The Cutting Edge 2: Going For the Gold

The Cutting Edge 2: Going For the

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The Secret Life of Plants

The Secret Life of

Explore the inner world of plants and its fascinating relation to mankind, as uncovered by the latest discoveries of science. A perennial bestseller.In this truly revolutionary and beloved work, drawn from remarkable research, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird cast light on the rich psychic universe of plants. Now available in a new edition, The Secret Life of Plants explores plants' response to human care and nurturing, their ability to communicate with man, plants' surprising reaction to music, their lie-detection abilities, their creative powers, and much more. Tompkins and Bird's classic book affirms the depth of humanity's relationship with nature and adds special urgency to the cause of protecting the environment that nourishes us.

  • Brand: Tompkins, Peter/ Bird, Christopher
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CounterArt 15 by 12-Inch Glass Cutting Board, Clearwater Sea Life

CounterArt 15 by 12-Inch Glass Cutting Board, Clearwater

Perfect for prepping, carving, or serving, this cutting board from CounterArt features a sturdy tempered glass body that is shatter-resistant and will prove to be a great counter saver. The hygienic, non-porous surface resists stains, scratches and bacteria, while the colorful, artistic design brings a distinctive style to your kitchen or buffet table. Non-skid rubber feet on the back will hold the piece steady while protecting your countertop from scratches. Carve a roast, prep a salad, use it for happy hour entertaining, on the buffet table with wine and cheese, or for crudités. No kitchen should be without this versatile board, and it makes a great gift! Measures 12 by 15 inches, and is dishwasher safe.

  • Brand: CounterArt
  • UPC: 073143230900

Cutting Edge Cultures Vegetable Starter Culture, 6 Pouches, 12g

Cutting Edge Cultures Vegetable Starter Culture, 6 Pouches,

Cutting Edge Starter Culture is a synergistic blend of carefully selected strains - each plays a vital role in optimizing the natural lacto fermentation process to ensure that you achieve healthy and delicious results. This product is specifically designed to supercharge your cultured vegetables, enhance taste and crispness, and ensure that your fermented foods are rich in probiotics. Nurture your Microbiome with Healthy, Raw, Live Superfoods Our unique starter culture is designed to help you create probiotic and nutrient rich superfoods, including home-made sauerkraut, kimchee, cultured beets or carrots, all in the comfort of your kitchen.Optimize the natural lacto fermentation process. Supercharge your vegetables, enhance taste and crispness and ensure that your cultured foods are rich in probioticsGive your family the best nutrition and yourself peace of mind with tasty, consistent results and a quicker, more complete fermentationEach box contains six sachets; each sachet ferments 5 pounds of vegetables.Our Mission: Better Starter CulturesCutting Edge Cultures began with an entrepreneur, a cultured foods enthusiast, a microbiologist, and a belief that the status quo in probiotics needs to improve 13 for your health, and ours. Call it idealism if you like, but the desire to do...

  • Color: Vegetable
  • Brand: Cutting Edge Cultures
  • ASIN: B014RRKXM6
  • UPC: 798304358650

Camco Life is Better at The Campsite Retro RV Shaped Bamboo Wood Cutting Board for Food Prep-Doesn't Dull Knives, Resists Moisture and Has Antibacterial Properties (53089)

Camco Life is Better at The Campsite Retro

Camco’s Life is Better at the Campsite RV Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board is made of durable, premium quality bamboo construction. It is perfect for cutting vegetables, fruits, meats and cheese and its RV-shaped design also makes for a great decorating accessory for your kitchen. The cutting board won't damage or dull your knives. Bamboo features natural properties and it resists moisture for easy maintenance.

