Hey Clay - Colorful Kids Modeling Air-Dry Clay, 18 Cans with Fun Interactive App (Bugs)

Hey Clay - Colorful Kids Modeling Air-Dry Clay,

Discover the joy of unlimited creativity with a colorful Hey Clay set! Designed to boost kids’ imagination and development, this vibrant and soft modeling clay allows to sculpt almost any object. From favorite cartoon characters to your kid's own imaginary creatures. Bright and flexible compound with kids-friendly App guide – clay modeling has never been such a fun! CREATE Make all Bugs from this set with easy instructions in App, or create your own claymates. Meet beautifully animated creatures in the App and discover how to easily sculpt each of them in a fun interactive way!  SHARE Take a caption of your creation, name it and show to your friends! Don’t keep it a secret - share it on social networks right from the Hey Clay App! PLAY Once the creatures dry and harden - you can play with them like with toys or action figures, share, collect and even make a personal exhibition for your friends and family! Hey Clay is a well thought out complex, which immerses kids up in the world of creativity, fun and learning. Besides, Hey Clay is an engaging DIY activity for everyone from children to the elder. This makes Hey Clay set a perfect arts & crafts gift!  Package contains: *  18 cans of modeling clay (0.7 oz each) in various colors *  Interactive instructions to Bug...

  • Brand: Hey Clay
  • ASIN: B07582863L
  • UPC: 667605002367

Redmond First Aid All Natural Hydrated Clay For Horses, 8 Ounce Tube

Redmond First Aid All Natural Hydrated Clay For

Redmond First Aid All Natural Hydrated Clay For Horses in an 8oz tube for portability. This all natural bentonite clay promotes healing by drawing out infection and sealing the affected area to keep flies and bacteria away. First Aid is an important addition to your equine first aid kit. Can be applied to burn, bites, bruises, skin irritations, and even open wounds. You're sure to find many more uses of Redmond First Aid for Horses!

  • Brand: REDMOND
  • UPC: 758364331307

Bentonite Clay: 30 Natural Recipes for Health and Beauty!

Bentonite Clay: 30 Natural Recipes for Health and

How much does a pound of Bentonite Clay cost…?Typical Bentonite Clay (more known as Healing Clay) costs more or less $8.00 per pound (16 oz. or 2 cups) – some are more expensive, but others, which are highly sought after, cost as little as $13 per 2 pounds. Now, how far can it go?A typical recipe for beauty only calls for a few tablespoons, and a detoxifying solution will only need as little as 1 teaspoon. In other words, you $8 or $13 can go a long way. Health and beauty-wise, Bentonite Clay is a must. Its main function is to cleanse impurities, and in doing so, it paves the way to a clearer skin and body. In a world dominated by chemicals and pollution, wouldn’t you at least consider giving your internal and external health some revitalizing?This book can help you because…•Aside from Bentonite clay, we’ll use the most common ingredients which are already available in your home – with this book, you’ll never look beyond your pantry and fridge! •It’s packed full! 30+ recipes which will tackle not just beauty problems, but also home remedies, first aid, and cleansing and detoxing!•You only need minutes for these effective concoctions!•There’s no need to spend a lot of money for beauty, health, and home use!•It’s reader-friendly – recipes are laid ou...

  • ASIN: B019S2HXIM

Chemical Guys Cly_KIT_1 Heavy Duty Clay Bar and Luber Synthetic Lubricant Kit (16 oz) (2 Items)

Chemical Guys Cly_KIT_1 Heavy Duty Clay Bar and

The Heavy Duty Poly Clay Bar and Lubricant Detail Spray Kit easily and safely removes stubborn contaminants that cannot be removed during the regular washing process. Stubborn surface damaging contaminants such as tar, tree sap, bird droppings, bug smear, embedded road grime, paint overspray and more can leave surfaces rough and gritty. This poly clay bar is ideal for removing those harsh contaminants. This bar is ideal for new and recently purchased vehicles. It will safely remove contaminants from the vehicle without any need to scrub the surface too hard. This fine clay is smooth and so fine it will help maintain the finest finishes, delivering a sleek, smooth finish. Light enough for everyday use, yet its superior elastic structure cleans even tough contamination without scratching. Clay bars can be used as often as you like or simply prior to waxing or polishing your vehicle. To acquire the best smooth as glass touch and feel results, it is important to always use a clay bar on your vehicle prior to application of wax, glaze, polish or paint sealant. Always use a lubricant with your clay bar. The clay bar lubricant, Luber, works best with clay bars. This refill kit comes with a storage case for the clay bar. This kit comes complete with Luber Surface Cleaner. Luber is a high...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • UPC: 816276015699

Makin's USA Clay Cutters, Bugs, 11 Per Package

Makin's USA Clay Cutters, Bugs, 11 Per

MAKIN'S-Clay Cutter Set. Makin's metal clay cutter sets are full of fun; creative and easy to use ways to create the perfectly cut shapes. Each set comes in a convenient; reusable 2-1/4in round tin for easy; quick and safe storage. This package contains eleven big plus: moth; butterfly; ladybug and more. WARNING: Choking Hazard- small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Imported.

