KitchenGynti Citronella Candles, Scented Travel Outdoor Candles Set,Soy Wax Travel Tins 2.5oz Candle with Citronella, Indoor and Outdoor 4-Pack

KitchenGynti Citronella Candles, Scented Travel Outdoor Candles Set,Soy

Our citronella mosquito repellent scented candle has a beautiful floral pattern & scentd throw out that evaporates into the atmosphere, can effectively and naturally repel mosquitoes and create a soothing ambiance in your home.Take a sensory journey or outdoor camping with our citronella mosquito repellent candles, to keep away from mosquitos and make your journey more soothing.Note: 1. Burn candle within sight to prevent fire.2. Keep out of reach of children and pets.3. NEVER near anything that can catch fire.4. Please put it on a heat resistant surface only because this tinplate will get hot when candle's burning.Specification:2.5 oz each candle15~20 hours burning time

  • Brand: KitchenGynti
  • ASIN: B07PYFX41V
  • UPC: 749390600703

Citronella Essential Oil for Candle Making and Diffuser (30ml) - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade - Hana

Citronella Essential Oil for Candle Making and Diffuser

What is Citronella Essential Oil? Citronella is a natural deodorizer known for its uplifting aroma with therapeutic benefits that calms restlessness and mood swings. It also possesses an abundance of antioxidants and rich immune-boosting properties. Key Benefits: Natural source of antioxidants Used for migraines or muscle aches Purifies skin Naturally cleansing Blending: Bergamot, Lavender, Lemon, and Sweet Orange. Quality: 100% PURE & THERAPEUTIC - undiluted, no fillers, bases or additives. Distillation facility is GMP, ISO9001 & FDA registered. Guarantee: If you are not TOTALLY satisfied with our product, receive a FULL REFUND from us, no questions asked.

  • Brand: Hana
  • ASIN: B07L56H48H

Citronella 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - 10ml

Citronella 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Healing Solutions 100% Pure Essential oils are bottled in UV blocking amber glass essential oil bottles. For your convenience all 5ml, 10ml and 30ml products have a European dropper orifice (euro-dropper) installed, larger sizes are shipped with a pipette. The Leading Aromatherapy Associations (Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association, Aromatherapy Trade Council, and others) all state that essential oils should not be taken internally (regardless of purity or organic origin) unless under the guidance of a health care practitioner trained at an appropriate level . As such, all of our oils carry a label warning that the product is NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. What sets Healing Solutions Essential Oils apart is superior cultivation of ingredients that are the best in the world. Combined with superior distillation and bottling care process, We GUARANTEE that our oils are aromatically superior and more effective than any other oils - if you disagree we will refund your money!

  • Brand: Healing Solutions
  • UPC: 640791683015

Islander Citronella Single Flame Patio Lantern - 1

Islander Citronella Single Flame Patio Lantern -

The charming style of this citronella flame lantern is reminiscent of the turn-of-the-century gas street lamps. Easy fill container uses standard lamp oil or citronella liquid fuel to repel insects. 16 ounce filling will last an entire evening, over 10 hours. Includes lifetime fiberglass wick.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Patio Living Concepts
  • ASIN: B0002MQ8L6
  • UPC: 833353003103

Wax and Oils Soy Wax Aromatherapy Scented Candles (Citronella) 8 Ounces. Single

Wax and Oils Soy Wax Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Our Soy candles are made from soybeans and are completely biodegradable. They are renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable, water-soluble. Since the melting point for soy wax is relatively lower than paraffin, petroleum or beeswax, they are longer lasting and have a cooler burn. Always burn candles in areas free from drafts. AndÉnever leave your candle unattended.

  • Color: Citronella
  • Brand: WAX OILS EST. 2014
  • ASIN: B07668C9KF
  • UPC: 639476210639

10 Pack 4LR44 / 476A / PX28A / A544 / K28A / L1325 Dog Collar 6V PetStandard Brand

10 Pack 4LR44 / 476A / PX28A /

Highest Quality PetStandard Brand 4LR44 Alkaline 6V Batteries. Works for Dog Bark Collars, Dog Training Collars, Dog Fencing Collars and all other devices that requires this battery size. Equivalent to: 4LR44, PX28A, A544, 28PXA, 476A, 4G13, GP476, K28, V28, PX28AB, L1325, 1414A, V4034PX, PX28L, K28L, L544, L544BP, V28PXL, 2CR1/3N, 2CR1-3N, CR28L, 1406LC, 2CR11108

