HiKiNS Reverse Osmosis Membrane 100GPD for 5-Stage Home Drinking RO Water Filtration System 1-Pack ...

HiKiNS Reverse Osmosis Membrane 100GPD for 5-Stage Home

HIKINS-2012-100G is a drinking water reverse osmosis membrane filter which adopts advanced technology to manufacture, it can provide residents water of superior quality, this is the highest performing membrane element, it can provide consistant quality and performance. Function:The hole of RO membrane is as small as nano, take use of ultra silent pump to create high pressure osmosis to make water molecule and ion mineral pass through a layer of RO membrane, but inorganic salt, heavy metal, rubber mass, bacteria and virus can't pass through the RO membrane(the hole of RO membrane is only 0.0001μm, but the diameter of virus is only 0.02-0.4 μm) and hold back.RO membrane parameter:Specifications Model: HIKINS-2012-100G, length 11.8(inches), diameter 2.0(inches)Product rate of flow: 100GPD(15.8L/H,390L /D)Product process: dry film process, extend the life time by maxFilter accuracy:0.0001micronOperation pressure: 0.3-0.8MpaAppliance water: municipal water supplyAppliance temperature: 41-113 ℉Life time: 2-3 years(depend on your feed water quality)Usage:1.Need to put the RO membrane into the carton and keep dry under room temperature to avoid low temperature to freeze and high temperature to damage. 2.When used for the first time, pure water prepared in the first 30 minutes shoul...

  • Color: Membrane 100GPD
  • Brand: HiKiNS
  • ASIN: B0795R3NG3
  • UPC: 603935188838

FS-TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane 100 GPD Replacement Filter RO Membrane Universal Compatible Replacement RO Fits Residential Water Filter Purifier 1-Pack

FS-TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane 100 GPD Replacement Filter

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: FS-TFC
  • ASIN: B06X914LCN
  • UPC: 740528480020

Coralife 05704 Pure-Flo II 50-Gallon Per Day TFC Membrane

Coralife 05704 Pure-Flo II 50-Gallon Per Day TFC

Fits all standard reverse osmosis membrane housings. Coralife is one of the market’s leading manufacturers of premium aquarium products. The brand is best known for their comprehensive line of aquarium lights, protein skimmers and calcium reactors. Coralife’s unique line of aquarium accessories—protective gloves for maintenance and coral propagation, accurate and affordable digital thermometers and hydrometers—set Coralife apart from other brands and have created quite a following among aquarium hobbyists. With an ever-expanding and diverse product line coupled with customer support that is second-to-none, Coralife sets the bar high for aquarium supply manufacturers and they will no doubt continue to wow aquarists with their innovative, low-cost solutions for years to come.

  • Brand: Coralife
  • ASIN: B0006JKOCE
  • UPC: 096316760219

US MEMBRANE TFC-75 standard 75 GPD RO membrane filter for Reverse Osmosis systems

US MEMBRANE TFC-75 standard 75 GPD RO membrane

US MEMBRANE standard size 75 GPD TFC type RO membrane filter for standard size RO water systems. Made in USA. Compatible with DOW Filmtec TW30-1812-75 and BW60-1812-75

  • Brand: US MEMBRANE
  • ASIN: B074BB5B8F
  • UPC: 712038108398

Cuno (66-4706G-2) Water Factory SQC 36 GPD TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Cuno (66-4706G-2) Water Factory SQC 36 GPD TFC

The CUNO Water Factory 66-4706G2 reverse osmosis membrane is for use with CUNO SQC 2 HF, CUNO SQC 3 HF, CUNO SQC 4 HF, and CUNO SQC PRO. Replaces the CUNO Water Factory 66-4703G2 discontinued reverse membrane. CUNO Model 66-4706G2 RO membrane module provides 36 Gallons per day of separating fresh, clean drinking water from everyday tap water. Effectively reduces: Total dissolved solids lead cysts (Crytosporidia and Giardia) barium radium selenium

  • Brand: Cuno / 3M Water Filtration
  • ASIN: B015DO63CQ

Reverse Osmosis 75GPD Membrane, Membrane Solutions RO Reverse Osmosis Universal Compatible Replacement RO, blue, 1-Pack

