The Chord Wheel: The Ultimate Tool for All Musicians

The Chord Wheel: The Ultimate Tool for All

(Instructional). Master chord theory ... in minutes! The Chord Wheel is a revolutionary device that puts the most essential and practical applications of chord theory into your hands. This tool will help you: Improvise and Solo Talk about chops! Comprehend key structure like never before; Transpose Keys Instantly transpose any progression into each and every key; Compose Your Own Music Watch your songwriting blossom! No music reading is necessary. "This is the kind of device that players of any instrument can use to enhance their musical understanding. Chord and key relationships are inseparable, and learning these relationships is a must in becoming a successful musician." Alan Remington, Orange Coast College Music Dept.

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Music Theory for Computer Musicians

Music Theory for Computer

Many DJs, gigging musicians, and electronic music producers understand how to play their instruments or make music on the computer, but they lack the basic knowledge of music theory needed to take their music-making to the next level and compose truly professional tracks. Beneath all the enormously different styles of modern electronic music lie certain fundamentals of the musical language that are exactly the same no matter what kind of music you write. It is very important to acquire an understanding of these fundamentals if you are to develop as a musician and music producer. Put simply, you need to know what you are doing with regard to the music that you are writing. Music Theory for Computer Musicians explains these music theory fundamentals in the most simple and accessible way possible. Concepts are taught using the MIDI keyboard environment and today's computer composing and recording software. By reading this book and following the exercises contained within it, you, the aspiring music producer/computer musician, will find yourself making great progress toward understanding and using these fundamentals of the music language. The result will be a great improvement in your ability to write and produce your own original music!

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Score Creator: write/compose song, edit sheet music

Score Creator: write/compose song, edit sheet

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How to Compose Music: A Guide to Composing Music for a Musician (or an eager Beginner) who wants to become a Composer - ( How to Write Music )

How to Compose Music: A Guide to Composing

If you want to learn how to Compose Music, then this Guide is for you! Music is an incredible creative outlet, and for those who are imaginative and deeply passionate about music, wanting to compose your own songs is inevitable. This guide will outline the basics of everything you’ll need to know to get started.

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Think Fun Compose Yourself Music Card Game

Think Fun Compose Yourself Music Card

Start Creating Original Music in Minutes! Invented by world-famous composer and cellist, Philip Sheppard, Compose Yourself combines a set of Music Cards with an exclusive website to allow you to create, play and share your own world-class composition. The 60 transparent Music Cards, each containing a series of notes, are like building blocks for music, and can be arranged to form over a billion musical combinations. Simply select and arrange several of the cards, then register online to hear your melody played by virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie accompanied by a full symphony orchestra. The website will allow you to flip, rotate and swap cards so that you can change your melody until you love what you hear. When you're done, download an mp3, print music and share with your friends and social networks. Compose Yourself stimulates and connects the right and left brain, building new thinking skills and encouraging creativity, self-expression and a passion for music. As Philip Sheppard has said, "We all talk about playing music, but it's even more fun to play with music!"

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Notation Pad - Sheet Music Composer & Composition

Notation Pad - Sheet Music Composer &

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Composition: Methods for Developing Simple Melodies and Longer Compositions (Complete Idiot's Guides (Lifestyle Paperback))

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Composition: Methods

Write the songs that make the whole world sing. A step-by-step guide to writing music, this book shows musicians how to compose simple chord progressions and melodies, and leads them through more advanced compositional techniques and musical forms. Designed for composers of all types of music, it includes instruction on composing stand-alone melodies, using different scales and modes, themes and variations, orchestration, and composing for film, theater, and videogames. -Perfect complement to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Theory and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Songwriting -Includes a comprehensive glossary of musical terms, as well as an appendix of various computer-based composition tools -Easy-to-use oversize trim

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Music Composition 1

Music Composition

(Includes free life-time access to on-line quizzes and audio samples)“Music Composition 1” is the first book in a two book series by award-winning composer, Jonathan Peters, which explains how music is formed and how to compose your own music. Book 1 covers the study of rhythmic and melodic composition, while book 2 covers harmonic composition and compositional form. Each lesson covers a particular concept (or related concepts). Concepts and compositional techniques are demonstrated throughout the course with real musical examples (pictures and on-line audio samples). Each lesson also contains memory questions, access to on-line quizzes, listening assignments, and transcription/composition assignments. Memory questions serve to summarize and reinforce key concepts learned, while the quizzes tests the students’ knowledge and understanding of the material from each lesson. Students who take this course will get practice transcribing music (hearing a rhythm or a melody and writing it down) and also learn how to use music notation software. In the composition assignments students will get real life practice using the information and techniques learned in each lesson to write their own rhythms and melodies.WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS COURSE? A computer with internet conne...

