Toxic Plants of Texas: Integrated Management Strategies to Prevent Livestock Losses

Toxic Plants of Texas: Integrated Management Strategies to

Written for ranchers, landowners, 4-H-ers, veterinarians, and anyone interested in wild or ornamental plants, Toxic Plants of Texas is a complete, practical guide to 106 of the most common poisonous plants in Texas. In a handy, well-illustrated format, experts Charles R. Hart, John C. Reagor, Bruce B. Carpenter, A. Catherine Barr, and Tam Garland provide descriptions of each plant, explaining where it grows, what makes it toxic, and how much an animal must eat to be affected. They also offer a primer on different kinds of poisoning, lists of symptoms, and strategies for treatment and prevention. An overview of integrated toxic plant management summarizes an economical and environmentally sound approach to reducing livestock losses by controlling toxic plants. At the back of the book, a field key cross-references animal symptoms with plant species. An abundance of excellent color photographs aid in the identification of each plant's toxic features, including the flowers, fruits, pods, and roots.

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Taking the University to the People: Seventy-Five Years of Cooperative Extension

Taking the University to the People: Seventy-Five Years

Taking the University to the People will be of interest to agricultural historians and economists, rural sociologists, economic planners, political scientists, and the many involved in Extension Services. This commemorative volume celebrates the seventy-five year history of Cooperative Extension and briefly considers its potential role and continuing significance for the twenty-first century.

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Education Through Cooperative Extension

Education Through Cooperative

Delmar presents the only introductory text on the Cooperative Extension Service that acquaints readers with every aspect of the world's largest nonformal education program -- from its inner workings to its vital offerings to the community. Emphasis is placed on illustrating the role of Cooperative Extension as a viable educational entity that addresses the concerns and issues of a changing society. ALSO AVAILABLE -- INSTRUCTOR SUPPLEMENT: Instructor's Manual (ISBN# 0-8273-7173-X). Call Customer Support to Order.

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High Altitude Baking: 200 Delicious Recipes & Tips for Great Cookies, Cakes, Breads & More

High Altitude Baking: 200 Delicious Recipes & Tips

Put an end to your high altitude frustrations today! With over two hundred recipes and proven tips developed by high altitude baking experts, this book will ensure your baking success. A cake recipe adjustment guide for bakers living at an elevation of 3,500 and 10,000 feet is included in this essential cookbook, High Altitude Baking includes recipes for cookies, cakes, muffins, coffee cakes, scones, biscuits, pancakes, yeast breads, sourdough breads, and more.

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Field Guide to On-Farm Composting (Nraes (Series), 114.)

Field Guide to On-Farm Composting (Nraes (Series),

  • ASIN: 0935817395

Applying Pesticides Correctly A Guide for Private and Commercial Applicators (Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service Pesticide Information Program)

Applying Pesticides Correctly A Guide for Private and

  • ASIN: 0975347160

The Mississippi Cookbook

The Mississippi

The Mississippi Cookbook was prepared in an attempt to collect, make available, and thus preserve the favorite recipes of fine cooks throughout Mississippi. Over 7,000 recipes were collected from all areas of the state. From this total, the home economists of the state Cooperative Extension Service had the painfully difficult task of screening the amount down to the 1,200 best recipes.The names of the individuals who submitted follow each recipe and, in some cases, historical data about the dish is included. A special section includes favorite recipes of the wives of former governors. The appendices feature tables and charts that provide such valuable technical information as substitutions and equivalents, measuring ingredients, time and temperature guides, definitions, and servings.This comprehensive collection of Mississippi's most popular recipes records the state's culinary heritage and its mastery of home cooking.

  • Brand: Brand: University Press of Mississippi
  • ASIN: 0878053816

So Easy To Preserve

So Easy To

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Re-upholstering a Chair At Home Bulletin 405 (Cooperative Extension Service The Ohio State University)

Re-upholstering a Chair At Home Bulletin 405 (Cooperative

  • ASIN: B00ESJ5158

Forest Trees of the Northeast

Forest Trees of the

Provides descriptions of 27 trees that are commonly found in the Northeast. Each description is accompanied by an outline of the typical shape of the mature tree, illustrations of various tree parts, and a map showing the range of the species with the United States.

  • Brand: Brand: Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • ASIN: 1577530128
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