Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War, revised edition

Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War, revised

This new paperback edition of an established classic is a detailed survey, replete with photographs and diagrams, of the field artillery used by both sides in the Civil War.

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Arms and Equipment of the Civil War

Arms and Equipment of the Civil

The first military conflict to use iron-clad gunboats, metallic cartridges, and submarines, the Civil War also introduced such inventions as the telegraph and military balloon, utilized by the Signal Corps. This comprehensive reference brings a fresh perspective to wartime victories and defeats, with vivid descriptions of how the war was fought and what material was available to armies and navies of the Union and the Confederacy. Profusely illustrated with hundreds of the author's own drawings, Jack Coggins's remarkable encyclopedia of military hardware and technology also describes such equipment as pontoon bridges, corduroy roads, "excelsior" percussion grenades, "freak guns," siege artillery, mines, and submarine torpedoes. Offering a new view on how military resources decided the outcome not only of battles, but of the war as well, the text also includes on-the-scene comments by Union and Confederate soldiers about equipment and camp life in general. A must-have book for every Civil War enthusiast and for readers interested in the development of weaponry. 

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Civil War Artillery at Gettysburg

Civil War Artillery at

There were over 600 artillery pieces at Gettysburg. The guns were managed and operated by over 14,000 men. In three days over 50,000 rounds were fired. What impact did artillery have on this famous battle? How efficiently were the guns used? What were the strengths and weaknesses on each side? "Civil War Artillery At Gettysburg" answers these questions and many more. Using accessible descriptions, this work details the state of the art of this "long arm" as it existed at the time of the battle. It is an informative overview of field artillery in general while using the battle of Gettysburg to illustrate artillery technology. For it was Gettysburg when the artillery branch of both armies had matured to the point where its organization would stay relatively unchanged for the remainder of the war. Both armies prior to Gettysburg had neither the same mix of guns nor, more importantly, the same structure of organization as it did at this battle. The effects were telling. "This book is an artillery 'buff's' delight...The work meticulously examines the forming of the respective artillery arms of the two armies; the organization; artillery technology; guns; equipment and animals constituting that arm; ammunition; artillery operations; the artillerymen and, finally, actions of the guns on...


Civil War Heavy Explosive Ordnance: A Guide to Large Artillery Projectiles, Torpedoes, and Mines

Civil War Heavy Explosive Ordnance: A Guide to

Civil War Heavy Explosive Ordnance is the definitive reference book on Union and Confederate large caliber artillery projectiles, torpedoes, and mines. Some of these projectiles are from the most famous battles of the Civil War, such as those at Fort Sumter, Charleston, Vicksburg, Richmond, Fort Pulaski, Fort Fisher, Mobile Bay, Port Hudson, and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Others were fired from famous cannon: the “Swamp Angel” of Charleston, the 10-inch Parrott rifles and 12.75 Blakely rifles used in Charleston, “Whistling Dick” of Vicksburg, and the 8-inch British Armstrong rifle and 8-inch Blakely rifle of Fort Fisher. And some are from ships such as the Alabama, Richmond, Pawnee, and Montauk, or were involved in torpedo attacks against major warships.Jack Bell covers more than 360 projectiles in smoothbore calibers of 32-pounder and up and rifled projectiles of 4-inch caliber and larger. Bell also documents twenty-one Union and Confederate torpedoes and mines, both those from historical records and those that have survived to modern times. Each projectile and torpedo is presented in a data sheet showing multiple views of the specimen and providing data including, but not limited to, diameter, weight, the gun used to fire it, rarity index, and provenance. Over ...

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Rails & Rams

Rails &

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Firearms: An Illustrated History

Firearms: An Illustrated

Published in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, Firearms: An Illustrated History charts the evolution of the gun, from the pistol and rifle, to the machine gun and revolver. Detailed catalogs profile more than 300 firearms spanning over 700 years. With virtual tours detailing the most intricate details of key weaponry and photographic features on the world's iconic gun makers, including Colt, Smith & Wesson, Maxim, and Kalashnikov, Firearms: An Illustrated History is the perfect gift for gun, weapon, and military history enthusiasts.

