SUNNYHILL Stainless Steel Mini Cannon Civil War Mortar Model with Steel Balls

SUNNYHILL Stainless Steel Mini Cannon Civil War Mortar

This product is a miniature replica of the American Civil War cannon, as a display and collection, entertainment Civil War Mortar is heavy artillery primarily used in military attacks on fortified positions. At the time of the American Civil War, the U.S. Army classified its artillery into varied types, depending on the gun's weight and intended use. Field artillery were light pieces that often traveled with the armies. Siege and garrison artillery were heavy pieces that could be used either in attacking or defending fortified places. Seacoast artillery were the heaviest pieces and were intended to be used in permanent fortifications along the seaboard. The siege trains of the Civil War consisted almost exclusively of guns and mortars. Guns fired projectiles on horizontal trajectory and could batter heavy construction with solid shot or shell at long or short range, destroy fort parapets, and dismount cannon. Mortars fired shells in a high arcing trajectory to reach targets behind obstructions, destroying construction and personnel.

  • Brand: Sunny Hill

Guns of History Parrott Rifle, 10 - Pounder US Civil War Cannon - Model Expo

Guns of History Parrott Rifle, 10 - Pounder

  • Brand: Model Expo
  • ASIN: B015A528K4

Denix 1861 US Civil War Mini Cannon

Denix 1861 US Civil War Mini

This miniature civil war cannon is typical of the field cannons used by both sides in the conflict. At less than 7 1/2 inches long, this piece is part of a series of famous cannon miniatures from Denix that are ideal for wargamers or collectors.

  • Color: Brass
  • Brand: Denix
  • ASIN: B002TKJ0BY
  • UPC: 843509704228

Mini Cannon Smallest Working Key Chain Model for Collection Desktop Cannon Civil War Cannon Model for Decoration

Mini Cannon Smallest Working Key Chain Model for

New mini cannon!Very popular gift304 Stainless SteelSize 36×21×29mmThe product has been upgraded to enhance stability and eliminate the wheels.Miniature Keychain model are NOT firearms under federal law (in USA). Our products are NOT weapons and are not sold as such!Package : ● Metal cannon model x 1● Wrench x 1 ●Pellets x 1(bottle)

  • Brand: SHDZKJ
  • ASIN: B07JDM2L4K

Guns of History Civil War Gatling Gun Metal Model Kit Sale - Model Expo

Guns of History Civil War Gatling Gun Metal

Guns of History Civil War Gatling Gun Model Kit Sale 1:16 scale Metal KIT by Guns of History .. a division of Model Expo, since 1976 Model Expo has been serving hobby enthusiasts with precision hobby tools since 1976, and is a hobby tools manufacturer, distributor, and reseller.Made entirely in the USA Now on Sale ... Reg. price $69.99 ... Save 42% and pay only $39.99 with free shipping. The hand-cranked machine gun was invented in 1861 by Dr. Richard J. Gatling of Hartford County, NC. Over time, 6-barrel and 10-barrel versions were produced in various calibers, including .45, .50 and 1". All were activated by cam-operated bolts that alternately wedged and fired the bullets, then ejected the spent cartridges, allowing each barrel to cool down before it came around to be fired again. Manufacture of the Gatling battery gun began in 1862, but its design was so radical that the U.S. government did not purchase any at that time. However, Gen. Benjamin F. Butler of the Union Army bought and personally paid for 12 at $1,000 each. He used them at the siege of Petersburg, VA in 1864Ð1865. Firing 350 rounds a minute, the Gatling gun was without equal in the era of single-shot guns. The U.S. Army officially adopted it in 1866 and ordered fifty Models 1866 six-barrel, 1" caliber guns. ...

  • Brand: Guns of History
  • ASIN: B004D8OKPQ
  • UPC: 856462005479

Denix Cvil War Cannon

Denix Cvil War

This Miniature Civil War Cannon is an accurate reproduction from the days of early artillery. The mini cannon is crafted from high quality materials, including authentic brass, metal, and wood, all put together in outstanding detail. Paired with its Civil War Limber (Item 07-492), the piece makes the perfect display for any Civil War model set up. The cannon measures approximately 12 inches long. This Miniature Civil War Cannon is quite impressive and will be quite the conversation starter. Features Crafted from Brass, Metal and Wood Working Parts Include Rolling Wheels Goes with the Mini Civil War Limber (07-492) A Perfect Gift Idea for the Civil War buffMeasurements Length: 12 inches Weight: 2 lbs.

  • Brand: Collector's Armoury, Ltd

Denix Replica Civil War Miniature Naval Cannon

Denix Replica Civil War Miniature Naval

This is a classic 18th Century Naval Cannon. The 1/12 scale cannon features a 10" elevating barrel, wooden trunk carriage and rotating wheels with real rope breaching.

  • Brand: Denix
  • ASIN: B002L36Z8A

Denix 1861 USA Civil War Cannon

Denix 1861 USA Civil War

This Cannon reproduced in a smaller version of the famous "12 Pounder" Cannon.  This item measures an impressive 15" in overall length with a cast metal barrel that is 7.5" in length.

  • Color: Pewter
  • Brand: Denix
  • UPC: 843509704020

Sunny Hill Mini Stainless Steel 18th Century Naval Warship Cannon Handmade Military Model

Sunny Hill Mini Stainless Steel 18th Century Naval

At the beginning of the 18th century, the naval cannon, based on the Brunnfield design, was equipped with a hair dryer. The gun mount is equipped with four wheels or trolleys, so that the gun can be effectively used in a limited space. At the same time, the gun body can be used with a strong pulley to control the rebound of the gun body, and the gun can be pulled back into the ship to reload the ammunition and then pulled out. In the hands of a well-trained crew, it takes no more than a minute to complete the process. The cannon was equipped with a six-pound shell, and when it was flat (the gun was in a horizontal state), the shell landed at a distance of about 300 yards. If you increase the 'shot' angle, raise the barrel and the range can reach 3000 to 4000 yards.

  • Brand: Sunny Hill
  • ASIN: B07D34Q4D6

Guns Of History Civil War Limber amunition Wagon Artillery 1:16 Scale MS4002 - Model Expo

Guns Of History Civil War Limber amunition Wagon

Guns of History Civil War Limber Ammunition Chest 1:16 Scale MS4002 - Model Expo: REGULAR $69.99 - ON SALE!Model Expo, serving hobby enthusiasts with precision models since 1976. Limber Ammunition wagon, matches with the Whitworth Cannon model #MS4001 brA LIMITED EDITION SIGNATURE SERIES KIT The limber was an indispensable piece of equipment during the American Civil War. It was a simple two-wheeled cart designed to carry an ammunition chest containing gunpowder and shot for the artillery pieces. A team of horses was hitched to the limber and a cannon was hooked on to its rear when the army was on the move. The ammunition chest lid was large enough to seat up to three men. However, sitting above the gunpowder was dangerous, so after the first few months of the War, only the driver rode on the limber. In times of battle, the limber and horses were left behind the lines of fire.THE KIT:Historically accurate and perfectly scaled. Cleanly cast Britannia metal components. Authentically detailed ammunition chest.Realistic spoked wooden wheels.Clearly written illustrated instructions. Guns of History Kit No. MS4002 Model Dimensions: Length 10" / Width 4" / Height 3-1/4" / Scale 1:16 Parts List & Instructions available via email. Message us if you need them. MATCHING PAINT KIT ALSO AV...

  • Brand: Guns of History
  • UPC: 856462005493
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