Olbas Therapeutic Herbal Bath - 8 fl oz

Olbas Therapeutic Herbal Bath - 8 fl

Size: 8 ozSwiss MadeA refreshing and naturally fragrant Therapeutic Herbal Bath from Switzerland. Soothing and relaxing to aching and painful muscles. Acts as a natural deodorant while it tingles, stimulates and invigorates - a truly exciting experience. Excellent as a bath for tired, aching feet. Add to tub or whirlpool or use it as a liquid soap when you shower or shampoo. A favorite in European sports and health spas. Contains no SLS or SLES.Cruelty Free.Please Recycle.

  • Brand: Olbas
  • ASIN: B00011FTPY
  • UPC: 885786057314

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Bath Oil, Relaxing Soak, 3.38 fl. oz.

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Bath Oil, Relaxing Soak, 3.38

Hectic lifestyle? Feeling overworked? Mentally drained? Soak for 15-20 minutes in the ultimate “relax time” bath with Lavender essential oil. Lavender is known for its balancing effects on body and mind and balance is the key to healthy body. Bring your being back to a state of equilibrium and your hectic life will seem much more manageable. Out of balance & over tired?? Combine 1capful of Lavender Balancing Bath with 1capful of Valerian & Hops Sweet Dreams Bath to completely calm the body and mind, while sending you into a restful sleep. Make Kneipp bath time a healthy ritual and soak in nature’s benefits. Transform your bath with the healing powers of water combined with plant and herbal essential oils blended to promote better overall health.

  • Brand: Kneipp
  • ASIN: B00021DY0U
  • UPC: 729613060415

California Baby Eucalyptus Ease Bubble Bath - 13 oz

California Baby Eucalyptus Ease Bubble Bath - 13

California Baby Bubble Baths are great for those with sensitive skin! No drying cleansers that can irritate the skin here - California Baby only uses ultra-gentle, natural cleansing ingredients such as organic soapbark and wild harvested yucca. And the bubbles aren’t created by harsh bubbling chemicals like SLS (or other sulfates) like many popular bubble baths on the market. Instead California Baby uses gentle glucosides which create a lot of bubbles and are from sustainable vegan sources. California Baby Bubble Baths are Sulfate-free, DEA-free, Paraben-free and have no carcinogenic by-products like 1,4 dioxane. No synthetic fragrances either – scents come from pure essential oils. This Eucalyptus Ease’s refreshing and restorative eucalyptus aroma will soothe the spirits of all ages. These bubble baths don’t promote yeast or bladder infections and are safe for use in hot tubs. And did we mention it includes a bubble wand for extra bath fun!? California Baby products are blended, manufactured & packaged in their very own certified organic, FDA registered, and solar powered facility located in California. Because we do not use harsh bubbling agents, you must help the bubbling process along by shaking?agitating bubbles under vigorously running water at the start of tub fi...

  • Brand: California Baby
  • ASIN: B000GZJJ38
  • UPC: 792692000511

Bath Bubbles Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend - Relaxing Bubble Bath For Stress With Therapeutic Grade Antioxidant - Vitamin E And Aloe - Natural Skin Care Moisturizers For Women And Men

Bath Bubbles Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend -

Invigorate your senses and nourish your skin with our Eucalyptus bubble bath for dry and stressed skin. This bubble bath product is a refreshing blend of four eucalyptus essential oils Smithi, Radiata, Gobus, and Dives which hail from South Africa, Australia, and China respectively. Our innovative bath therapy yields a high amount of bubbles for a luxurious long lasting bath foam. Therapeutic bath bubbles envelope your body in luxurious moisture and cleansing for a gentle but effective detoxifying bath. Our bubble bath formula is enhanced with antioxidants Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which help to protect and repair skin from harmful environmental pollutants. These all natural botanicals possess antibacterial properties which help further detoxify and promote immune health. Enhance sleep and boost mood naturally. This homeopathic solution helps you get to dreamland faster and stay there longer. Our relaxing bubble bath promotes various skin benefits such as soft, supple, and smooth skin for a beautiful radiant glow. Look well cared for and feel like a kid again with our ultra-pampering bubble bath formula that stimulates your senses leaving your mind and body stress free. Combine with your favorite body wash for a euphoric at home spa experience. The earthy eucalyptus tingles your se...