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American Civil War Artillery 1861-65 (2): Heavy Artillery (New Vanguard Book 40)

American Civil War Artillery 1861-65 (2): Heavy Artillery

Because of the length of the coastline of the United States, from the beginning American ordnance and engineers placed an emphasis on heavy artillery mounted in coastal defences. The Union army organised its 'Heavy Artillery' into separate regiments, uniformed and equipped differently. While the Field Artillery was assigned across the fighting fronts Heavy Artillery units served the big guns in the forts and the defences of Washington. The Confederates did not differentiate types of artillery and those that became known as Heavy Artillery did so through informal association rather than formal designation. This book details the development and usage of the big guns. New Vanguard 38 and 40 are also available in a single volume special edition as 'American Civil War Artillery 1861-65'.

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Denix Replica Civil War Miniature Naval Cannon

Denix Replica Civil War Miniature Naval

This is a classic 18th Century Naval Cannon. The 1/12 scale cannon features a 10" elevating barrel, wooden trunk carriage and rotating wheels with real rope breaching.

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SZCO Supplies Small US Artillery Sword

SZCO Supplies Small US Artillery

This Small US Artillery Sword by Szco Supplies is 22" in overall length. It has a carbon steel blade. The handle is wire wrapped with brass guard and pommel. This sword comes with a steel scabbard with brass trim.

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American Civil War Artillery 1861-65 (1): Field Artillery (New Vanguard) (Pt.1)

American Civil War Artillery 1861-65 (1): Field Artillery

Perhaps the most influential arm of either army in the prosecution of the American Civil War, the artillery of both sides grew to be highly professional organizations, centralizing their artillery, organizing artillery battalions from individual batteries and giving their commanders higher ranks than field artillerymen had previously held. In battle, the introduction of the 12-pdr. Napoleon , followed closely by rifled cannon, provided a range and power previously unknown on American soil. This book details this vital cog in the war-machine of both sides.

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Civil War Cannon Die Cast Miniature Replica Pencil Sharpener Diecast Collectible

Civil War Cannon Die Cast Miniature Replica Pencil

Add some great artillery decor to your desk at home or work with this Miniature Die Cast Civil War Cannon Replica. This incredibly detailed Die Cast Miniature Replica features amazing attention to detail, and even has a movable wheels. Cannons were heavy artillery siege guns, with limited mobility used during the Civil and Revolutionary wars. This Miniature Diecast Cannon collectible also doubles as a Pencil sharpener, and is the perfect collectible showpiece for an office, in your home, to give as a gift to your fellow Military Officer, or to add to your own pencil sharpener collection. This beautifully crafted Die Cast Miniature Replica Civil War Cannon Pencil Sharpener measures 4" long, 2" wide, and 1 1/2" tall. Miniature Die Cast Collectible Cannon Pencil Sharpener ships brand new with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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The Civil War: The Story and the Artillery / Reporting the War

The Civil War: The Story and the Artillery

THE STORY AND THE ARTILLERY: The Civil War pitted countrymen against countrymen in the most brutal and bloody chapter in American history. This commemorative DVD tells the story why the war started and how it was fought, then explores one of the factors that finally helped bring it all to a close: the revolutionary new artillery weapons of the day. This in-depth documentary uses period photographs, factual re-enactments, first-person accounts and interviews with noted historians to bring fascinating details of this epic conflict to life. REPORTING THE WAR: The Civil War lives on in our memories largely through the efforts of pioneering reporters, artists and photographers. Here are their incredible stories. [Text from Back]. The Civil War: The Story and the Artillery / Reporting the War (2003) by History Channel, A&E Television Networks, H Logo, American History Archives. NTSC DVD Format. Not Rated. Released by The History Channel in 2003. Limited Collector's Edition. In English. MPN IPVZ0015. ASIN B001GXNRJ6. SSKU WZ-G8SF-WQH2. Double Feature.

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The Great Battles of the Civil War - Vicksburg

The Great Battles of the Civil War -

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The American Civil War and the Origins of Modern Warfare: Ideas, Organization, and Field Command (MIDLAND BOOK)

The American Civil War and the Origins of

... a major contribution to our knowledge of the place of the Civil War in the history of warfare.... I have long hoped for a sound history of Civil War military staffs... I need hope no more; Hagerman has covered this subject also, with the same assured expertness that he gives to tactics and technology." ―Russell F. Weigley... this fine book deserves a place on the shelves of all military historians in this country and abroad." ―American Historical Review... a first rate book... impressive... an imposing work... " ―Journal of American HistoryThis book is filled with enlightening information.... ought to be a standard for many years to come and should be required reading for any serious Civil War military historian." ―Journal of Southern History

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