Blame it on Mistletoe (North Pole, Alaska Book 1)

Blame it on Mistletoe (North Pole, Alaska Book

Welcome to North Pole, Alaska, where the Christmas Spirit lives all year long.Lots of kids write letters to Santa. But those delivered to North Pole are actually answered by a group of dedicated volunteers who call themselves "the Elves." JD Baxter’s letter to St. Nick asks for just one thing: His father didn’t make it back from Afghanistan, and JD wants Daddy home again. Saints can do miracles, right? But since last year’s letter went astray, JD decides to stow away to North Pole and ask for his miracle in person. In North Pole, he encounters a postmistress who looks exactly like Mrs. Claus, a man named Rudolph with a red nose and a herd of reindeer, as well as enough toys, candy and Christmas cheer to make anyone feel good. He just can't find St. Nick. Abby Baxter has spent the year since her husband's death trying to hold on. When she discovers her son is missing, her entire world trembles— until her husband's best friend appears at her door, offering a steadying hand.Frank Machado couldn’t save David Baxter’s life in combat. Worse, for years he's been secretly in love with David’s wife. Now that their son is missing, Frank is determined to see the child back in Abby’s arms. But during their unpredictable, impulsive trip into the wilds to search for JD, the pro...

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Welcome to the North Pole: Santa's Village in Applique

Welcome to the North Pole: Santa's Village in

This North Pole village is full of charming places for Santa and his helpers to work and play. Create a whimsical appliquéd scene, or stitch one of two smaller scenes using elements from a just a few blocks.Includes instructions for one large and two small wall hangingsLearn an innovative color-stacking technique for selecting fabricsDiscover an easy way to make templates and find tips for tricky appliqué, plus creative embellishing, quilting, and finishing ideas

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The Rainbow Elves of the North Pole: Christmas children's book

The Rainbow Elves of the North Pole: Christmas

This fun children's book will introduce you to the Rainbow Elves of the North Pole. Sandy, your tour guide, will show you all the different departments the elves work in and what they do to make Christmas special. Each department is represented by a different color of the rainbow. This book is great for children of all ages and those that believe in the magic of Christmas!

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North Pole Ninjas: MISSION: Christmas!

North Pole Ninjas: MISSION:

East meets North in North Pole Ninjas, a yuletide call-to-arms to save the spirit of Christmas.You may not know that Santa has a team of special elves, selected for their ability to help carry out top-secret missions that are all about helping, giving, caring, and listening. Anyone who receives this box is called upon to help carry out those top secret missions with a bit of stealth and an open heart. The gorgeously illustrated picture book retells the ancient legend the North Pole Ninjas use for new recruits. After reading the book, readers are given their own Ninja missions to carry out: 50 special tasks packed in a special envelope. Each mission encourages recruits to spread the holiday spirit—and share kindness and love.Complete with a plush and huggable "sensei" to guide Ninjas on their journey, this is the perfect antidote to worrying about whether you've been naughty or nice.

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North Pole Santa Claus Guide: Helping You Develop YOUR Santa

North Pole Santa Claus Guide: Helping You Develop

The goal of this book is to help you on your journey to creating YOUR Santa — a Santa who knows how to create a memorable and magical experience for children and their families and a Santa who follows in the footsteps of St. Nicholas, the Gift Giver of Myra. I hope we travel this journey a long way together.You may not agree with me 100% on everything and that is okay. We each must find our own way of portraying Santa Claus. But this guide will show you what I found that works for me and just might help you.Many people think all it takes to be santa claus (with a small s and a small c) is to put on a red suit and a fake beard and say, ho ho ho.They are wrong! I can put on a green operating room outfit, complete with hair cover and shoe covers and a stethoscope but that doesn’t make me a doctor and you sure don’t want me taking out your appendix.Becoming a GREAT Santa Claus (large S and C) takes time to build up experience and training. Then there is the Performance Liability Insurance, annual back ground checks, good looking suits and more.If you are just beginning to wear the red suit, this school and book will help start you on your journey to developing YOUR Santa Claus.If you have been a Santa Claus for several years or more, this school and book may give you a new idea...