  • Brand: Camco
  • UPC: 014717530897

Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards, Countertops and Butcher Blocks - Food Safe and Made in the USA

Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards, Countertops

Use this food grade mineral oil to maintain and restore your wood and bamboo cutting boards, butcher blocks and other wood products in the kitchen. Our oil is made from the pure USP grade white mineral oil that is enriched with vitamin E for added shelf stability and wood absorption. Not all mineral oil is food safe, mineral oil comes in multiple grades that is based on the refinement process. The lowest and least expensive grades are used for commercial and industrial equipment while the top quality grades are for medicine, food and cosmetics. Lower grade mineral oil is classified by the world health organization as a known carcinogen, while refined mineral oil is not. Our food grade mineral oil is safe for human use and is of an exceptionally refined grade that is colorless, odorless and has no taste. Directions for use: Every 3 to 4 weeks, apply a generous coat of mineral oil evenly over the entire surface of the cutting board or countertop. Make sure you oil the sides of the board as well. Use back of knife (not towel) to spread oil, but do not wipe off excess, in order for oil to absorb. Let sit for at least 4 hours or overnight if possible, so oil can penetrate completely into wood. A properly oiled board should appear wet and hydrated. For thicker cutting boards or butcher...

  • Color: Mineral Oil
  • Brand: Thirteen Chefs
  • ASIN: B01B5ECU3O
  • UPC: 685867950493

LIFE 2 GO 9-Piece Portable Camp Kitchen Utensil Organizer Set for Indoor or Outdoor-100% Stainless Cookware Kit is Perfect for Travel, Picnics, RVs, Camping, Hiking, BBQs, Parties, Potlucks and more

LIFE 2 GO 9-Piece Portable Camp Kitchen Utensil

ALL IN ONE CAMPING AND TRAVEL KITCHEN UTENSIL SET INCLUDES Spatula, Serving Spoon, Serving Fork, Tongs, Scissors with Bottle Opener, Chef Knife, Paring Knife with Peeler, Silicone Spatula and a Cutting Board. PERFECT FOR ALL OF YOUR TO GO NEEDS--camping, hiking, travel, boating, picnics, BBQs, road trips, potlucks, parties, receptions, work break room, and more.

  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Brand: Life 2 Go
  • UPC: 711841565213

Cutting for Stone

Cutting for

  • ASIN: B001NLKV7C

Dr. Snipper - Cordless Electric Scissors wExtra Long-Life Lithium Battery - 8.4 Volt Cordless Scissors, Fabric Scissors, All-Purpose Electric Cutter for Fabric, Paper, Cardboard, Blister Pack (Bubblegum Pink)

Dr. Snipper - Cordless Electric Scissors wExtra Long-Life

UNIVERSAL SEWING SUPPLY-Dr. Snipper Cordless Electric Cutter. The Dr. Snipper cuts fabrics, cardboard, blister packs, patterns, leather, paper and many other light to medium materials. The Dr. Snipper cutter comes with an all-purpose cutting blade, knife-edge cutting head and a wall charging cord. The all-purpose blade cuts though lighter materials easily. The ergonomic design helps to reduce wrist and hand strain, making it easy to use without the clutter of a tangled cord. Comes in one of four delightful colors. Each sold separately. Imported.

  • Color: Bubble Gum Pink
  • Brand: Dr. Snipper
  • ASIN: B079Y2FKSN
  • UPC: 855170001230

Life on the Cutting Edge

Life on the Cutting

Are you tired of the same old stuff (S.O.S)? Have you heard enough about the "New Age?" Do you long for something fresh and exciting? Then perhaps this book is for you. It's not about the same old tired reality that's been talked about for decades. It's not a sugar-coated, love and light routine. And it's not another "feel-good" manual or "how to succeed without really trying" rehash. It's not psycho babble, quick fix therapy, preaching or lamenting a cause. This book takes a no-nonsense look at what is really happening - behind the scenes, above the scenes and beyond the scenes. It addresses the issues you and I are facing right now and will be facing for a long time to come. It uses the past only as a springboard for stepping into the unknown, into the big picture. It exposes the lies, coverups, deceit, control and manipulation that have kept the people of Earth locked into rigid systems of dogma and despair. But it also offers real solutions that are timely, and yet, timeless. It gives you ideas that can help you put the pieces of the cosmic jigsaw together. And practical advice that can stimulate your creative juices. Get out your surfboard and ride the cutting edge!

  • Brand: Brand: Living Awareness Productions
  • ASIN: 0964053500
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