  • Brand: Maple Holistics
  • UPC: 680596907022

LuxSpa Bath Bombs Gift Set - The Best Ultra Lush Natural Bubble Fizzies With Dead Sea Salt Cocoa And Shea Essential Oils, 6 x 4.1 oz, The Best Birthday Gift idea For Her/Him, wife, girlfriend, women

LuxSpa Bath Bombs Gift Set - The Best

WHAT IS A BATH BOMB? Bath bomb/ bath fizzy / bath seltzer is used to enhance your bath time experience! They are filled with moisturizing and skin-nourishing oils and butters. HOW TO USE? Just fill up the tub with water and drop the bath bomb. As soon as the bath bomb enters the water, it will start to foam and fizz. Over time, the bath bomb will start to break apart and dissolve, thus allowing all the beneficial oils, salts, and butters to be released into the bath water. WHY BUY BATH BOMBS FROM US? 1)We hand craft each of our products using only the highest quality ingredients. 2)Our bath bombs fizz longer. 3)Each bath bomb comes individually wrapped and labeled. 4)We guarantee that you will get your bath bombs in great condition. 5)You will get great quality bath bombs for the amount you paid for. INGREDIENTS Baking soda, Citric Acid, Natural anhydrous sodium sulfate, Dead sea salt,Epsom Salt, Kaolin Clay, Water, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, Essential Oils, Vitamin E.

  • Brand: Pure Nature Lux Spa
  • ASIN: B075CXNR95
  • UPC: 656793334060

Kneipp Herbal Bath Oil Gift Set of 10 Travel Size Oils

Kneipp Herbal Bath Oil Gift Set of 10

Delight in the perfect bath experience with the bath oil. The 10 piece herbal bath oil set is a great way to try a variety of bath oil fragrances within our collection. Take this moment for yourself to forget about time and recuperate from everyday strain and stress with a bathing experience. It also makes for a perfect gift for someone in need of a moment of wellness and relaxation. After a warm bath, you feel reborn. Together with the beneficial warm water, the combination of luxurious oils develops its natural effects.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Kneipp

Turmeric Soap Bar (Large 6 Ounce) Made in USA (Beautiful Glowing Skin Brightening Lightening Whitening) Ayurvedic Organic Vegan Artisanal Natural Handmade Aromatherapy Soap

Turmeric Soap Bar (Large 6 Ounce) Made in

REAP WHAT YOU SOAP! TREAT YOUR SKIN WITH THE IMPORTANCE THAT IT DESERVES!!! * Ethically Sourced Natural and Organic Ingredients * Cold Processed with Natural Retained Glycerin * Each Individual Aromatherapy Soap Bar is Carefully Cured for 8 Weeks * At iHeart Nature - For Every Bar of Natural Turmeric Soap, We Plant a Tree * A Healthy Planet For A Healthy You BEST TURMERIC SOAP CREATED BY AN EXPERT PANEL OF HOLISTIC HEALERS * Turmeric's Skin Benefitting Phytochemistry Comes from Curcuminoids Which Have Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, and Anti-Septic Properties! * Natural Essential Oils to Revitalize your Skin * Aromatherapy to Rejuvenate your Senses TOP FIVE REASONS WHY YOU NEED THIS BEST TURMERIC SOAP BAR: NO Parabens, NO Alcohols, NO Sulfates, NO Petroleum, NO Animal Fats, NO Synthetic Fragrances, NO Dyes * Contains Only Natural, Non-Toxic, Non-GMO, Cruelty Free Ingredients Our Natural Soap Bars are Hand Crafted With Love In Small Artisanal Batches In The USA Helps Save the Planet by Planting One Tree Per Jar It's Accompanied by Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee MAKE NATURAL SKIN CARE PART OF YOUR PERSONAL WELLNESS ROUTINE iHeart Nature - NATURAL ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR BODY, HEART, AND SOUL

  • Brand: iHeart Nature
  • ASIN: B075B1MQGR

30 Bags Foot Bath Herb, Foot Soak Herbal Chinese Medicine for Foot Reflexology Herbs Spa 31oz 传统中药泡脚 真材实料足量900g 老姜 藏红花 艾草 益母草 四味草药混合 足浴包

30 Bags Foot Bath Herb, Foot Soak Herbal

天然 取材自天然草本植物,经过晒干和人工筛选,保留草本植物原有的茎,叶,或者花,不添加任何化学物质,传统中药真材实料看得见,拒绝不明确的泡脚粉 草本养生 祛除寒湿,促进血液循环,更适合冬季暖身。也可放松,改善睡眠和脚气。长期草本泡脚,可以改善关节疼痛,防治感冒 配方 4味中药;每包含有4味中药:艾草,老姜,藏红花,益母草。艾草和老姜可祛除寒湿,藏红花和益母草可促进血液循环,舒经活络 足量 1袋总共30小包,每包30g, 中药总净重900g, 足够日常使用或者家庭使用 用法 把泡脚药包放开水浸泡或者煮10分钟。水温到40度左右即可泡脚。每次泡脚宜20分钟左右