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Music Composition For Dummies

Music Composition For

Want to turn that haunting tune in your head into an awesome sound in your ear? You can! Music Composition For Dummies demystifies the process of composing music and writing songs. It guides you through every step of writing your own music, from choosing the right rhythm and tempo to creating melodies and chord progressions and working with instruments and voices. In this fun and practical guide, you’ll learn how to match keys and chords to the mood you want to convey, work a form without limiting your creativity, and hammer out a musical idea, even when your mind is drawing a blank. You’ll find out how to create popular songs, classically structured pieces, and even film, TV, and video game soundtracks. And, you’ll learn what you need to know about music composition software, including Finale, Sebelius, Pro Tools, and more. Discover how to: Preserve and organize your musical ideas Work with established chord progressions or create your own Develop great rhythms Select the right instruments Find melodies in your head, your instrument, and the world around you Use major and minor scales Work with modes and moods Build melodic motifs and phrases Use the circle of fifths to harmonize Write for multiple voices Make a demo recording Filled with creative exercises to build your...

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Songwriting Book: Lined/Ruled Paper And Staff, Manuscript Paper For Notes, Lyrics And Music. For Musicians, Music Lovers, Students, Songwriting. Book Notebook Journal 100 Pages 6x9in

Songwriting Book: Lined/Ruled Paper And Staff, Manuscript Paper

Compose Music and Write notes and lyrics! Check out our range of Lined and Staff Paper.100 pages of Lined and Staff PaperLeft Pages are lined and are suitable for notes, lyrics, and ideasRight Pages are Staff/Manuscript paper for composingGet your copy todayCheck out our full range of Insignia Music Books on Our Amazon Author Page

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Compose And Produce Music Like A Pro: A Comprehensive Guide to Songwriting, Composing, Arranging and Producing

Compose And Produce Music Like A Pro: A

Composing and producing music is an art and a science and there is no absolute right or wrong way to do either. There are basic guidelines however that most composers and producers follow that have become standard and will go a long way to helping you develop professionally. I have learned many useful ways to approach those processes over my 20 plus years in the music industry and I’ve crafted this text to help you learn those techniques. This text is designed for those who have introductory knowledge in music composition and music production. Awareness of music notation is recommended before delving into the concepts covered in this text.

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Standard Wirebound Manuscript Paper (Green Cover)

Standard Wirebound Manuscript Paper (Green

(Manuscript Paper). 96-page wirebound book; 12 staves per page; 8 1/2 x 11 ; Music Notation Guide.

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How to Compose Music: For Beginners

How to Compose Music: For

Read this book for free with your Kindle Unlimited membership.Music is all around us. It’s like a tidal wave that can never stop. Just like the force within that encourages us to create new music. But what if you don’t know where to start? After all, there’s more to composing than just coming up with a good melody. This is where our book can help you. It’s a short guide that will give you the necessary push to get started. Even if you are a beginner, don’t worry. Provided you know how to play a musical instrument, you can rest assured that you’ll be composing beautiful music before long.Music is made up of three building blocks: MelodyHarmonyRhythmThis book discusses how you can make these three parts work together when you take your first steps toward your very first composition! So, why not start this beautiful musical journey today? Who knows, you might just be the next great composer!Download this book today and learn how to compose music!

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GrooveMixer - Music Beat Maker

GrooveMixer - Music Beat

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The Artist's Way: 25th Anniversary Edition

The Artist's Way: 25th Anniversary

“Julia Cameron invented the way people renovate the creative soul.” –The New York TimesOver four million copies sold!Since its first publication, The Artist's Way phenomena has inspired the genius of Elizabeth Gilbert, Tim Ferriss, and millions of readers to embark on a creative journey and find a deeper connection to process and purpose. Julia Cameron's novel approach guides readers in uncovering problems areas and pressure points that may be restricting their creative flow and offers techniques to free up any areas where they might be stuck, opening up opportunities for self-growth and self-discovery.   The program begins with Cameron’s most vital tools for creative recovery – The Morning Pages, a daily writing ritual of three pages of stream-of-conscious, and The Artist Date, a dedicated block of time to nurture your inner artist. From there, she shares hundreds of exercises, activities, and prompts to help readers thoroughly explore each chapter. She also offers guidance on starting a “Creative Cluster” of fellow artists who will support you in your creative endeavors. A revolutionary program for personal renewal, The Artist's Way will help get you back on track, rediscover your passions, and take the steps you need to change your life.

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