Reverse Osmosis 75GPD Membrane, Membrane Solutions RO Reverse

MS 75GPD-1812 Residential RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane offers exceptional balance of flow and premium rejection, ideal for low feed pressure residential applications. RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane with thicker bowl increase the compressive capacity and explosion proof strength The outlet of ro membrane concentrated water has been optimized to ensure the connect variability during the installation process. MS RO Membrane Applicable System Model: iSpring RCC7, RCC7P APEC ESSENCE ROES-50 Global Water RO-505 Express Water RO5DX Product Information: Material: RO Membrane Model of Element: ROULP-1812-75 Type: Reverse Osmosis Purifying Position: Terminal Purification Average Permeated Flow GPD: 75(0.28)m3/d Stable Rejection Rate: 97% Minimum Rejection Rate: 95% Test pressure: 60psi Operation Limits and Condition: Max Feed water Temperature:45°C(113°F) Max Working Pressure: 20.7bar(300psi) Max Feed water Permeated Flow: 7.6LPM(2.0GPM) pH Range of Feed water during Operation: 3~10 Max Feed water SDI15 5 Residual Chlorine Concentration of Feed water: ≤0.1ppm What you get: 1*75GPD-1812 RO Membrane

  • Color: RO-75GPD
  • Brand: Membrane Solutions
  • ASIN: B0719H4BVL
  • UPC: 759981078293

33001068 25 GPD TFC Replacement Reverse Osmosis Membrane

33001068 25 GPD TFC Replacement Reverse Osmosis

The Hydrotech 33001068 is a replacement reverse osmosis membrane for the Hydrotech 1230, 1240, 1020, and 1030 series RO systems. It provides consistent and reliable performance, is made from polyamide thin-film composite, and will produce 25 gallons per day. The 33001068 membrane is yellow with a black band, and replaces the discontinued 41400005 membrane, which was green with a black band. Alternate part numbers are S-FS-09, SFS09, and SFS-09.

  • Color: Yellow with black band
  • Brand: Hydrotech
  • UPC: 799705709010

Hydrotech #33001071 / S-FS-17 Reverse Osmosis Membrane 9GPD

Hydrotech #33001071 / S-FS-17 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Membrane Manufacturer Model Numbers Replacement: Alternate Part #: Hydrotech S-FS-17, Hydrotech SFS17, Hydrotech SFS-17, Part # 41400003,33001071, Reverse Osmosis Systems/Machines. They will be compatible for Models F-HT-9, F-HTF-9, Hydrotech 101, 102, 103 Series, 10103, 10203, 1240 Series, 1240 E Series, 1240 M Series, 1240 Pro Series, 4VTFC9G, 4VTFC9GPB and others, Hydrotech HT and HTF models that use a TFC 9 GPD RO membrane.

  • Brand: Hydrotech
  • ASIN: B0014BY6FY
  • UPC: 688580779525

iSpring # MC7 1.8" x 12" 75GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane Replacement Cartridge Filter

iSpring # MC7 1.8" x 12" 75GPD Reverse

Specifications & Dimensions - Capacity: 75 gallons per day @ 50/60 psi & 77 degree F - Feed water pressure: 40 - 100 PSI - Feed water Temperature: 40 - 100(F) - Max. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 2000 ppm - Max. Hardness: 10 gpg - Max. Iron 0.2ppm - pH limits: 4 - 10 - Length: 10", O.D. = 1.8" - 1/4" Fitting - Weight: 0.8 LBS

  • Brand: iSpring
  • ASIN: B007TBB69W
  • UPC: 662425048120

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Reverse Osmosis Membrane, 100 GPD

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Reverse Osmosis Membrane, 100

A true thin film composite (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane, made from high quality TFC sheets - tested and proven to be the best material available for membrane applications. Rated for 100 or 150 gallons per day with a stabilized salt rejection of 98.6%. Fits most standard RO membrane housings.