  • ASIN: B01EB6CS6M
  • UPC: 852512002405

Sawyer Products SP564 Premium Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin, Lotion, 4-Ounce

Sawyer Products SP564 Premium Insect Repellent with 20%

Safe for the whole family, Sawyer 20% Picaridin Premium Insect Repellent spray and lotion is effective against flies, ticks, and mosquitoes – including the Zika-transmitting Aedes Aegypti (Yellow Fever Mosquito). Consumer Reports reviewed Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent as Sawyer "Fisherman's Formula" Picaridin Insect Repellent in its list of safe and effective insect repellents (February 2016). The long-lasting, fragrance-free Sawyer Picaridin-based insect repellent can be applied to your skin as well as clothing, outdoor gear, and more. It offers effective protection against disease carrying nuisances like mosquitoes carrying Zika and ticks carrying Lyme Disease. It's also effective at repelling biting flies, stable flies, black flies, gnats, chiggers, and sand flies. The non-greasy spray and lotion have a pleasant low odor that evaporates when dry and won't damage plastics or synthetic coatings. Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent is safe for use on clothing, backpacks, synthetic fabrics, watches, sunglasses, and more. Maximize protection from mosquitoes and ticks by combining Picaridin with Sawyer’s Permethrin insect repellent for clothing, fabric, and gear. Picaridin Spray Sawyer Picaridin topical spray is effective for up to 12 hours against mosquitoes and ticks, and up to ...

  • Color: 4oz Lotion
  • Brand: Sawyer Products
  • ASIN: B00VV5KRD8
  • UPC: 050716005646

Insect Repellent Lotion Deet Free. Non-Greasy Non-Tacky Odorless 8 Hour Protection Safe for All Ages EPA Registered as a Biopesticide Using IR3535 Does not Kill, only Repels Insects Box of 50-5ML

Insect Repellent Lotion Deet Free. Non-Greasy Non-Tacky Odorless

Industrial Insect Repellent is a "Deet-Free" Lotion formulated with the Active Ingredient IR3535, to be used on the exposed skin of American Outdoor Workers. The risks of IR3535 are minimal to nonexistent. According to the EPA, IR3535 Controls the target pests via a Non-Toxic mode of action and is labeled as a "bio-pesticde" compared to Deet and Picaridin. It has been marketed in Europe since the early 1980's. EPA Approved against Mosquitos and Ticks. Other efficacy protection against Flies,Fleas,Gnats,Bees & Wasps. R&R Lotion and it's other Brand, Industrial Strength Sunscreen, Have been selling to Safety managers and Military Veterans across the country since 1999.

  • Brand: R&R Lotion
  • ASIN: B01CHU97RM
  • UPC: 666080849917

OutDoozie U08070001 195232 6Pk Firepot Gel Fuel, 3.1 oz

OutDoozie U08070001 195232 6Pk Firepot Gel Fuel, 3.1

"Prepare: Set the gel burner on a steady, level and heat resistant surface ensuring nothing around it can catch fire. Place First Accent Solid Gel can into the opening of the gel burner. Use ONLY with a gel burner that contains a metal ring that securely holds the can in place. Use: Use the tool included to pry the lid off the can. Be careful not to get any gel on hands or other objects. Use BBQ lighter or long match to carefully light the Fire Accent Solid Gel.  Finish: To extinguish the flame, use the snuffer included with your gel burner. DO NOT BLOW OUT OR USE LIQUID TO EXTINGUISH. When the can has cooled, remove it using the removal tool provided. If there is Solid Gel remaining in the can that you want to use later, wait until the can is completely cool and reseal with the lid. "

  • Color: -
  • Brand: OutDoozie
  • ASIN: B0083UWGDS
  • UPC: 849092001188

Pepperell Outdoor Torch Replacement Wicks, 8-1/4-Inch, 3 Per Package

Pepperell Outdoor Torch Replacement Wicks, 8-1/4-Inch, 3 Per

PEPPERELL-Patio & Garden Outdoor Tiki Torch Replacement Wicks. Package contains three wicks measuring approximately 8-1/4in long by 3/8in wide. These wicks fit most torches. Made in USA.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Pepperell
  • ASIN: B001O5NHK0
  • UPC: 725879930035

