Talonian Warriors II: (A Sci-Fi Alien Weredragon Romance Collection)

Talonian Warriors II: (A Sci-Fi Alien Weredragon Romance

The COMPLETE Alien Sci-Fi Weredragon Romance Series full of lovable characters, steamy sexy aliens and lots of Romance!This is a collection of 5 books that are full of great stories that will keep you wanting to read from Book #1 right through till Book #5!Book #1Elex, who was loyal to the former King of Talonian, finds the heir; Attoriann’s opinion of humans disturbing to say the least. Will the COO of the bottling company risk it all to help her human kind, and possibly find love?Book #2Brensom has always loved Heidy, despite that she is human.Heidy refuses to accept the new King’s hatred of humans, She proves she is more Talonian than the King will ever be! Will Brensom be able to protect her in her fight and will they find love?Book #3Damaris was King Attoriann's newest minion. The young man's ideals were an exact replica of his king's. He was honored to do his duty of colonizing a world for Talonia, and making slaves of those residing there, especially the humans. Then, he met his nemesis, Naomi. Would she reach his heart and change his ways?Book #4Rani faces more challenges on Earth than the war he was sent to begin. There are ghosts from his past and love from his future that get in his way. The woman of his dreams wants nothing more than to make him commit treason. Wi...

  • ASIN: B07L8WLC92

Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy: Down Home Classics for Vegetarians (and the Meat Eaters Who Love Them)

Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy: Down Home Classics

Damaris Phillips is a southern chef in love with an ethical vegetarian. In Phillips's household, greens were made with pork, and it wasn’t Sunday without fried chicken. So she had to transform the way she cooks. In Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy, Phillips shares 100 recipes that embody the modern Southern kitchen: food that retains all its historic comfort and flavor, but can now be enjoyed by vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.   The book features Phillips’s most cherished entrees from her childhood made both with and without meat: Chicken Fried Steak becomes Chicken Fried Seitan Steak. Loaded Potato and Bacon Soup is now Loaded Potato and Facon Soup. She gives down-home side dishes a makeover by removing meat, adding interna­tional spices, and updating cooking techniques, and offers soul-satisfying, irresistible desserts that triumph over the meat-eater-versus-vegetarian divide, every time. Phillips found a way to make Southern food that everyone can enjoy, wherever they are on their culinary journey.

  • Brand: ABRAMS
  • ASIN: 1419726692

Safavieh Home Collection Damaris Chrome 4 Tier Premium 31.5" Wire Corner Rack

Safavieh Home Collection Damaris Chrome 4 Tier Premium

Designed to be the ultimate space-saver, the Damaris 4 Tier Corner Rack offers deep vertical layers of storage. Its durable metallic finish and sturdy construction make it ideal for use in the garage, the pantry, mudroom or in a game room.

  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: Safavieh
  • ASIN: B01LZ2BGI2
  • UPC: 889048135956

The Best of Damaris

The Best of

  • ASIN: B0008391ZO
  • UPC: 717336187427

Altered Consciousness Collection by Alive Mind by Damaris L?thi, Nik Sheehan, Ulrich Gross Connie Littlefield

Altered Consciousness Collection by Alive Mind by Damaris

Brand Name: KINO INTERNATIONAL Mfg#: 718122515622, Shipping Weight: 1.00 lbs, Manufacturer: ALIVE MIND/KV, Genre: Documentary, All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic.

  • UPC: 792266083964

Parker Women's Damaris Dress, Kumo, M

Parker Women's Damaris Dress, Kumo,

Off the shoulder short sleeve dress with elastic top and sleeve detail.

  • Color: Kumo
  • Brand: Parker
  • ASIN: B06ZYLR81Z
  • UPC: 888585330961

Damari - First Name Print for a Boy - Origin, Meaning, Personality Traits

Damari - First Name Print for a Boy

This beautiful print includes a profile of the first name including the origin, meaning, and personality traits. The print comes on ivory card stock with a green matting, or white card stock with a white matting and blue trim. Sizing and style options include: 5x7 Inch Landscape 8x10 Inch Portrait 8x10 Inch Landscape with photo opening (Fits a 4x6 Inch picture) You may also order it framed. The ivory/green option comes in a dark walnut frame, and the white option comes in a white wood frame. Images are just samples! The name in the product title is the one that will be sent when ordered. If you'd like an alternate spelling or different name, please use the option in the customization box.

  • Color: Ivory, green, white, blue
  • Brand: Peter Townsend's Irish Collection
  • ASIN: B07B2Q3T9V

Tzarich Letzaltzel Pa' Amayim

Tzarich Letzaltzel Pa'

  • ASIN: B00K61L51G

The Great Adventures of Nina Puppalina and Lizzy Lou: Nina Finds Her Home

The Great Adventures of Nina Puppalina and Lizzy

Nina Puppalina is a rescue puppy looking for a family to love her. From the farm to the big city, Nina is full of hope as she plays with her brothers and sisters on the way to be adopted. Her excitement mounts as she looks at the kind faces and feels the warm touches of families looking for puppies just like her. But is there a family here that will love her? Will she find a new best friend?

  • ASIN: 0997350407

Lite Source LS-19136 Damaris 6-Lite Chandelier Lite, Aged Bronze with Linen Shade

Lite Source LS-19136 Damaris 6-Lite Chandelier Lite, Aged

Lite Source has an exceptional line of quality products aimed to please even the most discerning of consumers. Relish in the design of this 6 light chandelier; from the details in the White Linen, to the double coated bronze finish, this chandelier is not only durable, but a tastefully elegant showpiece.

