Paradise Pineapple Wedges, 16 Ounce

Paradise Pineapple Wedges, 16

Candied pineapples have been a customer favorite at paradise foods for many years. The flavor is available in three different colors, natural, red, and green, as well as assorted if you want a mix of all three. The tropical fruit is great to eat fresh, but is also delicious candied-either eaten on its own as a snack, dipped in chocolate or incorporated into many traditional and new recipes. A popular use for this sweet and chewy fruit is in holiday fruitcakes, used in conjunction with candied cherries and other sweet morsels. A year-round favorite is a moist and refreshing pineapple upside down cake-perfect for any time of year or occasion. If you feel like trying something new with candied pineapple, venture into the kitchen to make our pineapple macadamia nut bars. You don't have to be a baker to find many great ways to enjoy candied pineapple. This tropical treat has become increasingly popular as a healthy snack food alternative to candy. On its own, candied pineapple is wonderfully sweet with a hint of tartness, and perfectly chewy. It's also great when chopped up and mixed with nuts and other candied fruit as a trail mix. Some of our customers have enjoyed candied pineapple as a salad topper with sliced almonds, or a splashed in a summer cocktail. And, for a twist on a clas...

  • Brand: Paradise
  • ASIN: B003O64X7S
  • UPC: 070327017241

Pennant Asst Pineapple Wedges, 8 Ounce

Pennant Asst Pineapple Wedges, 8

It's time to get creative in the kitchen. The colors of the rainbow are yours with our assorted glace pineapples, ready to be sprinkled into your favorite baked goods recipes. Bright red, green and yellow pieces of sweet, chewy fruit enliven virtually any recipe from cookies to fruitcakes and pineapple upside down cakes. Our assorted candied pineapples are available in wedges and slices for a variety of uses.

  • Brand: Pennant
  • ASIN: B00DY0B03O
  • UPC: 702101046238

V8 +Energy, Juice Drink with Green Tea, Black Cherry, 8 oz. Can (Pack of 24)

V8 +Energy, Juice Drink with Green Tea, Black

Steady energy from tea. That's what V8 +Energy is all about. The kind of energy that helps you get the most out of your day, provides a restorative boost, and helps you be present for the amazing life you're creating. Not wired—but wakeful. Made with B vitamins and 80 mg. of caffeine from tea, +Energy harnesses its great taste from a blend of vegetable and fruit juices. So take a moment to refuel. Whatever's coming next, you're ready. V8 +Energy is a healthy energy drink made from fruit, vegetables, and tea. Containing the same amount of caffeine as leading energy drinks (80 mg), V8 +Energy is a healthy alternative for steady energy. Add it to any well-balanced diet for a restorative boost and the perfect pick-me-up. V8 +Energy Black Cherry is made with caffeine sourced from natural tea and no added sugar. With 1 combined serving of fruits and vegetables, this bubbly energy drink is made with sweet potato, carrot, and apple juice, and infused with sweetly tart black cherries. Plus, each can is rich in vitamin B, has no flavors or colors from artificial sources, and is just 45 calories. V8 +Energy Black Cherry is the perfect morning start, midday pick me up, or late night boost!

  • Color: Black Cherry
  • Brand: V8
  • ASIN: B01J38DAC4

Paradise Mix Whole, Cherry-Pineapple, 16 Ounce

Paradise Mix Whole, Cherry-Pineapple, 16

We've taken our two most popular candied fruits-cherries and pineapples-and combined them in this easy-to-use mix that works with an endless number of recipes. It includes green and red candied cherries and natural and green candied pineapples. Our customers love it in cherry-pineapple cake, muffins, cookies and fruit/trail bars. Our cherry pineapple mix is packed in a reusable plastic container that has recipes.