  • Color: Bugs
  • Brand: Makin's USA
  • ASIN: B003W0HD2I
  • UPC: 656290370066

Bentonite Clay (2 lb.) by Pure Organic Ingredients, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Fine Powder, Cosmetic & Food Grade, For Face Masks, Cleanses

Bentonite Clay (2 lb.) by Pure Organic Ingredients,

Pure Organic Ingredients Bentonite Clay is a Food Grade, Fine Powder For Use In Skin Treatments, Detox Supplements, Pottery, Groundwater Barriers, Wine Making, & More! FOR INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL USE: i. Highest, Purest Quality Available ii. Fine, Food Grade Powder iii. Binds to toxins iv. Absorbs oils v. Odorless vi. Pure Application: Use for face masks, detox baths, poultices for skin irritations such as bug bites, internal and external cleanses, and anti-nausea remedies for humans and pets. Can also be used in natural toothpastes, oral rinses, and teeth whiteners. Add to Clay mixture to make it more plastic while making pottery. Mix with soil to seal ponds or other natural water features. Clarify wines, liquor, cider, beer, mead, and vinegar. Use for decolorizing various mineral, vegetable, and animal oils. Recommended Use: For Face Masks and Poultices: Mix with water or apple cider vinegar and other ingredients of your choice until desired thickness is achieved. Apply to skin for 10-20 minutes. Rinse well. For Baths: Add about 1/4 cup to bath water. For Internal Use: Take 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon with water, smoothies, or apple cider vinegar. For Pets: Mix 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon with water. Ingredients: Pure Bentonite Clay Powder Before using Pure Organic Ingredients Bent...

  • Brand: Pure Organic Ingredients
  • UPC: 742309351222

Living Clay Detox Clay Powder | All-Natural Bentonite Calcium Clay for Internal & External Deep Cleansing | Perfect for Mask, Bath or Wrap | .5 Gal

Living Clay Detox Clay Powder | All-Natural Bentonite

"I have bought and will continue to buy this brand of clay for my health. it mixes well (in a blender with just water) and it tastes the best internally. I use it for stomach issues and to boost my immune system. I also use it as a facial to keep my skin blemish free and smooth... Living clay works...I highly recommend this product."Used by the world's finest spas for facials, full body wraps, etc., Living Clay is proud to offer you our extraordinarily powerful Detox Clay Powder. Exceptionally pure, our rare, natural desert Bentonite clay is obtained from a sub-surface mine in California that has been naturally protected for millions of years. Because its absorptive properties have not been compromised by air or groundwater contaminants, our clay possesses a drawing power of 32 times its molecular weight. Additionally, Living Clay's bentonite clay powder is tasteless, odorless, non-gritty, rich in trace minerals, and milled to a 325 screen mesh for a creamy smooth powder texture when hydrated.Both purifying and alkalizing due to its rich trace mineral content, Living Clay's Detox Clay Powder is ideal for use in deep cleansing of the skin, facial masks, hair masks, body wraps, and more. Additionally, you can mix our clay powder into water and take internally or add to a bath.Livin...

  • Brand: Living Clay
  • ASIN: B009LMNAJ6
  • UPC: 895499000026

Magnet Clay ladybug Insect, Like real, (6 Ladybug)

Magnet Clay ladybug Insect, Like real, (6

Magnet ladybug, looks like real. Size: around 2" Packed with box. It is good for collection

  • Color: 6 Ladybug
  • Brand: Buget
  • ASIN: B073TCPH6F
  • UPC: 717261463948

Tiny Yellow Polymer Clay Ladybug Stud Earrings on Sterling Silver Posts

Tiny Yellow Polymer Clay Ladybug Stud Earrings on

These ladybug earrings are dainty, darling and expertly handcrafted using polymer clay. Incredibly intricate while still remaining affordable, these stud earrings will let you add a touch of nature to any outfit. Ladybugs have long been considered a good luck charm and as our bestselling set of earrings I can personally attest to how lucky they truly are!

  • Color: Yellow, Black, White
  • Brand: Gabrielle & Co
  • ASIN: B015QJHJP8

ABN Clay Bar Wipe 6” Medium Grade DA Polisher Pad for Cars

ABN Clay Bar Wipe 6” Medium Grade DA

The ABN Clay Bar Wipe 6" Medium Grade DA Polisher Pad is designed for use on a DA polisher allowing for the extremely fast removal of surface containments such as brake dust, light rust, bugs, tree sap, pollen, and the effects of acid rain while eliminating swirl marks. Unlike the traditional clay bar if you drop this pad you can simply rinse it with water and get back to work. This pad significantly reduces the amount of labor need to polish and or clean automotive finishes. Hook and loop backing allows for simple and easy install and removal from your DA. This pad will last 4-5 times longer than the traditional clay bar. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which is [are] known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

  • Brand: ABN
  • ASIN: B014I5GRXQ
  • UPC: 617209843354
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