Creative Movement: A Step Towards Intelligence

Creative Movement: A Step Towards

Melissa Lowe encourages children to have fun as they clap, sing and move to music, to make faces and imagine. They use scarves and hula hoops to appreciate lightness and roundness, balls and bean bags to learn to balance and coordination. Through their games and improvisation, the children develop self-awareness and come to appreciate their expressive potential. The class is designed to improve body awareness and foster self-confidence, emphasizing motor skills development, coordination skills, limbering and muscle tone. Rhythm is the strongest element in music, and a child’s natural response to music is to move rhythmically. For that reason, this program is as much for music readiness as it is for dance. FOR PARENTS AND EDUCATORS! Included is a brochure which contains tips for instruction and also a detailed description of both of the workouts on this DVD. Melissa Lowe was trained at the schools of American Ballet Theater and New York City Ballet, and danced as a soloist with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Houston Ballet. At the University of Arizona, she is an assistant professor of ballet and director of early movement for children.

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Live at Broadway Dance Center: Creative Movements for 3 and 4 Year Olds With Toni Noblett

Live at Broadway Dance Center: Creative Movements for

"Broadway Dance Center - Creative Movement for 3 and 4 Year Olds" "A teacher's most valuable resources are the tiniest dancers who toddle through the door. Teaching and keeping them is one of the foremost challenges of dance education." Veteran studio owner and teacher Toni Noblett will guide you through those first daunting days of class with advice and ideas that are practical, honest, and inventive. This video will give you the basic tools to plan a curriculum that features creative movement as the initial course of study for beginning dancers. It features games that will equip the youngest students to function in next year's tap, ballet, or jazz dance class, and it encourages you to allow children to be children for at least another year... Toni Noblett's background in dance education is substantial. For twenty-six years she ran a studio in Roxboro, North Carolina where dance classes for children and adults were crafted to instill an appreciation for the arts, self-discipline and respect. Classes included children with special needs, and these children became her mentors. Since 1989 Ms. Noblett has been on the staff of Jacques d'Amboise's National Dance Institute in New York City. In 1998 she conceived and locally produced a project featured on CBS's "Sunday Morning with Bill...

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Creative Movement for Children

Creative Movement for

Creative Movement for Children is dynamic DVD that is structured for repeated use that serves to engage and stimulate 3 to 6 year old children to think, imagine and move creatively. The DVD is designed for use by both professionals as well as use in the home. The content represents a synthesis of a body of work created by Bonnie Boilini Baxter. Bonnie with over 40 years of experience in the field of childhood development and is an award winning pioneer and teacher who has inspired thousands with her technique and spirit. Creative Movement for Children, a DVD that will bring a lifetime of benefits to young boys and girls.The DVD serves to: Foster Creativity Build Self-Confidence Promote good health and fitness and Can serve to fight childhood obesity. The DVD is shipped in standard case with 4 page booklet and colorful insert. The menus are simple, friendly and designed for children. Over 43 minutes of running time. AWARDS: Creative Movement for Children was honored was awarded The Smart Play/Smart Toy Award for Children's Products for 2006 and was identified as one the One of the 100 Best Children's Products for 2006 by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. in conjunction with The Institute for Childhood Resources.

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Creative Movement with Magnificent Moving Kidz

Creative Movement with Magnificent Moving

Creative movement taught in an innovational format. Uses Gross motor skills. Links to lesson plans, teaching props and more..

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Paul Taylor: Dancemaker

Paul Taylor:

Filmmaker Matthew Diamond profiles dancer/choreographer Paul Taylor and his dance company.

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411 On The Independent Music Movement

411 On The Independent Music


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Think Peace: Portrait of a 21st Century Movement

Think Peace: Portrait of a 21st Century

IIn February of 2003, the world witnessed the largest human mobilization in history, where 50 million people in over 800 cities with one message: DO NOT INVADE IRAQ Although record- breaking, the demonstrations were not enough... and the peace movement, at its greatest moment, had failed. For six days in June of 2006 in Vancouver Canada, 5000 delegates mobilized from 90 countries to do no less than revise the paradigm of peace and take the steps necessary to create a world without war. A group of citizen journalists and filmmakers attended the event to seek out credible voices that could describe the challenges facing the world's largest ever social movement. The result was over 120 hours of footage featuring interviews with politicians, scientists, activists, thinkers, musicians and everyday people. This film features interviews with prominent figures of the modern peace movement: Hans Blix (former Chief UN Weapons Inspector to Iraq), Rex Weyler (Co-Founder of Greenpeace), Kyle Snyder (soldier gone AWOL in Canada), Dhar Jamail (unembedded journalist in Iraq), Ashok Gangadean (World Wisdom Council), Knaan (Hip Hop Artist), and more. The many streams of thought that shape the modern day peace movement inform the tones of this film. Structured as a sequence of vignettes, the divers...

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Creative Ballet for Children - The Hidden Treasure

Creative Ballet for Children - The Hidden

Imaginative and interactive creative dance DVD for preschool age.

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Up Down & All Around

Up Down & All

Up Down & All Around is an exercise/creative movement DVD focused on fun, family and fitness. Utilizing the elements of movement, this video entertains as it motivates kids and adults to get physically fit through movement games, silly exercises and challenges. The goal of the DVD is to get parents and kids, teachers and students, grandparents and grandchildren physically fit together. It succeeds by providing accessible movement activities for all types of movers, regardless of age, experience and ability. This DVD is different than any other program out there. It makes moving fun, entertaining and accessible to all ages 2 and up. The program focuses on the three components of exercise; strength, stretch and endurance and since it is taught through creative movement activities your creative thinking and imagination gets exercise as well. Dr. Toy Award winner 10 Best Active Products!.

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Miss Barbara's Pirate Adventure

Miss Barbara's Pirate

Children's creative movement DVD. Encourages excercise, imagination and adventure among 3-6 year olds. Interactive DVD where children do actions to follow the adventure. Rated Top 10 active toys for 2011 from DR. Toy. Approved by Multi-testing Mummy

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