Ahmad Tea of London : Ceylon Tea (loose tea) 500ge/17.6 oz.

Ahmad Tea of London : Ceylon Tea (loose

Ahmad 500 gram loose Ceylon tea is from the finest high grown teas from the Sri Lankan hillsides. The tea has a beautiful golden color and memorable character. Try serving Ahmad Ceylon black tea with milk or a slice of lemon.

  • Color: BLACK
  • Brand: Ahmad Tea
  • ASIN: B002UP153Y
  • UPC: 054881019507

Davidson's Tea Bulk, Ceylon Op Black, 1 lb Bag

Davidson's Tea Bulk, Ceylon Op Black, 1 lb

Rich, "breakfast-type" Sri Lankan tea, excellent with milk.

  • Brand: Davidson's Tea
  • ASIN: B000SANUB8
  • UPC: 773821999258

The Republic of Tea, Mango Ceylon, Metabolic Frolic Tea, 50 Count

The Republic of Tea, Mango Ceylon, Metabolic Frolic

The Republic Of Tea's Mango Ceylon Metabolic Frolic Tea Has Quickly Become One Of The Most Popular Flavors. Great Served Hot Or Cold, This Uplifting Black Tea Will Convert Even The Most Adamant Coffee Drinkers. The Light And Sweet Flavors Of Mango And Sunflower Blossoms Combine With Fine Black Tea To Create A Superior Taste And An Invigorating Fragrance. The Tropical Hints Of This Herbal Tea Make It A Big Hit In The Morning, Afternoon, Or Evening. Serve Mango Ceylon Metabolic Frolic Tea To Your Party Guests And They Will Never Want To Leave! Simply Heat Filtered Water To A Boil, Pour Water Over Tea, And Steep For 3-5 Minutes.

  • Brand: The Republic of Tea
  • ASIN: B0002AUTN6
  • UPC: 742676400011

Frontier Co-op Organic Fair Trade Certified Ceylon High Grown Tea, Flowery Orange Pekoe, 16 Ounce

Frontier Co-op Organic Fair Trade Certified Ceylon High

Fair Trade CertifiedNatural ProductsCO-OPUSDA OrganicKosherCertified Organic by QAIA high grown medium-strong tea body with a moderate to high level of astringency. The infused color of this tea is a deep coppery red with a strong, black tea aroma.Ceylon makes a lovely afternoon tea. The high-grown teas have a bright, distinctive flavor.Botanical name: Camellia sinensis.

  • Brand: Frontier
  • ASIN: B000WR8OQ8
  • UPC: 089836010674

Harney & Sons Black Tea, Decaffeinated, 50 Tea Bags

Harney & Sons Black Tea, Decaffeinated, 50 Tea

Harney & Sons Decaffeinated Ceylon is high quality black tea with the caffeine removed, but with the depth of flavor left intact. Now you can enjoy your cup of tea without worrying about the caffeine.

  • Brand: Harney & Sons
  • UPC: 636046101137

Taylors of Harrogate Pure Ceylon, 50 Teabags

Taylors of Harrogate Pure Ceylon, 50

Delicate, mellow, and aromatic blend has a rosy color when brewed

  • Brand: Taylors of Harrogate
  • UPC: 773821856599

Positively Tea Company, Organic Ceylon, Black Tea, Loose Leaf, USDA Organic, 1 Pound Bag

Positively Tea Company, Organic Ceylon, Black Tea, Loose

Positively Tea, Organic Ceylon Black Tea Tasting Notes: Sweet, Well-Rounded, Rich This fragrant and sweet Organic Ceylon black tea has a beautiful long leaf style. The cup is medium-bodied and rich with well-rounded flavor and aroma. Origin: Sri Lanka Certification: USDA Certified Organic Caffeine Level: High Ingredients: 100% Organic Ceylon Black Tea Packaging: All tea comes in an airtight, resealable bag to preserve freshness. Brewing Instructions: Steep at 212°F for 3 minutes. Tea brew time and measurements may vary according to preference and brewing device. Why Positively Tea? Positively Tea is a USDA Certified Organic tea company specializing in high quality, specialty loose leaf teas from around the world. All of our teas are curated with incredible passion and positivity. With over 70 varieties of organic tea to choose from, we offer a positively delicious and organic tea selection to satisfy any tea craving, and perfect for every step of your tea journey. All of our USDA Certified Organic teas are fresh, free of artificial flavors, harsh chemicals and GMOs. Discover the power of tea in its purest form.