  • Brand: Paradise
  • ASIN: B003O6B452
  • UPC: 070327017746

Paradise Whole Cherry, Diced Pineapple Mix, 10 Pound Tub

Paradise Whole Cherry, Diced Pineapple Mix, 10 Pound

Paradise Fruit Company was incorporated in 1961 as part of Canaveral Utilities and Development Co., a land development operation on the east coast of Florida. The name "Paradise", a label used by a company that had been in the 'glace' (candied) fruit business since the end of WW2, was acquired by Canaveral during the year of incorporation. After several acquisitions and mergers with similar businesses, 'glace' fruit became the major segment of the company's business. In 1965, the name was changed to Paradise Fruit Company, Inc. During those years, there were a number of relatively small operations manufacturing candied fruit, primarily for sale to commercial bakers. The management of Paradise anticipated that there was a great potential for direct sales to homemakers through supermarkets. Over a period of several years, Paradise developed the now familiar transparent, reusable plastic containers found in almost every supermarket during the holiday season. In order to become more immediately responsive to its customers needs, the company invested in a facility to manufacture all of its packaging. This, combined with large inventories, enabled almost overnight filling and shipping of orders. During the same period, the company acquired, merged with, or was licensed by a number of c...

  • Brand: Paradise
  • ASIN: B002V00UJI
  • UPC: 070327681671

Bai Bubbles, Sparkling Water, Peru Pineapple, Antioxidant Infused Drinks, 11.5 Fl. Oz Cans, 12 count

Bai Bubbles, Sparkling Water, Peru Pineapple, Antioxidant Infused

Bai Bubbles Peru Pineapple is a refreshing sparkling antioxidant infused drink with a fruity kick and only 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar per can. This effervescent and flavorful beverage is free of artificial sweeteners, so you can leave sugary sodas and unwanted sweeteners behind. Infused with antioxidants and loaded with lively taste, Bai Bubbles Peru Pineapple is a smart way to add some flavorful bubbles to your life.

  • Brand: bai
  • ASIN: B00N14ZDP4

Paradise Cherries Whole, Red, 16 Ounce

Paradise Cherries Whole, Red, 16

Noted for their vibrant color, perfect sweetness and rich, chewy texture, paradise red candied cherries-also known as glace red cherries-are a delicious addition to a variety of traditional and new candied recipe ideas. Whether you are making a classic holiday fruitcake or festive cherry chocolate chip cookies, you are making the best for your friends and family with paradise red candied cherries. We have a number of delectable and fun recipes that utilize these sweet treats including: cherry brownies, cherry-citron cake, cherry pineapple cake, fruit cake, oatmeal cherry pineapple cookies, reindeer ornament cookies, cherry-chocolate bars, cherry-pineapple crispies and a yuletide centerpiece tree.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Paradise
  • ASIN: B003O65EIU
  • UPC: 070327017043

Tealyra - Crushed Cherry Colada - Pineapple - Hibiscus - Coconut - Fruity Herbal Loose Tea - Caffeine Free - Hot or Iced - 112g (4-ounce)

Tealyra - Crushed Cherry Colada - Pineapple -

Crushed Cherry Colada is a full-flavored cherry spiked piña colada inspiration; an absolute guilt-free juicy cherry sensation. This caffeine-free fruit tea has a tart hibiscus base, known for numerous health benefits, but especially for its hydration benefit- an excellent alternative to sports drinks.Crushed Cherry Colada is a flavorful sweet cherry celebration! We have blended pineapple with orange peel, sour cherries, apples, and coconut with hibiscus. At first sip the super sweet and fresh cherry taste pairs well with the mild zing of hibiscus, and both fade out to a wonderful sweet pineapple-cherry flavor.Crushed Cherry Colada makes the ultimate iced tea and an excellent cocktail base! Experiment with our Crushed Cherry Colada and discover the delicious cherry-licious taste for yourself.

  • Brand: Tealyra
  • ASIN: B07KB54SYX

Lucy's Family Owned - Shaved Ice Snow Cone Syrup, Pineapple - 1 Gallon (128oz.)