  • Brand: QianYiDa
  • ASIN: B07ML39PSW

Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath, Therapeutic Bath Salts, 8 Ounce

Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath, Therapeutic Bath Salts, 8

Singhas Mustard Bath 8 oz PowderA Gentle Herbal Formula With Powdered Mustard Seed, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Wintergreen & ThymeSuggested Use As a dietary supplement Dr. Shinghas aromatic bath formula has been widely used in England for 35 years with excellent results. Traditionally, Mustard is renowed for its stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating qualities. The warmth of the Mustard assists in opening the pores of your skin helping you to sweat out impurities. Dr. Shyams Singha, well-known Master Acupucturist, Osteopath, Nauropath and Ayurevedic physician recommends his formula as an aid in relieving many ailments. These include Stress, Muscle and Joint Soreness, Congestion, Skin Conditions, Periodic Tensions and Sleeplessness. Use as a perfect complement to any Purification and Tissue Cleansing Program. - Or as directed by your healthcare professional.Directions Foot Bath - Disolve 1 large Tbl. spoon of the formula in a bowl of hot water. Soak for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Full Bath - Add 2oz to a hot bath. Relax in the water for 20 minutes. Finish with a cold shower, dry with a rough towel and keep warm for best results.Other Ingredients: This formula contains: Powdered Mustard Seeds, Oils Of Wintergreen, Ecualptus, Rosemary, And Thyme And Powdered Gum Benzoin In A Bas...

  • Brand: Dr. Singha's
  • ASIN: B00016WU6A
  • UPC: 731646237153

All Natural Hemp Bath Bomb, 250mg, 5.5 oz - Vanilla Scented Fragrant Relaxing Bath Salt Fizzy With Essential Oils - Exfoliating, Relaxing, Pain Relief - Cold Press Extraction – by Holy Leaf

All Natural Hemp Bath Bomb, 250mg, 5.5 oz

Nothing beats getting home from a long day of work and taking a nice and bubbly bath in the comfort of your own home. With Holy Leaf, you're taking your bathing experience up to the next level with the incredible hemp oil infused bath bombs! Keep your skin moisturized and coated with essential minerals and vitamins so you keep your body in great condition all while delighting in some much-needed and incredibly comforting "me time".PRODUCT FEATURES Included 1 Bath Bomb (5.5 Oz.) 100% Lab Tested Hemp Oil USDA Approved Organic All Natural Ingredients Scents Available: Citrus, Vanilla, Lavender 250mg Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Infused Extra Soothing and Moisturizing EffectCOLD PRESS EXTRACTION At Holy Leaf, we know that utilizing the entire hemp plant is necessary to experience and enjoy the full benefits that hemp has to offer. That means utilizing the seeds, stems, and buds through a process known as cold press extraction. By applying pressure to hemp under minimal hit, it can be grounded into a fine paste. More pressure is then applied so oil can carefully be removed with all its pure contents intact and ready for consumption.THE BEST ALONE TIME YOU CAN HAVEThe best thing you can do for your skin is treat it to some pure all-natural minerals to keep it healthy and strong. Our bath bomb...

  • Brand: Holy Leaf
  • ASIN: B07Q3GX48B
  • UPC: 766062323043

10pcs Ginger Foot Soak Effervescent Tablets Foot Care, Anti-Swelling Foot SPA Promote metabolism, Prevention Beriberi Eliminate Fatigue Improve Sleeping Foot Pain Foot Care Treatment (Ginger Flavor)

10pcs Ginger Foot Soak Effervescent Tablets Foot Care,

Name: Ginger Foot Bath Herbal Anti-Foot SPA Foot Bath Effervescent 10pcs Features: Rapidly treat toxin & water retention that causes swelling Decreases swollen veins & glands after inflammation Boosts foot & whole body circulation for lymphatic health Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties to deodorize Soften corns, calluses & rough heels Specifications: Main Ingredients: Ginger extracts, Epsom salt, Salt Baking Soda, Natural Essential Oils. Net Weight: 100g Usage: 1.Put one tablet to a basin of 4L warm water 2.Wait for 2-5 mins till the tablet is fully dissolved 3.Soak your feet for around 30 mins and relax 4.Use 2-3 times a week or when necessary Or Ginger Foot Soak Effervescent Tablets Foot Care: then add appropriate amount of water to the appropriate temperature to wash the feet for 15-30 minutes with wiping is better, controlled temperature at 38-45 degrees, keep the ankle soaking in the water。 Use 2-3 times a week or when necessary Package includes: 10pcs X Anti-Swelling Foot SPA

