Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy Pt 1

Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy Pt


Coyote Medicine: Lessons from Native American Healing

Coyote Medicine: Lessons from Native American

Hailed by Dr. Andrew Weil as a book “that must be brought to all who seek true health,” Coyote Medicine is an engaging and essential testament to the power of alternative healing and recovery methods that lie beyond the confines of Western medicine.Inspired by his Cherokee grandmother's healing ceremonies, Lewis Mehl-Madrona enlightens readers to "alternative" paths to recovery and health. Coyote Medicine isn't about eschewing Western medicine when it's effective, but about finding other answers when medicine fails: for chronic sufferers, patients not responding to medication, or "terminal" cases that doctors have given up on. In the story of one doctor's remarkable initiation into alternative ways to spiritual and physical health, Coyote Medicine provides the key to untapped healing methods available today.

  • ASIN: 0684839970

Cherokee Women's Crystal Stethoscope Charm, Flower, One Size

Cherokee Women's Crystal Stethoscope Charm, Flower, One

Cherokee medical crystal stethoscope charms. Bring color and bling to any stethoscope with these assorted charms. Fits any size stethoscope tubing. Easily clean using 70 percent isopropyl alcohol solution.

  • Color: Flower
  • Brand: Cherokee
  • UPC: 716605801712

Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED Letters for JEEP Emblem Front Hood Rear Trunk Badge Bling Crystals Wrangler Cherokee

Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED Letters for JEEP Emblem Front Hood

Production time may (and will most likely) be less than the 30 days posted. If you need an item by a certain date, email us beforehand! All are made to order! // Have your car emblems CRYSTALL!ZED! Each emblem is covered in 100% genuine Swarovski crystals by hand, one by one for a detailed and high-class look. We can do any make/model car, from any year, in any color! Choose to send in your existing emblems, or have us purchase new emblems for you. This listing fits either the front or the rear emblem. Please add each to cart separately if you'd like both done. Please provide your 17 digit VIN#, which can be found on the bottom driver's side corner of your windshield, if requesting new emblems to be purchased for you so we can acquire the correct fit. Don't worry, no personal information can be gained by giving this information.

  • Brand: CRYSTALL!ZED by Bri, LLC

Cherokee Dawn (Pleiades Homecoming Book 2)

Cherokee Dawn (Pleiades Homecoming Book

Welcome to Attala. Land of Murder,  Mystery Mahem and a touch of Magic..Someone is killing shapeshifters.Even the Hidden races are worried...and they will kill to keep their secrets...Instead of SpringBreak in Florida with beaches, boys and bikinis, Samantha finds herself stranded in the Pleiades Star system. Faced with the possibility of spending the rest of her life on Attala, the ancestral home of the Cherokee people, she sets out to find the lost Ka her only possible way home. There's just one problem, everyone wants her head...preferably without her body attached.  Things on Attala were not getting any better. Samantha’s crazy plan had worked, and she had recovered the lost medallion holding the secret to the Jannashdi Ke, only to find the engravings pointed to another unknown location. The fact that she was from Earth was no longer a secret. Chief Nancheyuh was dead set on recovering his missing merchandise, and didn’t care how many died to do it. Kih and Trouble intended to ensure that never happened. To make matters worse, no one had figured out who was killing all the Atsilagigai skin walkers. It had been one heck of a week, but things had to get better…or did they?



  • ASIN: B0098C6AP0

Viva Beads Necklace Crystal Rope Cluster Festival * Beads Handmade

Viva Beads Necklace Crystal Rope Cluster Festival *

Necklace - Crystal Rope

  • Brand: Cherokee
  • ASIN: B005OKN9G8
  • UPC: 853463010914

The Wolf Crystal: Tales of the Abingdon Wolves - Book 1

The Wolf Crystal: Tales of the Abingdon Wolves

The Wolf Crystal holds great power. The Crystal illuminates the wolves’ cave. The Crystal warms the underground during cold weather and keeps it dry from floods. But most importantly, the Crystal balances the natural world.A channel to the past and all the knowledge of the elders, the Crystal produces unending energy. Energy that keeps nature bright, vibrant, and renewing. Abbi, a young wolf pup, knows the Crystal has always been a part of the Abingdon wolves’ pack since the time of her great-great-great-great-grandmother and her mother ’s mother.The Crystal is LIFE!Because of the tremendous energy and potential of the Crystal, others are drawn to it. Glow and his henchmen, the Screen Heads, want it to boost the power of their technology.The Crystal is stolen!Will Abbi retrieve it to save the pack and rebalance nature? Time is running out as nature fades and dies.