Lucy's Family Owned - Shaved Ice Snow Cone

Unmatched Flavor Homemade family recipe using authentic flavors to create a taste that's as delicious as fresh Pineapple! Why Buy Lucy's Syrups? We promise to provide the greatest value for your dollar as we seek to consistently remain the best priced Gallon size Syrup options on Amazon! Multi-Purpose Used with Shaved Ice, Popsicles, Mixed Fruit, "Aguas Frescas", and a variety of creative dessert recipes. What the Pros Use Used by Nationwide Food Distributors, Restaurants, Vendors, and everyday Families.Consistent and Safe100% consistent flavor that is safely packaged for your immediate use.Made In the USA

  • Brand: Lucy's
  • UPC: 890985000382

FirstChoiceCandy Albanese Gummy Bears (White Pineapple, 1 LB)

FirstChoiceCandy Albanese Gummy Bears (White Pineapple, 1

world's Best - it's not just on our bag, it's at the heart of everything we do. From sourcing the best available ingredients, to making our gummies right here in the USA, we focus on doing things right - from start to finish. And we know that you'll taste the difference. From the first bite, you'll notice a soft chew that makes our gummies a real treat to eat. Then you'll be amazed by our fresh fruit flavors, flavors so good you'll be calling your favorites by their names - Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple, and Lemon. So, while you can spell it gummi bears or gummy bears, remember there is only one way to spell World's Best - Albanese! Don't just take our word for it, grab a bag and taste the best for yourself. The Albanese family has been making gummi bears, gummi worms, specialty gummi shapes, individual flavor gummies, and of course our gourmet chocolates right here in the United States for over 30 years. During that time we've focused on creating the perfect gummies and one of a kind chocolates. Once our fans got a taste, they couldn't get enough. Soon fans were stocking up on their favorite 12 Flavor Gummi Bears and Gummi Worms! Lucky for you, it's easier than ever to treat yourself to the Wor...

  • Brand: First Choice Candy
  • UPC: 642896553439

Pure Pineapple Extract, 8 Ounce

Pure Pineapple Extract, 8

Olive Nation pure pineapple extract gives your recipes the flavor of fresh, ripe pineapple. Our pineapple extract is gluten-free with no added sugars. The concentrated flavor is bake and freeze proof, so the great pineapple flavor will always come through in your baked goods. Pineapple extract will enhance the pineapple flavor in your recipes. Add one teaspoon to the batter when you make pineapple upside-down cake or use it in Pina Colada Fudge, pancakes or in fruit smoothies. You can also use it along with pineapple juice in sauces for Hawaiian Pork, Sweet and Sour Shrimp and ham. How to Use Pure Pineapple Extract: Use 1 teaspoon for every 3 cups of baking mix.

  • Brand: OliveNation
  • ASIN: B003L2411I
  • UPC: 812725020955

Pennant Cherry-Pineapple Mix, 8 Ounce

Pennant Cherry-Pineapple Mix, 8

Simple and sweet. We've taken our two most popular fruits-cherries and pineapples-and combined them in this easy-to-use mix that works with an endless number of recipes. It includes green and red glace cherries and natural and green glace pineapples. Our customers love it in Cherry-Pineapple Cake, muffins, cookies and fruit/trail bars. Our Cherry Pineapple mix is packed in a reusable plastic container.

  • Brand: Pennant
  • ASIN: B00DY0B05C
  • UPC: 702101046337

Cherry LifeSavers Hard Candy - 2 Pounds Bulk Wholesale

Cherry LifeSavers Hard Candy - 2 Pounds Bulk

It's important to take a minute to appreciate the simple joys in life. One pleasure that's easy to always have handy is Life Savers Hard Candy. A classic American candy since 1912, the flavors of Life Savers Hard Candy have stood the test of time. This 2 pound package is for the ultimate Wild Cherry fans. It has no distractions, just sweet cherry flavor. So pause the hectic world for just a moment and savor the simple pleasure of Life Savers Hard Candy. There's is plenty for lunches, snacks, parties and sharing. Super fresh and tasty right from the manufacturer.

  • Brand: River Finn Organics
  • ASIN: B07L15GXTP

BluntPower 1 Ounce Bottle Oil Based Concentrated Air Freshener and Oil for Burner, Pineapple (Pack of 3)

BluntPower 1 Ounce Bottle Oil Based Concentrated Air

Sweet golden pineapple chunks splashed with a medley of sunny citrus.

  • Brand: Blunt Power
  • UPC: 885464324899

LifeSavers Hard Candy 5 Flavor (Pack of 2)6.25 oz.

LifeSavers Hard Candy 5 Flavor (Pack of 2)6.25

Individually wrapped pieces

  • Brand: Life Savers
  • UPC: 670023134718
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