Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Fourth Edition

Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2016,

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.Distribute Actionable, Timely BI with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 and Power BIDrive better, faster, more informed decision making across your organization using the expert tips and best practices featured in this hands-on guide. Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Fourth Edition, shows, step-by-step, how to distribute high-performance, custom analytics to users enterprise-wide. Discover how to build BI Semantic Models, create data marts and OLAP cubes, write MDX and DAX scripts, and share insights using Microsoft client tools. The book includes coverage of self-service business intelligence with Power BI.• Understand the goals and components of successful BI• Build data marts, OLAP cubes, and Tabular models• Load and cleanse data with SQL Server Integration Services• Manipulate and analyze data using MDX and DAX scripts and queries• Work with SQL Server Analysis Services and the BI Semantic Model• Author interactive reports using SQL Server Data Tools• Create KPIs and digital dashboards • Implement time-based analytics• Embed data model c...

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Managing Projects Large and Small: The Fundamental Skills to Deliver on budget and on Time

Managing Projects Large and Small: The Fundamental Skills

When it comes to project management, success lies in the details. This book walks managers through every step of project oversight from start to finish. Thanks to the book's comprehensive information on everything from planning and budgeting to team building and after-project reviews, managers will master the discipline and skills they need to achieve stellar results without wasting time and money.

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HBR Guide to Delivering Effective Feedback (HBR Guide Series)

HBR Guide to Delivering Effective Feedback (HBR Guide

Take the stress out of giving feedback.To help your employees meet their goals and fulfill their potential, you need to provide them with regular feedback. But the prospect of sharing potentially negative news can be overwhelming. How do you construct your message so that it’s not only well received but also expressed in a way that encourages change?Whether you’re commending exemplary work or addressing problem behavior, the HBR Guide to Delivering Effective Feedback provides you with practical advice and tips to transform any performance discussion—from weekly check-ins to annual reviews—into an opportunity for growth and development. You’ll learn to:Establish trust with your direct reportsAssess their performance fairlyEmphasize improvement, even in criticismReact calmly to a defensive feedback recipientRecognize and motivate star performersCreate individualized development plansArm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, from a source you trust. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.

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Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and

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Delivering ITSM for Business Maturity: A Practical Framework (Emerald Points)

Delivering ITSM for Business Maturity: A Practical Framework

IT Service Management (ITSM) is an imperative part of achieving business maturity. Excellence in ITSM has previously been thought of only in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, and reduced costs - or, in other words, casting ITSM as only for technical units and not as part of the larger picture of business maturity. In this exciting new take on ITSM, leading expert Beverly Weed-Schertzer positions ITSM at the heart of company strategy to build a layered operating model. Delivering ITSM for Business Maturity: A Practical Framework helps business leaders and corporate thinkers navigate their way to a successful and high performing ITSM model. Using an original combination of yoga science and service management principles, Weed-Schertzer offers business professionals a way of taking back control of their ITSM program, and helps with innovation for those starting a new one. For anyone in the information technologies profession, or for managers of IT professionals, this book is an unmissable guide to creating a strong, forward-thinking foundation for ITSM processes.

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21st Century Corporate Citizenship: A Practical Guide to Delivering Value to Society and Your Business

21st Century Corporate Citizenship: A Practical Guide to

21st Century Corporate Citizenship is a practical guide to building a successful business in the modern day. It is a book about leveraging all the tools, trends and assets at the disposal of business to drive bottom-line results, value chain resiliency, productivity, innovation, long-term shareowner value, and benefit for the community. This is the book that leverages corporate citizenship as a value-creating enterprise and translates sustainability, corporate responsibility, and social impact to help you create the most successful business possible in tomorrow s competitive landscape. For the up and coming manager, this book is the crib sheet to the 21st century MBA that you can t get (yet) in business schools.  The tools and insights presented are valuable for every business person thinking about how to differentiate their company and maximize business and social value from the sole proprietor to those working in a global mega corporation the concepts explored are must do for those working for manufacturing B2B or B2C companies that are managing complex supply chains, global operations, and corporate reputation. This how-to handbook presents a step-by-step process aimed at helping you create the most successful business possible in the 21st century competitive landscape, empow...