  • Color: Aged Bronze
  • Brand: Lite Source
  • ASIN: B00112Q41U
  • UPC: 088675429456

#phillip - Stainless Steel Hashtag 12oz Camping Mug, Black

#phillip - Stainless Steel Hashtag 12oz Camping Mug,

When you are feeling saucy and you need something to say it without saying it, grab this camping mug and fill it with your favorite liquid. It should be alcohol but if that is not your fancy, do as you please.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Molandra Products

The White Jade Fox

The White Jade

Saranna Stowell was sent to Tiensin, a manor near Baltimore, to act as governess for a young relative. She soon discovered that there was an impenetrable mystery hidden at the manor which seemed connected to treasures collected by the last owner, a sea captain trading in the Orient. The mysterious happenings seemed to both threaten and protect her, but she knew she was entirely threatened by the implacably evil enemy she found inside. This gothic tale from the beloved science fiction and fantasy author Andre Norton combines I Ching and the lore of old China to add an occult dimension to a vividly detailed nineteenth-century American setting.

  • ASIN: B01MQYZD19

Altered Consciousness Collection

Altered Consciousness

The Altered Consciousness Collection box set of award winning documentaries explores the frontiers of human consciousness and the iconic pioneers who opened the doors of perception. From early LSD research and hypnotic dream machines to the transformational powers of Eastern spirituality, The Altered Consciousness Collection reveals the sub-culture of enlightenment seekers who influenced a generation.

  • ASIN: B001C0I62Q
  • UPC: 718122515622

Israel's 240 Greatest Songs-We Grew Up Together Collection includes Hebrew folk music and Israeli and yiddish songs by Zohar Argov, Ofra Haza, Boaz Sharabi, Yardena Arazi, Kaveret, Shlomo Artzi, Izhar Cohen, Gali Atari, Gidi Gov, Jo Amar, Geula Gill, Yaffa Yarkoni, Shoshana Damari, Shlomi Shabat and many more.

Israel's 240 Greatest Songs-We Grew Up Together Collection

Part 1: 1948-1960 - Revival - Songs of War and Settlement. Early folk and dance songs. Part 2: 1960-1970 - The Golden Age - The Army Entertainment Groups. The beginning of Israeli pop and rock. Part 3: 1970-1980 - The Festivals, Eurovision and In Between. The solo acts and some changes. Part 4: 1980-1990 - Pop and the Land of Israel. Rock in blue and white. Part 5: 1990-1998 - East Meets West. The new wave of the Israeli rock. The Fifties: Yaffa Yarkoni, Shoshana Damari, Hacheese-batron, Naomi Polani & Shaike Ofir, Ilka & Aviva, Imanuel Zamir Group, Israel Yitzhaki, Lehakat Ha-Nahal, Lehakat Pikud Ha-Tzafon, Lehakat Pikud Ha-Merkaz, Aric Lavi, Lehakat Bazak Yarok, Ran & Nama, Tova Ben Zvi, Shmuel Bar Zakai, Hadudayim, Haofrim, Shimshon Bar Noi, Freddi Dora, Jeta Luka, Lilit Nagar & Robert Helens The Sixties: Shimon Israeli, Aliza Kashi & Shimon Bar, Shaike Levy & Aseret Hatsadikim, Shiru Shir, Jo Amar, Hatarnegolim, Rachel Athas, Geula Gil, Eric Einstein & Geula Noni, Haparvarim, The Sarid Trio, Ili Gorlitsky, Hahamtsisim, Shuli Natan, The Geisot Hashiryon Group, Aliza Rozen & Dvora Dotan, Kobbi Recht, The Sea Corps Group, The Yarkon Bridge Trio The Seventies: Shlomo Artzi, Boaz Sharabi, Hagevatron, The Central Command Group, Dorit Reuveni, Ilana Robina, ...


A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing: The Incarceration of African American Women from Harriet Tubman to Sandra Bland

A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing: The

A Publishers Weekly Top 10 History Title for the seasonBooklist's Top 10 Diverse Nonfiction titles for the yearBookRiot's "50 Must-Read Poetry Collections"Most Anticipated Books of the Year--The Rumpus, NylonA revelatory work in the tradition of Claudia Rankine's Citizen, DaMaris Hill's searing and powerful narrative-in-verse bears witness to American women of color burdened by incarceration.“It is costly to stay free and appear / sane.”From Harriet Tubman to Assata Shakur, Ida B. Wells to Sandra Bland and Black Lives Matter, black women freedom fighters have braved violence, scorn, despair, and isolation in order to lodge their protests. In A Bound Woman Is a Dangerous Thing, DaMaris Hill honors their experiences with at times harrowing, at times hopeful responses to her heroes, illustrated with black-and-white photographs throughout.For black American women, the experience of being bound has taken many forms: from the bondage of slavery to the Reconstruction-era criminalization of women; from the brutal constraints of Jim Crow to our own era’s prison industrial complex, where between 1980 and 2014, the number of incarcerated women increased by 700%.* For those women who lived and died resisting the dehumanization of confinement--physical, social, intellectual--the threat ...

  • ASIN: 1635572614
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