Babyganics Natural Bug Spray, 2 oz, Packaging May Vary

Babyganics Natural Bug Spray, 2 oz, Packaging May

Get rid of what’s buggin’ your baby. They’re not gonna be an indoor baby forever. But before you have to deal with the mean girls and bullies there are pesky mosquitoes, gnats and flies. So you’ve got this natural DEET free insect repellent. The power of natural essential aromatic oils (Citronella, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemongrass & Geranium) keeps babies safe and free. Our blend of essential oils is pungent to insects, especially mosquitoes, smells great and is safe for whole family. We’ve got the creepy critters covered. High school? That’ll be up to you.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Babyganics
  • UPC: 813277012337

LA BELLEFÉE Citronella Candles, 2.5oz Natural Scented Soy Wax Portable Travel Tin Candle Set, 15 Hour Burn, Outdoor and Indoor 6-Packs

LA BELLEFÉE Citronella Candles, 2.5oz Natural Scented Soy

LA BELLEFÉE - Citronella Scented Candles🍀 LA BELLEFÉE is a professional company researching & developing in candles, we provide 5 Star After-Sale Service for each customer. 100% GUARANTEE! Specification: 2.5 oz each candle Burning time: about 15 hours Dimension: 2.4 inch (D) * 1.6 inch (H) Material: Soy Wax Candles, Citronella oil Package Include: 6PCS Scented Citronella Candles in a box ⚠Notice: 1) Out of reach of children and pets 2) Remove packaging before burning 3) Never pick up or move a burning candle 4) Never leave a burning candle unattended 5) Do not burn more than 3 hours at once use 6) Do not allow wick trimmings to accumulate in wax pool 7) To prevent fire, when burning candle, please use a candle holder 8) Placing it on a heat-resistant surface, never on or near anything that can catch fire

  • Color: 6-pack Citronella Travel Tin Candles
  • Brand: LA BELLEFÉE
  • ASIN: B07SJG8J41
  • UPC: 782500145022

The Lies They Tell

The Lies They

Welcome to the real America,a place you call home but don't yet know! The USA is the world's empire and its actions will influence us all for generations to come. But who are the Americans, the people who make up America? Tuvia Tenenbom travels through America to find out. His wanderings take him across regional frontiers, partisan lines, and socioeconomic boundaries in a fearless quest for the flesh-and-blood American. He visits black ghettos and white gated communities, megachurches and Indian reservations. He schmoozes with robbers who teach him the true meaning of love and meets Jews who dedicate day and night to hatred of their brethren. He finagles his way into a prison where skinheads pray, goes to the Senate where no Senator seems to be working, experiments with drugs on American streets and ponders the deeper meaning of life with rednecks. He mingles with soldiers who teach him how to invade foreign countries and intellectuals who teach him the beautiful nature of Mother Earth, the goodness of man, and the sadism of the Israeli. The characters he encounters, the adventures he eagerly embraces and the findings of his journey are always unique and often unexpected. Welcome to the real America, a place you call home but don't yet know.

  • Brand: Ingramcontent
  • ASIN: 9652299111

The Company of Animals - Pet Corrector (Pack of 2), 50ml

The Company of Animals - Pet Corrector (Pack

Help retrain unwanted behaviors like jumping up, barking, food stealing and place training with Pet Corrector. Pet Corrector is favorited by pet parents and dog trainers worldwide and has become a must-have for retraining bad habits like excessive barking and jumping up. Pet Corrector works by emitting a harmless hiss sound, that mimics warning sounds found from other animals like snakes, geese, racoons and other animals. This sound interrupts their actions and gives time to help retrain "quiet" "no jump" and "no barking" techniques. We love our dogs so training them humanely is important. Pet Corrector is a positive and respectful way to interrupt bad habits & retrain positive actions for peace of mind around the house and in public. When training to prevent excessive dog barking, or to stop your dogs from barking at strangers, we suggest using Pet Corrector in short bursts and never pointing Pet Corrector at your dog, or aiming Pet Corrector at a place on your body. Pet Corrector is strongly discouraged for use with Puppies and should be used at a safe distance from your dog- never to be pointed directly at your dog or close in proximity to their body.

  • Color: 2 Pack
  • Brand: The Company of Animals
  • ASIN: B0124G4DV4
  • UPC: 885631216378

Duracell Photo 28L - Battery 1 Count (Pack of 4) (Packaging May Vary)

Duracell Photo 28L - Battery 1 Count (Pack

Duracell lithium batteries offer a powerful solution for your APS, 35mm SLR and 35mm point & shoot cameras, making sure you always get that great shot.

  • Brand: Duracell
  • ASIN: B001F0RCQO
  • UPC: 041333128108
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