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Agile Analytics: A Value-Driven Approach to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (Agile Software Development Series)

Agile Analytics: A Value-Driven Approach to Business Intelligence

Using Agile methods, you can bring far greater innovation, value, and quality to any data warehousing (DW), business intelligence (BI), or analytics project. However, conventional Agile methods must be carefully adapted to address the unique characteristics of DW/BI projects. In Agile Analytics, Agile pioneer Ken Collier shows how to do just that.   Collier introduces platform-agnostic Agile solutions for integrating infrastructures consisting of diverse operational, legacy, and specialty systems that mix commercial and custom code. Using working examples, he shows how to manage analytics development teams with widely diverse skill sets and how to support enormous and fast-growing data volumes. Collier’s techniques offer optimal value whether your projects involve “back-end” data management, “front-end” business analysis, or both. Part I focuses on Agile project management techniques and delivery team coordination, introducing core practices that shape the way your Agile DW/BI project community can collaborate toward success Part II presents technical methods for enabling continuous delivery of business value at production-quality levels, including evolving superior designs; test-driven DW development; version control; and project automation Collier bri...

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Delivering Business Analytics: Practical Guidelines for Best Practice (Wiley and SAS Business Series Book 51)

Delivering Business Analytics: Practical Guidelines for Best Practice

AVOID THE MISTAKES THAT OTHERS MAKE – LEARN WHAT LEADS TO BEST PRACTICE AND KICKSTART SUCCESS This groundbreaking resource provides comprehensive coverage across all aspects of business analytics, presenting proven management guidelines to drive sustainable differentiation. Through a rich set of case studies, author Evan Stubbs reviews solutions and examples to over twenty common problems spanning managing analytics assets and information, leveraging technology, nurturing skills, and defining processes. Delivering Business Analytics also outlines the Data Scientist’s Code, fifteen principles that when followed ensure constant movement towards effective practice. Practical advice is offered for addressing various analytics issues; the advantages and disadvantages of each issue’s solution; and how these solutions can optimally create organizational value. With an emphasis on real-world examples and pragmatic advice throughout, Delivering Business Analytics provides a reference guide on: The economic principles behind how business analytics leads to competitive differentiation The elements which define best practice The Data Scientist’s Code, fifteen management principles that when followed help teams move towards best practice Practical solutions and frequent missteps to...


Competing for Customers: Why Delivering Business Outcomes is Critical in the Customer First Revolution

Competing for Customers: Why Delivering Business Outcomes is

Business-to-business customer expectations have changed. To survive—and thrive—in today’s economy, where customers are constantly reevaluating their purchases and looking at options never available before, you need to deliver business outcomes, not features and functionality.   Suddenly, your “sale” is no longer a one-time event: it’s a relationship that demands continuous care and nurturing. You need to constantly deliver, measure, and demonstrate the value you create for your customers.   Like it or not, it’s your job to make sure your customers succeed—and keep on succeeding—with what you’ve sold them. That job has a name: “Customer Success.”   Delivering customer success means radically changing the way you engage with customers—from sales, to marketing, to engineering and support. This book gives you a complete framework for doing just that. Step by step, you’ll learn how to make sure your customers are achieving business outcomes from your offerings…now, next year, and for years to come.   Embed customer success in your organizational DNA, in 3 steps: Listen : Truly understand what it means for your customers to succeed with your offerings Engage: Start a productive dialogue, collaborate to solve problems, and promote awareness ...

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The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide: The guide for requirements, managing, planning and delivering SharePoint with success.

The SharePoint Business Analyst Guide: The guide for

The paperback guide is more of a lab format. The book for the SharePoint business analyst or person who works with end users, manages sites and/or meets with users discussing their business needs and requirements. There are tips on testing, guides to assist your stakeholders in figuring out what they want from SharePoint and helping you manage a project. This book is filled with different requirement templates and samples to help anyone make their SharePoint project a success. It goes into areas where the SharePoint business analyst needs to step into other roles and make sure they understand how the work of the developers, administrators, stakeholders and others can affect the success of their project. The book helps you document and plan how to build a SharePoint project successfully. It is built somewhat in a lab concept in that it walks step-by-step through the phases of a SharePoint project to guide you to the area you need to focus on at that time. Definitely a real-world, practical guide to get things done the right way!