  • Brand: Organic Positively Tea Company
  • ASIN: B07B68GBWY

Royal Black Tea | 50 Cups | Delicious Iced & Hot Tea | Extra Special Ceylon Loose Leaf | English Breakfast & Afternoon Teatime | Naturally Aromatic Leaves in Bulk Bag | Plain Unsweet Organic Teas

Royal Black Tea | 50 Cups | Delicious

Royal Ceylon Black Tea selected by the very best Ceylon Master Teamen and presented to you with the permission of the Elephant Chateau and the Ceylon Flavor Foundation. Every ethically sourced product we offer is certified organic and prepared with the utmost attention to quality. Tea Suited for the King Royal Ceylon Black Tea Presenting you with the finest Ceylon leaf courtesy of Elephant Chateau. Organic Certified Our teas are 100% naturally flavored and certified USDA organic. Whole Leaf Goodness Elephant Chateau takes pride in providing you the leafiest & most aromatic tea. Tea Infuser Gift Our environmentally friendly stainless steel tea infuser ensures your tea is free of toxic chemicals & plastic. How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea (Standard Method) Place one tea spoon of tea (per person) into your tea infuser. Bring fresh water to a boil and pour it onto the infuser until submerged. Let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes (based on strength preference). Add sugar, milk, or lemon to suit personal taste (optional). Stir, serve & enjoy! Benefits of Ceylon Black Tea Increases fat burning (with a healthy lifestyle including diet & exercise) Improves Digestion Natural Antioxidant Visit us at the Elephant Chateau

  • Color: Black, Gold
  • Brand: Elephant Chateau
  • ASIN: B07F59NYRF
  • UPC: 704831324945

Bigelow Premium Tea 100% Ceylon 100 Tea Bags 8oz

Bigelow Premium Tea 100% Ceylon 100 Tea Bags

Bigelow Premium Tea 100% Ceylon 100 Tea Bags 8oz

  • Color: Assorted
  • Brand: Bigelow Tea
  • ASIN: B000MFJM98
  • UPC: 231000351407

Twinings of London Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea Bags, 20 Count (Pack of 6)

Twinings of London Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea Bags,

Since 1706, Twinings of London has been masterfully blending teas to create a special moment with each cup of Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea you brew. Ceylon tea comes from the country that today is known as Sri Lanka. Twinings Ceylon tea is a pure, black tea that is made using the finest quality high grown teas from the Dimbula region in western Sri Lanka and blended with a subtle hint of citrus flavor and the fresh aroma of succulent grass on a summer's day. In the 1870's, Ceylon became a major tea producing area after the coffee crop failed. Its tea is still referred to as "Ceylon" despite the country changing its name to Sri Lanka in 1972 following independence. Ceylon is ideal to drink at any time of day and is great for ice tea too. Drink black, with a little milk and sweeten to taste. Each of the six boxes comes packed with 20 standard sized tea bags, so you can brew your tea by the cup or by the pot without any hassle.20 bags

  • Brand: Twinings
  • ASIN: B000F4F95W
  • UPC: 070177506452

Stash Tea Kenilworth Estate Ceylon Black Loose Leaf Tea 16 Ounce Pouch Loose Leaf Premium Black Tea for Use with Tea Infusers Tea Strainers or Teapots, Drink Hot or Iced, Sweetened or Plain

Stash Tea Kenilworth Estate Ceylon Black Loose Leaf

Founded in 1972, Stash Tea Company originally operated out of an old Portland Victorian style house, supplying loose herbal teas and bulk herbs to natural food stores. Starting in 1975, the company broadened its focus to include bagged teas and then began to sell a full line of traditional, specialty blend and herbal teas directly to fine restaurants and through a mail order catalog to consumers. Today, Stash Tea Company is one of the largest specialty tea companies in the United States. The company derives its name from an entertaining aspect of tea folklore. In earlier centuries, tea was a valuable commodity traditionally transported by clipper ship. The ship’s captain often was presented with some of the finest teas for his personal use. This supply was his “stash,” stowed carefully as his “private reserve.” Today, the term is still used to denote anything put away carefully because of its preciousness.

