource you’ll need for raising a happy, healthy dog. For the millions of people every year who consider bringing a puppy into their lives–as well as those who have already brought a dog home–Cesar Millan, the preeminent dog behavior expert, says, "Yes, you can raise the perfect dog!" It all starts with the proper foundation in the early years. Here, Cesar tells you everything you need to know to create the best environment for a well-balanced dog in order to avoid behavior issues in the future, and shows you how to correct the most common behavior issues for young dogs. Based on Cesar’s own detailed experiences raising individual puppies from some of the most popular breeds, How to Raise the Perfect Dog is like having Cesar right beside you, as your own personal expert, coaching you and your dog from the first day of your life together. Packed with new information aimed specifically at the particular needs of puppies and adolescents, and written in Cesar's friendly, accessible style, How to Raise the Perfect Dog answers all the most commonly asked questions and guides you towards a loving, satisfying life-long relationship with your best friend. #1 New York Times bestselling au...

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Dog Training 101: Step-by-Step Instructions for raising a happy well-behaved dog

Dog Training 101: Step-by-Step Instructions for raising a

Whether you’re welcoming a new puppy into your family or want to help your best friend overcome fears or problem behaviors, internationally renowned dog trainer and best-selling author Kyra Sundance presents your essential reference for positive dog training. Using a visually driven, playful presentation, Dog Training 101 offers step-by-step instructions to train your pup to be a happy, attentive, and well-mannered canine. You will use positive training methods—including humane counterconditioning and positive redirection—to build a joyful relationship with your dog, who will become a willing partner in the process.   Teach your dog basic commands, such as:SitDownStayComeDrop itLeave itLearn real-world tactics for managing common household problems, such as:Leash pullingJumping on visitorsBegging at the tableGetting into the trash canGrowlingPeeing (submissive, excited, and marking)Kyra will also help you teach your pup to overcome common fears, among them:Loud soundsBeing left aloneCertain peopleVacuum cleanerThe bathtubThis comprehensive guide also includes step-by-step advice for bringing a new dog into your household: preparing for a new dog’s arrival, tips for a smooth transition into the household, introducing him or her to your family, and acclimating your dog t...

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Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

Marley & Me: Life and Love with the

Is it possible for humans to discover the key to happiness through a bigger-than-life, bad-boy dog? Just ask the Grogans.John and Jenny were just beginning their life together. They were young and in love, with not a care in the world. Then they brought home Marley, a wiggly yellow furball of a puppy. Life would never be the same.Marley grew into a barreling, ninety-seven-pound streamroller of a Labrador retriever. He crashed through screen doors, gouged through drywall, and stole women's undergarments. Obedience school did no good -- Marley was expelled.But just as Marley joyfully refused any limits on his behavior, his love and loyalty were boundless, too. Marley remained a model of devotion, even when his family was at its wit's end. Unconditional love, they would learn, comes in many forms.Marley & Me is John Grogan's funny, unforgettable tribute to this wonderful, wildly neurotic Lab and the meaning he brought to their lives.

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The Canine Kingdom of Scent: Fun Activities Using Your Dog's Natural Instincts

The Canine Kingdom of Scent: Fun Activities Using

Help give your dog the key to the kingdom of scent!Your dog truly rules when it comes to scenting ability, but you hold the key to allow him to learn how to more fully explore his kingdom. And that key is your willingness to work with him in what dog trainers call nosework exercises and games. While your dog has a wonderful innate ability to scent, nosework will present fun and interesting challenges which will make your dog more physically and mentally fit as well as to help solidify your relationship with your dog. Anne Lill Kvam’s The Canine Kingdom of Scent provides you all you need to know in terms of training techniques and tips so that you and your dog can both get all the benefits from doing nosework.You will learn: -How to motivate your dog to follow a scent trail or find a hidden item through the use of positive reinforcement and effective rewards.-The importance of teaching your dog is step-by-step increments and allowing sufficient times for breaks and relaxation.-The best way to teach your dog the names of his toys, find lost keys, and how to retrieve items left on a track.-All about the “pancake tracking” method used to begin to teach your dog how to track and then how to keep your dog challenged as he begins to tackle more difficult tracking exercises.Praise ...

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Canine Nosework Vol. 1: Teamwork and fun with your dog, Nosework Basics to the Odor Recognition Test

Canine Nosework Vol. 1: Teamwork and fun with

Your guide to the basics of canine nosework thru the odor recognition test (ORT). Enjoy a fun and positively based approach to training your dog in canine nosework. Any dog can participate, prior experience is not necessary. Your dog will learn to find and alert to specific odors. Promotes a calm and focused dog. Creates a wonderful bond between you and your dog. A great place to start for any handler and dog. Book includes link to selected lesson videos for extra training help.

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Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide Interpreting the Native Language of the Domestic Dog

Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide Interpreting the

Ever wish you could talk to your dog? With this bible of canine body language you can learn to read him! Well-organized, loaded with photos and detailed explanations, it helps you interpret your dog's emotions and, indeed, thoughts. Winner of the DWAA Maxwell Award for 2006, Best General Reference Book

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Companion Dog Obedience Training With Electronic Collars

Companion Dog Obedience Training With Electronic

Companion Dog Obedience Training with Electronic Collars offers gentle, safe effective training for all dogs. Do you love your dog but sometimes have trouble liking him? Then this book is for you.In one short month your dog can learn to be the happy, obedient dog you've always wanted! Covers complete basic obedience including walking on a loose leash, coming when called, heel, sit, down and stay.No more shouting. Reliable off leash control around distractions is easy when you understand how your dog learns and follow the step by step instructions included.Tired of your dog dragging you down the street? ... Imagine, no more pulling on the leash.Tired of chasing your dog? ... Imagine, your dog will come when called. Tired of your dog jumping on guests? ... Imagine your dog greeting them quietly.Tired of excessive barking? ... Imagine your dog quite and calm.Imagine the freedom your dog will enjoy. ... A whole new world will open to your trained, reliable companion dog. You will not have to shut him away because company is coming.

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