  • Brand: Hydrofarm
  • ASIN: B00CJJ72HE
  • UPC: 638104005531

CSM Residential 35 GPD Thin Film Composite TFC Membrane For RO Reverse Osmosis System

CSM Residential 35 GPD Thin Film Composite TFC

This Standard Size Reverse Osmosis Membrane fits in a standard membrane housing like the one on the RO unit shown here. The same standard membrane housing can accommodate RO membranes with capacities ranging between 18-100 gallons per day (GPD). Element is interchangeable with GE Osmonics and Filmtec membranes. Average NaCl Rejection: 98% Permeate Flow @ 60 PSI: 36 GPD Specifications are based on 500 mg/L NaCl solution at 60 psi net pressure (4.1 bar), 77°F (25°C), 15% recovery after 24 hours. Individual element flux may vary ± 15%. Click here to view a chart that shows which inorganic compounds can be removed from drinking water with this reverse osmosis membrane. If you would like to change your membrane to a capacity other than what was originally in your Reverse Osmosis System, you must change the drain flow control also. The membrane and drain flow restrictor are sized to go together.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: CSM

Microline Clack S-1229RS TFC-50 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Microline Clack S-1229RS TFC-50 Reverse Osmosis

Microline Clack S1229RS Reverse Osmosis Membrane capacity is 50 Gallons Per Day. The Microline Clack S1229-RS RO Membrane is not chlorine resistant. A carbon filter must be used before the Microline TFC-50 membrane. The Microline Clack S1229RS RO Membrane is also known as the TFC-50. The Microline Clack S1229RS can be used in the Microline TFC-335 RO System and Microline TFC-435 RO System and can replace the Microline S1227RS membrane.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Microline
  • ASIN: B00571K3JK
  • UPC: 799932585975

FilmTec 50 GPD Membrane for Standard Reverse Osmosis Systems

FilmTec 50 GPD Membrane for Standard Reverse Osmosis

Dow Film Tec TW30-1812-50 RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane This membrane is rated at 50 Gallons Per Day. If you have chlorinated water, we recommend you use a Carbon / Sediment Pre Filter. The residual chlorine in municipal or city water will destroy the Thin Film Composite ( TFC ) membrane. Dow Film Tec TW30-1812-50 Reverse Osmosis Membrane membrane elements are for home drinking water. The industry's most reliable advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication, allow these elements to deliver consistent performance that equipment suppliers, water treatment dealers and residential customer scan rely on. Fits in standard 1.8" x 12" residential RO membrane housings. The industry's most reliable for home drinking water is the Film Tec reverse osmosis membrane elements. Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication in the Film Tec reverse osmosis membrane allow these elements to deliver consistent performance for all customers. Film Tec reverse osmosis membrane TW30-1812-50 element is NSF/ANSI Standard 58 listed. Film Tec home drinking water elements are rated at 50 psi and will purify about 20% more water than competitive elements rated at 60 psi. Because of environmental factors actual production may vary.

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Film Tec
  • ASIN: B000WEA32O
  • UPC: 826333000407

Watts Premier Ro Pure Replacement Filter 6-pack Plus Membrane

Watts Premier Ro Pure Replacement Filter 6-pack Plus

This RO Pure 6 Pack replacement water filter kit provides a complete full set of filters including the membrane for your Four Stage RO Pure Reverse Osmosis System. This kit includes: Two Five Micron Sediment Filter (105311) that traps sediment and other particulate matter like dirt, silt and rust which affect the taste and appearance of your water. Two - 5 Micron Carbon Block Filter (105351) which helps ensure that chlorine and other materials that cause bad taste and odor are greatly reduced. One - 5 Micron Carbon Post-Filter (105341). Drinking water enters this filter after the water storage tank and it is used as a final polishing filter. One - 50 GPD Membrane (105331) which reduces a wide range of contaminants such as Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates and cysts. This is everything you need for a full year of crystal clear, great tasting, drinking water. NOTE: The RO Membrane is only required to be changed every 2 to 5 years depending on your incoming water supply and usage.

  • Color: various
  • Brand: Watts Premier
  • ASIN: B0053Y6S1S
  • UPC: 098268117806

Rainsoft TFC-RS9-22 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Rainsoft TFC-RS9-22 Reverse Osmosis

Superior performing Rainsoft Ultrefiner compatible RO membrane 22 gallons per day. Replaces part # 12448, 13018, 17374.  Excellent for system model # 9564, 9596, 9596N, 9568, 21176, UF20, UF22T, UF22T-CB, and UF22N-CB. Usually lasts 3-4 years depending on water usage/quality. Manufactured in the USA. Great Value!

  • Color: blue
  • Brand: Rainsoft
  • ASIN: B00I3VLO8K
  • UPC: 806294987733
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