Merriam-Webster's Elementary Dictionary, New Edition (c) 2019

Merriam-Webster's Elementary Dictionary, New Edition (c)

This newly revised & updated hardcover edition (Copyright 2019) is the essential dictionary for children grades 3-5, ages 8-11. It is a perfect resource for school or home and contains more than 36,000 entries. Definitions are enriched with 1,300 quotes from classic & contemporary children's literature, providing examples of how words are used in sentences. Updated to include new vocabulary from a variety of fields, such as alternative energy, social media, and STEM. Includes 250 word history paragraphs & 120 synonym paragraphs and 900 vibrant, colorful illustrations, photographs, and diagrams. Greek and Latin word root paragraphs help students build vocabulary. And kid-friendly usage hints spark imagination and describe different shades of meaning. Special sections include geographical names, signs and symbols, a guide for writers and a list of literary works used in the text. New books quoted include: The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman Ms. Bixby's Last Day by John David Anderson Nuts to You by Lynne Rae Perkins The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

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Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary: Features 3,000 Photographs and Illustrations

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary: Features 3,000 Photographs and

This top-selling dictionary featuring 35,000 updated words, phrases, images, and authoritative content from Merriam-Webster is a must-have resource for elementary school children.This new edition of DK's Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary has a fresh design with color-coded page borders for each letter of the alphabet, and modern photographs and illustrations that give a lively, accessible look at the entries. Each entry is fully explained with its definition, usage, examples, and notes on spelling and punctuation. Word senses have been refreshed to reflect modern usage, and maps and country statistics have been updated to include new countries, cities, borders, and flags.Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary is an excellent visual reference resource for kids to have on-hand as they work through school assignments and learn important research skills.

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Scholastic Children's Dictionary

Scholastic Children's

  • Brand: Scholastic
  • ASIN: 0545604958

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary for Children, newest edition, trade paperback

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary for Children, newest edition, trade

An essential dictionary for children grades 3-5, ages 8-11. This trade paperback dictionary includes 36,000 entries with extensive usage sentences. To clarify meaning and help kids explore language it offers hundreds of illustrations, photographs, diagrams, and more than 220 word history and 120 synonym paragraphs. Special sections include U.S. Presidents, Signs and Symbols, and a guide to punctuation, capitals, and italics.

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  • ASIN: 0877797307

My First Dictionary: 1,000 Words, Pictures, and Definitions

My First Dictionary: 1,000 Words, Pictures, and

This is the perfect go-to reference book for children ages five and up, with 1,000 entries and a picture for every word, making it a fantastic addition to any child's library.With 1,000 word entries and supporting images, My First Dictionary features nouns, verbs, and adjectives that are most commonly encountered by young children, and definitions that give the word's primary meaning in terms of a child's experience. Each entry in this updated edition has been checked to ensure it is current, and new words and pictures have been added to make sure this reference is relevant for today's kids.

  • Brand: DK Publishing Dorling Kindersley
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Webster's Dictionary for Students, Fifth Edition

Webster's Dictionary for Students, Fifth

Our Best-Selling Dictionary for Students! This updated and expanded dictionary was created for students in grades 3-6. An age-appropriate word list and kid-friendly definitions make it a favorite of teachers, students and parents. Features of this Book 37,000 definitions of words kids use every day Definitions written in clear, easy to understand language This North American edition has Canadian words and spellings

  • Brand: Federal Street Press
  • ASIN: 1596951672

The American Heritage Children's Dictionary

The American Heritage Children's

Ages 8–11, Grades 3–6 This visually stunning dictionary has over 25,000 entries, covering all the vocabulary young readers need today. It was completely revised in 2010, with an all-new art program and thousands of new words and senses added, and it has now been newly updated. Special features include hundreds of notes and an appendix with a geographical dictionary, a guide to phonics and spelling, and more.

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Scholastic Children's Dictionary (Revised and Updated Edition)

Scholastic Children's Dictionary (Revised and Updated

  • ASIN: 0439365635

Scholastic Pocket Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms

Scholastic Pocket Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms,

The popular portable dictionary has brand-new cover and two-color interior design!The Scholastic Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms--a widely successful reference title--is getting a makeover! This book is a portable, inexpensive dictionary perfect for middle school students. It can be slipped into their book bags and taken anywhere. With more than 12,000 synonyms and 10,000 antonyms at their fingertips, this book is a great reference for young writers. And for kids who don't know whether to use "principle" or "principal," this handy guide also contains 2,000 homonyms.

