Eisco Garage Physics Catapult - Build Yourself - Premium 3/4" Pine, Comes with Everything You Need - Made in The US

Eisco Garage Physics Catapult - Build Yourself -

The Eisco Garage Physics Catapult allows students of any age to explore the concepts of force, acceleration, parabolic trajectory, center of mass, Hooke's law, vector components, and class 2 levers while also providing hours of fun. The DIY kit is simple and quick to assemble, and includes adjustable parts to experiment with different initial conditions. Instructions included with the kit detail learning exercises and routes of further exploration. Everything needed to build the catapult is included. The wooden pieces are all made from 3/4" pine. This kit is sourced and assembled entirely in the United States, and correlates well with NGSS standards 3-PS2-1&2, MS-PS2-2, and HS-PS2-1 (Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions).

  • Brand: EISCO
  • ASIN: B01MZ9R2SM

TiMi Tree Water Balloon Launcher 500 Yard Toys 3 Person Slingshot 500 Water Balloons, The Beast Heavy Duty T-Shirt Launcher Water Bomb Slingshot Trebuchet Balloon Fight Cannon Catapult

TiMi Tree Water Balloon Launcher 500 Yard Toys

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: TiMi Tree
  • ASIN: B07FC89NXT
  • UPC: 717643406570

KAOS Catapult Water Balloon Launcher, 50 Water Balloons

KAOS Catapult Water Balloon Launcher, 50 Water

Hit targets from a distance with the KAOS Catapult! This catapult allows you to launch water balloons up to 300ft! Just grab two friends, load a water balloon in the middle, have two friends hold either end, pull back, and let it rip! Includes 50 water balloons and faucet filler.Manufacturer Suggested Age: 14 Years and UpFeatures: easy loadingIncludes: water balloonsMaterial: plasticDimensions: 10.000 inches L x 1.000 inches HCare and Cleaning: Wipe Clean with a Damp ClothBattery: no battery used

  • Brand: Kaos Water Play
  • ASIN: B007R1Z7T4
  • UPC: 534262120164

Hog Wild Toys Air Strike Catapult

Hog Wild Toys Air Strike

Hog Wild was founded in 1996 and we live by these simple rules: We sell innovative novelty products typically geared to older kids (over 8) and that cross over to adults. We try to be different and dance to our own beat when developing toys and gifts. We avoid competition whenever possible (no board games, no fashion dolls, no flying disks). We don't do gag gifts but do enjoy humor and farting products (we just don't sell them). We're not the brightest bulbs in the warehouse but we do try and often own up to our stupid mistakes. We like things simple because it's easier for us to understand. We're located in Porkland, Oregon and ship all our products from this sometimes inconvenient location. We typically take 3 to 5 days to process an order for our retail stores and we like to get paid on time. If you're a credit worthy retailer, we'll offer you terms. If you're an "end user" we want you to buy from our website and we value you the most of all. I'm sorry our prices are not dirt cheap but what you find from us, you should not find anywhere else. There are times when we get knocked off but that's life in the toy business. We're always on the prowl for new ideas and look to outside inventors for help. Most of the really good inventors are very hard to find and they are often bar te...

  • Brand: Hog Wild
  • ASIN: B00773ENH4
  • UPC: 755542065726

Wonder Workshop - Dash Robot Coding for Kids 6+ - Dash Challenge Cards & Catapult Launcher - (Amazon Exclusive)

Wonder Workshop - Dash Robot Coding for Kids

With Wonder Workshop’s Dash Robot and Sketch Kit, kids ages 6 and up can create anything they can imagine. Dash is a real robot that responds to voice commands or any of our five free downloadable apps to sing, draw, and move around. It’s more than learning to code. Dash lets kids explore loops, events, conditions, and sequences and see how they result in Dash’s real-life movements. Wonder Workshop helps kids engage with technology in an open-ended and significant way – it’s not just a toy, it’s real-world problem solving. Kids will grow in their confidence as digital citizens and architects by seeing their own designs come to life. Dash robot comes charged and ready to enjoy straight out of the box and includes two of our most popular STEM creativity kits – Dash Challenge Cards and Sketch Kit. The Dash Challenge Cards offer entertaining scenarios for Dash to respond to, and along the way gather the vocabulary of coding. Sketch Kit lets kids draw anything they imagine with the coding apps and see Dash bring their creations to life with the pencils that attach to its front. Dash can grow right along with you with additional attachments from Wonder Workshop, providing even more challenges and fun. Dash can start at any skill level and build from there, so it’s per...