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The North Pole Project: In Search of the True Meaning of Christmas

The North Pole Project: In Search of the

A despondent billionaire searching for the true meaning of Christmas builds a real Santa’s Workshop at The North Pole and in the process discovers the greatest joy is in giving.Christian Nicholas’s life has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. You’d think a fifty-four-year-old multibillionaire would be happy—but he’s not. As Christian contemplates the worst, his older brother Paul, a minister in Texas, reminds him of the one and only time in Christian’s life when he was truly happy. That time was when, as a small boy, he saved every penny all year to buy and deliver Christmas presents for needy children on the Army base he lived on with his military parents. His brother implores Christian to “become like Santa Claus all over again.”   As he searches for the true meaning of Christmas, the (very) literal-minded billionaire decides that his life’s mission is to build a real-life “Santa’s Workshop” at the North Pole. His flight of imagination will save not only him, but a select number of adults from around the world who have applied to be his “Santa’s Elves.” As they all experience first-hand the faith, hope, and charity that unites us as human beings, they all bring joy to thousands of needy children, around the world.

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Freddy Goes to the North Pole (Freddy the Pig Book 2)

Freddy Goes to the North Pole (Freddy the

Originally published between 1927 and 1958, the 26 classic books about Freddy the Pig are going on to delight a sixth generation of children. Freddy the Pig, the “Renaissance Pig” (The New York Times Book Review) of Bean Farm, is back to thrill his fans of all ages in these all-American children’s classics. As you surely know, the Bean Farm animals are great travelers. The heroic events of Freddy Goes to the North Pole begin with the establishment of Barnyard Tours, Inc., with Freddy as founder-president. Arctic adventures are famously dangerous and exciting, and this one is no exception. It is fortunate that Freddy and his entourage reach the Pole when they do, as they arrive just in time to be of service to Santa Claus himself.

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Oggie Visits the North Pole (The Oggie Chronicles)

Oggie Visits the North Pole (The Oggie

Join Oggie, on his first great adventure to the North Pole! When he gets a letter from a distant friend, urging him to help him save Christmas , he heads off on a magical train ride into a far distant land. With only one day until Christmas, can Oggie venture to all the world before time runs out?

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North Pole Anthology 3: Books 7-9

North Pole Anthology 3: Books

Contains Books 7-9 in the North Pole, Alaska SeriesCatch Me If You CanChild psychiatrist Dr. Ingrid Roth has kept herself aloof from the residents of North Pole. She knows she’s viewed as icy and unapproachable, but she’s still too raw from an abusive past to want to get close to anyone.North Pole’s hottest bachelor, fun-loving veterinarian Moses Lazlow, isn’t buying Ingrid’s ice woman persona. But can Ingrid trust Moses who claims she’s the catch of a lifetime? Or is he still just enjoying the chase?Somebody Waits For YouPaige Turner, owner of the bookstore, Let it Snow!, can't believe that GT Knight, mega-bestselling but ultra-reclusive romance author, will be meeting her public for the very first time in Paige's little shop. To top things off, one of her best customers, the shy bush dweller she thinks of as "Bigfoot, but cuter," has suddenly started talking to her. Ford has a reason for living in the bush, for being off the grid and for using the Wi-Fi at Let it Snow! rather than buying his own. He knows he should tell Paige the truth, but he's been crazy about her for so long, he is dazzled by every minute he spends in her company. When the truth comes out, will their fledgling romance die a quick, painful death? We're Happy TonightCrystal Milbrath, owner of t...


Race to the North Pole

Race to the North

Trace your way to the North Pole in this Christmas adventure!Follow the trail for a snowy adventure to the North Pole! This storybook has a die-cut path so toddlers can move their fingers along the path as they meet penguins, elves, reindeer, and even Santa! With adorable illustrations and rhyming text, this trace and touch book is perfect for Christmastime reading.

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