  • ASIN: 1937556115

Hipro Power 9006 5900K 55 Watt Super White Xenon HID Headlight Bulb - Low Beam

Hipro Power 9006 5900K 55 Watt Super White

* 1 Pair of 9006 Super High Intensity Discharge HID Xenon Halogen Light Bulbs for Low Beam * Xenon Gas Filled * Hyper Bluish-White, 12V, 5900K, 55 Watt * HID-Look alike Halogen Bulbs * Better Visibility & brightness for driving at night * Direct Upgrade or Replacement of original stock halogen bulbs * Quick and Easy Installation * Simply remove stock bulbs and replace with these new ones, no modification needed! *** Vehicles equipped with factory installed or upgraded HID options WILL NOT work with these Bulbs!!!!

  • Brand: Hipro Power
  • ASIN: B0783MV12H
  • UPC: 859540002797

NATIVE MADE DREAMCATCHER Wall hanging, with Turquoise, Dream catcher, Medium size, Native American, Boho, southwest art,

NATIVE MADE DREAMCATCHER Wall hanging, with Turquoise, Dream

This beautiful Native American made dream catcher is handmade with all natural materials. The dream web is made with sinew hand woven in a circle of gathered twigs. Turquoise nuggets woven into the web symbolize caught dreams. The dreamcatcher is decorated with leather, feathers, and wooden beads. A printed copy of the Legend of the dream catcher will be included with your unique piece. Gorgeous! Measurements - Dream catcher is 6 inches, leather & feathers are 12 inches in length) - Made by John Lively (John is Choctaw and Cherokee) Choctaw roll #CN002526 - LEGEND OF THE DREAM CATCHER... The night air is filled with good and bad dreams. The dream catcher catches the dreams as they go by. The good dreams know the way and slip through the center hole, then slide gently down the soft feathers. The bad dreams, not knowing the way, get caught in the web and perish at first light. TURQUOISE ... Also known as the "Sky stone", turquoise is believed to bridge the realms of heaven and earth. Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets and is worn to protect the wearer from negative energies of all types as well as unfortunate mishaps. Turquoise attracts healing spirits and brings good fortune and happy circumstance to those who wear it.

  • Brand: Trendy Indian
  • ASIN: B077X8ZYN8

The Map: CWC Collaborative Novel (Collaborative Writing Challenge Book 5)

The Map: CWC Collaborative Novel (Collaborative Writing Challenge

Kaitlyn Hart leads a simple life as a waitress in the small town of Cannon Beach. After a short, whirlwind romance with a dreamy businessman, she thinks she’s found the perfect marriage. Life is good—until she comes home and finds a pistol on Brandon’s hip and a dead man lying on her floor. Kidnapped by her own husband, Kaitlyn is questioned for information about her father—a man she believes has been dead since she was seven. Brandon will do anything to get his hands on her father’s old journal, which is said to contain a map, and Kaitlyn has no clue what it is or where to find it. James has been in love with Kaitlyn since they were children, and when he dreams of her danger, he rushes across the country to find her. His only clue is the Black Coyote Project—a mysterious term surrounding Kaitlyn’s father and his past associates. But in fighting to save her, they discover a world-wide hunt for the powerful secrets hidden in the Sierra Nevadas of California, and the trouble has only just begun. In a race against the clock, Kaitlyn learns more about her father than she ever thought possible, James discovers his grandfather’s important role in protecting the legendary treasure, and her father’s team gathered to finish the hunt must put together the clues before all...