  • Brand: Wonder Workshop
  • ASIN: B07CQM6DV2
  • UPC: 811225030112

Catapult Water Balloon Slingshot / Cannon / Launcher, 50 Water Balloons

Catapult Water Balloon Slingshot / Cannon / Launcher,

How to Use Keep in mind if being used with small children to watch for safety. Also even though the instructions seem easy there is a small learning curve and will take a bit of practice before achieving incredible distances Grab some Family and Friends! You need at least 3 people for ENDLESS FUN! Fill up Water Balloons to about the size of a tennis ball, this will guarantee the balloon will not explode when you let go during launch. *Pro Tip- Once you fill your Balloons leave them in a bucket of water, since Water Balloon Launcher Balloons are constructed to break easier to avoid injuries, this helps prevent them from bursting in the pouch while launching. Have 2 people grab each end of the launcher, stand about 3ft - 4ft apart, any further and you will not achieve MAXIMUM Distance. Now it is time to LAUNCH! Take one of your Balloons and place it in the pouch, hold it in with one hand while pulling at a 45 degree angle soon the pouch will form around the Balloon and you will not need to hold it in place. Aim and FIRE! Water balloon launchers are filled with more than just excitement and adventure, they're filled with grade A adrenaline. You'll win every water balloon fight, dominate snowball fights, amaze with distance and accuracy. You will no longer have to worry about rea...

  • Brand: Mealivos
  • ASIN: B01NA8VDA1
  • UPC: 713902628431

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult

Catapults were first invented in Ancient Greek and Roman times, however our common idea of them is based on drawings we have from the Medieval Ages. Leonardo redesigned the catapult around 1485, and used the springlike energy stored in bent wood to give power to the swing arm.

  • Color: Wooden
  • Brand: Pathfinders
  • ASIN: B00CWMXU88
  • UPC: 608938018953

SEABILLIES Beast 300 Yd Water Balloon Slingshot/ Cannon/ Launcher

SEABILLIES Beast 300 Yd Water Balloon Slingshot/ Cannon/

The beast water balloon launcher kit is the perfect gift for almost anyone, ages 5 to 75! Send it to your college students. Send it overseas to your loved ones in the military. Give it to your children or grandchildren. Buy one for the family. Buy one for you and your friends.

  • Color: Yellow
  • ASIN: B00AL57GEW
  • UPC: 808361000222

Stanley Jr DIY Wood Catapult Toy Trucks for Kids - Easy to Assemble Model Truck Kit - Catapult Craft Kit - Wooden Catapult Launcher Kit - Parts, Paint & Decals Included

Stanley Jr DIY Wood Catapult Toy Trucks for

Wooden Truck Slingshot DIY Set: Challenge your children's imaginations while keeping them active and engaged with this fun and engaging wood model truck kit. Help develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving skills and sense of imagination and creativity while building their very own wooden craft truck from scratch! Each kids truck building kit includes pre-cut wood pieces, decals, three balls and all screws & nails and decals and paint. Little crafters will fall in love with their finished project and enjoy a sense of accomplishment when they play with a catapult wood truck that they have created using their own imagination and skill! Features: Finished Dimensions: 3.8 × 3.5 × 5.9 Inch Minimum age - age 5+ Click Add To Cart now to order a kids catapult craft kit and enjoy fun and educational craft time with your kids today!

  • Brand: Stanley Jr
  • ASIN: B079Y9XNWT

YHmall 3 Person Water Balloon Launcher with 100 Water Balloons, Catapult/Cannon Slingshot Free Balloons. Outdoor Game for Kids and Adults.