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Running Training Like a Business: Delivering Unmistakable Value

Running Training Like a Business: Delivering Unmistakable

Many of today's business leaders champion learning as essential to business success, backing their belief with massive investments in Training and Development (T&D). In fact, T&D investments reach $56 billion per year in the U.S. alone. In this era of unprecedented opportunity, the time is right for T&D to become a full-fledged "player" in the world of business. At issue, the authors contend, is T&D's inability to seize this opportunity and deliver unmistakable value to its most influential customers-the exectuvies who pay for trainiing services but are unable to see clear business value being returned on their companies' training investments. The authors also contend that T&D must alter the traditional precepts that keep it "separate form the business" and "out of the loop" strategically. Van Adelsberg and Trolley suggest that the key to delivering unmistakable business value lies in transforming T&D-in spirit and in practice-from a funciton to a business. The authors draw on their experiences working inside Moore Corporation, DuPont, Mellon Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Texas Instruments, and other top businesses to illustrate how "Running Training Like a Business": 1. Eliminates the many hidden costs of training; 2. Re-focuses T&D from delivering training content to addressing busi...

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Designing Networks and Services for the Cloud: Delivering business-grade cloud applications and services (Networking Technology)

Designing Networks and Services for the Cloud: Delivering

Designing Networks and Services for the Cloud   Delivering business-grade cloud applications and services   A rapid, easy-to-understand approach to delivering a secure, resilient, easy-to-manage, SLA-driven cloud experience   Designing Networks and Services for the Cloud helps you understand the design and architecture of networks and network services that enable the delivery of business-grade cloud services.  Drawing on more than 40 years of experience in network and cloud design, validation, and deployment, the authors demonstrate how networks spanning from the Enterprise branch/HQ and the service provider Next-Generation Networks (NGN) to the data center fabric play a key role in addressing the primary inhibitors to cloud adoption–security, performance, and management complexity.   The authors first review how virtualized infrastructure lays the foundation for the delivery of cloud services before delving into a primer on clouds, including the management of cloud services. Next, they explore key factors that inhibit enterprises from moving their core workloads to the cloud, and how advanced networks and network services can help businesses migrate to the cloud with confidence.   You’ll find an in-depth look at data center networks, including virtualization-aware ...

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Delivering Business Success

Delivering Business

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Me Familia


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Ethical Intelligence - Five Principles for Making the Right Decision Every Time - Seminars On Demand Ethics Business Training Video - Speaker PhD. Bruce Weinstein - Includes Streaming Video + DVD + Streaming Audio + MP3 Audio - Compatible with All Devices

Ethical Intelligence - Five Principles for Making the

This item includes the online streaming video + DVD version + streaming audio version + MP3 version. See instructions on packaging to access all versions. Compatible with computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Preview video available at main Seminars On Demand website.STREAMING NOT INCLUDED WITH USED DVDs UNLESS PURCHASED THROUGH SUCCESSMART, OUR AUTHORIZED RESELLERSeminar Description: In this lively, fun and practical seminar, Dr. Bruce Weinstein shows you how to increase your ethics IQ in every area of your life. Over the years, scandals have challenged the public's perception of business, so now more than ever, it's important that we act with honor and integrity. With that in mind, this seminar will cover five simple principles that will strengthen your relationships, promote positive word-of-mouth, and help you make the right decisions every time, everywhere. Through numerous real-life examples, Dr. Weinstein applies the five principles of ethical intelligence to some of the toughest problems you face with colleagues, clients and other valued people in your life. - DISCOVER YOUR ETHICS IQ AND WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT - LEARN THE FIVE PRINCIPLES OF ETHICAL INTELLIGENCE - GIVE AND RECEIVE CRITICISM EFFECTIVELY - EXPLORE THE POWER OF APOLOGIES DONE RIGHT - APPLY ETHIC...

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