  • Brand: Stash Tea
  • ASIN: B006LXKK5A

Coffee Bean Direct Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf Black Tea, 2 Pound Bag

Coffee Bean Direct Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf Black

Orange Pekoe contains no orange. Don't feel bad, it's a common mistake. What it does contain is full rolled leaves of high quality grade black tea. Lower grades of Orange Pekoe are widely used in mass-market tea bags. It produces a robust copper red liquor with a full body and well-balanced flavor.

  • Brand: Coffee Bean Direct
  • ASIN: B002GWH78S
  • UPC: 885710718441

Bah-Bah - Black Ceylon Tea OPA, (250g) Loose Whole Leaf Tea

Bah-Bah - Black Ceylon Tea OPA, (250g) Loose

Premium Loose Ceylon Black Opa Certified Tea (Symbol of Quality). Perfect Ceylon Tea is Produced in the Traditional manners from tender shoots of Camellia Sinensis. The Proces of manufacture, perfected over centuries in the most widespread in Sri Lanka with its drying, rolling, fermentation and baking into from most people are familiar with - black tea, green tea, white tea. Bah-bah Tea is geared to meet the most demanding requirements in the world market today, supplying tea this premium tea in the foil bag inside the box.

  • Brand: Bah-Bah
  • ASIN: B07N6NVY1C
  • UPC: 707018105153

Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea, Loose Tea, 3.53-Ounce Tin

Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea, Loose Tea, 3.53-Ounce

Twinings of London Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea comes in a resusable tin. “Orange Pekoe” is used to grade the size and quality of dried black tea leaves. “Ceylon” is the previous name of the country from where it is grown, now Sri Lanka, a small island in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lankan tea is unique because the country's hot, sunny climate is perfectly balanced with the right amount of rain to yield teas with a wide range of flavour and color. It is created by carefully selecting the finest teas from the high-altitude district of Dimbula, which give this tea its bright, golden colour and crisp, refreshing taste

  • Brand: Twinings
  • ASIN: B001MOH1IW
  • UPC: 698997430698

English Breakfast Tea, CRISP, RICH & AROMATIC well-rounded loose leaf tea, 110+ cups, 8oz Organic Ceylon SINGLE ESTATE tea, 100% Harrington estate, OP grade tea, U.S.A. Processed & Quality Control

English Breakfast Tea, CRISP, RICH & AROMATIC well-rounded

Despite its diminutive geography, it is a land of great beauty and manages to be one of the largest tea producers in the entire world. Ceylon tea is the name broadly given to loose black teas produced in Sri Lanka. Ceylon is considered the world's best fruity black tea, and has many properties that make it perfect for use in blends, or as bases for flavored teas. While originally a coffee country, weather conditions and crop infestations pushed Sri Lanka towards tea production, and they took to it with aplomb. While tea is grown and produced all over the world, Ceylon (Sri Lankan) has a special recognition, and much of this has to do with the production methods. While others have begun to mechanize the entire process, or simplify it with CTC Manufacturing, Ceylon tea is still produced by the Orthodox method. This is painstaking and time consuming, as it means pickers filling baskets only partially to avoid bruising leaves, and carefully rolling out the tea to break down cell walls to allow the oxidation process to begin. Once sufficiently oxidized, the loose leaves are then fired to preserve their current state of oxidation, and carefully packaged and sent to happy tea drinkers across the world. This English Breakfast blend is unique because it was grown entirely within the groun...

  • Brand: U.S. Wellness Naturals
  • ASIN: B07JGFKM49
  • UPC: 888107076667
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