YHmall 3 Person Water Balloon Launcher with 100

How to use: 1.Call on some friends and your family to attend the party, you need one or three persons participate in the game. 2.Fill up water balloons to the size of a tennis ball. This will guarantee that the balloon does not burst. Once you fill up your balloons, put them in a water bucket. 3.Have two people grab each end of the launcher with their inside hands and stand three feet apart facing their target. Grasp tubing connection and grips together. 4.The third man will take one of the balloons and put it in the pouch then cup the balloon into the pouch with one hand, the other hand will hold the nylon handle. The launcher starts to pull back latex rubber tubing, aim the target and let go! Never aim at eye level! 5.It is not recommended to use the product for children under 5 years old. Children need to play with adults.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: YHmall

Wonder Workshop Launcher for Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Launcher for Dash

Wonder Workshop Launcher for Dash Robot

  • Color: Multicoloured
  • Brand: Wonder Workshop
  • ASIN: B014XDSL3C
  • UPC: 793631005604

Vex Robotics Construction Set Catapult Launcher & Powered Motor Kit Add On STEM Starter Engineering and Mathematics Bundle

Vex Robotics Construction Set Catapult Launcher & Powered

In 100BC, Greek and Roman engineers changed the face of the battle with the invention of the most powerful long-range weapon the world had ever seen. Now kids everywhere can experience the thrill of launching objects with the new VEX Robotics Catapult by HEXBUG!

  • Brand: VEX Robotics
  • ASIN: B016X56MSO
  • UPC: 807648042115

Water Balloon Launcher 200 Yards by Captain Splash, 3 Person Slingshot Cannon Catapult, 150 FREE Water Balloons & Carry Case Included. (Red, Extra Strong Latex Sling) 2019 Edition. Outdoor Games

Water Balloon Launcher 200 Yards by Captain Splash,

Details ✔ Captain Splash 200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher is made from extremely durable latex, real surgical tubing and rip-proof nylon and foam comfort grip handles. ✔ The carry case is made of quality nylon and double stitched. ✔ 150 multicolored water balloons included. ✔ Can launch water balloons, snowballs and other soft and light promotional items up to 200 yards. ✔ Hassle Free Money-Back Guarantee. Recommended for children 16 years or older. If using around small children, keep safety in mind. The instructions to use the launcher may seem easy, but there is a small learning curve. It will take some practice before being able to launch incredible distances. How to Use At least 3 people are needed to be able to use the launcher. Fill up water balloons to about the size of a tennis ball. This will insure that the balloon does not burst when letting go of the pouch during launch. Two players stand three feet apart facing their target, each grasping one of the vinyl grips with their inside hand. A third player (launcher) will then load the water balloon into the pouch with one hand holding the nylon handle and the other hand cupping the balloon into the pouch. The launcher will then pull back (no further than eight feet), aim at the target and let go...

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Vivorr
  • ASIN: B014TYDO8C
  • UPC: 646437205986

Upgraded Water Balloon Launcher 500 Yards, 3 Person Balloon Large Slingshot Trebuchet, Tshirt Slingshot Launcher, Water Cannons Yard Toys Outdoor Game for Kids Adults. ( 500 Balloons Included )

Upgraded Water Balloon Launcher 500 Yards, 3 Person

EXSPORT Water Balloon Launcher 500 Yards, Heavy Duty Water Balloon Cannon / Slingshot Fun Water Balloon Fight Pool Party Toy,3 Person Giant Angry Birds Summer Beach Games,500 Balloons & Carry Case

  • Brand: POKONBOY
  • ASIN: B07C77DXR2
  • UPC: 607111466383

Tara Toys STEM Projects Catapult Launcher

Tara Toys STEM Projects Catapult

BUILD IT!  LAUNCH IT!! Fun and easy to build!  Learn about stored energy while building the catapult launcher.  Release the lever arm to launch the foam balls and watch them fly!  The enclosed learning card is full of scientific facts, key words and assorted information presented in a fun way! This set includes the plastic catapult parts, 2 foam balls, 1 rubber band, 1 sticker sheet, 1 easy to follow instruction card and 1 learning card.

  • Color: Catapult Launcher
  • Brand: Tara Toys
  • ASIN: B07GRR72KB
  • UPC: 029116315488
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