  • Brand: BaySerry
  • ASIN: B07H6GWXX7
  • UPC: 735314923010

Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager, 20 Pound

Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath

Treat your feet with the undeniable luxury comfort! Integrating ozone benefits into hyperthermia healing therapy, this Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager makes hot-tub spa a natural and effective way to relieve your painful, sore, tired feet and refresh meridians of body through its heated, ozonated water. Featuring four different automatic massage programs with selection of rolling massage, ozone therapy, air bubble massage, and heated water surfing therapy, it boosts circulation to bring oxygen to the tissues to soothe sore muscles on legs and feet. With the four built-in motorized massage rollers located inside the calf-deep water container, when the waterfall or water jet surfing system is activated, it gives you hot-steam rolling massage on sole and effectively melt away your calf and foot stress while you are enjoying the hot-tub spa. Equipped with advanced water temperature automatic balancing system, its thermal control device will be activated automatically to turn on or off the heating function when its current water temperature is lower or higher than your selected temperature, you can simply sit back and relax. The strong waterfall and two powerful water jets circulate water with moist hot air bubbles, which helps stimulate foot reflex zones and...

  • Color: burgandy
  • Brand: Carepeutic
  • ASIN: B0161ZWKPK
  • UPC: 891856103010

Everyone Botanical 3-in-1 Soap, Coconut and Lemon, 16 Ounce, 6 Count

Everyone Botanical 3-in-1 Soap, Coconut and Lemon, 16

This multi-tasking soap is formulated to be used as shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath. Blended with luxurious Coconut, bright Lemon essential oil awakens skin and transports the senses. Gentle cleansers and botanical extracts create a skin-nourishing, foamy lather.

  • Color: Lemon
  • Brand: Everyone
  • ASIN: B0771X9W4Y

Crazy Candles 5 Bottles Set, 1, Hawaiian Sandalwood 1 Mahogany Teakwood 1 Tobacco (Pipe), 1 Campfire, 1 Leather 1/2 Fl Oz Each (15ml) Premium Grade Scented Fragrance Oils By

Crazy Candles 5 Bottles Set, 1, Hawaiian Sandalwood

Highest Premium grade quality oils. Our Fragrance Oils are specifically formulated to be used for Burning, candle making and soap making or they can be used to scent incense and toiletry products. They are even perfect for direct application. Premium grade oils are the best and most popular all around oils to use. The premium grade is an enhanced formula, providing additional strength. This is the best oil to use for burning, scenting candle wax, melt and pour soap bases, cold process soap recipes and bath & body products. WARNING: For external use only ! If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets.This is NOT a food product.

  • Brand: Crazy Candles
  • UPC: 705332890953

Almond Oil - Sweet - Pure USA Cold Expeller Pressed & Hexane Free - Best Carrier Oil for Essential Oils - Massage & Aromatherapy - Therapeutic Grade - Food Grade (16 oz)

Almond Oil - Sweet - Pure USA Cold

Our Sweet Almond Oil is Amazing. In response to customer requests we imported our oil from pristine Southern European growers & bottle it in the USA to ensure purity with no contaminants. It is Odorless and Colorless Without Greasy Residue, and no impurities as found in many Chinese products. Combine Our Oil With Essential Oils & Other Carrier Oils It has a super long shelf life of 3 years and is one of the best carrier oils to dilute essential oils. Perfect for homemade natural cosmetics, lotions, lip balms, aromatherapy diffuser roller bottles and massage oil, aromatherapy & hair and skin moisturizer for dry skin. 100% pure & as close as you can get to organic! High in antioxidants & Vit A,D & E. Uses of Sweet Almond OilIts feather-light feel provides a soothing barrier without clogging pores. It's excellent for dry or troubled skin & hair. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth, not greasy like other carrier oils. It's fully soluble with all essential oils, colorless, odorless, & will not stain or go rancid. Perfect in roll on and spray bottles. Being thin and stable, it has many uses in the following applications: - Cosmetics: It is widely used in the preparation of soaps, lotions, and cosmetics. - Aromatherapy: It is used as a carrier oil, since it facilitates the absorption...

  • Brand: Ellie's Best
  • ASIN: B07D3C9WRG
  • UPC: 850633007620
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