  • Brand: Brand: Scholastic Reference
  • ASIN: 0545426677

Children's Illustrated Dictionary

Children's Illustrated

With new photography and added words, DK's well-loved Children's Illustrated Dictionary is now revised and updated! Featuring thousands of entries and definitions, including core vocabulary and relevant words for young people in the modern world, this comprehensive guide includes a unique mix of colorful photography and eye-catching illustrations to break up the entries, put the words in context, and add an element of fun. Sections on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as games and example sentences ensure that kids will find the correct definitions they are looking for, while indications at the top of each page and letter ladders along the sides make the book easy to navigate. Developed with the help of educational experts, the Children's Illustrated Dictionary is the perfect addition to home, classroom, and public libraries. Supports the Common Core State Standards.

  • Brand: Penguin Books
  • ASIN: 1465420207

Children's Dictionary: 3,000 Words, Pictures, and Definitions

Children's Dictionary: 3,000 Words, Pictures, and

Here’s a handy guide for young children and students to help with their first steps through the English language. This dictionary serves as a helpful tool for all young learners, and contains more than three thousand words, pictures, and definitions to create a comprehensive reference. An easy-to-understand glossary, it explains meanings and functions of words that children are likely to come across in their daily interactions with the world around them. With its vivid, colorful pictures, the dictionary will also prove visually appealing to readers.

  • ASIN: 1631582739

Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus for Students, Second Edition

Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus for Students, Second

The Best Classroom Resource Updated! This best-selling edition has been fully revised and expanded for 2011. The concise, clearly written definitions offered in the dictionary reflect the curricula for grades 3 through 6. The thesaurus provides synonyms, antonyms and related words that enrich vocabulary. The world atlas, created by the editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, is an invaluable aid to students in their studies of world events. 37,000 kid-friendly definitions in the dictionary. Updated for 2011, the 48 page, full-color atlas covers all the countries of the world. 122,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words, are alphabetically listed in the thesaurus

  • Brand: Federal Street Press
  • ASIN: 1596951079

Children's Visual Dictionary: Spanish-English (Children's Visual Dictionaries)

Children's Visual Dictionary: Spanish-English (Children's Visual

This fully illustrated bilingual dictionary make learning a second language fun. Defines over 1000 words in ten different categories that cover people, food, animals, entertainment, and more. Each word is presented in Spanish and English, and includes a full-color picture, lively scene, or labeled diagram that makes its definition clear. A fun and easy way for young language students to expand their vocabulary and broaden knowledge.

  • ASIN: 1438004524

Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary, New Edition, 2016 copyright

Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary, New Edition, 2016

This hardcover dictionary focuses on the needs of students in grades 6-8, ages 11-14, and provides advanced dictionary features to help them read, write and speak more effectively. Revised and updated in 2016 with 200 newly added words across a variety of fields including technology, social media, science, health and popular culture. New words include: blog, cloud computing, copernicium, derecho, fair trade, fracking, geocaching, hashtag, hot spot, mash-up, microblogging, selfie, social media, STEM, tablet and tweet. Includes nearly 70,000 entries. 22,000 usage examples help clarify and expand understanding. Also includes 1,000 illustrations, abundant word history paragraphs and synonym paragraphs. A section on Biographical Names and Geographical Names is offered. A Handbook of Style gives direction on the proper use of punctuation including how and when to use the apostrophe, colon, comma, dash, Ellipsis, exclamation point, hyphen, semicolon and more.

  • Brand: Merriam-Webster
  • ASIN: 0877796971

Macmillan Dictionary for Children

Macmillan Dictionary for

The #1 children's dictionary in America is now completely revised with a stunning design! With more than 3,000 images and 35,000 up-to-date entries, the most trusted name in children's reference is easy to navigate and fun to peruse. Authoritative, accurate, and current, the Macmillan Dictionary for Children is the ideal resource for beginning readers and spellers.

  • Brand: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
  • ASIN: 1416939598
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