Wolf Dream Catcher Mandala Pendant Necklace Personalized Initial Women's Men's Jewelry Add Birthstone Crystal or Your Name

Wolf Dream Catcher Mandala Pendant Necklace Personalized Initial

Wolf Pendant Necklace. The wolf inside the dream catcher, alone it measures just over 1" alone, see ruler photo. Includes one initial of your choice, it will be hand-stamped onto a round pewter disc. You can build your own custom piece by adding more options. Optional-add a word or sentiment such as: I H WOLVES, WOLF SPIRIT, WEREWOLF, H is heart stamp), or Your Name... OPTIONAL CRYSTAL is made by Swarovski in 6mm size, you can choose a favorite color or birthstone if you so desire. Optional Add a charm. LENGTH is your choice from 16"-22", silver plated, stainless steel or sterling silver chains includes matching metal lobster clasp closure, black adjustable cord is also offered. EACH Necklace will be handmade to order with your personalized choices--I will need 1-2 days to create. YOUR handmade piece will come in a gift box, black cord in a gift bag. THANKS for Stopping By B-UNIQUE DESIGNS

  • Color: silver, red, purple, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, lavender, ruby, peridot, blue, sapphire, pink, citrine, brown, blue zircon, teal, turquoise, black
  • Brand: B-Unique Designs

Saving the Sixkiller: A Texas Romance

Saving the Sixkiller: A Texas

Niaha Sixkiller is a young woman with a tragic past. She is trying to hold on to the ranch that has been in her family for six generations. She is strong and resourceful but her world is spinning out of control. Being raised by a single uncle she has few skills when it comes to social situations and no skills when it comes to men.Jericho Slater served twelve years as an Army Ranger. He nearly lost his life in a career ending tragedy. He wants to start his civilian life in the Texas Hill Country where his family ranched for many generations. His parents want him to come home to their California Arabian farm and marry his old girlfriend. Ghosts haunt him from his time on the battlefield, and he no longer is the young man who fit in the glamorous world of his parents. Fate brings Niaha and Jericho into an intersecting orbit. As their relationship grows they each have to learn to face their fears. What starts out as a business arrangement changes both their lives forever.


The Most Important Survival Skills of the 1800s

The Most Important Survival Skills of the

Learn the basic survival skills your ancestors used in the 1800s to improve the quality of their daily lives. The author is an old man who invested more than 40 years of his life testing, modifying, and perfecting these skills to make them more reliable and easier to learn. The skills discussed in this book could be successfully used by almost anyone who can follow simple instructions. This book contains detailed instructions and full color pictures on the following topics: Homemade Soap, Primitive Clay Cook Pots, Homemade Candles, Friction Fires, Spark Fires, Homemade Bow & Arrows, Leather Hunting Sling, Spears, Fish Nets, Animal Traps, Snares, Butchering and Processing and Cooking Wild Game Animals, Smoking Meat, Nutritious Edible Wild Plants, Food Preservation, Home Remedies, and a variety of other survival skills that were of critical importance during the 1800s. This book contains 188 pages and 281 full color pictures and those full color pictures are the reason the retail price is $25.00 because books with lots of color pictures cost more to print than books without color pictures.

  • ASIN: 1732788359

Carpet Flooring,House Decor Collection,Panoramic View of Islands Seychelles from Crystal Clean Pool Relaxation Image Print,Blue Green 47"x 59" Home Bedroom Floor Mats

Carpet Flooring,House Decor Collection,Panoramic View of Islands Seychelles

Living Room Mats:Carpet flooring House Decor Collection,Panoramic view of Islands Seychelles from Crystal Clean Pool Relaxation Image Print,Blue Green Home Bedroom Floor MatsPerfect Custom Bedroom Floor Mats:► Super soft,feels smooth and comfortable.► Bright colors and vivid printing,beautiful and cute home decor.► Multipurpose uses as anti-slip floor mat,door carpet,yoga mat,etc.► Dear for indoor use,easy to place in bedroom,livingroom,kitchen,balcony,hallway,etc.Very Important For You:1.Please consider a little color difference and size error.2.Due to size limits of courier,we have to fold it before shipping.please don't worry,folding crease will disappear for 2~3 days after laying on the floorAfter-Sale Service:►Shop with confidence and trust! We provide 15 days return and refund policy to protect your interests! ►Love it or money back! Defective item,shipping damaged or just you do not like it,please contact us for a return or refund.

  • Color: Pattern10
  • Brand: ParadiseDecor
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